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  1. All I've got to say is that the spotlight on it was not original nor era correct either, so there.... Capt. Harley😉
  2. The best experience I had with an actual people antique car club was with the first one I joined. The "Central Florida Antique Car Club" in Orlando, FL, in 1967. I had attended a couple of meetings of the local AACA chapter. But a 16 year old kid with a plain-jane '29 Chevy was not their "cup of tea" so to speak. I did not feel I was accepted. An officer* of a local club found me one night at a drive-in burger joint. Talked to me about old cars, complimented me on mine and invited me to attend one of the Central Florida Antique Car Club meetings. In the three years I was a member o
  3. I was cleaning out the gas tank in my '31 Model-A roadster and fund an old soda or beer bottle cap in it. The cap was so old that it had a type of felt as a sealer instead of cork. Gas had eaten all the writing (if there was any) off the cap, but the felt was still in pretty good shape. Funny thing is Model-A Ford gas tanks have metal screens or spark arresters located inside the filler necks. Many "A" owners over the ears will remove these screens, but my car still had its one in it!😊 Years ago a buddy told me about a friend of his who manged an auto wrecking yard. The friend
  4. A '29 Packard 640 roadster with a running board spotlight. Instead of the stock factory supplied CM Hall spotlight mounted on the left windshield stanchion bracket. There is something about running board spotlights that just get to me!🤩 I've got two of them: one in my bedroom and one in the living room.🤪 The car and the light are just pure class!
  5. Don't forget fender lights and cowl lights too. Plus, it looks like the sun visor over the windshield is chrome plated! And purists complain about people today over chrome plating their antique cars. Capt. Harley😉
  6. I personally believe the two national Model-A Ford clubs (Model-A Ford Club of America & Model-A Restorers Club of America) both of which I belong to. Should have combined many years ago. But, we all know how personalities, politics and plain old snobbishness plays into this..... Besides dropping HMN (talked about in another thread) I'll probably be dropping one of the national A clubs too.☹️ Capt. Harley😉
  7. I got my first subscription to HMN in 1966 when I was 15 years old. It was also the first time I joined the AACA. After high school some college and the Army. I got into Harley's big time. In the mid 80's I started drifting back into antique cars again. HMN, AACA mag with the VCCA and the two national Model-A Ford club magazines were my favorites. I'm down to one Model-A now and doubtful that I will buy* anymore antique cars. My present subscription to HMN is probably my last. I do like to day-dream about at all the late 20's early 30's cars for sale on the HMN website and probably alw
  8. Phillips screws were introduced in 1936. Also, recently I ran across a "three" slot screw head as compared to a 4 slot Phillips head. Never seen one before. It was used in a Mr. Coffee coffee machine. Capt. Harley 😉 "Skirts are for women, not car fenders"
  9. Check out the "Speed Nymph" hood ornament. Everybody should have a Speed Nymph ornament. Either in your display case of on your car. Capt. Harley 😉
  10. The actress is Barbara Stanwyck starring with Clark Gable (not the driver) in the movie: Night Nurse, from 1931. I'm unable to ID the roadster, but a better seen of it earlier in the movie shows the front end. It also appears to be running a Pilot-Ray light! Capt. Harley 😉
  11. I believe I read some where that Essex used this design concept to simplify body production. Capt. Harley 😉
  12. Ditto on it being a very nice and authentic restored "A". Not to long ago I sold a '29 "A" roadster and my 245 lb, 6 ft body does not miss it much.😒 Capt. Harley 😉
  13. I run an original Junior Moto-Meter with the Ford faceplate on my '31 Model-A Ford roadster. In fact it came with the car and I believe it has always been with it. It still works good, but has lost most of its nickle or chrome. The original locking cap had to be replaced with one of the repop's because the potmetal was so deteriorated. The original Moto-Meters are also more accurate compared to the newer reproductions. I collected over a dozen original Junior Moto-Meters off of eBay (or greedBay as I like to call it now) years ago when the prices were decent. 🤑 Capt. Harley😉
  14. Sir, this has got to be the best pro-second amendment statement I have ever seen! If you do not mine I may use it to make up a bumper sticker for me. Instead of the Marine insignia I would use a US Army one. Capt. Harley😉
  15. I was there too! Wasn't the car painted in a light cream/beige color? Capt. Harley😉
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