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  1. Is that a 3 can (gas-oil-water) service unit on the running board?🤔 Capt. Harley😉 Skirts are for women not car fenders!
  2. Ditto! I use a Flame Thrower in my '31 Model-A Ford.😊 Capt. Harley 😉
  3. Gangsters liked big and heavy sedans if possible, good for protection. Usually with a straight-8 or V-8 for power. Al Capone's favorite car was a Cadillac. Al also was the inventor of the drive bye shooting with a Chicago typewriter, i.e. Thompson Sub-Machine gun. Dillinger, Bonny & Clyde, etc. liked the V-8 Fords for their speed and availability for steeling. They also were not gangsters, but bank robbing/kidnapping/murdering outlaws.😒 Capt. Harley😉 Skirts are for women and not car fenders!
  4. Car 1 is a Stutz, Car 2 is a (duPont) ?, Car 3 is a '30 740/745 Packard and Car 4 is a Pierce-Arrow.😊 I'll take the Packard with a top-less Jean Harlow driving!🤩 Capt. Harley😉 Skirts are for women and not car fenders!
  5. The windshield stanchions look like stock '30-'31 standard open car ones. They would be stainless steel and the stanchion mounts would be painted. The mounts on these cars look like they are chrome plated or maybe silver paint to match the bodies. '30-'31 Model-A deluxe open cars had shorter stanchions and windshield frames to match. I bet the bodies started out as '30-'31 standard phaetons. The car on the right could have been a 1930 model. The stainless steel radiator shroud appears not to have the '31 painted top insert. Also, barely noticeable on the bottom right after the sidemount it looks like the split (which a lines with the froward end of the running board) between the running board splash shield and the splash shield nose piece. And I just noticed the running board is trimmed on all edges with zinc strips, a sure sign of a 1930 model. The 1931's had only the outer edge trimmed in zinc strips. The metal sidemount covers were Ford factory offered accessories.🤩 I want one!🤪 Capt. Harley😉 Skirts are for women and not car fenders!
  6. Love the S&M spotlight!😊 Capt. Harley😉 Skirts are for women and not car fenders!
  7. I think it is a 1930 733 Standard Eight factory bodied dual cowl phaeton. Three door hoods were a factory accessory for the 726/733 Packards. Capt. Harley😉
  8. Prayers to you brother Bob from another Bob and Model-A owner. Capt. Harley😟
  9. Model-A Ford open cars use rubber pieces to hold the glass between the clamps. At least the repo ones are rubber and should be readily available at the Model-A parts vendors. I had a '29 Model-A phaeton years ago that had Plexiglass wind wings. Weight was a lot less then regular glass. You would not know the difference and it might help with the sagging too. I'm in Florida and it can get very hot here. Capt. Harley😉 Skirts are for women and not car fenders!
  10. It is a 1930, I could tell by one of the pics showing some of the dash instruments. I remember it being up for auction on greed-Bay a year or two ago. Capt. Harley😉 Skirts are for women and not car fenders!
  11. From what my dad (1915-2004) told me about living during the depression. He nor his family were not much effected by the calamity. Grandfather was a railroad man and had been since the early 1900's. With his seniority on the Seaboard Air Line Railway he didn't have much to worry about. Dad said he never really had a problem finding a job. Some were as a soda-jerk in his early teens, ran a pool hall during high school years (open it up in the AM, let one of the local hustlers run it for him until after school) and finally getting a good government social service job in the later 30's. Mom (1918-2002) came from a farm family of 12 kids and also never talked about any real hardships growing up in the depression. Dad also worked as a "part time bootlegger" during the 30's, but that's a whole 'nother story.😊 Capt. Harley😉 Skirts are for women and not car fenders!
  12. Wow! I want one, where can you buy it?.............LOL Capt. Harley 😉 Skirts are for women not car fenders!🤪
  13. JRA, I'm not much of a computer nerd and have somewhat old PC equipment. I'll get back with you later on if I can come up with something.🤪 Capt. Harley😉 Skirts are for women and not car fenders!
  14. I believe the Dietz 510 lights were probably first issued in the late 40's, maybe!?! They use seal beams which first came out in 1940 and were called "glaseal" bulbs. At least that is what Unity called them in 1940. I have a pair of S-4 Unity road lights in their original cardboard case proclaiming this. I've studied the design of "auxiliary" automotive lights for some years now. The first auxiliary or road lights were drum shaped like a lot of early car headlights, but only smaller in design. Once headlights became more commonly "teardrop" (parabolic ?) shaped the accessory lights followed suite. I have a 1929 Western Auto catalog showing both styles being offered for sale. Oblong shaped road lights were also available. Around 1932-33, like headlight lenses the lenses of the road/driving/fog/auxiliary lights/lamps started becoming more convex and not flat. From what I have been able to discover 1936 was the first year for yellow fog light lenses. The above info is just what I have found or made an educated guess on. By studying original photos, catalogs and sales pamphlets. Capt. Harley😉 Skirts are for women and not car fenders! Note: If anybody is interested as to why Unity called their early spot lights "Sportlite" . It is because in an early (mid 1920's) Unity catalog a drawing is shown. Showing a sedan backing into an unlighted dark garage with the car driver shinning his mounted spot light on his dog saying: "Here, 'Sport' !" followed by "Would you have seen him without the SPORTLITE ?" And last but not least: Pilot-Ray lights were offered in 8" lens senior models and 7" lens standard models.
  15. You could go full automatic in that situation. You just have to know how to control your bursts and to lean into the gun. Capt. Harley😉 Skirts are for women not car fenders!😊
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