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  1. Chris' collection includes several extremely interesting cars and boats of notable quality. He loved touring - especially with Corinne his yellow 1940 Buick Century convertible coupe,. and volunteered to assist in our Membership Tent at Hershey.
  2. Reminds me of the quote "a camel is a horse designed by a committee" Disjointed styling, maybe functional and useful, but less than appealing, at least to my eyes.
  3. I don't think it is a V8, more likely an M with an 8, looks too early to be Mercury, even if it turns out to be automotive, and I lean toward the "stove" comment
  4. Some see the 1959 Edsel redesign as a slight improvement from the 1958, which was at the time politely described as a "Mercury Sucking a Lemon", and less politely rediculed with anatomical reference. The bigger issue was that it became an unwanted solution for a problem which didn't exist. Ford already had three distinct price/luxury ranges fielded with ford at the bottom end, Lincoln handling toward the more elegant, and Mercury as the inbetween. It seems that FMC wanted more models as in the GM business model. Therefore Edsel was positioned inbetween Ford and Mercury with four models. The lower range Pacer and Ranger were, in reality, little more than gussied-up Fords with a less-than-appealing descriptive name, a "face" designed by committee which generated so much poor press that many who might have actually liked the idea were turned toff by the thought of it, and an economic downturn to be known as the "1958 Eisenhower Recession". The two larger models, Corsair and Citation, while potentially decent automobiles, we essentially seen be some as Mercury-based step-sisters wearing the "Bridesmaid" attire. They just didn't have the Pizzaz or the raison d'etat (goals and ambitions, whether economic, military, cultural or otherwise) to nail the interest of the targeted portion of the buying public. The 1960 version was just more and more boring, in my opinion.
  5. Yes, I originally noted it correctly as a 1929 in my earlier KIngston, Ontario Vintage Tour post, but - big thumbs / small keys - hit the 8 instead of the 9- correction completed - Thanx
  6. Buick Club Meeting and diner at "THE MINT CAFE", Parking is OK at the TEXACO next door
  7. Both my '41 and '54 Caddys have Haartz tops, and neither of them leak !
  8. Thanks to sharp-eyed commenters, Ebay has shut down this scammer's ad for Matt's woodie
  9. I have the Original side curtains for our 1915 Hudson SIX-40 Touring, but also have a reproduction set to actually use
  10. Restoration costs will certainly be the prime factor with the future goddess. My 1934 Model 57 (several posts above) was an excellent driver, needing absolutely no wood or metal work, but striping to bare metal, as well as the interior, chrome, and engine enhancements was still a very serious expense - certainly wwell worth the adventure, but expensive none the less. I envy whomever's stable this one will grace - but at my age and stage in life, I no longer envy the journey. Best of luck, Mark and the eventual owner, and thanks Greg for the personal touch -enjoyed meeting you a few years back. Maybe get to visit you, Frank, and Kent on our way to the show in Fallbrook - I hope the Palm Springs Region will lend heavy support
  11. We used the sidecurtains on our 1930 Packard Touring just the week before last during the AACA Vintage Tour in Kingston, Ontario. The downpours were relatively short but intense. Our windwings shielded us in the front seat as well. Our back seat passengers each day were quite dry and protected. Ultimately we removed the front and fear door curtains, leaving only the portions behind the rear doors, since the backseat passengers had their own rear windshield and wing windows. Friday looked great so we removed all curtains and left them in the trailer. You guessed it - a couple of miles from the hotel at the end of the day the skies opened up and our backseaters did get a bit damp - all part of the fun on a tour, but if it had been kids on a cross-country we would have had the curtains with us.
  12. Yup, I did this in the distant past - it works
  13. According to John's notes, apparently there was
  14. Yes, but for clarification: it was the Automatic transmission that was the option, and if you opted for the extra-cost automatic tranny, it was controlled by Pushbutton
  15. Insulator? either to slience any metal-to-metal contact (or less likely but possibly in case of grounding?)