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  1. Offisher, I was looking for the Drive-thru Daquiri Shoppe- Oops, wrong window - (Yes, they really do exist here)
  2. You're not too far from The collection created by Clive Cussler just outside of Denver in Arvada, Colorado. Unfortunately, the museum may not be open due to Covid-19 https://www.cusslermuseum.com/
  3. Thank you Frank Duval, always room to learn, and to dispell that which has been around as "Commom Knowledge"
  4. Real, or not, I appreciate the detail, the quality, and the subject.
  5. When I bought my 1934 50 Series, the seller included a deep-well socket which he had previously ground down in a manner similar to what Matt described (above). As Matt said, "not elegant", but it worked ! Good luck, and welcome !
  6. More recent pictures in the link- Older pics look good, but other more current ones tell an additional story https://41cad.com/41CadPhotos/index.htm show substantial attention needed This car has lots of POTENTIAL
  7. Having lived the afteraffects of devastating hurricane and flood, I can appreciate the loss and heartbreak which so many now experience. Even if properly insured, it isn't the same. These folks lose a lifetime of memories, momentos, and often the results of blood, sweat, and tears - and too often, family, as well. Per f.f.jones's request, no donation is too small. Be thankful for what, and who you have, and find a way to show it. Groups such as The Salvation Army are extremely efficient in providing aid directly where needed without obscene administrative costs and salaries.
  8. Well .......... - I guess we've got that "Down Pat", ... at least Trigger and Bullet were able to keep it straight ? Back in 1998, driving our '63 Impala convertible from New Orleans to the AACA Founders Tour in Milpitas, California (San Francisco Bat Area), I stopped at their museum in Victorville, CA. On the advice of the guide/docent, I waited around a while and got to meet Roy Rogers and Dale Evans - surely among my childhood heros. I regret not asking for autographs or pictures. They both were very gracious.
  9. Make it HER birthday gift ? (along with free maintenance, and a nice magnum of Moet & Chandon)
  10. Sweeeet ! A cool look for a Kruze Nite !
  11. When we re-did the '15 Hudson block, we had a hard time finding the correct size - drove to 4 different NAPA shops 'till we got the right ones (Hudson dealer wasn't open that morning)
  12. Maybe I should have noted the "intended" with a wink and a nod ?
  13. Who, Me ? said Alfred E. Newman, ... and then responded "What, Me Worry?"
  14. I call them Freeze Plugs or Freeze Out Plugs- What do you call them, Bernie? For those who don't live in a frozen part of the world, They are typically a lighter weight metal, either cupped, or pressed into the shape of a concave disk, or sometimes with a bowl-shaped shoulder. They fill the casting hole, and are "intended" to be pushed out in the event that the coolant in the block freezes and expands - so that they will "give" before the expanding coolant (water?) cracks the engine block. I'm sure the more educated among our forum members can offer a better explaination
  15. Thanks for the correction Some details fade with years while others just glare back at us
  16. You "COULD" do that, but why would you ruin an exceedingly rare and expensive part, just for convenience? Maybe use a more conventional cover for other-than-concourse purposes?
  17. Looks like everybody had a great time - and many thanks to Bob, Patti, and all who worked to make the 2021 Vintage Tour a success, especially in the face opf so many obstacles. So sorry we had to cancel, and miss the tour, but our Correct Vintage-Era (Pre-1932) car, the 1915 Hudson Six-40 Phaeton wasn't proven or ready, and I just didn't feel right driving an out-or-era car on an AACA National Tour. I did note a modern (non-era-correct) VW pickup truck apparently substituted for something else, and could probably have used our '37 Buick, but it just didn't feel right for me to skirt the intent of the tour since I was on the committee, under the late AACA President Janet Ricketts, when we created the Vintage Tour.
  18. Wasn't it actor Pat Buttram in the role of Pat Brady who drove the Jeep which was named NellyBelle? Paul, "Happy Trails" to You !!, "'Till We Meet Again", maybe on the Glidden Tour in Saratoga Springs ?
  19. In the era of exposed spare tires, it was not uncommon to have a lock on the mounting of you spare tire(s). Theft (or unauthorized borrowing) was NOT uncommon, especially on the more common makes of automobiles. There was also frequently a lock on the power source to your expensive accessory radio at that time, in that "kids" might play your radio, 30 Amp current-sucking devices that they were, and run down your 6-Volt battery
  20. Joe, Having, in the very distant past, got my grade school clothing from the "Husky" section, I'm not the guy to comment on that, but I do have to say that our C-4 1988 Corvette is surprisingly comfortable, once you slide over the wide doorsill
  21. On the other hand, Oil Changes would be relatively simple ...
  22. Surely NOT my taste, but then, there must be room for all types of enthusiasts- I can only imagine how it handles (or doesn't) !
  23. Hudson ! Always interesting ! I'll bet there is someone out there who wants your .020 oversized Hudson 320 ci pistons, and likely the rods, crankshaft, valves, etc.... I bought a complete (running well when removed a year or so back) 1949 Hudson 262 ci Super-Six engine, along with the 3-speed tranny and Overdrive. I bought it as a "just in case", when we didn't know if my 1915 Hudson 6-40 288 ci engine was repairable per coolant leaks in the monocast straight-six block. All appears good now, and the car will hopefully soon be driven to confirm that we can stay all-original, and it can be driven on this year's Glidden Tour in Saratoga Springs, NY. I do have a potential buyer for the complete 262 driveline.
  24. Congratulations, Joe, Great looking example !! air-up the left rear tire and join us on the Glidden Tour in Saratoga Springs next month
  25. That is probably my favorite color combination for 1956, (other than red and white if on a convertible) Salmon, Coral, Pink - so many hues, and so many varied names - I forgot what Buick called it that year !
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