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  1. Very true on both parts,... unfortunately. Let's hope for instant Kharma.. If anyone deserves it, it's thieves and cons. As Roger Waters once said : "If I had my way, I'd have all of them shot, with elephant guns, probably several times"... (no I do not subscribe to his ridiculous political positions but the quote is worthy for criminals) But then again a good quartering would be fun too..
  2. @ Sherman: It looks like the original design was put in place for clearance issues, which is what your original question alluded to. Sorry for misunderstanding it initially, for some reason I was thinking you was wanting info on the filter itself... (I had a brain cloud moment). Here are pics of the bracket from a spare DA engine (with original SA2 filter). Note when looking at the front view (as in the factory literature) it clearly shows a spacer of some kind. This is the spacer you need. Notice it has notches that hold the bracket tightly into place. I can get you the measurements in email if you want to make one. BTW, according to the the last illustration below, it also looks like you need to relocate your horn IF you are going back to original. It should be mounted to the head as seen in the side view illustration. I'm sure this is part of what is contributing to your clearance issues. The horn needs to be moved back and on top of the head so that the filter can fit into place as well.
  3. With all due respect Doug, I don't think so at all...(wait, huh...) I know what you are saying for all practical purposes and agree that if he wants to delete the filter then your recommendation is, as I said, " practical " and ultimately it's his decision. However, the question is a very legit one and I found the answer and will be posting a explanation with pics shortly to show why the question even came up to begin with. It's a very legitimate question for DA owners that should be answered appropriately IF anyone reading this ever wants to do things the correct way for the historical record. After all, isn't that really what this forum should be for? There is a part missing from the equation and it will all make sense in my next post. Bob Z posted the part in Post # 6 above of someone else's vehicle that has the part that is missing that will give the proper clearance to avoid hitting linkages. I'll post better photos of that part shortly. Bullfrog also has the spacer part in his post above.
  4. If he did it once and got away with it he'll do it again. Something tells me a con like that can be flushed out with his own trick. Maybe set out some bait using a different offer he can't refuse and a different email to see if you can locate him. If his sob story worked once he may continue to try and pull it again and again...
  5. Where was the car located or sitting for all those years? Might lend a clue to a local distributor...
  6. I have seen other quality Purolator designs being reproduced for a small fortunate but nothing that matches the SA2 design... . Here are a couple.... https://classicandexotic.com/store/p-4555-purolator-sf-3-filter.aspx https://classicandexotic.com/store/p-4387-purolator-type-a-oil-bypass-filter.aspx Edit: I did find the Hupmobile thread you were referring to. Different filter but he nailed the concept. Thanks again...
  7. Always amazes me that no one has duplicated the exact original Purolator style as the original one with a replaceable cartridge.... I'd love to get my shop setup to make them but I have no idea what the demand would be on them? Copyright concerns possibly? I've even approached a rep with Purolator to see if they would consider the idea of making the exact same design for the antique auto crowd. One that would take replaceable cartridges but of course I never heard back from him in the past 5 years...
  8. This is what's in the 120 Booklet that I have (thought you had a copy also). As far as I understand it's suppose to be the SA2 model from Purolator but good luck finding one. What you are using is suitable in place of it for sure... Scan courtesy Harry Wellens
  9. That's because of the inlet/outlet ports on the filter are by design so yes it depends on the design, type and make. Some have in and out ports built into the top and no ports at the bottom... Here's a factory image from my instruction book that shows yet another DA6 setup from 1930. Note the filter mounted sideways...
  10. The AACA are making huge strides and we are all excited for what the future holds. I know Steve and others are putting their egos aside and think we can all agree that we all have the same desire to see as much information saved as possible. Thanks to you and Bob for bringing it up and keeping the fire lit within all of us... let's hope we never let it go out as we owe it to future auto enthusiasts. Unity is a good thing but getting everyone on the same page is a big hurdle for sure.... I commend the academics and research institutions who have displayed the results of unity at https://www.hathitrust.org/ I'm not smart enough to know how they did it but it looks like it works very good. Maybe you and Bob (and others who wish) can share your thoughts on the pros and cons, the practical and not so practical things they are doing right and what can be improved on? Maybe touch on the nuts and bolts of how these things work so others can get a better idea in lay terms of what we are hoping to achieve as a community of researchers. BTW, the site proves much duplication will continue to happen. It's unfortunate because we all want to be efficient with our time and efforts as we compile data and organize our libraries but it's inevitable...duplication will continue as the resource outlets continue to grow. How to stem that duplication while creating linking capabilities should be an important factor.... They have many auto publications in their database. It would be ideal to be able to share those links with other auto libraries in the future (if possible) and vice versa. I'm not a lawyer but we are probably getting into a gray area of legal matters at this point.
  11. Thank you for the tools and links, Bob. As mentioned, it all comes down to time and money doesn't it? Surely a collective effort by all will be needed to see it become a reality someday. " it is what it is " as they say... That phrase never sets right with those that believe a solution is possible. It is however the current reality unfortunately. This topic is a daunting task but many of us are hopeful that someday it is somehow made possible. Discussion is still needed. Many of us have grown weary for sure...
  12. Congrats ! Once you get rested up, it would be interesting to know if your post on this forum played a role in finding it.
  13. Very encouraging ! However, for those of us (as jvolgarino has pointed out) who cannot travel long distances on a consistent basis to gain access to the materials, how are the leadership discussing moving forward with broader access to a digital library? If you can elaborate on it...if not, we understand. As a researcher I'd gladly pay a fee to have more user friendly access than what is currently available to the public. Here is his previous statement that I don't believe was addressed. The area I've highlighted in bold is important to us researchers because it may have taken us years to know what we are looking for. However, relaying that to someone else over the phone or in email who may not be familiar with what we are looking for is awkward and time consuming on everyone's part. That element alone is what I believe has caused this topic of discussion (digitized library) for years. Just a thought, you have three librarians with masters degrees... Maybe one can think of a way to make the system more digitized and user friendly ? Not trying to be a wise guy, just an honest question. Thanks for anything you can share with us.
  14. Deleted by author... The new owner has the joy of troubleshooting it.