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  1. Agreed... How hard is it to look at a page, find your interest, then click what you want? There really isn't even any scrolling as some have implied... it's all right in from of us. If you don't want to view the humor section you don't have to scroll down.. It's right there, just click general instead of humor. Not that hard people. Peter, if you make it any simpler, you'll be doing our clicking for us. I was away for a while and when I came back I noticed the changes and found everything pretty quick. I understand why some have a hard time but I doubt that's the
  2. I'll get flamed for this but oh well... what else is new.. Can't please everyone. The ole timers (those who hate change, myself included) expect simplicity with a point and shoot method that we are all used to when visiting a site that we've grown so accustomed to. I get it.. trust me I do.. However, those of us who are still in the work force look at this and laugh because of the simplicity compared to what we're used to dealing with in the corporate world now days (the phrase suck it up buttercup comes to mind). Finding things on the board is not a challen
  3. BTT still in need of two original parts mentioned in first post. Thanks for any leads
  4. And who can forget the moving service that were available at the time...
  5. Driver: "I'm not sure ladies... I know they were in their seats when we left" Ahh the good ole days when parents could care less... (Disclaimer... Yes I know it isn't the 70s.. who cares, it applies!)
  6. Didn't realize the first low rider was introduced by such pigmentally challenged youngsters...
  7. Our idea of overprotection and the emergence of the first hand held device that put us on the couch..
  8. This is what the pause button on our video games looked like...
  9. wow, you guys had shingles?? ..... we had plywood for our roofs... still picking splinters out of my a*$...
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