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  1. At the bottom of this thread is says "Archived, this topic is now archived and is closed to further replies"... The way I found the thread was because the guy who asked me a question in the PM told me the month and year, I then went to my attachments and found it.
  2. No that's the only photo I've ever seen of it. It's the original USAA Insurance Co logo. My understanding is only 2200-2500 were made and handed out in 1922 when they first started doing business.
  3. Concerning archived thread Is it possible to re-activate an old thread in order to comment on it? I've recently had someone reach out to me about a transmission thread from 2013. They're able to reach out to me in PM, but now I'm curious if we ever have a need for an archived thread to be active would it be possible to do? Regards Dave
  4. Hi Don, would you happen to have one of these that you'll be listing?
  5. Donna, thank you for sharing and reaching out to us. God bless you for even having the stamina to deal with this, we are all so sorry for your loss and our hearts go out to you and your family. Most of us would love to see the CJ-6 find a good home. It would be an honor to own, but a lot of us are not in the position for another purchase with everything going on currently. However, someone from that part of the country will show interest if we keep the post active. It may take quite a bit of time but I trust someone will have an interest if there is enough exposure.
  6. That drives all of us nuts ... completely understand your frustration.... Will keep looking. Keep us posted if you find anything that will work. Good luck
  7. I've never dealt with him specifically but have many experiences with ole timers who seem miserable, so I know the kind very well unfortunately. Some guys (like me) are just a holes and come across harsh... not good in business though. Here locally, we used to have a 67-72 Chevy truck parts dealer in North Phoenix called Grumpys. Everyone complained about him.. why? Because he was grumpy... but at least you knew what you were getting when you bought from him. A lot of guys chose not to visit his store and it caught up with him and his doors have been closed for years.
  8. Amazing... Incredible job ! Love the wheel rack idea, surprised I haven't seen that used before. The photos are going to help a lot of people. Thank you for sharing
  9. All I could think after reading part of this normal thread turned bizarre was, wow... Sometimes it's best to step away from the tap... Thanks for sharing the DeSoto btw @ original poster
  10. I think this is the one Peter was referring to if you need the link: Item # 333714396383 https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-1936-56-PLYMOUTH-DODGE-FRONT-MOTOR-MOUNT-DPCD-637426-ALL-6-CYLINDER/333714396383?hash=item4db2ed94df:g:g64AAOSwZxZebweH For foot pedal try: Item # 174112772306
  11. I miss the old AE cottage cheese and chip dip... Good deal for someone, hopefully it finds a good home. Thanks for sharing it.
  12. I have been amazed at how many of our (so called) fellow countrymen have grown forgetful about 9-11 and complacent to what liberty and justice even mean. Remember when the country rallied around first responders without a second thought? Now with the talk of defunding police forces being so prominent it's like we've time warped into a bizarre world of chaos and on the verge of who knows what... it's encouraging to see others aren't oblivious to our recent history and still remember the sacrifice of so many. God Bless all those who have had to endure the loss of a loved one on tha
  13. Looks a lot like the 37 or maybe 38 Pontiac
  14. 1934 and 1935 https://www.t137.com/registry/help/otherengines/tengines.html With similar stamp that's in this photo. Engine will start with a T. Number will be located on pad below the head towards the front drivers side. Rob, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
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