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  1. Matt, sorry you've experienced these issues, and even more so that Melanie is so impacted by the unfortunate result of her delightful gesture. have you tried working with your Biock/GM Zone rep? Perhaps even higher up the GM food chain. Regrettably, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I have one other suggestion, but rather than identify here, you may contact me directly. I think you have my personal email from the card I left you when we met in Ohio at the CCCA Grand Classic following the earlier mini-CARavan
  2. You can fix your header line by placing the pointer/mouse there and making the correction
  3. That is what I was saying !! ... and finger lickin' good- Maybe get to drive the '54 Cadillac next week, and polish up the "Dagmars"?
  4. I absolutely agree, and use either Double-Aught or Triple-Aught (00 or 000) cable, or even welding cable, but also have soldered ends to clamp or end, and ensure wire-brushed clean metal with paint removed from grounding surfaces. Another good reminder is to ground from battery to chassis, to engine, and also to body of your vehicle. Don't depend just on chassis mounts.
  5. Check out this link: $189.95 - https://www.amazon.com/Optima-Batteries-8010-044-Starting-Battery/dp/B00099HVN6?ref_=ast_sto_dp https://www.amazon.com/Optima-Batteries-8010-044-Starting-Battery/dp/B00099HVN6/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=6+volt+optima+battery&qid=1603731033&sr=8-3 As noted in my earlier post, and amplified by Grimy & Zephyr, The benefits of OPTIMA, Optima Batteries 8010-044 6V RedTop Starting Battery being sealed, never needing water, can be mounted in any position (even sideways or upside-down),
  6. My wife claims my preference is evident, even when ordering chicken at Popeye's, but conversely, they say "a leg in your hand puts a smile on your face"
  7. I use Group 1, and Group 2 standard size 6-Volt Batteries, but also OPTIMA 6-Volt batteries, either single, and also in Parallel for 6-Volt but double amperage for my 1941 Cadillac
  8. Isn't this Jayne Mansfield? Married to Mickey Hargitay - 1955 Mr. Universe Mother of Law and Order SVU star Mariska Hargitay,
  9. So, that would be a 1953 Kaiser Golden Dragon ??? Our former 1952 Kaiser Manhattan was an excellent driver-quality car, eventually presented for sale at the Petit Jean Mountain Swap Meet - sold and delivered to a fellow in Mena, Arkansas
  10. My grandmother would say, "Rich or Poor, it's nice to have Money". Working class who achieve a modest level of financial comfort, Silver Spoon babies, Trust Fund kids, ... In my experience, no matter how well-off folks are, they rarely consider themselves rich, and prefer to note others whom are assumed to have more. Eye of the Beholder ?? Knowing that the organizers have non-recoverable expenses, and with regard to governmental restrictions and regulations, I can understand the need to protect the function, but would hope that at least some portio
  11. New methods or sequences of finding favorites may take some time for those of us who are more accustomed to prior habits - Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, but sometimes it takes a while??
  12. 1954 Cadillac Series 62 - Used by Cadillac Dealer's wife for first 25 years, and in a private Colorado collection for next 30 years, now AACA DPC, shown, and driven on multiple tours, and driven 10,000 miles in a 3-month period from New Orleans to judge at Palm Springs, then on to the Los Angeles Museums and our family, up the Pacific Coast Highway to an AACA Divisional Tour at Yosemite, and on to Portland, Vancouver, back to judge at Auburn, tour at Gettysburg, drive to Minneapolis, and the Grand National at Independence, Missouri. 1941 Cadillac cabriolet, deliver
  13. I was just about to ask the same question, but saw you had already caught the discrepancy. I North Dakota a "No Tax" state for used cars? Here in Louisiana we pay +/- 10% Tax, depending on local and Parish (county) specificsplus title and registration fees.
  14. I recall that form of 2-tone being somewhat common on sedan and hardtop versions, but don't think on convertibles - different color for body than convertible top, but not on body. One of the customers on my newspaper route had a son who served on the local police department. He bought a brand new black 1957 Olds 98 convertible - probably with the J-2 triple 2-barrel carburetor (Tri-Power) option, added skirts and per my ancient memory, the continental kit with full disk cover and stainless band. As I recall, he probably also lowered it as was the custom at that time. They had a som
  15. 1st row - 8th from left looks like 1956 Special or Century Riviera 2nd row - 7th from right is a '54 4-door sedan 15th is a 1949 sedan 18th is a 1958 21st is another 1954 Can't see enough of 3rd row, and none in 4th row - Beyond that, my eyes get fuzzy. Any idea what this place is? Too nice to be a junk yard, and don't see a factory or shopping center, unless behind camera Thanks for all your posting and effort
  16. Thanks Elpad, Another thing about those "NYP-xxx" New York State issued New York Press license plates: Vehicles with those plates were entitled to use specially reserved curb parking areas which were designated by certain "NO PARKING EXCEPT FOR NYP". There was one such area in New York City on northbound 6th Ave (later Avenue of the Americas) at the corner of 50th Street, directly in front of the Time & Life Building where I was assigned by IBM in the 1960s. This was also directly across 6th Ave from Radio City Music Hall, and diagonally opposite the NBC Building of Rockef
  17. Do you have clear title in yours, or your father's name? That would be an important factor to most potential buyers
  18. Elpad, you have me in this one- I cannot find a single Buick here Behind the wagon is a 1951 Nash belonging to a New York Press Corps member - they were issued plate starting with "NYP", and behind that the bathtub Mercury, Packard convertible, Dodge, and some roofline. Behind the wingless plane we see a Studebaker and a Willys Jeep Wagon with a pair of Oldsmobiles in the "hammer" lane, and a shoebox ford going the other way- Clara Peller asks: WHERE'S THE BEEF ?? in the old Wendy's commercial I ask: Where's the Buick?
  19. '6,000 CAD to USD = $4,482.88 US Dollars at today's exchange rate
  20. The canoe added even more character, and possibly amphibious?
  21. Reminding folks of the extremely modest price, as well as the quality of the Buick, should encourage potential buyers- sorry we cannot take advantage of the really neat toy
  22. Yes, there is a 1953 Buick in this photo, but who could really concentrate on it when Ms. Loren steals the scene?
  23. My way of explaining the same concept: The way to get out of a car(OR THE HOBBY) with A SMALL FORTUNE, is to start with a large fortune.
  24. Please note that Octane ratings back in 1950 were listed based on a different scale than currently used. The current octane number scale is actually the simple average of two different octane rating methods—motor octane rating (MOR) and research octane rating (RON)—that differ primarily in the specifics of the operating conditions.
  25. Mark, I thought you had sold, or were selling that lovely rig, complete with canoe? If only I had the space ...
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