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  1. Agree that the first one is a FIAT Topolino (Little Mouse), also licensed in Spain as SEAT(spelling-?) not sure per 2nd one
  2. Yes, that is how the assembly is released on our '54, and also our former '52. The '41 just lifts the chromed fin to reach the gas fill.
  3. I always knew them as a "BERMUDA BELL" for the Island's horse-drawn carriages, and currently have one installed on our 1915 Hudson SIX-40.
  4. Yes, fins were actually (but minimally) there even earlier, at least in my opinion: Look at the chrome housing just above the tail light of my 1941 Caddy and you'll note it has a raised ridge along the center, including the left one which raises to reveal the fuel fill. Is this the start of the Cadillac TailFin? Of course, the 1954 was much more prominent, displaying both DAGMARS and TailFins, shown below as I was leading a "Parade of the Elvises" for a photoshoot
  5. Many's the time I baked a potato in aluminum foil on an exhaust manifold- and also reheated pizza in the cardboard box or tinfoil atop the air cleaner. Steaks and roasts do fairly well in a pot or dutch oven if not too thick, and if in a soup mix with peeled and quartered potatoes - but havs to be wired shut, wrapped in foil, and strapped to the manifold, then turned several times to cook evenly - ask me how I know - but works well for overnight camping
  6. Walt, I've had the same thought, and now that our (same year, model, and series) Packard has her Preservation award, I may just do the same thing. That "Beep-Beep" is very mellow, and kind-of sounds like it belongs on a Milk Delivery Truck- Or, Maybe we should adapt my Buell Air Trumpets?
  7. When we travel cross-country, or even on a drive with one of our vintage cars, I try to have every tool and reasonably required spare part potentially needed (Yeah, I get kidded about that a lot), but never thought to bring along nine anvils -
  8. That Crow's-Foot wrench to reach the bolt under the GM distributor Body, and then the Flex-shaft Allen Wrench to turn the points' adjusting screw behind the vertically sliding plate to reach inside the window of the distributor while looking at the Dwell Meter - That made tune-Ups much easier - wish our '54 Caddy had that later style distributor for quick and easy adjusting- I've used the edge of a matchbook as a 0.016" guide to set points and doubled it over for sparkplugs, at least "back-in-the-day", or when on the road and helping someone else. Oh, and Robert, if
  9. Ed, be careful what you wish for - she may find a way to put YOU in there 😎
  10. Connecting the pair of 6 Volt Optima batteries in PARALLEL, and using a minimum of 2/0 (Double Aught) cables, I have bought terminal/cable connectors from NAPA which make it easy to link the pairs. They are a heavy duty cable with a clamp over the battery post, and also include another post built on it for connection to the starter (and a similar one for the other battery post - in other words, designed one for positive and one for negative. I believe these may also be available for motorhome-RV battery trays where multiple battery connections are used. Of course you could just use cable with
  11. Mike, I just saw your post for the first time, but also saw the product on Amazon yesterday for the first time, and was going to ask for opinions here on the FORUM. My initial thoughts were for both the '37 Roadmaster, as well as the '41 Cadillac since both tend to have heat issues. Hopefully someone else is also looking into this, or has done it in the past and will share thoughts and results. This would be far less expensive, and less labor-intensive than the Jeet-Hot coating, and I don't know how good that is either at containing heat to the exhaust system.
  12. I sometimes do the same, and as far from other cars as possible, and at times some other car is still right up there too close for comfort.
  13. Just a guess, but I believe the photo is more recent than the Hisso- The car would have been in manufacture between 1931 - 1938, as I recall. The cheesecake appears dressed in 1950s, or even early 1960s style. Either way, both might be considered fast and attractive.
  14. As Ben noted, mount electric pump as close to the tank, but also as low as possible. Electric pumps are a good "Pusher", BUT NOT SO MUCH AS PULLING. Rather than bypass your mechanical pump, leave it as the primary, and wire the electric pump on a switch to use is as an addition when needed, such as priming the system after sitting for some time, and for when vapor lock affects your flathead which is prone to this condition. Also, the Airtex you used is a cheaper type pulse pump, and in my years of experience is prone to failure, even in the short term. You should strongly consid
  15. The all-original white canvas top on my 1937 Buick Roadmaster was quite dirty and stained. I mixed a mild solution of Dawn dish detergent with warm water and worked it in with a moderately stiff scrub brush. It can absolutely bright and clean with minimal work after rinsing with a fairly strong stream from my garden hose and variable setting nozzle. I was amazed at the great results
  16. As noted above, be sure you have excellent battery cables, preferably 00 or even 000, and with soldered ends, and be sure to clean contact areas down to bare metal for great contact. I use a pair of 6-Volt Optima batteries in parallel (not Series). No reason to consider 8, or 12 volt conversion - just more problems trying to mask the real issue(s). Yes, check out the starter as suggested if it is turning even slower than when cold. Add an electric 6-Volt Fuel Pump in-line as far back, and as low as possible, maybe on the inside of the driver-side frame rail, and wir
  17. Can't find the pic, but my bike, a Rollfast Springer, had fabric Leopardskin "Fender" Skirts, and a pair of fake Dual Exhausts
  18. Is KELSEY a distributor, or do they actually manufacture the tires? and if so, where?
  19. Mel Blanc? Voice of Woody Woodpecker, and so many other cartoon characters?
  20. 39_Buick, Many thanks, Yes, I had spoken with Dave Tacheny yesterday but he does not currently have any. If he had, of course he would prefer to keep an entire 3-piece set together, and that would suit me just fine, even though my front and rear sections appear undamaged. I did note the repro from Bob's, as well as the better-priced one from CARS, Just wondering if they are from the same supplier/manufacturer? but would really prefer a very good original (maybe even an NOS if possible?). I am just concerned as to the quality of a modern reproduction,
  21. Get a Mechanic's Lein for the value of what he owed you, plus the storage fees
  22. I have also used ESPO Springs 'n Things, They have made up complete spring sets, coil, as well as leaf, for several of our cars, as well as most other steering and suspension components- best of all, everything I got was MADE IN THE USA
  23. Wanted: EXHAUST MANIFOLD I need the center section, but will consider buying the entire exhaust manifold if not cracked or damaged. The correct manifold fits 1937 & 1938 Buick Roadmaster, Limited, and Century
  24. Steve, While wanting to show off how nice the porcelain finish looks may, or may not long-term hasten the disintegration, you may wish to try light-to-moderate tapping with a sharp edge (or maybe a pointy) chisel and hammer to crack the finish. I've not tried to remove the remaining porcelain on the '30 Packard's exhaust yet, so please let me know if you come up with a good solution. ... and thanks for your continuing support of the hobby.
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