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  1. Old-timers, and specifically my late friend Willie Guillot, a First Class machinist, used to tell me that it should be free to "WALK", and not be locked into a fixed position
  2. Neil, Yes, the 3rd from the right in the 2nd row (left of the '48? Studebaker) looks like a '46-'48 Not positive per the '41 Limited facing right ahead of the white/black- per 1st row, look at 3rd from the left, next to bullet-nosed Studebaker - could be a post-war Buick based on the grille? I agree per the Zephyr/Lincoln coupe and yes, the car in the 5th row next to the Buick may be a '46-48 Nash Time for cafe'-au-Lait, or maybe even an adult beverage
  3. First check for spark at the ignition points: 1. remove the distributor cap 1A. use a piece of cardboard, matchbook cover, or a points file to clean both surfaces of the points 1B. if you see a cone shaped buildup, file or replace the points 2. rotate engine so that points are closed (making contact between the two parts 3. with a Non-conducting item, such as a plastic or wooden object, and ignition "ON", separate the points contacts 4. you should see a little spark at that surface 5. if no spark, look to see if there i
  4. All very solid suggestions , so another question- Would backflushing with EvapoRust be any significant benefit? My '37 Roadmaster runs cool with a 160 stat, but will heat to the max if left running during a fuel- fillup/bladder-emptying stop (goes with the age of the car & Driver?) I appreciate your answers to Bill, especially for the next time I borrow his Model-A to frighten Canadian Cattle- a story for another time.
  5. An early Franklin, such as my former 1917 Model 9A Touring, in addition to the full elliptic springs, achieved part of that silky ride as as result of a very compliant chassis, which was constructed of laminated second growth ash. Another factor was the extensive use of their aluminum body (not the fenders) and aluminum crankcase. Franklin was a lightweight car for the overall size.
  6. Wow !! Two in the first row, none in the second row, One headed toward the right (white /black roof), and possible a '41 Limited ahead and to the left of it? A '46? and a '52 in the 3rd row, 2nd from right in 5th row then my eyes crossed and I headed to the kitchen for a stiff cuppa' coffee and chickory- Thanks, Neil
  7. That '56 Century convertible is one I'd love to have in our garage if a comparable Roadmaster were unavailable. We have visited the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island several times, and once reenacted the scene from the movie "Somewhere in Time" which was filmed there with Bud Jonas' 1910 Oakland. Our 1912 Oakland was at the dock in Mackinac City. Motor vehicles are not permitted on Michigan's Mackinac Island, a great place to visit. Thanks, Elpad, for a great memory.
  8. Thanks Lamar, The saddle shoes, rolled up dungarees, cutie on a Buick convertible, and 1955 license plate say it all- Hail to my Teen Years
  9. Great to see younger people who appreciate vintage Buicks
  10. Great looking car, and excellent appearance, - if I didn't already have my white '54 Caddy convertible I would be considering this one- love the colors
  11. You might check with Doug Seybold as he probably has the answer. I just sent off a pair of sliding (telescoping?) supports to him for overhaul
  12. Sweet ! At least a 3-fer Black '56 Special sedan is obvious, but 4th car to it's right is a '53, then if you look over the right rear of the '55 Chevy wagon 2nd car to the left of the '56, there appears to be maybe a '50 Special 4-door
  13. I could be wrong, but thought that Type A was the originally correct fluid for Dynaflow Any thoughts?
  14. Rube Goldberg would stand up and applaud Well done !!
  15. Thank You Old -Tank, and thank you and your trumpet section for your participation. My grandson also offered his rendition from his home in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Just this month he graduated college, Magna Cum Laude, as a trumpet performance major, and will go on to work toward his Masters in Music at Western Illinois University. Amazing how such a simple tune, 24 simple notes, evokes such emotion - especially in those of us who choose to offer our rendition, think back to the real meaning behind the memory By the way, have you ever done the "Echo" TAPS ? a
  16. TAPS ACROSS AMERICA - May 25, 2020 at 3:00 PM CST Marty Roth - (and emotion affected quality of play) HONORING THOSE FALLEN IN THE DEFENSE OF OUR COUNTRY ALL GAVE SOME- SOME GAVE ALL Thankful for my father Albert Roth’s safe return from WWII Pacific Theater while while others were not spared- Remembering Albert Roth SeaBees- 6th Special Battalion 1943-1946
  17. MEMORIAL DAY- SOME GAVE ALL, Not much I can add to the expressed sentiments, other than to include the following, which was included as part of the "TAPS ACROSS AMERICA" today at 3:00 PM local time. Our grandson who graduated college Magna Cum Laude on May 8th sounded TAPS in Natchitoches, Louisiana as he prepares to start graduate school at Western Illinois University where he has been awarded the position of Graduate Teaching Assistant while working toward his Masters Degree: TAPS ACROSS AMERICA - May 25, 2020 1 3:00 PM CST Marty Roth -
  18. I received an email stating that a survey would be coming - But have not received it yet. I have vended at the same Chocolate field spaces CG 32, 33, 34 (near lightpost 58) continuously since 1984
  19. Well, we did drive the unrestored 13,xxx mile1937 Roadmaster convertible sedan today, Sunday, May 24th, 2020. The car drove beautifully, although at one point we thought there might be a tire problem - turned out it was just the road, beat up by heavy trucks and causing vibration which disappeared after reaching the next area. Our local Lagniappe Chapter of Louisiana Region AACA is based in Houma, about an hour southwest of New Orleans, so we have an almost 60 mile drive just to get to meetings, or today's starting point, an extra 120 miles extra round trip. The club m
  20. Matt, I would look at the difference in construction and air opressure in the tires. The Buick "should" ride at least as well as the Packard, and likely better. Maybe the Buick has "enhanced" springs, incorrect shocks, too much tire pressure?
  21. I like the car, but really prefer to drive- We plan a 200 mile round trip this coming Sunday with our local club- New Orleans to Houma, and then south through Dulac to Cocodrie for lunch at Sportsmans', then to the concrete sculpture garden in Chauvin, returning to Houma and then the 50 miles home again. Daughter and son-in-law/Chapter President in their car ('88 BMW 528e) Son and daughter-in- law with us in the '37 Roadmaster Phaeton - hopefully top-down
  22. Yes, John, there are possible complications to essentially every part of this wonderful country. Our last flood damage here in Metairie, an suburb of New Orleans, was August, 2005 when Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast but political stupidity caused flooding here 4 days after the storm. The later-jailed council president kept evacuated police, fire EMS, and Pump station operators away for a week. In nearby jurisdictions, firefighters broke into the pumping stations and saved entire neighborhoods. The gigantic drainage pumps here in Metairie lost their air-lock and Lake Pontchartrain
  23. Aside from the obvious Buick Special 2-door hardtop in front of the Studebaker sedan noted beyond the hood of the brand new 1958 Pontiac Bonnieville sporting a temporary tag in the rear window, as one searches the photo's far center left, a 1958 Buick 2-door hardtop is noted facing the "wrong" way and partly up on the curb
  24. The charming young ladies in the Roadmaster convertible, possibly arriving at Pan American World Airways' Miami PAN AM sea plane terminal/base in Coconut Grove, FL, Might likely have been each carrying a small FLIGHT BAG like the one I recently uncovered in our garage while making use of our "Stay-at-Home" CoVid-19 time.
  25. I would offer MARKET VALUE and/or to the CHARITY OF HIS CHOICE- It seems the "right" thing to do
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