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  1. Howard, Looks like a nice car- you would do well here, to post a price, additional photos, including engine, chassis, etc- and your location.
  2. On 5/28/2009 at 12:05 AM, Marty Roth said: Charlier, Your inspection technician isn't entirely wrong, but he did over-simplify in my opinion. The fact is that, having done ALL the right things with regard to loading, pressure, maintenance, etc., my less-than-one-year-old trailer with 6000lb axles and new Load-Range E tires blew the inside sidewalls on three of the first five tires (I bought new Michelins before the other 2 had a chance to blow). This was on our first two trips, and I check air pressure at 80psi EVERY MORNING. One of them blew overnight, splitting a sidewall in the driveway; another Popped Very Loudly, also splitting the sidewall in 10mph traffic during a hurricane evacuation. What these DEFECTIVE tires had in common was that they were ALL MADE IN CHINA -- IRONMAN brand, which I was told is a Carlisle sub-brand -- they are 235/85-R16 LR"E". "Buy-American" isn't such bad advice -- it might even save your life as well as your job. 64SportFury426 Thank you for your expertise, and yes, we're well aware that if they don't have the ST prefix, they're not trailer tires - but that is not always a negative, in my opinion- Some (quality) truck tires actually function better and more dependably on trailers than designated trailer tires - as evidenced by my personal experience, generally trailering in excess of 10,000 miles annually, and sometimes much more. In fact, the original IRONMAN 235/85R-16 which were delivered on my custom built all aluminum car hauler - the ones you appear to have noted from my nearly 12-year-old post are actually ST235/85R-16 LRE TRAILER TIRES, (I simply quoted the size, not mentioning the "ST" at the time of that very old post). The IRONMANs were Made in China as a believed sub-brand of Carlisle, and as previously noted, were PURE DANGEROUS JUNK, as evidenced by the first three Blowing Out in short order. The "surprises" were despite the relatively new Date Codes, daily inspection for 80 psi pressure, and for condition. I kept the other two as evidence of what not to buy. I have generally used Michelin LT235/85R-18 LRE since that time, with full knowledge that they are Light Truck Tires - NOT Trailer Tires, and have been Fully Satisfied with the quality, the Service, and the fact that I replace them based upon age rather than simply wear. Since last year, and upon the suggestion of Edinmass (above), I bought a set of Sailun (yes, made in China) - no problems so far! The SAILUN tires I use, suggested by edinmass ,are Load Range "G"
  3. Grandson Nathan loved the 1963 Impala convertible, as well as the 1978 454ci Suburban, but our 1951 F-6 Boardman Pumper / Ford Fire Engine excited him. Of course he treasured his own Ladder Truck. As seen here, we was ready to report for service. Fire Department-issued boots were too heavy and too tall for him to maneuver at that age, but Louisiana “Shrimper Boots”, locally known as “CAJUN REEBOKS” saw him properly Turned-Out ! He also got to visit his great grandpa’s former Fire House.
  4. VL, Knowing that you did "the right thing" despite the personal toll is the ultimate reward. While our journey was (is) not as laborious as yours seems to have been, we can appreciate, and laud the effort. Caring for aging parents, and then the residual tasks, can be taxing beyond expectation. Hopefully we offer an example for the next generation. We know you had wished to retain the Spider. Our current Corvair Monza convertible brings back memories or our four previous Corvair Corsa and Monza versions. We are simply caretakers in so many ways - vehicles, family, ---
  5. Thank you Zephyr, Among the many benefits of organized AACA/VMCCA/HCCA, and the many other organized marque club tours are invitations to visit private collections. We have, over the past 50+ years of touring, been invited to dozens of truly exceptional collections - some multiple times, such as the Bob & Sandra Bahre collection in Paris, Maine, featuring a grouping of custom-bodied 1934 V-12 Packards among many other fantastic cars - too many to name. The nice part is that we also get to tour with our children and grandchildren, and to expose them to so many varied normal, as well as exquisite examples. The kids are the future of the hobby.
  6. “Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle did have exceptional taste in cars - despite other shortfalls in his reputed personal behavior. During an AACA/HCCA Reliability Tour based in a Savannah, Georgia a few years back, we were privileged to visit a private collection for a coffee break, driving our 1915 Hudson SIX-40. Among the many excellent cars on display was this 1919 Pierce-Arrow 66 A-4 Tourer, belonging to Mr & Mrs Robert Jepson. The fantastic Pierce-Arrow previously had belonged to Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle. Our Hudson was nowhere near as elegant as the surroundings, but more than kept up with traffic.
  7. Grandson Nathan would have been about age 3, sitting on the hood of the 1934 Buick. At the Glidden Tour in Daytona, FL at age 4 he showed people how he could crank-start our 1912 Oakland. At age 15-1/2 he got his Learners Permit and after a week of practicing on the stick-shift 1941 Cadillac just in case the '54 wasn't ready due to a vacuum hose failure on the power brakes, he drove the 1954 Cadillac on the AACA Sentimental Tour in Staunton, VA, and was recognized as the "YOUNGEST DRIVER". Nathan is now 23, and will graduate college this spring, having achieved DEAN’S LIST EVERY SEMESTER. Now we wait to learn his choice as to which one of the six universities where he will pursue a Masters Degree in Music Performance, using among others, the Bach Stradivarius trumpet custom made for me in 1954.
  8. The colors and trunk add to the appearance of the BAT offering- Reasonable potential, located in California, wearing a matching trunk, Dual Sidemounts, and a pair of TRIPPE Seniors Walkaround Video:
  9. Terry, A search turned up that Goshen, Indiana is also called the Maple City
  10. My suggestion, as well hope you have a good outcome- Let the dealership's OWNER know that You plan to publicly praise his operation- once the car runs as well as before his technician worked on it
  11. It is much easier to leave the original charging system intact, but to add an inverter behind the dash, converting a single output to 12V Negative, and then connect that output to a device such as one or more charging ports/USB etc, (or even a single cigarette lighter port, and then plug in a triple adapter with USB capability). We travel in our 6 Volt cars, running our : GPS, Radar Detector, Cell Phone Charger, Coffee Warmer, Notebook Charger, etc This way, your car is still original, and not modified with parts you may not be able to source while "ON THE ROAD".
  12. When travelling and/or touring with a group, all or most of whom have CB radios, the conversations can range from informative to hilarious. We've spent thousands of hours, and tens of thousands of miles over the years CB-ing with friends, but by scanning the frequencies, it is always wise to find a locally and relatively unused channel - lest you incur some very colorful responses from some who feel they "own" certain channels. Back in the 1970s, there was ample assistance and a good deal of friendly conversation - but that was 45-50 years ago! Some things change, but travelling friends can still use Citizens' Band effectively. "Bayou Babe and Bayou Lady" packed up their base station, as well as the mobile units - even the one on the old riding lawn mower they used back when they had acreage in Central Virginia.
  13. Meant to add we were just back from a day out with our local CORSA Corvair group, but drove the 1937 Roadmaster Phaeton 80 C - she dwarfed her younger little cousins , wish I had taken the pic of them all together, but so many ‘Vair folks asking about the big Buick, and amazed at how smoothly the 320 ci straight eight purred - I just forgot
  14. Not to be gauche, but down here in Cajun Country, little Ralphie would likely enjoy his Hot Tub, along with Cajun Andouille sausage, shrimp, oysters, okra, and some Tabasco sauce, and some white rice added - probably with good Cabernet Sauvignon, or maybe a Six-Pack of Dixie Beer in the Longneck bottles😎, frequently followed by shrimp etouffe , boiled crawfish, and rollicking hospitality. A Cajun is reputed to be a fun-loving Louisianan ( native born or adopted) who will eat anything which doesn’t eat him first.
  15. I swapped 3 Citroen’s, 1972 SM, 1961 DS-21 Station Wagon, and 1964 2-CV TO David (trimacar). In exchange I got my 1927 Chevy Capitol AA Roadster and my 1917 Franklin 9-A Touring which many years later was swapped to Phil Myers for his 1912 Oakland Touring. Here are the Chevy which is still with a local club member, and the Oakland which is now being offered by Mark Hyman.
  16. I had the 1937 Roadmaster 80C Phaeton out Saturday to drive to our local Corvair Corsa Group annual get-together here in Metairie, Louisiana, and prepared our traditional Sweet & Sour Meatball crock pot. I meant to get a picture of the big Roadmaster surrounded by the Corvairs in attendance, but so many club members were so interested in the big Buick that I forgot to shoot a pic until after arriving back home
  17. Did she ever work on Bourbon Street? My recollection of those days, and working, playing my trumpet as a Nightclub Musician is sometimes clouded. We had some very exotic dancers, too .
  18. Sad indeed- sorry to have to note that SpinneyHill has passed from us. His posts were the quality we all enjoy With sincere condolences to the family, his presence here will be missed
  19. Thanks - Got the same news from Brass Buick group, and plan to attend again this coming year, and am delighted that the Ersland Family now plans to continue the swap meet for the coming years Looking forward to the Pre-War Buick group at the Friday Noon Get-Together
  20. Keep the 6-Volt system as original- Change/add a cigar lighter/charging port to 12-Volt, maybe more than one? I did that in my 1941 Cadillac, and plan to make that modification to all of our early cars. WE drive them, so GPS, Radar Detector, Dash cam, Cell phone charger, etc all stay up
  21. Reminds me of the time a "Little Person", running a scam as a Fortune Teller, escaped Police Custody- The radio broadcast was: "Small Medium At Large" Nice Buicks, Matt- Variety is the Spice of Life
  22. Maybe this should end up in Henry Shane's "Cars of Yesteryear" collection in Metairie, Louisiana, alongside the 1954 which Charles Coker also owned as part of the famed Harrah's collection - reputedly built for Bill Harrah
  23. That is very impressive- thank you for sharing Easiest way is to copy and paste, or cut and paste to the GENERAL DISCUSSION, the use "delete" when you choose to edit the current thread