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  1. Not sure where it would be on the T141. My guess would be on one of the sides somewhere similar to the original photo in post #1 of the T71 tranny. Thanks for your input Rich. Helpful as always 👍
  2. I agree ! “ Doxing ” is the process of searching the internet for information about someone, and then publishing that information in order to embarrass or spite the target. Neither of which has happened here... The Buick guys recently lost a good man who used to rebuild rare brass carburetors and someone here on the AACA forums asked if anyone in the neighborhood could check to see if it was legit. The original poster didn't know he had passed on but was not getting a response and was wanting answers so he posted the gentleman's name, phone # and PO Box. Turned out he lived a few blocks from me so I investigated and a neighbor did confirm he had passed on and the family members were in the process of returning everyone's carbs as fast as possible. At no point was it considered doxing. In the internet age and with forums like the AACA where guys are constantly looking for parts or quality work on rare parts from ole timers who are literally a dying breed, I believe we will see a lot more of this type of personal information publicized so the buyer can get answers. Under this guise it is not considered doxing. With that said, I'd still use caution and exhaust all avenues out of sheer respect if anything else.
  3. Am I the only one who finds it odd that his ad has a photo of it on the building but yet he doesn't know what building it came off of AND he doesn't even provide a photo of the actual piece? Kelsey and Motor Wheels buildings had similar items on the exterior of the original buildings...
  4. Neither are DeSoto from what I can tell. The one on the left appears to be 1929-31 Dodge Brothers DA6 cars and trucks and may fit other models as well. See this link and thread under what is it for further explanation of applications.
  5. Hi Bob, welcome to the forum Okay, now you know you can't tease us like that so how about you start a new thread on your Victory so others can learn from it. Would love to see what it looks like. Regards Dave
  6. Hey John, I also wanted to add some other numbers that may help you in remedying the problem with the MC. These are Wagner Lockheed original numbers: Hose assembly is FC1098 Master Cylinder FD1444 Front Wheel Assembly FC1235 Rear Wheel Assembly FC1234 Recommendation: Just make sure your rebuild kit that you order is clearly for the FD1444 and make sure your MC is stamped as such or you may have issues. Some guys will sell on sites like eBay while advertising that it will fit your application, but make darn sure the box is clearly marked or do your due diligence to research the parts are correct and in good condition before buying (not dry rotted etc..). BTW, I wish I had 14 year old eyes and legs again but I digress... Wearing cheaters is such a pain in the neck and that cracking noise when I stoop to get up is something new ..🙄
  7. According to my Wagner Lockheed 1938 catalog Master cylinder should be stamped FD1444 for the Wagner Lockheed barrel type. Only shared with the 1930 70 the 77 and the 1930 66 models as far as I can tell...
  8. Recently used my local guy at Sunwest. Great work at a more than fair price for what they have to deal with... If you're ever in the Phoenix metro area and need a radiator work done, go to Sunwest Transmissions and Radiators. Been there for years and as far as I know will be there for many more decades (according to the folks I spoke with). https://sunwesttrans.com/
  9. I just wonder what kind of drugs would cause such a physical and mental malfunction.. Never seizes to amaze me what's out there. I'm a purist at heart but I think some of these guys who do quality patina work are artists (at times, not all of them). Would liked to have heard the funny sales pitch the salesman conjured up to move this Buick.. What are some of the bad faux or patina jobs you've seen?
  10. Rich, curious to know if your case is stamped T141 on your 128 ? Or, Do you have any photos of your case from a side view showing the numbers ? Looks very similar except for the top cap.
  11. If no response here you may want to create another thread in this DB section asking the DB passenger car guys if they recognize it or if they would be willing to share scans of their parts books. Maybe word the thread something like "DB Passenger Car Transmission ID HELP NEEDED" and I'd bet you'd have better success. Just my opinion... I say that because I often wonder if car guys on here that see the word "truck" in the heading may just pass on by and not read it. I seemed to recall a guy named Rich on here that has a 124 or 128.. maybe he'll see it and chime in. He was very willing to share scans from his parts list book in regards to the 1/2 ton truck that I had previously.
  12. Just to give you an idea, this is the type of bone yards some of us have access to but need to know what we are looking for. Notice in the top middle of this photo there are a few engines and manifolds scattered. Recognize anything ? This is a very small sample of what his 80 acres looks like...
  13. Have a photo of one incase one of us recognizes it in a bone yard ? Is this it ?
  14. Now I'd be curious to know if it fit all Canadian made 1939 Plymouth models or a specific model (my OCD is kicking in)… Congrats on finding it. 😎