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  1. Mike, you and Ruth are always welcome here. That Seafood/Cajun restaurant burned down last year, but is now rebuilt and reopening soon. Is that car still crossing The Great Divide twice daily? The 37K-mile 2001 Tahoe we bought our grandson to replace it, has lasted through 4 years of college, and is now with him at grad school in Macomb, Illinois. Too bad he no longer has a 4-WD since he will be facing ice and snow, something the New Orleans kid had never lived with before.
  2. We found the '27 Chevy Capitol AA to be lightyears ahead of a Model-T. After an engine rebuild by a baton Rouge gentleman with aluminum pistons from a Pontiac, the little Chevy was comfortable at 50-55 mph on progressives tours, such as the one Charlie and I did with VMCCA across Minnesota, or the several Glidden Tours it drove. On the 1993 Glidden on the Del_Mar-Va Peninsula, the group of friends who drove their fast 1934 Chevys were surprised that we were keeping up, as well as passing. Coming out of lunch on the final day of the tour, I saw several pairs of legs sticking out from under the
  3. Despite "Common Knowledge" about plugging and disconnecting vacuum from engine to your distributor, both your manual, as well as w the one for my 1954 Cadillac, make no mention of disconnecting, and are in fact steel, rather than rubber hose lines. First, clean the points, filing only if necessary. Set the called for engine rpm, use your strobe timing light, and get the pointer to indicate midway between the two balls on the harmonic balancer. Then rev the engine and watch to ensure that this vacuum, as well as mechanical advance. Also, the tried and true method of static initial setting works
  4. Yes, Gary is right. In severe, or safety applications, I use double nuts, and this is often a better way of removing studs, as well. Tighten one nut against the other and turn the lower/ closer to the base nut to remove a stud.
  5. The first time I pinstriped a disk wheel, it was on my yellow and black 1927 Chevy Roadster. I raised the front axle and placed it on jackstands, and then used a cinder block with a few differing thickness of boards to get to the desired level, and then used the Buegler wheeled tool, turning the wheel slowly for each of the black and red stripes. Then I moved the rear wheels to the front axle and did the same. It came out looking so good, that 41 years later, it still looks like a professional might have done the job, instead of a 1st timer .
  6. In addition to the excellent prior responses, tire pressure can also be a factor, along with wheel bearing slack. To be safe, start at one end of the steering system, and work your way through to the other end. Replace, repair, readjust, and don't "cheap-out", since MY life may depend on your repairs
  7. John, are you SURE the new flasher is a 6-Volt unit, and not a 12-Volt model? Did you substitute LED bulbs in any of the locations - that would require additional resistance in the circuit since LED requires less current
  8. As a Citroenista, '54 Caddy convertible, and Corvette guy, these pics really call out to me. Thanks for the post.
  9. Same series as yours? We recall riding in yours one cool evening , after a Mardi Gras parade? Still among our favorites, and with provenance. $105,000 at $100/month? Hey, David, that is ONLY ANOTHER 87.5 years, and I'm already beyond my 78th anniversary of my natal day- so it would be paid in full before I'm 166? Don't need to order a Jeroboam, try for a Methuselah of my favorite spirits
  10. Today in Metairie (New Orleans), Louisiana: $1.59 - 87 Octane at Sam's Club $1.99 - 87 Octane NON-ETHANOL - Star - (Kenner, LA) $2.07 - Diesel - Star - (Kenner, LA)
  11. Joe, You are too kind in your comments. Dale and I fondly recall sitting with you and Lynne at the host hotel at the conclusion of the North Carolina Sentimental Tour, thinking and discussing the possibility of once again touring in Ontario, as had been done many, many years prior. The real movers and shakers for the hobby are folks like LYNNE AND YOU, WHO TAKE IT UPON THEMSELVES to "jump in with both feet", immersing themselves, dedicating countless hours and personal resources toward providing an exceptional experience for those of us, willing to travel far and wide, exploring ex
  12. Through my years of following F-1 and SCCA, restoring, driving, and racing French, British, Italian, and Swedish cars, as well as through my careers with IBM and my music performance connections, I've been very fortunate to have met some of the most notable and historic figures in a vastly diverse universe of automobile-related areas - some while quite young when my parents took me to the earliest of GM Motoramas at NYC's Waldorf-Astoria - some while involved in my university's Sports Car Club with events at Lime Rock, Bridgehampton, Marlboro, Watkins Glen, others through friendships developed
  13. George Reeves - played Superman on the 1950s TV series
  14. Thanks Joe, and can you believe in a few weeks it will have been two years since the Louisiana/Mississippi Sentimental Tour? The same time as Dale got her initial liver cancer diagnosis (and mis-diagnosis with 3-month fatality) from Ochsner Hospitals. Thank the almighty for Dr. Joseph Buell and Tulane Medical Center, and Dr. Jayne Gurtler with LCMC and Louisiana Children's Medical Center Hospitals as she continues to survive. The best part of touring is having met, and developed what will become lifelong friendships with folks like you and Lynne, Bill Preston, Bob Smits, David Coco
  15. With such an exceptional make and model of Buick, my thoughts probably lead me to suggest going whole hog: do it once - do it right ! When we did the new canvas for our 1954 Caddy, even though the hydraulics were entirely functional, but based on a 35+ year earlier restoration with unknown work at that time, we elected to replace the entire system: New Pump New Cylinders New hard lines Dexron/Mercon ATF, or better still, use DOT-5 Synthetic Brake Fluid like I did many years ago Etc As a result, despite some additional, but not extreme cost,
  16. Use a Rotary Vane-type electric fuel pump rather than the "bullet" style pulsating type. Install the electric pump in line, as far back and close to the tank, and as low as possible - preferably on the inner side of the chassis. Electric pumps are great at pushing - not at pulling- Install with wiring to an On/Off switch so you can use it to prime the system after the cas has been sitting for a while, and also to overcome vapor lock such as when you stop for a long traffic light on a hot day, then pull half way across the intersection and feel a loss of power.
  17. Flush the system with alcohol and allow it to air-dry instead of forced air. Refill with the modern DEXRON/MERCON or DEXRON-VI ATF instead of DOT-3, or at least with DOT-4 as a minimum, but preferably with ATF. I did one many, many years back with Synthetic DOT-5 brake fluid following a THOROUGH FLUSH AND DRY, which also worked well.
  18. Try using NITROGEN in the tires, instead of HELIUM...
  19. Too much helium in the orange air bags?
  20. Yes, --- or optionally to have one or more cars appropriate for each, or multiple types of tours That may be fine for you, but, organized clubs provide opportunities well beyond what one might do independently While we certainly do more than our share of independent touring nationwide, we also get to share in the camaraderie and fellowship which our several clubs offer! We strongly, and proudly, support the following clubs (in no particular order): VMCCA HCCA AACA CCCA VCCA BCA CADILLAC-LaSALLE OAKLAND OWNERS CLUB, INT
  21. We will be there, Lord willing, and no more serious hurricanes
  22. That is REAL FALL FOLIAGE - we don't get that here in New Orleans - (just rearranged roofs and buildings with a hurricane), but on the other hand, we don't get winter either, and get to enjoy Top-Down weather all year We have driven Mount Washington many times in our vintage cars and enjoyed it every time: 1912 Oakland Touring while on the 1998 Glidden Tour 1934 Buick 34-57 Sedan after VMCCA Nickle Tour in Bar Harbor, Maine 1941 Cadillac Cabriolet while attending 2016 Glidden Tour in North Conway, New Hampshire 1954 Cadillac convertible after VMCCA Chrome G
  23. Use a 6 Volt Flasher unit, and tie in the turn signal to your Brake Light wiring, as was originally done , both in that era, as well as through the later years until some manufacturers provided a separate bulb for turn signals. Also you can wire in a separate 6-Volt flasher on a switch, and tie both left and right sides together to create 4-way flashers - I've done that successfully on several older vehicles.
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