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  1. Please send me pics in pm of the items so we can try and make a deal as you find them. Thanks
  2. https://www.hcca.org/calendar.php Calendar of Events Is an HCCA National tour Denotes a non-club event that the HCCA Board thought might be of interest. March 20-21, 2020 30th Annual Chickasha Pre-War Swap Meet Chickasha OK Host - Mike & Susie Ersland 405-224-9090 April 16-18, 2020 Bakersfield Swap Meet 2020 Bakersfield CA Don't miss the ever popular Bakersfield Swap Meet Swap til you drop and find or sell to get your carriages ready to tour. Kick off the Touring Season, greet old friends and meet new ones. Complete details available soon See you there April 19 - 22, 2020 HCCA National Convention Stateline NV Host - Don Plumb , 503-720-0020Join in the fun of the 2020 HCCA National Convention and Tour Host Hotel - Harrah`s Lake Tahoe Registration is April 19 and the final banquet is April 22. In between is glorious touring, grand brass-era camaraderie and everything HCCA. Be there ... enjoy our Cars and our ClubClick for Flyer & Registration June 8-12, 2020 IDNET 2020- HCCA Affiliated Nickel Era Touring Registry Tour Moscow ID Host - John Manifor , 562-665-0381Sponsored by - HCCA Affiliated Nickel Era Touring Registry Open to original or restored cars 1932 and older Hosts and Tour Leaders: Jim and Susan Stutzman 208-791-4994Visit the Nickel Era Touring Registry Website for details June 17-20, 2020 64th Annual HCCA Regional Midwest Tour, Experience Nebraska Norfolk NE Host - Don and Marlene Ohnstad , 402-203-7131Sponsored by = Omaha Region touring Wednesday - Saturday, ending with a Banquet Saturday eveningClick form More Details June 21-27, 2020 HCCA National Tour, Circle Missouri Progressive MO Host - Chris Paulsen , 316-648-7887Sponsor - Great plains Touring Register Don`t Miss it. HCCA National progressive tour Click to Become an HCCA Member Return to Top © 2018 Horseless Carriage Club of America
  3. That would be great, thanks for any help. As far as I know it's 5" in diameter.
  4. Trying to locate these original parts. I realize I can make these or have someone make them, but I'd like to locate originals for this restoration. If anyone has these parts please PM me so we can discuss price. Thanks for any leads/help. Dave 1.) Bumper Medallion 2.) License bracket 3.) Side mirror and bracket
  5. What are the numbers on the 29 gearbox case ?
  6. The first thing I thought were cab/fender/mounting bushings might be a different size, and to me, it could explain why they are out of line. All it takes is one bushing/spacer to cause this.... Was the truck in a previous accident, taken apart for any reason?
  7. Hey Viking, can you post a couple of photos of the overall view of the front clip on both sides and include a straight on shot of the front? To me, it looks like it's been repainted. which tells me it could be several things.... Parts weren't lined up correctly A. either prior to paint or B. if it was painted off the frame then some parts after paint may have been out of place, or C. if bushings or wrong size bushings were used on repaint that weren't originally used. D.The list of possibilities are endless but other photos (zoomed out) may shed some light on exactly why. E. F. G.??? Hope this helps, Dave
  8. It's been a real pleasure watching the progress you've made over the years and I commend you for putting your heart into it, Vic. You did an amazing job and it's encouraging to see she found a good home. Congrats to Woody and his grandson. May they enjoy it for many years to come. Thanks also for keeping us updated (not that you were obliged to 😉) Regards Dave
  9. Not sure of the originality but what a classy and clean look.... Beautiful
  10. Going by the lock spring charts I have, I've put together a list of five possibilities. NOTE the 4 outer circles on spring w/ part #3-1723 in first photo is the one I'm thinking is correct(assuming the connector is the same shape, hard to tell since it's attached to the mechanism I could be wrong though.) . Spring may fit the following vehicles. Hope this helps narrow your search down. 1938 Buick 1938 Cadillac 1938 LaSalle 1938 Oldsmobile 1938 Pontiac
  11. Hey Doug, does this answer your question? Note the statement : " 5 wire wheels - Rear Mounting ( no spare tire )" Could the DA's with dual side mounts also have the option of bare metal rims with no tires? It appears it may have been possible - although it looks like they recommended the Direct and Associated dealers try and close the deal with spare tires. I could see new owners opting out and purchase their own spares at a later date for possibly less money though.
  12. I probably would have given him a ride ... "You can ride in the back with the rest of the tools Hank" !
  13. Hi Rick, that's a tough one. .. Any way you can get better pics of the one remaining gauge? May have to take it out ( if possible..) A photo of the back of that gauge may also help. Dave
  14. Imagine the time this restoration must have taken... https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/a30284512/life-size-gingerbread-car/ 375-lbs All Purpose Flour | 482-lbs Sugar | 425 Whole Eggs | 700 Egg Whites | 200-lbs Brown Sugar | 100-lbs Honey | 8-lbs Salt | 47-lbs Molasses | 412-lbs Butter | 2-lbs Yeast | 1-lb Activated Charcoal | 1-lb Baking Soda | 1.3-lbs Baking Powder | 6-lbs Secret Holiday Spice | 300-lbs Dark Chocolate | 100-lbs White Chocolate | Plus 10-lbs of of joy and 3-lbs of holiday cheer
  15. Anyone know if Dodge Brothers used either of these type of gauges? They're both currently on eBay for $30 plus shipping if anyone needs one of them. Note the part #'s are different. No affiliation with seller and condition unknown... If not DB or GB related shoot me a PM and I'll delete post if needed. First one - Item # 153731175665 Part 2135-N Below - Item # is 163951849462 Part 1823-N