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  1. Keiser really knows his stuff, and how to research it, too! Thanks, John. Many, many years back I had a black '54 Mercury convertible, and a yellow '54 Ford Sunliner convertible too! but sold them off to get my '56 Bel-air conveertible with Powr-Pak (4-Barrel carb, High-Lift cam, and Dual exhausts) Factory skirts Factory Continental Kit Crocus and Onyx (Yellow and Black)
  2. Watching Submarine Races at the Jersey Shore, or on Lake Hopatcong- been there, done that, explain to her dad...
  3. Everly brothers sang about it: Wake up Little Suzy
  4. Many prior dates before getting drivers license and car insurance, but- First date in my own car was in 1959 in my Red 1949 Pontiac convertible, straight-Eight flathead and three-on-the-tree.
  5. You are not alone - Our Cruise Nights do have '50s/'60s music, but the volume is kept moderate, and even at the cars nearest the DJ one can carry on a conversation
  6. Nice going Robert, We did the same thing with our Packard, driving the Bride and Groom from the church in Old Jefferson to the reception at the Cajun Swamp Ballroom at Audubon Zoo.
  7. My (former) '14 Buick has a VIN tag like Terry's - an oval tag with year and Series identified, attached to the frame horn
  8. I sent you a PM you will receive an email from AACA with my response(s)
  9. I have used aluminum foil to line the inside of the taillight bucket to better reflect the available light. LED bulbs also help, but you'll need an additional draw on the circuit so that the flashers work properly.
  10. I actually accompanied a friend who towed his 1940s vintage Ford in a 10,000 lb rated enclosed trailer with a then-late model 1500 Series Ford and 5.0 Litre engine. NEVER AGAIN, UNLESS IT WAS TO GET US BACK FROM AN EMERGENCY SITUATION ! The first overpass you come to, you will feel it downshift, initially out of overdrive, and then probably down to 2nd gear, revving substantially over 3,000-3,500 rpm. But it will upshift as you come down the other side. That is nothing, compared to when you come to any kind of a modest hill - and absolutely nothing compared to getting into any kind of mountains - and I don't mean the Rockies either - just mediocre stuff. My 2500 Series trucks (Suburban, Avalanche, have 8.1 Litre engines, and they do have to downshift, So does the 2500 version of the Excursion with the 7.4 Litre Diesel at times, but a little Half-ton 1500 Series Ford pickup with a 5.0 Litre will be working hard all of the time- AND - the 1500 will not have the stronger chassis, steering, and especially the Brakes of the heavier series. For the difference in safety, and modest difference in price, I'd never try towing a 10K closed trailer with anything less than a 2500, and go for the biggest engine possible.
  11. Here's a link showing several 1950s era Buicks:
  12. Edward G. Robinson (aka Emanuel Goldenberg) and Kirk Douglas (aka Issur Danielovitch Demsky) a pair of amazing actors and another great Buick
  13. To jump in here, I have always believed in changin the filter with every ol change. I cannot disagree with Rusty, but in practice am more like Bob Smits. The three (3) SBC 350 engines in her lifetime gave my '77 Suburban a total of 1, 430,xxx miles before she went under in Hurricane Katrina, and that last engine currently lives on in a street rod, built by a member ou our local club. I believe tha regular oil AND FILTER changes were a big part of that longevity. While Rusty is technically accurate in that many manufacturers "REQUIRE" replacing the filter only with every 2nd oil change, their SUGGESTION generally ALSO includes a time factor. This is technically enforceable per a warranty situation. With our older collector cars accumulating fewer miles than a typical daily driver, the manufacturer specs could also involve a filter with each oil change. The manufacturer likely also attempts have the maintenance cost appear lower than what the fastidious among us would prefer I would err with Mr. Smits, a friend whose other opinions I also value, on the preference to change a filter with each oil change. Many, many years ago, long before New Jersey permitted me to drive legally, My late father, whose opinions I've come to respect even more now, used to advise: "DO YOU REALLY WANT TO RUN CLEAN FRESH OIL THROUGH A DIRTY FILTER- NO MATTER HOW CLEAN YOU ""THINK"" IT LOOKS""? Then he would add: "OIL AND A FILTER ARE CHEAP - REBUILDING YOUR ENGINE IS EXPENSIVE, AND WILL KEEP YOU OFF THE ROAD
  14. C'mon, Think of driving to the Sunny South - maybe New Orleans for Mardi Gras, or to Miama Beach- Pack up your troubles in your Old Kit Bag, And Smile, Smile, Smile ...