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  1. A couple of early monkeys having a ball on Bosuns...
  2. Mark was the one who put his own rigging in place. Does that mean he gets double the medals for bravery? A glimpse of how it's done.
  3. Still looking for the two parts in first post 1. license bracket and 2. side mirror bracket and/or mirror Thank you for any help
  4. Maybe it's incase he drops his phone? I'd bet it's incase one of the stainless steel panels he was inspecting came loose. My first thought was: I wonder what the maintenance was.. checking on the cell phone reception? I loved his smile at the end... That feeling of being up high above other buildings while your working is an incredible feeling. He was definitely having fun.
  5. Could be fear or insecurity that they deal with on a personal level or just having a bad day. Or Maybe they have had threatening experiences with old clowns and don't trust any one their elder? Who knows what goes through another persons mind or what experiences they've had. I've noticed some kids feel pressure not to talk or associate with people older than them because they'll get ridiculed by their buddies. Disrespect is nothing new... Could also be the stranger danger syndrome instilled in so many kids from birth because of all the creepers. Also, after being robbed of a year of social life it could just be something as silly as getting comfortable talking to others in person again. Who knows what it is but kudos to you for trying Terry. Most kids that are into cars are normal kids so definitely wouldn't take it personal.
  6. ASU Sun Devils first ever homecoming parade led by the class of 1923. Cannot locate anything on the Ford dealer Staples Motor Co in the background.
  7. Now that's courage... I'm sure some will say it's stupidity but for those of us who have worked at heights (that's over 6' btw Pete and the other mods who sit behind a cpu ) working at heights can be very rewarding in many ways. Lucky sob in my opinion.... to be one of a handful of guys who can say they have been to the top of the Chrysler building is insanely brave.
  8. With the 4th being tomorrow, I wonder how many will attempt this?
  9. Does this apply to most of the judges as well? The ones I've seen over the years seem pretty (dare I say) "meticulous"...
  10. Ha ha... good description dustyc. How did you keep the bug from tipping over? Another Thermador on a Chevy truck. They seem to be very popular with the 50s Chevy truck guys....
  11. Even though it was a sedan at one point I've always thought if Chrysler designers would have produced a Vic Six truck it probably would have been a success. The body seems timeless in my view. Would have been a nice styling combo for sure. Not to say the Merchant Express and other small Dodge Brothers trucks like the F10 and UF10 aren't appealing though, those too have always been some of the neatest 1/2 ton trucks. Actually that whole era of 1/2 ton trucks was pretty amazing no matter who the manufactures were.
  12. What's your location? SW NW NE SW Midwest... ? Not sure the year on this one but Engine # is M105xxx Located off I-10 west of Phoenix AZ
  13. All truth. Your points are valid but be careful.... buttercups aren't buckled up around here. Denial is a powerful tool controlling much of humanity these days (how dare we stand for what we believe in...) Maybe he got tired of reading about snowflakes? My money says he'll be back. They always come back. Come home tin man 😗
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