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  1. John, I wholeheartedly agree with you. The 1970 was, at that time, Cadillac's last full-frame rear wheel drive convertible. Our fully optioned triple-black '70 Caddy convertible was just too hot, despite excellent A/C, to enjoy here in the deep south - especially on black leather seats exposed to the sun, perhaps for hours at a time. We sold it to a local club member rather than change the originality. It was a fantastic cross-country cruiser and a beautiful, no rust ever, extremely low mileage (50,xxx?) example, never anybody's daily driver from new. I was the 3rd owner, and of course it was an unrestored car. We strongly considered replacing it with a late, dear friend's 12.,xxx mile 1976 yellow paint, parchment leather ElDorado convertible, offered by his widow. That was a year and a half ago, just about the time of Dale's first "3 months to live" liver cancer diagnosis, before finding a better oncologist, subsequent surgery and before continuing treatment were shown to be effective - at least for now. Our decision was kind of "know when to hold - know when to fold", that we already had convertibles for essentially every era and type of tour with the exception of the One & Two Cylinder, and potential/likely medical expenses had to be considered (still do!). Thankfully she is responding to her current treatment, and will hopefully continue. Two days ago we marked our 51 wedding anniversary, and next month our only grandchild, an AACA judge, starts grad school having graduated Magna Cum Laude, Dean's List all eight semesters, and President's List with a 4.0 GPA - and has accepted a Graduate Teaching Assistant responsibility. Of course he hopes to eventually inherit a car at some point - but not too soon. Sorry to go off-topic ...
  2. Having for many years owned, and toured our 1970 Triple-Black Cadillac convertible, I was ready to restore/modify it to become Triple-WHITE !!! Especially here in the Deep-South, sun and heat almost year round is a concern, and white is much cooler on the body. We also find more light color cars, as well as home roofs than dark here for the same reason.
  3. Count me in ! We had our reservations all set for when the Reliability Tour would have been hosted there this year three weeks from now, and are looking forward to the venue next time around- Thank you Bob !!
  4. I've had to use the old "Pantyhose for a Fan Belt" trick to get a date home from an evening at the Jersey Shore. The '49 Pontiac convertible did just fine. It worked, and I offered to replace the item. Her mother was impressed, but her father was not amused, or was it the other way around?
  5. My 1960 Valiant V-200 with the slant-six and 3-speed Torque-Flyte was an upscale version, similar and extremely dependable. Handling was surprisingly good with the torsion bar front suspension, and I even rallye-drove it at some sporty car events while prepping the '59 Alfa-Romeo Giuliette Spyder Veloce for more important events. The Valiant was different than the more normal-looking Falcon, but was a very nice driver. This similar Lancer should make someone happy in a basic way.
  6. Transplanting the '49 Caddy OHV 331 ci V-8 was thought to be the best of the replacements for the Lincoln V-12 which was considered anemic, as well as less than dependable by many folks, back in the day. Others also substituted a Ford 59AB, or a period Mercury engine.
  7. I'll plug your bottle warmer into the cigar lighter so I can feed you while we drive.
  8. Many, many years ago I bought a "Lifetime Guarantee" automotive battery from the W. T. Grant store in Linden, NJ, probably around 1959 or 1960. Ultimately, after Grant's closed, the warranty was picked up by some automotive repair chain - maybe Firestone? It was replaced every 2 or 3 years. Eventually I sold the cars in which it was used, bought my new '69 Pontiac Custom"S", and moved to New Orleans with no more need for the replacement of that warranty.
  9. I've been singing this on Glidden and Founders Tours since about 1988, and our kids and grandson know it by heart. Local club had a Drive-By / Photo-Op today at Lafreniere Park in Metairie. My 1954 Cadillac convertible and a Metropolitan convertible were there, along with several other interesting cars, including a Mercury, a Chevy pickup, an AMC Marlin and a '57 Pontiac Chieftan 4-door hardtop among others.
  10. Our 1982 Buick Century Limited, Purchased new from Crown Buick here in Metairie, Louisiana was delivered with a "mottled" paint finish. Their body shop switched out the hood and trunk lid with another car which was slightly better. The 3.0L V-6 engine was moderately peppy, but the relay for the cooling system's electric fan was problematic. just about any time we sat in line (e.g. the bank, traffic, picking up kids at school, etc), the car would overheat. While it was still in warranty the dealership (Crown Buick) would claim to make repairs - but it seemed that the car really got the "FRESH AIR AND SUNSHINE WARRANTY TREATMENT". Ultimately, the warranty expired, and some years later, so did the '82, donated to a friend who felt he could fix it and make a few bucks. The Paint never did match properly, and changing sparkplugs on the rear bank of the 3.0L V-6 required laying across the top of the engine and having eyeballs in your fingertips while a trusted friend (NEVER your bride) reaches up from underneath the car - one holding the plug, the other helping line it up , and somehow getting a wrench on it. As I recall, changing the waterpump required raising the engine from the chassis as the bolts were too long to come out in place. While later editions, and probably the 4-cylinder Iron Duke, were far better examples, memories of our 1982 $16,xxx blunder would result in Night-Sweats, all of which would be complicated by Crown, a dealership which hopefully is not representative of the typical Buick franchise. At the time, they just seemed not to give a damn, other than getting your deposit, getting your name on the dotted line, and getting you back in for service and maintenance at high prices. This '82 may be a decent example, but the heater core removal/repair/replacement, as well as needed carburetor repair/rebuild, may not necessarily be an easy fix.
  11. Wire repair with a GARDEN SHEARS ? Been There, Done That ! Got the Greasy T-Shirt, (and have learned not to put it in the washing machine together with the "good stuff"
  12. While I can't make out the beer brand, the middle line of the bumper sticker seems to say "1956 ROADMASTER"
  13. Thank you for the slides. The above Century Riviera is actually a 1956, not a 1955
  14. The real "UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED"? We typically see 3-car/truck & even 4-car/truck trains on Tow-Bar, in groups of a half-dozen or more, and accompanied by the passenger van which probably brought the drivers and equipment up from Mexico. They drive south on I-65, I-59, or I-55, and then west on I-10/I-12 across Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, generally running 50 mph in the 70/75 mph areas. Plastic Bumper covers are removed to facilitate bolting up the Tow-Bar, and when one of the lead clunkers gives out, they simply take the bar off the rear of that car, hook it to the front of the same car, and hook the vehicle to the back end of that train. When stopped by Louisiana law enforcement, the drivers at first claim "No Habla ...", but when our troopers or deputies speak Spanish, they claim ignorance, reduce the number in each "train", and continue their Conga line. What is troublesome is when they start to sway at the rear, and none of the towed vehicles can have their brakes activated as we would do with a properly set-up trailer - or when the last one has poor taillights and they're running 25 mph slower than you in the dark !
  15. WOW !! Kurtis Lincoln convertible sedan Davis 3-wheeler Franklin Chrysler Packards Where are they now? Continental
  16. Duff71Riv: To minimize additional comments, and the need to answer, and as a courtesy to others, YOU can place your mouse pointer at the beginning of the header for your ad, and then type in the word "SOLD" - This will let others on the FORUM know that your item is no longer available
  17. ... And, Probably doesn't leak quite as much as my former 1952 XK-120MC
  18. John, I'll take the poster- Sending PM with address Marty
  19. Two, maybe three in a row?
  20. Looks Special to me, but they only get space in my garage when the top goes down, and can anyone calculate rear-end ratios? Does a "QUICK-CHANGE REAR" work well with Torque Tube Drive Shaft? Almost didn't notice the hood ornament?
  21. Thank you Walt, Your decades of research, volumes of documentation, desire to share and to educate - these speak volumes as to your character, and to your status, not only in our hobby, but to whom you really are. Our community joins me in thanking you, not only for this amazing thread, the contents, and what you've managed to get the rest of us to provide, but more so for what you've continued to accomplish during your many years of doing so. Wishing you many more years to be able to continue fighting the good fight, serving the community as historian, and just being the "Good Guy" we have come to know. Marty
  22. A '56 Century convertible will always get my attention - especially in red and white- but how did my old flame go back in time to get into this pic? sure got my attention !!
  23. Riding beats walking, and having a COOL BREEZE IN YOUR FACE ON A HOT DAY, BEATS A POKE IN THE EYE (oops - sorry for the CAPS) Radiator and exhaust manifold both keep heat away from operator- This rig could take a licking ! Solid tires Solid motor Mounts Gravity feed fuel system Variable pitch HVAC?
  24. I'm sending you a message by PM (Private Message)- not a likely buyer, but an offer of assistance and suggestions Check your email from AACA FORUM