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  1. 30DodgePanel

    Dodge and Graham Brothers truck data needed

    Been a while since we touched on this and sorry it took so long Jim but I wanted to give you something I came across from the Standard Catalog of Light Duty Dodge Trucks 1917-2002 by John Gunnell. I had to scan the page in two sections because it came out blurry with the scanner door open.
  2. What answers are you looking for specifically ?
  3. 30DodgePanel

    DB display at Boyertown museum

    Works for me ok. Try going into YouTube directly and searching "Boyertown Museum Doug Walters" it's the first link that comes up
  4. 30DodgePanel

    Continental 6 cylinder used in Dodge Brothers Senior Six

    Boy you are getting in the mud now lol... Glad to see I'm not the only one going bonkers... (you have my sympathy as well) ALL of those trucks were mentioned as 3 3/8 but most are not the Continental engine that was used in the Senior Six and select trucks. I have the trucks figured out that used the Continental engine. The problem I'm having is figuring out what Continental labeled these engines. I'm focusing on the 12M and 14M only right now. The reason is because these are the only two Continentals that were used in the 2249 (3 1/4 bore) and 2251 (3 3/8 bore that later was labeled 2252 by Chrysler). All the other engines mentioned ( 10E, 12E, 15E, 22A, 30A and A16) are for the other vehicles listed such as Peerless, REO etc... Not 100% yet and it's more of a hunch really because these are the only two engines that are mentioned from 1927-1930 for the Senior Six Once I can prove that the Continental engine provided to Chrysler for the Dodge Senior Six was a 12M or 14M then I can really begin to narrow my search for more streamlined data like photos, catalogs and years the engine was made.
  5. 30DodgePanel

    Continental 6 cylinder used in Dodge Brothers Senior Six

    I have a King (similar to yours I'm guessing) that I cmpletely forgot about until now. It dates from 1918-36 so some homework and cross referencing will be done on my part. Also have a 1909-37 McCord Guide A-2 that should be here around Tuesday/Wed of next week. Will post findings (IF I can make heads or tails) as soon as I can. Still haven't found anything that is clear cut explanation on these Continental codes but I think we are on the right track. Good stuff. Thanks a ton for your input.
  6. 30DodgePanel

    30's dodge truck VIN question

    Actually, 9204501 is a KC 1/2 ton with 111" Wheelbase produced sometime between Feb 1935 to Oct 1935. It's either a 35 or 36. My guess would be 1935 due to numbering sequence. The other truck, 8364449 (?) would be a 1 1/2 ton produced from Nov 1933 to Oct 1935 so it could be a 1933, 34 or 35. My guess would be 1934 according to number sequence. Is the 1 1/2 ton stamped with K19, K32, K33 or K34 ? If no stamp then we would need to ask what the wheelbase is of this truck to help any further.
  7. 30DodgePanel

    Continental 6 cylinder used in Dodge Brothers Senior Six

    No copies needed at this point. I think a mention of reference is sufficient for now... As for the JEB JEX two head gaskets.. That makes since because the 1927 ( DB Senior Six 2249 ) would have been the smaller bore 3 1/4. From 1928 on it would have been the larger 3 3/8 bore ( DB Senior Six 2251 and ending with the 2252 in 1930 more than likely ). Good start... thanks again
  8. 30DodgePanel

    Getting the perfect shot ain't easy

    Very nice. I like the shopped tree/snowman with cool sunglasses
  9. 30DodgePanel

    Continental 6 cylinder used in Dodge Brothers Senior Six

    I understand and thanks for your sympathy...
  10. 30DodgePanel

    1930 plymouth parts

    Very interested in the Master Cylinder. Can you post pics of it here or send me a PM with photos of it showing the numbers stamped on it ? Regards, Dave
  11. 30DodgePanel

    Continental 6 cylinder used in Dodge Brothers Senior Six

    Thank you for your reply Bud. I think we can figure this out if we all put our collective hats together in conjunction with any literature that each of us may have or may obtain in the near future. Here is what I have that may help shed some light. First I want to mention I may have jumped the gun on saying it was a 8R, you'll notice that 12K is another 3 3/8 x 4 1/2 set up that is listed BUT it's a 8 cylinder engine. This info is taken from a mix of data. Scans are from a 1930 Automotive Industries magazine Feb 1930 and the Timelines I've typed out are from Dodge Brothers Club articles put together by John Bittence and others. Again, you'll notice in the scans below that the only other 3 3/8 x 4 1/2 besides the 8R is an engine that was listed as a Continental 12K 8 cyl. (Note the DBC article photos are not posted here without permission of author in order to protect Club data but rather I'm simply posting and making mention of the main points for discussion only) Also notice in the scans that the Dodge Bros Senior Six has this engine labeled as being they're "own" (but was produced by Continental or was it?). Again, this is in 1930 so did this engine come in house at this point? Dodge Bros trucks also have another section (in the Auto Industries magazine) showing a 2 ton with 150" wb and a 3 ton with 135" wb (photo not provided here) that shows a 3 3/8 x 4 1/2 set up but does not mention who the engine was made by. Note the 135" may be labeled incorrectly as the OD was actually 137" wb. TD note mention in this issue of magazine but is 162" wb for reference. Timeline according to DBC Articles : 1927 Car serial # according to Dodge was IS10000 This is the beginning when Chrysler had these DB seniors and trucks with a "2249" as they're label for this engine with the 3 1/4 x 4 1/2 . 5/10/1927 First DB Senior Six produced 6/23/1927 ED 2 ton trucks get this same engine 07/23/1927 OD & TD 3 ton trucks get this same engine 14720 built (DBC article) It is unknown for certain if that total for Continental engines was for passenger cars only or for both cars and trucks. This is part of what I'm trying to find a conclusive answer on. 1928 Car serial # using DB numbering system was IS 24717 1/2/1928 the "2251" with 3 3/8 x 4 1/2 was introduced for the Senior lineup. 4435 built 1930 Car serial # changed to S prefix. First car was labeled S50001 This is the beginning of the "2252" same engine with slight modifications. 10486 built In summarizing : What we know: We know the size, the approximate dates and Dodge Brothers vehicles it was used in. We know the changes (can get more specific if needed) What we don't know: We don't know what Continental labeled them as Dodge Brothers made the changes (IE 2249, 2251, 2252) Was the first DB engine that was labeled 2249 listed by Continental a 12E, 12K, 12M or 12N 14M etc..? Was the second DB engine that was labeled 2251 listed by Continental a 12E, 12K, 12M or 12N 14M etc..? Was the last DB Senior Six engine used that was labeled 2252 listed by Continental a 12E, 12K, 12M or 12N 14M etc..? My conclusion (at this point, although research may change my mind) is that the 12E , 12M, 12N all "MAY" be the same engine. I believe we can (for now) count out the 12K and 14M however. I believe we should try to prove or disprove if any 12's were the correct engine first in order to walk through a process of elimination. There has to be something out there that explains what the Continental engine coding meant.... The answers may also come from many, many cross referencing studies to unlock the key (as I'm sure you're aware). IF anyone has a Automotive Industries Statistical Issue from 1927 1928 or 1929 it would be most helpful. Please post the info if you have it.
  12. 30DodgePanel

    1931 Dodge Brothers

    Not mine. Posting because I believe this is a very good value for someone at only $9500 https://knoxville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1931-dodge-brothers-sedan/6765396338.html
  13. 30DodgePanel

    DB display at Boyertown museum

    LOL, love the fowl weather gear discussion.... please post pics of that set up so we can get a visual once you get the gear made. Wonder if that's OSHA approved ? 😉 Can't wait to visit the museum Thank you Doug for taking such good care of a priceless bit of Dodge Brothers history.
  14. Do any of you Continental guys know of any literature that exists for the Dodge Brothers Senior Six Continental engine that was used ? I believe Chrysler had them labeled the 2249, 2251, and 2252. According to my literature Continental had it as the 8R. My research on trucks has me looking into these engines that were used in both the Senior Sixes and in some larger Dodge trucks, buses and motor coaches. Mostly over 2 tons. I'm looking for any literature or factory info to prove or disprove some information in regards to the relationship between the two parties. Any help is appreciated. Regards, Dave