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  1. Kool ! Paul, was this based on a VW, maybe with Austin parts ?
  2. Auburnseeker, that would likely be a good move on your part ! 1932 Cadillac V8 tends to be very dependable and solid, especially when compared to several other makes in that era.
  3. Annie, Many thanks to you and Joel, and his Dad. You're an inspiration to all in our hobby, but especially to young ladies, truck enthusiasts, and our judging system.👍
  4. LInk to thread I had meant to post here, but got in wrong area:
  5. Our DRIVERS: 2000 Excursion 7.3L Diesel 4WD 2002 Suburban 2500 8.1L 2006 Avalanche 2500 8.1L 4WD 1995 Fleetwood Brougham 1995 Grand Marquis No need for anything newer or more complex
  6. Realistically, you "should" be able to shift into all gears, but... sometimes a manual transmission can be balky when the gears are at rest. Moving the rear wheel(s) even slightly, or rolling the car a bit may make the difference. On the other hand, the rods and levers controlling the movement of the transmission's shifting forks could possibly be out of adjustment.
  7. Nice car ! Is the transmission the 400 Turbo-Hydramatic? or the 380? or a 2-speed automatic? Is the engine actually a Chevy 350, or a Buick 350? Does it have the Optional Full Guage Package, or just the lights for Amp / Oil pressure / Temp ? Where are you located beyond the Area Code? Does it have: Cruise Control? Power Front Disc Brakes (were not standard even with Power Brakes)? Tilt / Telescope Steering Wheel?
  8. And really easy to make rims EGG-SHAPED- ask me how I know (from too many years back)
  9. That was a very impressive roadster- beautiful
  10. Is that original or restored/upgraded? Body filler?