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  1. I've probably mentioned it before, This very elegant Buick now resides in a private collection about one mile from our home.
  2. Me too, and I do the rear one first since the first on seems to clip more easily, and then I have aneasier time both reaching, as well as finding a leverage point, to use the screwdriver to clip the one I can actually see - same procedure for 331 ci Cadillac engine's distributor
  3. Hi RocketRon, and welcome to the Buick FORUM
  4. Welcome, Tomas, That is a nice car, You may wish to explore repairing the original Starter-Generator, as your neatly designed generator drive will cause excessive wear to the water pump drive shaft and related parts. The starter-generator can, with proper information, be made fully functional, and works well as designed. Best wishes for you to enjoy your Buick/McLaughlin
  5. While not my "cuppa tea", your work looks respectable, thanks for at least saving the parts needed for another purist's use
  6. Great advice from Rusty_OToole, Our 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis and our 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham could easily be used as daily drivers, but in today's traffic, size really matters we prefer to have even more mass surrounding us, so we pay a bit more in fuel costs and daily drive our 2500 series Suburban 2500 series Avalanche 4WD, and 7.3L Excursion 4WD When someone else in another big pickup makes a poor decision, as happened when our Sebring convertible was T-Boned by an SUV which crossed the median on an Interstate, we hope to fa
  7. As usual, Keiser31 is spot-on ! Typically, when you see the triangle, either on a hubcap/wheelcover, or on a grille, even dating as far back as my 1915 SIX-40 pictured here, it will have been from a Hudson.
  8. While your car may not have been the Top-of-the-Line model, the owner seems to have splurged a bit by optioning the wire spoke wheel, and therefore "may" have also shelled out the very few extra bucks for white wall tires - just an opinion, but some folks with less expensive cars did dress them up a bit. Remember though, that in 1931 the Great Depression was going strong, and while many struggled, someone with the wherewithall to buy a new Oldsmobile, might also have had the affordability to option it somewhat. Also, many with superior affordability, who otherwise might hav
  9. We've toured coast to coast and border to border, driving cars with 4-wheel Drum Brakes, and once even drove hundreds of miles along with dozens of POWER TOUR participants while we drove our 1954 Cadillac - surely a well-powered car with Drum Brakes. We had absolutely no issues, and have never seen the need to re-engineer a perfectly decent design. Of all our collectibles, none but the ones built in the 1980s and 1990s have Disc Brakes - they were built that way by their respective manufacturers, and there is no verifiable reason to change them.
  10. Hope to attend, and have my motel reservation- Looking forward to visiting with Pre-War Buick and HCCA folks if able to attend
  11. Santa brought this down the chimney for Steve Moskowitz
  12. While my 1960 Rambler American had an external and inverted FRAM spin-on oil filter, my father's 1959 Rambler American, with the same flathead 6 had a Toilet Paper aftermarket oil filter. The first time I changed my filter, even after letting it sit for some time after warming up the engine, during filter removal the remaining oil which had not completely drained from the filter managed to spill everywhere. I learned a "trick", and that was to punch a hole at the top of the spin-on filter to allow more complete draining, and to use a shop rag or paper towel arond the base to reduce the m
  13. Maybe something like a mid-1960s Dart convertible, or better yet, a very nice Corvair Monza- severely under-appreciated
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