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  1. I was 27, and still have the wide stripe bell-bottoms, but bet they don't fit anymore
  2. and it starts with my cousin Richard driving the Citroen 2-CV (just like the one we had back in the '70s), trying to find Wolfman Jack
  3. Our 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham unfortunately suffered disuse for several years. It would now start when fed starter fluid spray, but would not continue running, so the fuel pump and/or relay were suspect. After removal of the plastic gas tank, with plan to replace the in-tank fuel pump and filter, flushing yielded gummy gel, as well as other odd-colored crap and water. My guess is that acid dip would damage ther plastic tank, and I'm concerned for the condition of in-tank baffles. I don't know of anyone who cleans this type of tank. Can a
  4. Jay's work was truly exceptional, and pricing, while not "Bargain Basement", were certainly not extravagant. I used to visit with him at Hershey each year, as his space was very close to mine. We also noted that we had once been neighbors since he was in Clark (Township), NJ, and I grew up just across the line in Linden.
  5. Trimming by "Dave", Critics will "Rave"? and, Referred by Ed, 'Nuff said?
  6. We've driven several Kerrville-based tours- a great area, especially the drive along the Guadelupe River - in both directions, and the Y-O Ranch used to be a fantastic private collection of promarily Marmon cars there, but I believe now gone
  7. John, Is it difficult for you to drive in those, your everyday work clothes?
  8. Having started my corporate technical career within the hallowed halls of IBM's Poughkeepsie, and mid-town Manhattan offices, life revolved around System 360, Hexidecimal, and binary coding in the development of Internal Systems Software, Language development/creation, I/O Interrupt Supervisors, and the like. I transitioned to Applications Systems Software Architecture, and ultimately to corporate administration. Life revolved initially around trays of punch cards and magnetic core storage, warehouse-sized rooms with large mainframe supported by miles of underfloor cable, thousands of tons of
  9. I recall being told by another exceptional trimmer, that Leif's work is considered impeccable - with commensurate pricing- Old adage - You get what you pay for 'Nuff said?
  10. Yes, but with extremely limited available storage space within a metal maybe 3x3 ft box since the folding metal top occupied most of the Ford Skyliner's trunk area
  11. Decent show, but leaves you wondering if they actually do the work, or just remove/tighten the last few bolts? Also, the earlier version with the other two young ladies, rather than the newest artist seemed more realistic. Bogie seems well informed for the most part. Her newer companion/mechanic appears overdone in so many ways that it makes the show less enjoyable, at least the episodes we've watched.
  12. I pretty much agree with all that John348 noted, but even moreso about the guy in Virginia. I don't recall much of anything coming in as low as $50,000. More likely, after "upgrading" most into modifieds and streetrods with 12 volt, SBC, disc brakes, rack & pinion steering, fuel injection, electronic ignition, a new chassis (after billing the customer for his mistake in buying another rusted out parts car for a chassis), he may decide he has well over 500 to 1,000 hours, probably at well over $100+/hourly rate (which may be a reasonable rate), and extensive, and sometimes not-needed parts
  13. While this is the case with some of my cars, instead of the bumper jack, I carry a lightweight (Harbor Freight) aluminum floor (trolley) jack - and a thick wood block- and jack up the car by the chassis if changing a rear tire, or just jack under the front suspension to get the wheel off of the ground Remember to chock - usually, but not necessarily the diagonally opposite wheel Never depend on the bumper jack if you can help it. I also somewhere in the garage, have an older accessory tripod bumper jack. It folds, and uses a screw-type and cran
  14. Agree !! I have done this for my cars, and also for others Also, If using radial tires and tubes- be ABSOLUTELY sure that every paper tag inside every tire has been removed. With the motion of a radial tire , the paper tag will cause abrasion and wear through the tube, in as much as 100 miles or less- ask me how I know
  15. Mine, too ! You don't see jerks throwing tools around, and claiming rediculous schedules - like a total resto-transformation in ONE WEEK ! and my wife likes Restoration Garage also - but then, she also watches the one with the heavy wreckers in western Canada, "Highway Thru Hell" Featuring Jamie Davis, and several other companies keeping the Coquihalla Highway open, a part of the Trans-Canada system we had hoped to drive in our 1954 Cadillac a few summers ago (Not in Winter)
  16. Headliner staining and rot seems excessive, and where would yoU find a replacewment for the right side front parking light lens? On the other hand, the body seems decent for a Pennsylvania Rust-Belt, Salted-Roads car. While the Statesman is the "Lesser Series" compared to the Ambassador, it still seems a decent project, and you won't meet yourself heading to Cruise Night.
  17. Continental spare looks like it is leaning against the trunk lid - maybe not even attached to bracketry which may, or may not be there. It is supposed to be Free-Standing, but , I believe, a bit more upright, and with a bit of spacing between the spare and the body. This year still has the partially skirted front fenders, and (some say) a narrowed front track, going all the way back to 1949, to allow full steering.
  18. Open windows don't help much when we deal with extreme humidity, no matter where you are A/C is a must for me, even in a convertible, there are ti9mes when the top must be raised
  19. Another monk had been assigned as a Scribe, for all new directives of holiness of the monks shall be a direct handwritten copy from prior version. The young monk actually went back to one of the earliest versions - And Then the entire Monastery heard a Blood-Curdling Cry from the Depths of the cavernous copy room. They ran to the source of the wailing, and asked the young monk , "What is the source of your anguish?" He cried, and he pointed to the ancient manuscript- There, There he pointed, noting a spelling error, the omissi
  20. Two young-ish monks are at the barrels in cell where the exquisite cognac is kept and bottled. The elder monk has apparently gone to his ultimate reward. one of the younger brothers turns to the other and says: ”But I thought he passed the secret formula to you”
  21. JimCarl, I sent you a Private Message (PM) Please check your email Marty
  22. Per your Louisiana background, and exceptional cullinary skills (we have come to love your cooking over the years), When they assign you to Kitchen duty, you'll likely earn the title: "Fish Friar"
  23. and also, maybe Univac ? and IBM was around for census data.
  24. We all love our "FUR BABIES"- Several of our Dalmatians were happiest riding either the front seat, or preferrably standing regally on the hose bed of our Fire Engine, ready for Parades, local tours, or just out in the neighborhood - as soon as the engine roared to life, they were on-board and raring to go ! I admit pet restraints were not often considered back in the 1970 through 2000 time frame. We did use a pooch seatbelt restraint for car rides after that time, but sadly no longer have pets to care for, other than visiting our son and daughter. each of whom have rescu
  25. Welcome- you have very good taste in cars, hope you continue to share in the FORUM
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