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  1. Beautiful Buick! I had a '66 Skylark GS in high school after losing my '29 Chevy in an accident. The story I was told was that the Service Manger at Key Buick in Jacksonville, FL. Kind'a souped up the car with two 4-barrels, 4-speed, headers, cam, etc. I was the third owner and never lost a street race! From a fuel injected 327 Corvette., to a brand new (at the time) '69 Impala 427 under-cover cop car. Against the 'Vette I got a ticket for reckless driving and against the Impala cop car I got one hell-of-a dressing down for speeding. The cop was off duty and he was showing off
  2. Flash Gordon's personal space cruiser?😄 Capt. Harley😉
  3. E-116-YH, Thanks you and I would say you are correct. I knew it was a GM product just not sure which one. It most be the same car (and babe...or should I say Doll...) in the two original pictures. I'm thing about making the black & white pic the screen saver on my PC. I love staring at the picture and trying to decide which one I like best. The car or the girl! Vavavooom.......... Capt.Harley😉
  4. I've bought three old cars sight unseen: one from eBay, one from FordBarn and one from Hemming's. All turned out to be good cars. The last one I bought by checking the car out personally turned out to be one "big" lemon. I even lost a lot of money to get rid of it. "It is usually the other-way-around isn't it?!?"😕 Capt. Harley😉
  5. I use to collect WWII Nazi memorabilia back in the 60's-70's. Lot's of reproductions in that hobby! Some of the items especially medals or badges. Were made by the Germans themselves after the war was over with the original machinery. In order to sell to souvenir hungry GI's.* The best original metal sign I have is a 50's Harley-Davidson oil change chalk board one. I found it in an old H-D dealership in 1976. It was laying up against a wall in a corner of the sales area. I got it for a $1.50 along with a 1957 H-D metal ash tray for .75 cents. The neatest automotive sign I found was
  6. Jim Skelly, Sadly the '29 Chevy was totaled in a wreck in 1969. At least the insurance company said it was totaled. I was still able to drive it, it had a bent frame from the wreck, but it was kind'a "cross legged" and not safe. We (dad & I) sold the car, even as it was wrecked, for more then we bought it for! I did buy another '29 coach about 17 years ago. It was just as original, except for paint and tires, like the first one in the picture. But, with the standard steel disc wheels and not optional wooden artillery wheels. I sold this one a couple of years ago. I
  7. I read some years ago. That the reason for the leaking tubes was because the tubes were being made with recycled rubber. Bratton's Antique Auto Parts sells tubes for Model-A Ford guys that are made from virgin rubber and are not suppose to leak. Capt. Harley😉
  8. Me and my '29 Chevrolet coach on July 4th, 1967. I took my driving test in this car in April '67.
  9. The second picture, a classic example of: "A Man, His Car and His Dog"
  10. Nostalgic Reflections is still in business. I just looked them up on the Internet.☺️ Capt. Harley😉
  11. My dad was in the Pacific during WWII and stationed around different air bases. He left me with many pictures of B-24, B-25, P-38, etc. planes. Even some old busted up Jap planes left over when the US Army Air Corps moved in. Some of those B-24's sure had some wild nose art! About 25 years ago dad visited me in Orlando, FL. We went to the local municipal (Herndon) airport when a B-17 and a B-24 had flown in for display. What surprised me the most about the bombers was that they really were not that big! I don't know how to explain this, but after all the books and movies about them. I
  12. First picture: The 'ol lady sitting in the '29 Model-A roadster. Second picture: The '31 Model-A roadster. Capt. Harley😉
  13. This is the first time I have seen a Model-A Ford "from back in the day" with a side mount and a rear spare too. I've seen more then a couple of restored A's set up like this. I think it is kind'a goofy looking. The only other time I've seen a set-up like this was a picture of a big late teens, early 20's speedster type car. The car was sitting in a ditch, it must have run off the road, and had twin side mounts and double rear spares! I believe the wheels were wooden spoke with de-mountable rims. I know tire rubber wasn't that good of quality back then. So the owner of the car I guess d
  14. Back in the 60's my dad knew "Fire-Ball Roberts" of early NASCAR fame. In fact, my dad and Fire-Ball were the first people to circle the new Daytona Beach track when it was just finished and drive-able. Dad was a heavy equipment (road building, etc.) salesman and he had sold most of the equipment that was used to build the Daytona track. Volusia County was in dad's sales territory and he used to hang out at Smokey Yunick's shop, who he considered a close friend, any chance he got. He also was a good friend of Bill France Sr. and was asked by Mr. France to come work for him. Dad turned him
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