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  1. Checking with at this link: It shows the 1922 Hudson Super Six Series O 4-passenger Speedster differential was 4.81:1 ratio, and had 34x4-1/2 tires (not 34x4)
  2. Somehow lost my hotel reservation, and haven't been able to come up with another, but still trying
  3. Earl, wishing you safe travel to Ocala, and our best to Judy_ We are driving modern just to judge, and to support the Southeastern National at Ocala
  4. When Virginia first issued personalized plates, they allowed your initiials (front and rear), so for our three cars I requested, and received: MIR-1 MIR-2 MIR-3 Then they offered the new Bicentennial Plates with the pic of George Washington in the center, so I was also issued three new sets with the same: MIR-1 MIR-2 MIR-3 I retained both of these sets of plates
  5. I vote for Preservation- They are only ORIGINAL ONCE, and yes, please consider driving it on the AACA VINTAGE TOUR in Kingston, Ontario. We'll be there with our 1930 Packard (or the '15 Hudson?)
  6. Drove the 1937 Roadmaster 80C about 65-70 miles to a local club function- member restored a grand home on New Orleansa area Westbank- got fantastic pics of home, and forgot to take pics of Roadmaster
  7. The more current ones, except for the Fleetwood Brougham which isn’t at home at the moment
  8. How's this for confusing the lineage, heritage, source, etc? This personalized Antique plate served until it was transferred to the 1937 Roadmaster Phaeton (Convertible Sedan) 80C, and the "TOURING" plate was tranferred to the '88 'Vette- The "TOUR" plate went to the 1930 Packard, the "AACA" plate is now on the 1915 Hudson, with the "AACA 1" plate on the 2006 8.1L 2500 Series Avalanche The '41 Caddy has "5050", because everything we've done for the past 50 years of marriage has been 50-50, The 54CADDY on the 1954 is self-explanatory - The Suburban and EXcursion have "MARTY" and MARTY R", and the '95 Grand Marquis and Fleetwood Brougham have "DALE" and "4DALE"- they aren't eligible for Antique tags until next year At least we can find our cars in a parking lot😏
  9. I only wish ! The Citroen Chapron on the trailer is the one I tried many times to buy, but my friend Jack eventually bought, restored, and sold to our friend Richard. The photo with the elegant backdrop is an old photo , I believe from an adv.