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  1. Marty Roth

    Winter meet 2019 Ocala

    Just registered for Judging at Ocala. Don't yet know what I'll be showing - depends on several factors, but as a reminder - Registration must be by February 1st Looking forward to visiting with old friends, and meeting new ones !!
  2. Marty Roth

    Glidden Tour -- Twin Falls, Idaho

    He probably saw the yellow '41 Caddy on this year's AAA Glidden tour in Idaho. Bill Preston drove the '41 on the Sentimental, November 4-9, and none of our cars have been out of the garage since then. Dale's surgery was December 19th and she came home after rehab yesterday. She is making slow progress but thankfully is still with us - a reason to always seek out a second (or third, fourth, and even a fifth) medical opinion. Had we not, we would be attending a very different gathering by now. Of course we all wish Judy the very best for her upcoming procedure, and pray for the skill of her surgeon. I just realized that the photo I posted above was taken while waiting at a train crossing after a wrong turn which had taken us many miles out of our way on the last day of the 2018 Glidden. Sometimes a wrong turn will lead you to even more interesting sites - and this would not have been the bank where Jim saw us. Only one other car followed us during that multi-mile error.
  3. Marty Roth

    Trying to identify Schebler carb

    With all deference to Mark, the Schebler carb on our former 1912 Oakland Model 30 Touring must have been that oddity, rare in that the 201ci 4-cylinder engine idled extremely smoothly, even down to an (estimated by sound and feel) 300-350 rpm, and was also quite peppy, both on partial, and on full-on acceleration through the gears. It was quite a real learning experience the first time I "Field-Stripped" it twice on our very first tour with this car, the 1997 AAA Revival Glidden Tour in Thomasville, Georgia. I mistakenly blamed the carb during the last fifteen miles of the very long first day of the tour, and the first real extended drive of the newly aquired car just two weeks earlier. The car had driven well with four passengers and a full complement of tools through the day, but now, nearly back to the Thomas County Fairgrounds, it was driving well only down the little hills and cutting out on the uphill portions. A quick examination showed that there was still more than a quarter full fuel tank. Believing the carb to be at fault, I spread out a clean white towel on the grass alongside the road and completely stripped the Schebler down to all of its internal parts. Everything was cleaned, inspected, and reassembled, yielding the same negative results as prior. A second attempt yielded no improvement. Just prior to phoning for the Vulture Wagon, Betty, and the late Bob Thurstone happened by in their 1930 Packard 733 convertible coupe. Bob added a gallon of gas to the tank located under the driver's seat of the Oakland, and gravity feed supplied adequate fuel to the Schebler, getting us back to base camp. Ensuing measurements showed that someone had enlarged the tank by adding several inches of depth to it. Unfortunately, what this did was to lower the base of the tank below the height of the carburetor. Gravity, being what it is, will not typically raise the fluid in this manner, so when driving downhill, the fuel level was above the carb, but uphill the carb was starving. Adding a gallon was just enough to get us back. For future use we never let the fuel get that low, and eventually added an in-tank electric pump as an assist, driven off the hidden 12-Volt battery which also powered to Halogen headlight bulbs hidden within the original Presto-light fed burners. Fieldstripping the Schebler gave me an appreciation for the 1912 technology, as well as for modern advancements such as "Quadrajet" and multi-port fuel injection.
  4. Marty Roth

    1930 studebaker President Reduced 32500

    I'm amazed that this Studebaker President has not yet found a new home. It is a Full Classic, and exceptional restoration, a great running car from a conscientious fastidious owner, and at a very modest price. I might even be able to help the buyer with transport if the time and location were right since I know the seller (Past-President of our AACA Chapter) Somebody out there wants this car
  5. Marty Roth

    Glidden Tour -- Twin Falls, Idaho

    Hi Earl, Which of my cars did you see, and where is the bank? I've been at Dale's side since long before the Sentimental tour
  6. Marty Roth

    1937/38 Leather interiors?

    Check the still-original rear seat of my 1937 80C. Regrettably, we chose to redo the front, and it is not quite a match
  7. Need an Equalizer Hitch? Other than tha, No-Problem?
  8. 14" ? 15"? A full description plus price will help your sale
  9. Marty Roth

    Just retired - need some advice

    "When you come to a Fork in the Road - TAKE IT !" (Was that a quote from Yogi Berra? - a Yogi-ism?)
  10. Marty Roth

    1969 GTO Judge Convert

    So... If it is a 1968/1969 Lemans/GTO, maybe it is a COVERT... ... and not a convertible? (check the post heading)😏 Now fixed - thanx
  11. Marty Roth

    1950 Chevrolet Coupe Utility (AKA "Ute")

    My Dalmatian would sit in the left seat , and to compound the confusion of other drivers, I had a child-type toy steering wheel which hung from the dash of the 1948 MG-TC or the ''56 TR-2, so it almost looked like she was driving. On another occasion while on a Thanksgiving "Fowl Rallye" of the MG Car Club North Jersey Centre, my navigator Jon (sitting on the left) was approached by a police officer. I handed Jon my license and registration which he handed to the officer who then proceeded to walk around the car looking for any possible mechanical infraction. I kept my foot on the brake pedal because the brake light worked, but the single tail light had gone out that evening enroute to the event. The officer had previously done this kind of thing primarily to mess up our Rallye Time, in my opinion. Finding no reason to ticket me (Jon), he let us go, so after he drove away, we also pulled from the curb, remarking that he hadn't noticed that to person he talked with was not behind the steering wheel. We still managed to place Second that night despite the delay.
  12. Marty Roth

    1950 Chevrolet Coupe Utility (AKA "Ute")

    Wow ! another interesting find for Matt and Melanie ... and left-hand shifting is no biggie - most early Brass-Era cars, typical British vehicles, and others simply require a bit of seat-time and become second nature. What is more interesting is trying to pass a big truck on a 2-lane country road because you are "out-there" before you can see around
  13. Marty Roth

    1953 BUICK PORT HOLES oem driver quality

    Carbuff2, Place your mouse in your header line and write “SOLD” at the beginning-then you won’t be bothered again
  14. There is a quite thorough review on the history of Buick Special, offered today by Hemmings Classic Car:
  15. Marty Roth

    Gene Autry 1936 movie: masking identity of '36 Ford

    No need for an equivalent: In 1923, Emanuel Rosenfeld (Manny), Maurice Straus, (also Moe?), Moe Radavitz (Moe), and W. Graham Jackson (Jack), founded PEP BOYS in Philadelphia, PA I worked part-time after school in their Elizabeth, NJ store in the 1950s and for a short time beyond, and got to meet some of the founders. Remember the trick some folks played with their give-away matchbooks?