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  1. That rig looks, for all the world, like a tail-wagging, front-end lifting, steering-minimized "Fish-Tail" accident just waiting to happen. Conversely, U-Haul wants to "Inspect" my 2500 Series Suburban with the 8.1L engine before renting me a trailer to move my grandson from Louisiana to Illinois to start grad school, the same one used regularly to transport our 30 ft enclosed car hauler with a Packard, Cadillac, or vintage Roadmaster Phaeton along with thousands of pounds of gear, supply, tools, spare tires, etc. Additionally, their equipment only offers "Surge" braking and will not accep
  2. While the lines, and the wheels surely suggested Bugatti, an elephant mascot might have seemed out of place, given the sleek, smaller nature of this sporty example
  3. I also used the OEM factory equivalent on the LT-1 in our '95 Fleetwood, but from AutoZone (closer to home - good warranty), and used DexCool - no particular reason, other than it worked well for the previous 20+ years from new, with change/flush at 4 year intervals. I imagine that with a good complete flush, any good quality universal type would be fine, but costs were similar, so I stuck with DexCool If it ain't broke .... We're looking at 98 degrees tomorrow, and a heat index of 114 here in the Big Easy, betcha' Wichita Falls isn't a whole bunch cooler
  4. Is it like that on both sides? Is there a difference between tops for Super and Special series cars? Is it possible that you have a top for a smaller series car?
  5. Place your mouse over the start of your header line, Click, Type "SOLD" click out of your ad that should work
  6. One of the guys in the Monmouth (NJ) College Sports Car Club worked for a dealership which sold the TVR - around 1964-ish? British car with big Ford engine? ZERO to 60 in 3.6 seconds ??
  7. Mine was an Orange Crate, a couple of 2x4s, and roller skates right after dad returned from his WWII service in the South Pacific. I was four years old - money was non-existant, he was a SeaBee and could build or repair anything. I had a pair of goggles and became Barney Oldfield. Next came a 24" 2-wheeler, blue with chrome fenders and a bell, light, and horn. I didn't know until much later that dad had pulled it from somebody's trash, restored it, and made it better than new! When delivering three (3) newspaper routes for the Newark Star-Ledger and the Elizabeth Daily Journal, as we
  8. Good choice - That was the Hertz Rental Car version- I recall renting one, and had to submit to a tutorial and a test even though I already had my SCCA Driver ticket
  9. Remember voting for "Miss Rheingold beer" every year?, XK-140 Jag at 1:24, what might be a '57 Caddy 2-door hardtop at 1:36, and a '57 Mercury wagon at 1:37 and 2:17 and how about Bert & Harry - the Piel's brothers for Piel's Beer (played by the comedy team of Bob and Ray)? Or the Sheafer Driver singing the Sheafer jingle: Sheafer, Is the, One beer to have, when you're having more than one ...
  10. Off-topic With various bands over the years (1953 - 1967 or so), I played just about all of these places/palaces (except for the White Lake Mansion House), and dozens of others - both summertime, and weekends for the rest of the year. https://untappedcities.com/2017/10/05/10-abandoned-resorts-from-the-borscht-belt-in-catskills-new-york/ As a young kid in the 1940s and very early 1950s, much of our extended family rented rooms at Hasbrouk Manor, owned by the Lasky brothers of theater fame, next door to the Hardenberg? dairy farm just up the Navesink (Neversink?) River
  11. That is a lot of car for not too bad money- Wonder if everything is functional, including A/C and Autronic Eye?
  12. And more Tom: For full articles and pictures: http://blog.modernmechanix.com/tag/mccahill/ Mechanix Illustrated Issue: Nov, 1954 Posted in: Automotive Tags: auto safety, Tom McCahill Posted: 09/28/2012 2 Comments On TOM McCAHILL SAYS: “We Can Stop The Highway Slaughter!” (Nov, 1954) TOM McCAHILL SAYS: “We Can Stop the Highway Slaughter!” (Nov, 1954) . Mechanix Illust
  13. More "Uncle" Tom McCahill: Cadillac V-8 (Feb, 1931) MI Tests the German Porsche (Jul, 1952) CADILLAC (Oct, 1931) MI Tests The Studillac (Nov, 1953) MI Tests the 1951 Kaiser Special (May, 1950)
  14. More "Uncle" Tom McCahill: Cadillac V-8 (Feb, 1931) MI Tests the German Porsche (Jul, 1952) CADILLAC (Oct, 1931) MI Tests The Studillac (Nov, 1953) MI Tests the 1951 Kaiser Special (May, 1950)
  15. More McCahill: Mechanix Illustrated Issue: Aug, 1954 Posted in: Automotive Tags: auto reviews, Cadillac, Tom McCahill Posted: 10/05/2012 2 Comments On MI Tests The ’54 Cadillac (Aug, 1954) MI Tests the ’54 Cadillac (Aug, 1954) Related posts:
  16. A bit more to brighten your day: Editorial: In Praise of . . . Tom McCahill By Jim Sutherland on July 7, 2009 There are many great reasons to be happy to be a Baby Boomer. We may be getting old but we misspent our youth in some great decades. We had the iconic cars and lots of drive-ins for a custom fit with an increasingly relaxed moral code. We only had AM radio, but it played some of the best music ever heard in a car. But mostly we (or at least I) had Tom McCahill. Tom McCahill was a god to me; the guy who made me glad that I’d learned how
  17. Nice, the way the paint, and the chrome/stainless trim on the trailer is intended to follow that of the Buick wagon
  18. Having originals on two of our cars, I can appreciate what goes into these. Quality costs ... Our originals have the "Bubble Leveling Glass" used for aiming. Do you also offer that option?
  19. Maybe the quality of the photograph does not show the tire tread? I see smooth tires on some One & Two Cylinder and larger very early Pre-'10s
  20. A great and beautiful car, obviously well-loved and well-used- could be a fun tour/driver
  21. Do they really have this SUPER ESTATE WAGON listed as a "COMPACT"?
  22. Same trim and options as the one my father ordered new in September, 1956 as the 1957 (Suddenly It's 1960) Plymouth Savoy with "Sportone" trim, 301 ci V-8 and Power-Flyte 2-speed automatic transmission. Ours was a black car with white roof and white on the lower body portion below the trim. Attempting to appear more sporty, Dad had our radio antenna installed at the left rear, alongside the base of the rear windshield, with a nicely raked angle. We managed a speed in excess of 100 mph on a flat straight stretch of Highway 52 between Woodbourne and Ellenville, NY, near the old Tamar
  23. That may well be, but it is a true story
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