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  1. Rear mount Spare Tire Carrier for 'Teens or 'Twenties vehicles, Originally from a late-teens large series Buick , but likely useable, or adaptable to many other vehicles. I think it cost me $150 several years ago, and would like to get that back, but I'm open to reasonable offers plus shipping costs. I'm located in New Orleans, but could transport to: Hershey, Glidden Tour (Rock Hill, SC) Mobile, Alabama in October to AACA Nationals
  2. Rear mount Spare Tire Carrier for 'Teens or 'Twenties vehicles, Originally from a late-teens large series Buick ,I believe an E-55?, but likely useable, or adaptable to many other vehicles. I think it cost me $150 several years ago, and would like to get that back, but I'm open to reasonable offers plus shipping costs. I'm located in New Orleans, but could transport to: Hershey, Glidden Tour (Rock Hill, SC) Mobile, Alabama in October to AACA Nationals
  3. Thanks, Gunsmoke, and your comment noted, appreciated, and fixed
  4. Hope to meet you, as well. I'll be at the Chocolate Field AACA Membership Booth on thursday morning between 8:00 and 10:00 AM, but with several meetings to attend, will spend only sporadic time at my swap spaces CG 32 - 34
  5. I'm constantly amazed by the experience, breadth of accumulated knowledge, willingness to share, and assistance offered by the participants of our FORUM. I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the FORUM community in general. A big Thank You to you who make the old car hobby better than it might otherwise be! SEE YOU DOWN THE ROAD, AND TAKE A KID, HIS PARENTS, AND HIS GRANDPARENTS, TO A CAR SHOW
  6. Seatbelts became mandatory equipment in the USA for the 1968 models Despite the naysayers, and comments to the contrary, and since all of our collectibles are driven, and frequently driven cross-country, and regrettably as a potential target for: texters, speeders, iPhone conversersationalists, drunks, road-rage afflicted, and other inattentive "drivers". All of them have properly anchored seatbelts, and I feel better about our chances to survive the type of accidents which have the potential to occur. When my wife's 1966 Dodge Dart GT convertible was T-Boned from the right and slammed into an abutment on her left, her driver-side door flew open but she was not thrown out, nor could the car pass over her. Yes, she sustained knee and shoulder injuries, but had the belt not restrained her I'd likely have lost her. I've seen slipshod and/or poorly designed installations, and decry those. I've also seen inventive solutions and applaud those. My preference is to stay belted, not slide across a seat while trying to hold on to a steering wheel of a Studebaker Pickup,. It happened to me back in early 1963 when T-Boned from the right by a new Cadillac which slid through a stop sign on a snowy street. He, the preacher driving the Cadillac, was ticketed for: 1. driving too fast for conditions, 2. running a stop sign, 3. expired drivers license, 4. no NJ State inspection 5. DWI ... and I was going to cost "his church" a fortune since he "couldn't" afford insurance He demanded that I attend "His" church to atone for creating "His" new legal problems since I had no business getting in his way because he was on his way to visit a sick friend. (I declined the offer). Installed in a professional manner, seatbelts do not cause a points deduction with regard to AACA judging. You, of course, are free to follow your preference, but I frequently think back to the comment of a State Trooper, made to me while serving the Governor's Office, noting that with regard to all of the motor vehicle wrecks he had investigated, he had never had to unbuckle a corpse.
  7. I would have jumped on the one a couple of weeks back - the yellow '49 Roadmaster convertible needing paint and some attention- but just don't have additional space at the moment-
  8. You might read the comments on this link, click on the header. Auburnseeker asked the advice of FORUM members. He apparently is not buying the Buick Victoria ion the discussion, and may be willing to pass the contact info to you. Welcome to the FORUM:
  9. Auburnseeker, If you definately pass on this one, maybe consider sharing the contact so others on this FORUM, and the BUICK portion of the FORUM may consider it? This is a relatively rare, and desireable model
  10. Get rid of those 12-volt cables because they cannot carry the required amperage. Get Double Aught (00), or Triple Aught (000), or even use welding cable, and have the ends soldered, not crimped, then go back to the instructions Bloo offered, above Good luck
  11. Auburnseeker, Run, do not walk, with the seller, to your local DMV, and get this gem transferred iinto your name. You'll never regret owning and driving a Straight Eight Buick. This 1931 Full Classic is the first year for the Buick, and a Victoria is an especially nice body style. Assuming the wood is good, you'll love just how solid it is, based on my experience with my 1934 sedan and 1937 Phaeton. What Matt has noted above rings true, ... and you won't even need a trailer to drive it to next year's GliddenTour, based in Saratoga Springs, NY
  12. Wow !! This one is almost too nice, and the perfect color combination. at least for me.
  13. Yes, Terry, You two certainly have the spirit. Hopefully, with the tour in north-central Pennsylvania, you could attend through at least Wednesday- Trailer the 152 miles from Lock Haven to Allentown on Thursday morning, and serve at the AGN.
  14. Doing it yourself and not getting it right the first time is also a great lesson- ask me how I know- been there, done that, got the (torn, greasy, odoriferous) T-shirt, and guess whom tells me to do my own laundry.
  15. Our 1930 Packard 7-Passenger Touring has a 5.08:1 differential since it was intended to be used between Paris and Monaco, crossing the Alps. That is fine for city driving, but the 0.70 Overdrive gives the equivalent of a 3.556:1 for country roads. We don't need higher speeds - just fewer engine revs, and it is a pleasure to have both ratios. The intermediate-sized Pontiacwith the "honkin' V-8 has more than enough torque to get moving without slipping the clutch. Enjoy it every day that you can, and smile all the way to the ice cream stand with your bride and grandsons.
  16. This is a delightful segment of road, and I've pre-driven other segments for the 2020 Reliability, as have others in preparation for next year's tour. It should be spectacular, and even more rewarding, knowing that all of the tourts proceeds will be supporting the club. Most of us "Reliabiity" regulars have come to expect a segment off pavement, and hopefully even the option of fording a small stream. Typically there will be the option of remaining on pavement, but most prefer the adventute, simulationg the experience of the "Early Auto-ist", especially with our Brass-Era vehicles.
  17. I get an email every morning from USPS. It shows an actual photo of each separate article which is scheduled for delivery in that day's mail, and notes packages (magazines too) , I'm still awiting for two items, apparently mis-delivered, each containing checks from an insurance company which were shown in early August and have never arrived, even though the pictures clearly have my address. The checks have not been cashed, and were reissued by the company. Are they stuck behind a machine at the post office, or in the mailman's Jeep? Maybe a neighbor got them and sent to recycle?
  18. Rhode Island to New York in Less than 5 full days, by way of Houston, Texas?
  19. Not as I recall, I think it was a simple flat bar, but am not sure
  20. The computers in our 2000 7.3 Diesel Excursion, and the 2006 Avalanche 8.1L always lie. WE have the correct size tires, and the speedometers and odometers on both are dead-accurate with our Garmin GPS, yet both claim 14 - 18% better mileage than my carefully calculated numbers show. This has been verified, not over a sigle tank, but over many tens of thousands of miles. Numbers of actual miles driven, divided by actual gallons used = true MPG
  21. Nice looking, but not similar to the one I was told had been the original for my (former) 1934 Model 57. Sorry I don't have a picture of it to share with you
  22. Left side is Pontiac, Right side is '55 Chevy, likely the only replacement easily sourced at the time- and it works... Or is it a WEestern Canadian, and Eastern USA? While driving northbound
  23. CHuDWah, Yup ! That seems to be a really slick solution
  24. No disrespect intended, I don't recall hearing that before. I've had several Pontiacs - and an Oakland, and my brother had an almost brand new 1964 GTO convertible- 389, Tri-Power, Fenton Mags, Wide Ovals, it was silver with a black convertible top- I was really disappointed when he sold it just before signing up with the Navy Band, and didn't offer it to me first.