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  1. Question regarding removing the speedometer on my 1919 H 45. After fixing the swivel and mounting down at the RF wheel, the third time out something kinked and I heard a SPROING! and the drum stopped turning. How much twisting and turning and contorting does it take to get the speedometer out of the dash?
  2. A huge Thank You to Bill Preston and his entire club for all of the work it takes to make a Glidden Tour happen!
  3. If that copper Thunderbolt was sold to Bill Harrah in 1960 Paul must have bought a second one because he had it parked next to the Newport in the mid to late 1970s.
  4. A photo was posted on Facebook recently showing a beautiful Chrysler Locke bodied "Touralette" that had been owned by Paul Stern of Manheim, PA. My family and I knew Paul and Grace Stern from the Red Rose Antique Auto Club. We used to have meetings in his "museum" in Manheim PA. I know that Paul decided to sell the entire collection to Leo Gephart and then hand picked about 6 cars to "buy back". Does anyone know where some of these rare Chrysler vehicles are now? His 1930 "77" dual cowl phaeton was purchased by my friend Galen Brandt and was on several AACA tours. His 1953/1956 white parade car ended up in the Imperial Palace collection and was sold a few years ago. He owned a Thunderbolt, a Newport and many other special Chrysler vehicles. Does anyone remember Paul?
  5. Folks, the shock of Hershey being cancelled is still settling in for a lot of us. But keep in mind the members of the Hershey Region AACA are only working within the guidelines of what the Governor of PA has set forth. I am sure they want a Fall Meet to go on more than anyone else. The Governor of PA has set very strict limits on crowds and gatherings and quite frankly, 200,000 people coming to the AACA Fall Meet is way beyond anything he would allow this year. I have lived in Florida the past 20 years and our Governor made different decisions than Governor Wolf did. That, and by the grace of God, our numbers our down and life is returning to (almost) normal down here. Fussing and complaining will not fix anything. We must all stand with our Hershey Region members and show them that we support the decision and we will all be back in 2021 for another amazing Hershey Fall Meet! Be safe and see you all Down the Road!
  6. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 uncertainty, the 2020 BDE National Tour in Gettysburg PA has been cancelled. For those of you that have registered, you will be getting a full refund from our treasurer. Sorry we had to do this but it is better to be safe than sorry. Stay safe and I will see you Down the Road! Charlie Steffy Senior Director and (almost) Tour Director
  7. This tour in June is the 26th National Tour for the Buick Driving Enthusiasts. Each tour consists of 4 or 5 days of touring back roads in our Buicks, stopping to see local and national historic sites, private car collections not open to the public, great food, always an ice cream stop or two, and lots of fun and good times each evening in the hospitality room back at the hotel. Our registration form in posted here. Hope to see you on the tour! Charlie Steffy Senior Director, Buick Driving Enthusiasts
  8. Yes. Our group has a special rate at a hotel in Gettysburg. $99.99 a night includes breakfast and a special parking area for our Buicks each night.
  9. Calling all 1919 Buick owners...if you are going to be at the AACA Fall Meet in Hershey PA on Saturday October 12, 2019 for the show, stop by Class 16 at 1:00 PM and have a champagne toast to the 1919 Buick! It would be great to meet other vintage Buick owners from all over the world! Hope to see you there!
  10. Mark your calendars for the Buick Driving Enthusiasts National Tour. June 1-4 in Gettysburg PA. Any year Buick qualifies. Interested parties can go on one introductory tour without joining BDE. But you will have so much fun you will wonder why you did not join sooner!! Click on the link to get the registration form! http://www.bde.buickclub.org/2020 BDE National Tour Registration Form.pdf
  11. Any chance anyone has a working Chrysler radio (silver face) for a 1983 Town and Country convertible? Or any information on the EVA system that made those cars talk?? I am not really wanting a talking car but it would be nice to have the on board computer/trip odometer working again. Thanks! Charlie Steffy
  12. Charlie Steffy here. Altamonte Springs (Orlando) FL. Love driving my Buicks on BDE and AACA Tours! If you will be at the AACA Fall Meet in Hershey this year, stop by Class 16 on Saturday. I will be there with my 1919 H45 touring!
  13. Thanks to the Cape Fear Chapter for a great tour! Beautiful weather, beautiful cars, wonderful people! You make touring fun!!
  14. Looking forward to your show and the new location! Your club is top notch!
  15. OH Morgan! You may certainly join the fun. You earned your champagne toast last year....or two years ago! Well deserved! See you in Hershey.
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