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  1. Hope we can all cross the border by then- Maybe meet you there, and grab dinner at Angelo's in Ft Worth?
  2. As noted, proper battery acbles are a "MUST". I personally use "000" with soldered ends, although some use lesser cables - the heavier, the better in my opinion. I do just fine with 6-Volts on all of our early cars, listed below
  3. The correct equipment for this individual would be the following: 1. Cellphone 2. Credit Card 3. List of reliable licensed, insured transporters 4. A Fat Wallet 5. Become an agent and hire other folks
  4. "FIORELLO", named for his primary passenger, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, and assigned as the Mayor of New York City's personal Parade Car. Our 1937 Buick Roadmaster Phaeton served the city from 1937 through at least the mid-1950s. Now he is available for Glidden, Founders, Chrome Glidden, Heritage, CCCA, and Sentimental Tours, as well as for local club functions, friends' weddings, etc., or just going for ice cream and a Cruise Night in and around New Orleans.
  5. Thank you Mr Earl, so, in that case the dual exhaust tips would be essentially cosmetic, an interesting touch, but not a performance enhancement.
  6. Well-said, Walt, This will be the first time since 1983 that I've not attended "HERSHEY" - of course, It will not be the same without the Flea Market, Car Corral, multiple Club Meetings, but I'll also miss my judging team and Judge's Breakfast - mostly the camaraderie ! Studemax , when YOU have to deal with it for 24-48 hours, then, and only then would you be entitled to pass along such a demeaning comment! Thank you, rocketraider ! John, You're correct, and thankful for those spared! By the way, Sally came in over Gulf Shores wi
  7. John, That is a Bee-Yoo-T-Full car- Feel free to visit, and to park it here anytime
  8. Looking at the wind and up to 30 inches of rain, along with coastal flooding and wave action, concerned for our friends and AACA Deep South Region members in the Mobile, Alabama area, as well as for others along the Mississippi and Florida Gulf Coast, and while thankful that, while the prior path of Hurricane Sally was directly through our home in Metairie, Louisiana, we're wishing the best to those who may now suffer damage and destruction along her path.
  9. Maybe check with an Interstate Battery dealer?
  10. Stated 56,110 miles, but upholstery makes it look like 156,110
  11. Steve, He noted 8th grade, not age 8, so about 13 or 14 years of age
  12. I have always gravitated toward the cars of the 1950s - the era of my youth and teens. While my very first car (before being legal to drive) was a 1932 Chevy 5-window coupe which I hot-rodded with an Oldsmobile Rocket-88 engine and Hydra-Matic, my very first actual driver after securing a New Jersey drivers license was my red 1949 Pontiac straight-8 stick-shift convertible. Next came the 1954 Mercury convertible and a very temporary 1954 Ford convertible, followed by a long-term crocus & onyx (yellow & black) 1956 Chevy Bel-air convertible with 265 ci V-8 Powr-Pak, 4-barrel carb,
  13. I thought the Austin / Bantam used a standard 6 Volt Group 1 Battery: Length: 9.00"Width: 6.87"Height: 8.75"
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