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  1. The stylish young lady asking to be noticed in the '57 Mercury convertible is telling her boyfriend she wants one just like the 1960 LeSabre convertible in the right lane (seems identical to the one I should have bought from my friend Alan Sacks when he moved from New Orleans to Scarsdale) Behind the '60 in the right lane - 3rd one back is a '55 Buick, and maybe a white with dark roof way back in that lane 2nd car behind the '58 Cadillac (maybe even another '55 between them. Another '55 3rd car behind the Mercury convertible. Yet another '55 Buick in the left-most lane just ahead of the Ford pickup, and a 1958 Buick going the other way, glad he's not in that traffic !
  2. That blue roof over the creamy yellow'54 is so very mid-1950s Buick - The pilot of the United flight (registration # N37552) is smacking the Co-Pilot on his left arm, telling him to get the wheels up and over the power lines, and waving to his wife in the Buick.
  3. The one I called a '39, next to the '47/'48 is the same one you note as Buick-ish under the Malco sign. I had stared and stared at the one which looks like fender spears on the left, but enlargement makes it look almost solid - probably is a '41 Sedanette, but I wasn't sure enough to call it - good catch, Neil !
  4. at the Barber Shop/Showers sign 7th car on left, a 2-tone '47/'48? Driving toward us behind nash is a '47/'48 and next to it, driving away may be a '39?
  5. They look correct for 1951-1952 Chevy Passenger cars - all models. I've had both years, and recognize the caps. Of course they may have been carried over to the less expensive 150 & 210 1953 models, as well. Here is a 1952: and here is a 1951:
  6. Yes, Matt, I had to respond to the individual who "needed" a disk brake "upgrade" for this DeSoto. Just wondering if it also "needs" an electric power steering unit, to be "safe to drive", and maybe a Sound System "upgrade", and then maybe a Small Block Chevy engine to be safe in traffic ???
  7. Sweet shot - "54 sedan and '56 Riviera on the right, and the '57 is the 3rd on the right
  8. While the background car is a '56 Buick, and may, or may not be involved in the collision, Closer exam makes me believe the wrecked car in the foreground is a 1957 Pontiac Chieftain Look at the script on the front fender, as well as the grille:
  9. Running a bit hot after pulling the trailer up a long, long hill , maybe at high altitude? Looks like the wide Pull-out area was designed for vehicles to cool down !
  10. As I recall from the Judging Manual, as well as from showing in HPOF, Convertible tops on open cars are an allowable replacement item within HPOF, as are tires, belts, hoses and hose clamps of correct type and size.
  11. Avanti Bill, Wally Wag, Wally, you have my number and can call me any time. If your only points off are for radial tires at two (2) points per tire, that alone would not necessarily prevent you from receiving any award. At 392 points, assuming no other deductions, you would still be within the ten (10) point rule even if in the same class, and going for the same award , as a "perfect" 400 point car. Were chrome wire spoke wheels an option for this car as delivered from the factory, or a factory authorized dealer option to be sold to the consumer? Factory documentation will help here.
  12. Ron, Depending on where in the Southeast you are, you might use the web site to locate an AACA Region or Chapter near you, or even some other club, and attend one of their meetings. There you might strike up an acquaintanceship leading to an offer. Other options might include attending a local Cruise Night, car show, or a cars & Coffee event. The best place to meet old-car folks is at an old car event. You shouldn't be surprised at how outgoing some of us are.
  13. Comparing photos of the blue and red cars, it does appear that the quad-headlight car has widened fenders , as well as a narrowed hood. Look at the hood-fender line as t where it meets the grille, as well as where it ends with relation to the ornament within the grille- Of course my comment could just be a result angular perspective since the widened car is viewed from the L/F corner and the blue car is a head-on view.