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  1. no idea.. guess I should stay away from these types of posts since I know nothing about the 12v cars/earlier equipment. I was only asking for the benefit of the viewing audience incase someone out there may need it. It would be helpful to post pics of condition as well. Anyone interested will need to see condition before making a fair offer. Good luck
  2. 30DodgePanel

    Dodge and Graham Brothers truck data needed

    Can you post photos of both sides of your engine please Jay ?
  3. 30DodgePanel

    Senior Six Questions for Car and Truck guys

    Do any of you car guys have a passenger car MPB that I can ask a question of ? In regards to Cylinder head gaskets for Senior Six's, part # 200316, do you show that part # "UP TO" engine IS-21,189 or anything close to that engine number ?
  4. 30DodgePanel

    Continental 6 cylinder used in Dodge Brothers Senior Six

    Going back to your #2 post. This has plagued me since you posted it... and I apologize for flying over it too quickly. Probably could have saved us all a lot of headache if I would have comprehended it initially. Referring back to the Dodge Brothers Club article work compiled by Bruce K Brown and John C Bittence: According to the article for Senior Sixes, on 8/23/1927 at Serial # IS-21,182 there was a new color for the Sedan. Here's where it gets interesting.. on that same day it shows Serial # being at #IS-21,277 for a change to cylinder head (on this day at least 95 units were produced). At Serial # IS-21,277 (*or engine #11,277 in reality*) it states, "Cylinder head gets 16% clearance volume. Dealers to install these on existing cars "as rapidly as possible". This does not conflict with cylinder heads designed for high altitudes". 2249s were dogs according to early reports so was this a way of sneaking in performance on the fly ? Keep in mind that the engine serial number sequence for the Dodge Senior Six started on 5/12/1927 at # IS-10000 so this change took place somewhere between IS-11,182 and IS-11,277 (there's your 11,889 misprint should be 11,189) in reality since it began counting at IS-10,000 for engine number sequence. Matching exhaust and intake #s on Senior and Trucks coincide with Continental #'s ( V-533 exhaust and V534N intake but no conrod data for Continental which you've mentioned). My bet is King has a misprint, received it wrong from DB data or Continental gave wrong data in the translation somewhere and added to the confusion. Based on this I think we can surmise that 12M was indeed the Continental engine used in the original Senior Six 2249 up until engine #IS-21,189 (11,189 in reality). After engine #IS- 21,189 later in the year on 12/06/1927 sometime after engine #24,081 the new Dodge Senior Six engines labeled 2251 were showing up in sales folders suggesting better performance (having already been in place without public knowledge since August). On 1/02/1928 the new 2251 officially begins production (with a few other DB tweaks) and the change takes place officially from Continentals 12M (2249) to Continentals 14M (2251 which then later becomes labeled 2252 by Chrysler for the Senior Six with a couple other DB tweaks). Maybe you have been saying this all along... if so, my apologies... I have to walk through it to see it sometimes. In talking to others in the DBC this is the first time seeing an effort to prove the Continental engine and next I'll try and prove how the production of truck and car engines coincide in regards to engine numbers for both. Were they produced in sequence and if so how since Car prefix began with IS and Truck began with GB. More questions, again...but I had to find the Continental engine before I could even tackle that aspect of it. Also, just making note here that Selden Unit 37 has the Continental listed as 12C according to the March King 36 catalog I have so for now, I'm going to put that to the side with a note (as the valves and other info does not match anyway). Now ? For now it's over and out again as I look for any new data/photos on 12M and 14M via Continental literature....
  5. 30DodgePanel

    Continental 6 cylinder used in Dodge Brothers Senior Six

    I guess at this point my best option would be to compare photos (as you mentioned) but with what ? As you know spending thousands on literature is a reality that I'm trying to avoid in hopes of finding that needle in a haystack article/advertisement etc... with no guarantee I'll even find anything. I have only accumulated approximately 200 catalogs and magazines and countless articles and saved photos and am grasping at straws everywhere at this point. Example, I have a 1928 NACC Handbook of Autos coming just to see if there is anything inside it showing the Seldon truck mentioned before that may be a match to the Senior Six design. I don't like buying copies for obvious reasons so investing in factory lit of the time period is a concern for my budget. Not complaining,... being on a fixed income currently it makes it difficult to stock pile what is needed in this situation. Truly thank you for your help Bud. This is a very good direction and at least gives me a much better insight on where I may need to focus my attention. For now,,, over and out ! Until something new comes along. Regards, Dave
  6. 30DodgePanel

    Vintage Tools for completing the tool bag wanted

    I could be wrong, but the jack looks like a Auto Specialties drednaut 951 with a square tang that matches the jack handle tip. Might be an oval tang on both though... hard to tell from photo..
  7. 30DodgePanel

    Vintage Tools for completing the tool bag wanted

    I have 3, 5, 6, and 9 but I'd like to know measurements to be sure they are correct so I don't waste your time. Have the jack handle too but sounds like you don't need that one...
  8. 30DodgePanel

    Stromberg carb UX2

    Location ?
  9. 30DodgePanel

    FOUND! Last 1931 DB wire wheel hub cap needed....

    Just came up Ebay item # 254026087247 if anyone needs a nice set like these : No affiliation Maybe Jack would like to pass them along to the new owner ? (although I'm not sure if it's an 8...)
  10. 30DodgePanel

    Ohio: Warner's Salvage Yard, Mt. Sterling

    69 Electra... now that's passion 👍 We all know how you feel whether it's a 69 or a 29.. Very cool that you're enjoying it to this extent. Kudos to you !
  11. 30DodgePanel

    Texas: Browne Auto Salvage in Sunset

    Any pre-war stuff ?
  12. 30DodgePanel

    30's dodge truck VIN question

    I'll see if Eric knows.... he's the main culprit that put the Registry together for trucks. My god, with out him, where would we be ? Seriously....
  13. 30DodgePanel

    Continental 6 cylinder used in Dodge Brothers Senior Six

    Linking is the easiest part. Simply put your mouse over the address window and right click. Then click Copy. Then come back to this site page or other work that you are doing and right click again. Then paste. Once you do it once or twice it will be like clockwork for you as a research nut. Great site btw and thanks for sharing it with us. Very valid point as it does appear to suggest the fact that someone else had built it as opposed to the DB engineers designing it. Further proof ? Seems to suggest that... As for no match for 5489; I am shocked that all other engines that are supplied to other car makers of the time are listed but not the Dodge Brothers. I understand your point about "not for public trade" but why would they make it known for all other makers and not for Dodges ? Strange...
  14. 30DodgePanel

    FOUND! Last 1931 DB wire wheel hub cap needed....

    NOS ? Holy cannoli ! The car gods are looking down on you for sure. Good score 👍
  15. 30DodgePanel

    1929 Fargo Packet 1/2 ton Pick Up

    Hi Wes, very nice truck and piece of Chrysler history. Thanks for sharing with us. About a week or so ago I was in contact with another Dodge Brother/Friend via email. He had come across a Dodge Brothers Merchant Express version with this same custom bed in a Craigslist ad. The only difference was the other one had two shortened metal back doors (like a panel truck) so the driver could exit the cab into the bed directly for unloading (newspapers, fruit … ?), it did not look homemade. We did not save any photos unfortunately and the ad has since vanished but the truck was listed in a Hartford CT Craigslist section if I recall correctly. The bed rails were wood and the tailgate looked exact to what is shown. At the time, I looked through all the factory literature and sales information that I have but had found no match. Very unique design to say the least. As my friend said to me recently when I shared this thread with him showing your truck : "what are the chances that two trucks have this same exact bed design" ? I believe yours to be an original custom design. If we find the link or photos of it again I'll post them here for comparison. Worth every penny of your asking price in my view. Very, very rare bird. Regards Dave