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  1. When we replaced the complete wiring harness for our 1937 Roadmaster, we added a jumper between a hidden "Starter" button and the vacuum control at the intake. It is the vacuum at that point which keeps the starter from engaging when you "floor-it" while the engine is already running! Minus vacuum at that location, the starter would kick in.
  2. Looks right to me also, per headlight bucket and fender & hood shape
  3. This was offered today online from It is an enjoyable half-hour for those of us who either raced, or watched sports car racing back in the day. Brock Yates narrates, and interviews the luminaries. Fantastic memories for those of us who tinkered with our Alfa-Romeo, TR-2/3/3A/B, Lotus Super-7, XK-120MC, drove Watkins Glen, Marlboro, Lime Rock, Bridgehampton, and other eastern SCCA tracks back in the 1960s, or just spent hours reading Sports Car Graphic, Road & Track, Car & Driver, etc.
  4. I know that Bill Preston has worked long and hard, and has personally sacrificed, along with his committee, in their hopes of hosting what would have been a spectacular 75th Anniversary AAA REVIVAL GLIDDEN TOUR, and that Saratoga Springs, NY would have been an exemplary area for we Gliddenites to relish. There was even a fantastic "SPA DAY" for the Fair Sex, planned by Pam Robinson. Good judgement, indecision on the part of multiple venues, state and local governmental restrictions, along with our safety in mind resulted in the regrettable cancellation. My hope is that the event may be re-staged at some future time, but more importantly, I want Bill as Tour Director, Nancy as Registrar, and all who gave of their own time and resources to know how much Dale and I appreciate them. "We'll meet again, Don't know where, Don't know when ... ... Some Sunny Day"
  5. Agree that the interior is not period-correct, BUT ... The correct leather, (or naugahyde/vinyl), while more functional; for an open car, and especially when it gets wet, looks and feels grrrrrreat - UNTIL the car has been sitting - top-down - in the sun - for hours, and then you and your bride/fiancee/favorite squeeze jump in wearing bermuda shorts, cut-off Levis, tank-top )or no shirt at all), or some other garment, and learn the immediate pain of seared flesh ! Sure, the velour fabric of the '70s, and the drawing room elegance of the buttoned-tufted design are incorrect - but, hey, is will be more comfortable at your next Cruise-In - especially if not being judged at a national level.
  6. I used an old NJ license plate and bent it about 45 degrees by using a drawer edge to make up for a slightly rusted area between the floor and toe-board on the passenger side of my first '49 Pontiac convertible. As a high school senior with three newspaper routes and a weekend dance band to supply funding, It was an affordable and solid fix with some roofing tar and sheetmetal screws.
  7. Of course the easy answer would be to add an electric fuel pump, as close to the tank, as far back, and as low as possible, with a switch to enable using it both to prime the fuel system after storage, and to aid in situations such as you describe
  8. Maybe an Ophthalmologist, or an Optometrist could help?
  9. 1940 behind the 2-tone Olds?
  10. I have, for more than fifteen years, carried a ramp. Mine is relatively lightweight, but heavy duty plastic. It was bought at an RV Trailer Specialty shop, and has a curved area where the "good" tire rests. It also has an additional thickness with a solid rubber block in the curved area for extra height. Now the good part - This year my daughter and son got together and bought me a DeWALT DCF899P1 IMPACT WRENCH kit.The 1/2 " drive unit delivers 100/300/700 ft-lbs and has three variable speed settings, working at 0-400/1200/1900 rpm. The kit also included a 20 Volt, 5 Amp battery and charger, as well a a zipper storage bag. As if that weren't enough, other items not part of the DeWALT kit are a set of Torque Sticks (So I don't SNAP-OFF the lugs?) and sets of metric and SAE Impact sockets. Hope I never need to use the stuff, but history tells me that as long as I trailer cars cross country, or have the chance to help someone else, the gifts will come in handy, and will get us off the side of the road much more quickly. Hope this year is a good Fathers Day for all !
  11. Dale and I were backseat passengers in this car many years ago. I can personally vouch for this '52 Flathead, the Overdrive, the condition, and for the integrity of the seller/owner - a true car-guy !
  12. I've been recommending Retro-Radio for probably 25 years or longer. Great folks Great quality work Glad it worked out for you as well as they've taken care of me
  13. Make sure the new tires do not have any stickers inside the tire. Especially if the new tires are radials, the movement of the tire WILL cause abrasion, wearing through the tube. I lost three in less than 100 mles !! Air up the tube after installing - then let the air out and fill again multiple times - this is done to minimize the chance of a wrinkle in the tube, causing abrasion and a leak. Do all of this with the Schraeder valve stem removed. Only reinstall when the job is completed.
  14. We were driving our 1927 Chevrolet Capitol AA Roadster - Yellow, with black fenders and a red pin stripe, and having a ball. Pinky Randall, well-known world-wide as "Mr. Chevrolet", learned during a 4-cylinder Chevy Club tour of Yellowstone Park - the day of Dale & my 25th wedding anniversary (June 29, 1994), that I had been looking to buy a 1934/1935 Buick 98C or 68C. Pinky stood up to his full height and said " Marty !! Don't you know? A Buick is just a Chevrolet with LOCK WASHERS?" So I asked Pinky "So, what is a Cadillac"? Pinky replied: "Stainless Steel LOCK WASHERS" No need to run down our Chevy "Little Brothers"
  15. My 1960 Valiant V-200 with 3-speed Torque-Flyte had well beyond 300,xxx miles when I sold it- still running great, but rusty rear floorboard from NJ salted roads was becoming an issue
  16. FRANKLIN OLYMPIC, Where are you located? maybe I can help,. (or at least offer sympathy) I also have a 1915 6-40, actually the one which Fred Long owned, showed, and toured extensively for many years
  17. Taking "LOW-RIDER" to a new level ??
  18. Yeah, but we travel loaded down also, as Mark Shaw can attest ! When we drive our old cars cross-country, knowing that a reasonable supply of parts, tools, and other assorted "junque" is along with us is reassuring.
  19. My father bought our yellow Belvedere 2-door hardtop version of this car from my cousin Barry. I was driving it when a girl ran a stop sign and T-Boned our right side back in late 1962 or early '63. We also had a black 4-door sedan version of this same Belvedere, bought from dad's cousin Mel who was being moved to Ft Knox to become an Instructor in Armored. Dad also had a '57 Savoy 4-door he ordered new in September, 1956 (he had always been a Chevy guy, but was taken in by the Plymouth's looks, fins, and 301 V-8.
  20. Transport driver to fireman: Is there a quick service Wash, Dry & Fold Laundry-Mat nearby? Or maybe just a Wal-Mart? My shorts MAY need attention !
  21. Pete, My vote is to repair the damage. Then you have the option to sell, keep, restore (too nice to go this way?). Even the applique at the left and right sides of the dash appears excellent - maybe as good as the ones in my 13,5xx mile 80C - What is the switch or knob under the far left side of the dash?
  22. Try reinstalling the "OLD" condenser prior to making any other changes. My experience is that the oldest of these tend to last almost indefinitely, while new ones frequently fail almost right out of the box, or shortly thereafter
  23. Caroline, Welcome to the AACA FORUM. I agree with the above assessments, and will also be sending you a private message (PM) by email via the AACA FORUM. Our 1930 Packard is an excellent tour car and has given us many thousands of miles of pleasure as we tour the country. I have sent you a private message (PM) by email via the AACA FORUM per a different topic.
  24. Olds 3-bar spinners, but what is the saying in the quotes on the quarter panel?
  25. Drove the 1937 Roadmaster Phaeton 80C Saturday morning- an email advised that we would hold our CARS🚗 AND COFFEE☕ at a local restaurant, Mano’s on David Drive. I arrived to find an empty parking lot and a closed restaurant 🥴. A quick phone call to my friend Anthony confirmed that the “THE BEST PLANS OF MICE AND MEN” geng aft agley - oft go astray! I made a brief stop at a local grocery, donned mask and nitrile gloves👍, and headed inside to stock up on additional supplies just in case the storm held us captive for longer than anticipated - a couple of loaves of freshly baked french bread, a few half-gallons of Blue Bell Ice Cream, milk, a variety of Smucker's preserves (strawberry, pineapple, etc), turkey bologna, chicken breasts and drumsticks🍗 to barbecue on the covered and screened patio grille (just in case), and other assorted lunch meats. Fortunately, we still have a modest selection of wine🍷 and some Don-Q Rum🍹 brought back from having judged the most recent AACA Meet in Puerto Rico At least I got to enjoy driving the big black Buick a day prior to our area’s assault by Tropical Storm Cristobal - now passing through. As I type these words the calming aura of the storm’s eye is directly over us - and fortunately we have experienced no damage in our immediate locale. The coming days will likely deliver much more rain and wind, but hopefully not more than that to which we are accustomed.