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  1. AzBob, The Simmons "Swan Manifold" has no real advantage over the stock "A" factory manifold that I can find. However, it sure looks neat, is a great conversation starter and is from actually "back-in-the-day". And not some new repop accessory. I also have some Simmons carburetors and a Simmons high compression head that I will run (hopefully) some day. Captain Harley😉
  2. There was a Roosevelt for sale in my neck of the woods (Brooksville, FLa.) a few years ago on eBay. I believe the body was either a 2-dr sedan of maybe a Victoria. I never did go and look at the car, but in the pics it looked like a nice original car with an older repaint. I think the Marmon Roosevelt's claim to fame was that it was the lowest price 8 cylinder car at the time.😊 Captain Harley😉
  3. I run an Air-Maze on my '31 "A" roadster. I coat the wire mesh with K&N air filter oil in a spray can. When I do clean the mesh there is a fair presence of dirt coming off. In my opinion: "any filter is better then no filter". So I also run an oil filter too even though Ford did not put them on Model-A's when they were new. There has been plenty of discussions about filters on the FordBarn website. Do a search in the Model-A section. It will be very informative. Captain Harley😉
  4. I'm no Packard expert, but I know those are not original 1929 626 wheels. 1931 was the first year for the enclosed lug nuts/bolts hub. Your wheels being 20" are most likely from '31. From various histories of the Packard car company. I learned that Packard would encourage owners of earlier model Packard's. To up grade their cars with the latest versions of wheels, lights, etc. To make their cars more "modern". Do some research and I'm sure you will find some pics of a 626 with its proper wheels. Good luck, a Packard has always been my dream car!
  5. Me, July 4th 1967. The car was my 1929 Chevrolet 2-door Coach. We had just come back from an antique car show in Deltona, FL. Where it had won 2nd place in its category. Lost the car in an accident a couple of years later
  6. The 'ol lady in our 1929 Model-A Ford "Sports" Roadster.
  7. Chevrolet offered wood, wire and disc wheels in 1929. The disc was standard with wood spoke and then later the wire wheels as options. Wire wheels became standard later in 1930, after disc wheels. Wood wheels were available up until 1931. 1930 was the last year for disc (de-mountable rim) wheels I believe. Capt. Harley😉
  8. Years ago when I was building custom Harley's. The chrome shop I used was owned and run by an older gentleman. Who really knew his stuff about chroming and how to prepare items for plating. I asked him once what was the best polish/cleaner for chrome. His answer was: "Windex window cleaner"! One thing I learned the hard way about plating. Is that you can easily over polish it. I used to be so concerned about keeping my Panhead Harley super shined that I actually rubbed the chrome off on some parts of it. You good even see some of the copper coming through the nickle layer once I got past the chrome. Capt. Harley😉
  9. Hey guys thanks for your advice, but I found two on eBay. Fafnir 203P and made in the good 'ol USA.🤩 Capt. Harley😉
  10. I'm wanting an "American" made 29-63 Chevrolet generator bearing. China made version only good for a few thousand miles. GM #954378, New Departure bearing #3203S1446. Thanks in advance for any help. Capt. Harley
  11. I remember a movie like you are describing, but I believe the kid bought a '31 Chevy roadster. Him and a bunch of his friends where in the car when it developed brake problems and crashed. Earlier in the movie the crooked car dealer that sold the car to the kid had his mechanic. Glue some brake linings on the cars shoes hence the shoddy brakes. I saw the short flick on TCM a while back. Bob-A😉
  12. I've found original Moto-Meters to be more accurate then the repop ones. Unfortunately, working ones in decent condition are getting harder to find. I have been able to only restore 50% of the original Moto-Meters that I have acquired. The biggest problem is finding a meter with its glass thermometer red indicating fluid not dried out. Or most likely the meter has been on its side for a lengthy amount of time. And the red fluid has migrated to the top of the glass tube and does not want to come down. I've been told the red indicator fluid is both mercury and/or alcohol. The pic is of an NOS Ford Model-A script Junior Moto-Meter and its box. Capt. Harley 😉
  13. If it was a '32 Chevy it would be called a "Landau Phaeton". I like the moniker: Convertible Victoria. What ever it is called it is a beautiful automobile!🥰 Captain Harley 😜 Skirts are for women not car fenders!
  14. Just for the record the car in vermontboy's original picture is a 1929 Chevrolet 2-dr coach. Possibly a 1930 coach, but I'm going to stick to '29.😉 CaptainHarley😁 Skirts are for women and not car fenders!
  15. I've always wanted to mount a single Pilot-Ray light on the front of my '31 Model-A roadster. Preferable a good used one for a "decent" 🤣 price......😭 Capt. Harley😉