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  1. We attended many times, going back to the early 1990s as well as more recently. This year the dates coincide with our AACA FOUNDERS TOUR in Lafayette, Louisiana, ... and I'm the sole surviving person to have driven (or attended) every Founders Tour which started back in 1988. Louisiana Region last hosted Founders back in 1991, although we've also hosted several other National and Divisional AACA tours including our 2-Hub Sentimental Tour between Natchez and Vicksburg, Mississippi, Divisionals in Lafayette and Houma, LA to list a few. Our 2024 Founders is full and has a waiting list.
  2. Years ago, back in NJ, our next door neighbor had a DKW, essentially the same as this Auto-Union 1000. being a 2-stroke 3-cylinder, one had to remember adding oil to the gas, just as I did for my Saab Model 92.
  3. So, like minds ... Identical to my set-up - battery box in the "V", and winch directly behind it and between the pair of spares- And yours is a great truck with a solid history.
  4. I recall seeing that paint scheme when they rolled out of the B-O-P Assembly Plant in Linden. I would hang on the back fence of the plant, but some of the Anchor Motor Freight 4-car haulers also drove right past our home.
  5. @EmTee Just a suggestion for your trailer- You may recall from looking at mine last July in Waterloo, I have my trailer's two spare tires mounted upright on the angled front side walls. It saves floor space, and removing a single lug nut makes it simple and safe to roll a spare out without heavy lifting, and without having a spare shift within the trailer.
  6. ... But similar to production 1948 Packard Station Sedans ? Other than the tailgate on those, wasn't the wood simply applied over the metal body? I'm no expert - just asking? And didn't Mercury do the same thing with a convertible some time in the mid 1960s?
  7. Pardon my lack of knowledge, but do these have the infamous 4.1L (4100) engine and the 8-6-4 cylinder configuration?
  8. I have a spare complete Hudson front axle - 1922(?), and just had a machinist remanufacture and re-fit the Kingpins, Thrust washers, and bushings - completely fitted, and includes hubs and bearings - (wheel spokes are bad) ... then learned it would not fit to replace the one for my 1915 Hudson. This is available for anyone who may need it - Please contact me - PM is best
  9. Looks like an extremely nice, however inauthentic, aftermarket accessory. I believe West is correct, and just noticed Walt's response - surely an authority.
  10. When it becomes liquid, it cannot be stuck !
  11. Of course, and HQ goes above and beyond... but sometimes requested info or material just doesn't exist. No reflection on staff -
  12. Spam? Ground up left-overs (entrails?) they couldn't dispose of otherwise? Dad's exposure to Spam was 1943-1945 in the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Bougainville, Vella Lavella, Bataan, Corregidor, etc. Returning home, he wouldn't allow it in the house, and turned green if anyone mentioned it. Sure wouldn't want a bowl of it, "Super", or otherwise, no matter how "Special", even if canned in the current "Century".
  13. Kalli-Forn-ya Low and Slow while Vaping ? Century-Limited (sounds like a cross-country train?) Special-SuperBowl, not mastering the road.
  14. Wonder what the undercarriage looks like? Indiana uses salt on roads, and no history per prior locations. "Lost interest in finishing."? Doesn't this usually mean that there are additional undisclosed issues, the cost of repairing would drastically exceed both his budget, and his wife's temper, and also the ultimate value of the project?
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