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  1. Good option- We have parking lights always on together with headlights, both high and low beam, on our '37 Roadmaster
  2. Everything we have has gone through the ranks, some only after making the series of award recognition, and others prior to being shown - but ALL ARE DRIVERS, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE !! 1915 Hudson earned her First Junior, Senior, First and Repeat Preservations under prior care of Fred Long in the 1950s thru 1980s, and now tours 1930 Packard - we took her through the show sequence from First Junior to Preservation, but toured the whole time, and we still do 1937 Buick - earned HPOF, as well as Original while continuing to tour - Bought in 2009 with 7,xxx miles and now w
  3. Your high beams are most likely of relatively modest brightness, especially when compared to most modern vehicles. I sincerely doubt any other driver could be even temporarily impaired by their intensity, nor their aim. After all, your vintage headlights are not high-intensity LED with computer-designed aimed reflectors. I also anticipate that your hours and location of night driving would be of minimal consequence to others. On the other hand, if the switch were to act up again in another 96 years, it could be up to a younger, more flexible caretaker to tackle the ticklish (tickle
  4. Nice pic- and one of the "Hounds" could be a ringer for Fala, FDR's pooch, and be Era-correct for when he served as Secretary of the Navy
  5. Despite the need for only a Mini-Gathering- only local / immediate family, son & daughter and their spouses (speece? - our in-laws), and son's mother-in-law, the turkey, ham, sweet potato pie, potato casserole, broccoli-cheese casserole, home made bread, breading/stuffing, gravy, apple pie, TWO types of pumpkin pie, iced tea, wine, football games on TV, everything was excellent No political arguments (all in agreement)
  6. PCH ? We have traveled most of the length of the PCH with our '63 Impala & '54 Cadillac convertibles- Also covered the full length of the Blue Ridge Parkway with the '41 Cadillac convertible, and other vintage cars, driving Tail of the Dragon Going to the Sun Road (Glacier National Park) Columbia River Gorge Beartooth Highway (Northeast from Yellowstone) And the great River Road from Lake Itasca in Minnesota all the way to Venice , Louisiana - down-river from New Orleans, Only did segments of: Route 66 Lincoln Highway (Times Squ
  7. Noticed someone passing him on the shoulder of the road?
  8. Getting Chicken Pox as an adult may affect your ability to procreate
  9. Yes, that was our Hydraulic D-Series, and if I hooked to the trailer using an Equalizer Hitch, I cold remove BOTH rear wheels and drive . That was also the model featured in the movie "Day of the Jackal" where an attempt on the life of Charles DeGaulle was thwarted by the Citroen's ability to be driven at great speed even on four blown (shot-out) tires.
  10. Maybe part of the trouble with google - there is no raised land like that picture here in the New Orleans area 😐 Sure, we have our issues - who doesn't - but we deal with what we have, and if life deals you rain, Pat O'Brien's (the location of my Bachelor Party back in 1969) makes their own style of "HURRICANE" : Light Rum Dark Rum Jerro's Red Passion Fruit Cocktail MIx Ice Slice of Orange Served in a tall Hurricane Lamp Glass while sitting in a dueling-Piano Bar sharing Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads Wishing all a
  11. Nope - no Buick, at least not at that time, but it did happen later. She drove an almost new '67 Toyota Crown station wagon (Maybe a luxury dream of a Chevy II Knock-off?) Overhead Cam Straight-Six, Stick with Overdrive, and her father (a Pharmacist) had an Olds 88, the Boat and "Weekend Palace", a fantastic "camp" at Grand Isle, LA (barrier Island at the Gulf of Mexico) for off-shore fishing, skiing, shrimping, and generally good times. We eventually bought a new Buick, among other things, but traded the Toyota for a Citroen DS-21, later a series of Citroen models including the C
  12. Humidity, as well as heat are a way of life here in New Orleans, so "just put down the top" is NOT an acceptable solution - especially when travelling cross-country on the interstates. While not a Buick, our '54 Cadillac convertible brought us to the same decisions you face. Our solution was to buy a complete set-up from Vintage Air with the under-dash version, and modern style Sanden-type compressor, and the to source a correct factory bracket appropriate to our engine family (new model but same block design. Vintage Air supplied an adapter between the bracket and the compressor, and we
  13. So --- If you get Chicken Pox as a kid you get sick, but if you get it as an adult, you don't get kids? We both had Chicken Pox as kids, saw my wife's Dad suffer with shingles, and both have now had the Shingrix vaccine shots, hoping that prevention is the best cure
  14. That pic looks more like the result of west coast rain landslides. Yeah, we get hurricanes here, and also had them in Jersey, but unlike a tornado - with hurricanes at least you have a couple of days to decide to stay or to get out of the way- but that wasn't the reason for moving here- As you might expect, the real reason was a fantastic woman, great at waterskiing, fishing, off-shore boat handling, hand-thrown pottery, tour/rallye directions & driving, and after better than 51 years, it was still one of the best decisions I ever made !
  15. Honey, Sweetie, Dear, would you please check the TOUR DIRECTIONS one more time? I'd prefer that you not get the trophy for "Most Lost Navigator" again ! And when we got to that tricky intersection, yelling "Turn Right Here ! - Left !" --- No, I wasn't really mad at you (mutter, mutter, mutter)...
  16. New Jersey ? Wait -- Is that one of the reasons I moved FROM New Jersey? Maybe it was because of what else New Orleans offers: Great Food Hardly ever snow (maybe once every 20 years - and then just a dusting) Great Food Drive convertibles ALL YEAR LONG - top-down Great Food Great Music - even on the streetcorners, and I've played trumpet and trombone with some of the best over the years Great Food No need to "Winterize" antique cars (or any others unless you travel north) Great Food Some of the nicest folks anywhere Great
  17. Andrew, My 1954 convertible came with the spare's small black cap (as did our '52 convertible) - still have the cap. The cap is held to the spare in the trunk by a pair of spring clips which go through the spare's center registration hole. It is dome-shaped, and has a hole large enough to allow a finger to be inserted, allowing the cap to be pulled from the spare. My guess is that it keeps "unsightly" center section from view, as well as any dirt around lug area?
  18. I had strongly considered buying Buddy Walton's Cadillac, and already owned the spare '29 chassis, fenders, and steering assembly with an eye (but maybe not the budget) toward building a speedster. I recall the Caddy's paint falling off in sheets. I also looked seriously at buying Buddy's '29 Packard 640 Dual Cowl Phaeton, but was aware of a series of problem areas. It went to a couple of tri-five Chevy brothers, and then to another gent who commissioned a full restoration, got a First AACA Junior at Charlotte, and (as I recall) then sold the car. Buddy and another friend once borr
  19. Agree with Matt's note- That is exactly what I did with my '27 Chevy's oil pump- and it restored oil pressure to above factory specs, even when hot and at extreme slow idle (got it staying smooth even down to 225 RPM)
  20. Same "issue" with our 1966 Barracuda, our daughter's first car, with the 225 ci slant six and 3-speed Torque-Flyte
  21. Beautiful car in amazing condition, missing only the black center "hubcap" for the spare tire, and these are available as reproduction in the aftermarket, as well as used.
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