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  1. As my Buick Sales and Service Garage https://forums.aaca.org/topic/303001-my-buick-sales-and-service-garage/page/24/#comment-2410240 nears completion I am looking for 1930s-1950s Buick Engineer Approved Accessories product cans and containers for to display. Individual pieces or will consider small collections. Funds are limited so must be very reasonably priced. Here are a few examples of the typical cans with lettering and markings I am looking for. No interest in the Tri-shield type. Please message with offers or referrals.
  2. As my Buick Sales and Service Garage https://forums.aaca.org/topic/303001-my-buick-sales-and-service-garage/page/24/#comment-2410240 nears completion I am looking for 1930s-1950s Buick Engineer Approved Accessories product cans and containers for to display. Individual pieces or will consider small collections. Funds are limited so must be very reasonably priced. Here are a few examples of the typical cans with lettering and markings I am looking for. No interest in the Tri-shield type. Please message with offers or referrals. I recently lucked up on a great buy on these Dynaflow oil cans so am good on them.
  3. Highlight Auto Parts is an online marketplace for buying high quality used OEM car spare parts. We provide the largest range of products for your car parts needs at the lowest prices. Contact Us Adam (402)-8174-377 fbia50933@gmail.com 1434 N 27th St #2, Lincoln, NE 68503, USA
  4. Am looking for some information on this unit what automobiles it was use on and the year. Remy amperes gauge,with a key switch stamped on the back Briggs & Stration co. Milwaukee the unit is 6”X 3,2/8. the key also has the name Remy. any information will be helpful, I will be selling the unit if I can’t use it on my 1914 SCRIPPS BOOTH ROCKET. Thank you all for your time.
  5. Hi all! I am looking to gather a list of good parts websites/resources for a 1965 Buick Electra 225 2 door convertible. Places to buy NOS or used parts to bring my vehicle back to life. Any websites or resources with this info is appreciated! Thanks
  6. Looking for a working 1930 Oakland windshield mechanism assembly. Please see pictures. Thanks!
  7. For the current owner I am researching the early Dutch history of this 1938 Mercedes-Benz 540K Spezial Roadster #169.384. It was delivered new to The Hague (NL) in 1938. Attached is a recent picture of the car. Several Dutch owners until the early fifties are found by me. In the early fifties the licence plate was GZ-73429, see 2nd picture. When it was sold to the USA it had the licence plate NK-60-19. In the USA it has been part of the Dr. Bitgood collection. Now I would like to now: - who was the first owner and/or his personal licence plate? - when was it sold to the USA and which people were involved in the trade? - other stories & pictures are also welcome! Kind regards, Herman
  8. Can someone tell me if a radiator cap rebuild kit for a 32 Ford fit my 30 Chrysler. Look the same, but no sizes listed. My twist lock is about gone and I don't want to lose the cap.
  9. Hello all, New to this site and was looking to gather information for my project. I have a 1940 Buick 8 320 in the garage in pieces. Looking to complete rebuild from ground up. What I am looking for to begin with is the information relative to the missing VIN plates for vehicle ID. The car was built in Australia with the Motor No 3812490 and Chassis No 13599401 From the manual the car is a 60 series with the Flint body built in Australia by Holden in Adelaide. It has the split rear window. The car appears to be a cream/grey colour on the firewall and I assume it was this colour for the vehicle. I have found the paint codes and trying to put together now. The motor is a lighter blue grey with age so not sure if this was in the colour code but similar to Bandelier Blue or yosemite grey. I am trying to gather as much information relative to the VIN for originality. The trim is red. I am also looking for inner guards, they are 4in longer than the 40 series. With this information I should be able to generate a code I believe. Just need to originals from looking at other vehicles I see: 1940 MOD 51 - Style No 40?? Body No ???? Trim No ???? Red seats and doors, light roof Paint No ???? Grey fire wall, internals Any assistance would be invaluable. Thanks Terry
  10. I’m looking for for paint numbers that match that particular model
  11. 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4D sedan. Adult owned and maintained. Non-smoker. Original clean condition, no modifications. Never been in an accident. Only signs of rust is under the front passenger door. Garage kept when not in use. Has been in the family since 1991. Title in my name. Antique registered. Jasper remanufactured 5.0L V8 fuel injected engine. Automatic 4-speed overdrive transmission. Power steering, power brakes, power door locks, power side view mirrors, power drivers seat, air conditioning, heat. No mechanical issues. Runs and drives very well. Cloth interior is in good condition. Some stains on the front seats and carpet. Headliner is showing signs of fatigue on the sides by the back window. Exterior is in good condition. Some paint scratches and very minor dents on the sides. The paint is in good condition. Vinyl top is in good condition. Trunk is clean and tidy. Tires are in good shape. Car itself has over 200,000 miles. Deluxe Marti Report and shop manuals convey. Asking $3,000. Matt Doscher 757-448-7048, VLW78@Hotmail.com.
  12. Hello, Peugeot Break Riviera is a prototype that was designed by Pininfarina in 1971 and never went into mass production. We decided to make a 1:1 replica of this car the same way that the original was made. We used a Peugeot 504 Coupe from 1971 as our base, the same model was used as a base for the prototypes. We used every avaliable photo and documentation of this car we researched and studied it to make the replica as close as it is possible to the originals. Thants to all the reaserch we were able to make blueprints and scans of this car. To manufactur the car we worked with the same company that was responsible for the original prototypes, so some parts that were missing or were unusable were made in cooperation with Pinifarina. Other things like the rims and relings were custom made to match the original prototype shown in Geneva in 1971. We also did put a lot of work into the bodywork and body paint, we wanted to do the same paint colour as the original one had but in the end we went with something a little bit brighter. We also made a full renovation of the engine, the engine is the original one from Peugeot 504. We put a lot of work into every single detail as we do with all of our project. This project took us a little bit over 3 years to finish. We have a lot more photos of this car, we have photos of the entire renovation process. If someone will be interested in it and would want to see this car, We will be attending a car show that will take place in London in the first weekend (3rd and 4th) of September. We will aslo take few other cars with us. Other than simply sharing this project We also are searching for someone that could evaluate this car for us. If you would know anyone that could do it We would love to get in contact with them.
  13. Located the person that purchased Hundley Acuff's running board business from his Georgia location. He has not made a decision yet on whether or not to start it up and make the boards. Looking to see what the interest level is to see if viable to make them. Will probably be in the $1000-$1200 range. If interested private message me and I will deliver to the new owner and try to persuade him to crank it up.
  14. Really need a Plymouth Model 30U radiator shell and just about anything else I can find to make Miss Betty roadworthy again. Repop running boards, front seat, front window frame, interior window and door handles, roof materials, bumpers, etc. I have her engine running and the transmission seems ok, but don't have a way to mount the radiator without the shell. Any parts for sale to fit this car will be considered. Can't guarantee I'll buy them, but I'd certainly like to know what's out there and where they are. I am located near Alexandria La.
  15. Hello, How are you? L@@king for Older Books, Literature, Pictures, etc (and/or other Materials, etc) that may have a relation to Pre-War Vehicles, Pref. 1916 and/or earlier. Mechanical Diagrams, Pamphlets, General Guides, More potentially specified guides, Repair Manuals, Road Maps (Road Atlas, Maps, Historic Documents, etc), Dealer Books, etc...Thanks Also potentially interested in clothing and/or other articles...Thanks
  16. 55-57 Duel Action Fuel Pump Nos $100 Free shipping to lower 48
  17. Radiator Cap Ornament for 1931 Chrysler Imperial CM6. Current one is broke off and I have not seen a photo of one that matches. Recieved this car from my late grandfather, trying to restore to his original quality. This was a project of his from earlier in life and I am trying to stay true to his work. Its a version of the “Winged Nymph Lady” but as I mentioned, the ones showing up are not of this style. Part # T-29703. EDIT: More info found! Looks like this was originally made for a 1934 Pontiac. The ornament is called “Indian Maiden”. Patent # 91489. Any info on where to find this would be incredible!
  18. We've had a nice 58 2Dr Delray from new. It sports the deluxe heater. At one point there was a thin rubber molded hose that connected the metal heater core shroud, under the dash, to a metal loop suspended over the heater control valve on the inner firewall. I believe it was meant to try to modulate heat, but was probably not much good for that task. I am interested in re-creating this bit, but only have a vague idea of the fairly complex shape it had. I don't think it is being made, but would love to see photos of one "in situ". The heater core end was a bell shape with a lip internal to the metal hole keeping it in place, then necking down to a tube with a couple bends to snake it down to the control valve. It was quite thin flexible rubber and probably suffered a quick death in most cases. Any help appreciated.
  19. Seeking full set of AMA/MVMA Specification forms that were provided by all the U.S. manufacturers from 1955 to 1984. These multi-page forms were submitted each year for each model produced and included detailed technical information of every component that made up that specific car or truck. Forms typically were from 10-30 pages in length and I've attached one to this post.
  20. Would like to purchase original Stutz 4 cylinder literature that I do not have already in my collection but will consider all offered.
  21. Here we are, 2022 is here and guess what - I am still looking for any 1930 Dodge Marathon Car photos. I have found a couple that I didn't have and sure there are more out there. If anyone found or has some they would like to sell, please contact me through the forum. This project I am working on is taking a lot longer than I thought but if I am going to do it, I want it to be right and accurate. Thanks for any help.
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