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  1. Also sending a direct email. Did not see the request for direct email in ad until later.🙃 Capt. Harley😉
  2. More likely a 1928 Chevy. I've owned two '29 Chevy's so I know one when I see one.😊 Capt. Harley😉
  3. I run a duel set-up on my '31 Model-A deluxe roadster and I love them.😍 You can really see what is going on behind you with them.😵 Capt. Harley😉
  4. Chrome was becoming harder to get by 1940. The government placed it on the "endangered-species-list" due to war materials production. After '41 when almost all automobile production stopped. Auto accessories like spotlight and fog lights, that were normally chrome plated, were now only painted.😭 Capt. Harley😉
  5. A 1932 Ford 18" (tire) rim.....?🤨 Capt. Harley 😉
  6. "Snatch Wagon" 😎 Capt. Harley😉
  7. I've owned two '29 Chevy 2-dr coach's through the years. Both were original unrestored cars in good or better condition. The first one was in high school and that was back in the 60's. And I don't remember the type or design of the top material. The second one I sold just a few years ago. From what I remember the top had somewhat of an "alligator grain" to it. But, that could have been caused by age and/or heat from the many years of Sun light. Are you a member of the VCCA (Vintage Chevrolet Club of America)? There are some real knowledgeable guys on their club's website. I
  8. These guys look like "G-Men"! The only thing missing is a Tommy Gun in the middle guys hands instead of the plans/blue prints. Capt. Harley😉
  9. I'll never forget the 1967 or 68 Ormond Beach, Fla. show/swap meet. I was walking out of the swap meet when the cars in the show drove by in a parade. A late 20's/early 30's Pierce-Arrow touring car drove by me. The "only" thing I could hear was the tires squeaking! No motor noise, no exhaust note, only the tires. Wow! It blew me away and I've always remembered it. Capt. Harley😉
  10. There is a 1928 Packard roadster for sale on eBay at present. In the pictures is what looks like an old canvas top boot. I doubt they would sale just the boot, but you never can tell......... Capt. Harley😉
  11. The spotlight could either be a Lorraine or a Unity Sportlite. Most likely a Lorraine it looks a little big for a Unity. Capt. Harley😉
  12. Many years ago on my 1965 Harley FL custom. I switched from DOT-3 to DOT-5. A local noted Harley mechanic said to completely flush out the brake system with denatured alcohol before I switched. Before doing this I started asking around if there would be a problem with seals in the system. The Harley mechanic was not available and nobody in the automotive field could give me a definite answer. I went a head switched the brake fluid to DOT-5 and in over 30 years or more I have had only one seal leak on the rear disc caliper.😇 Capt. Harley😉
  13. When the first picture of the Murphy bodied 1930 V-16 Cadillac appeared on page 223. I had to catch my breath! Wow! What a car. The color picture of the car on page 225 does not do the car justice, to me. There is no way you could improve the original black and white pic.😊 Capt. Harley😉
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