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  1. Hey Junior, run on down to Dollar General and bring back half-a-dozen Rattle-Cans, and a six-pack of Long-Necks
  2. Maybe they should have , and back in the day, I was a fan of the Turnpike Cruiser Skirts By the way, I always liked the Coral and White color combination on a '56 Roadmaster convertible, but Red and White would be just fine, thank you Santa Claus.
  3. The '59 at the far curb almost eluded me- dig the fins !
  4. My former 34-57 had sidemounts and the fit was tight, but I really like the "look". Decreasing air pressure allowed to install, and then increased the pressure again. Also, I carry an inflator/jump-box so it is never an issue. I've seen cars with both the built-in trunk and a luggage rack, and also with an accessory trunk, because you can never have too many tools, spare parts, and extras for she who must be considered. I'm not up on specific judging standards for this model, so if that is your goal then be aware, but if your own pleasure is the goal, I think it would look great. Whatever you decide, that is a beautiful body style - good luck !
  5. Mark, I'd love to have yours- If only I had the garage space to properly keep and maintain it ! ... and didn't your daughter (?) already claim the canoe? I want that, too !
  6. As I recall, they were already rusting on the dock at the Port of Entry- Driving actually reduced the potential for rust on the undercarriage, due to the many potential and actual leaks coating many surfaces. Of course they are great fun to drive- the "Poor Man's" Ferrari ! The name "FIAT" is actually an acronym, "Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino" but many figured it really meant "Fix It Again, Tony"
  7. We had a 1980 Fiat Strada, and took it, brand new on a month-long vacation circumnavigating the "West". Other than adding a good stereo and tape player, replacing the catalytic converter and a stretched throttle cable in the first 2,000 miles, it was a pretty good little 5-door hatchback with a serious sunroof. I totalled it when it hydroplaned on an elevated section of I-10, making it 3 feet shorter front and back than its already diminutive size before it had a chance to rust away.
  8. I also have a "Backup" momentary button switch for the starter on the '37 Roadmaster. When vacuum is minimal, such as accelerating in 3rd gear from an almost dead-stop, such as a "YIELD" sign (Yeah - I sometimes ge lazy because the 320 has so much torque), I have had the starter attempt to engage - and that is a quick reminder to lift off the gas pedal, and to shift
  9. Visited very briefly with Ralph Marano, Randy Ema stopped by my spaces - looked at a couple of parts, but weren't right for him, Spent a little time with Steve Bono and Fred Hoch, Got to visit with Walt Gosden for too short a time- It was a smaller, but enjoyable week
  10. I can too, and have done so many times, but sometimes having dependable backup isn't a bad thing. ... a dash cam when somebody else does something stupid, like when we got broadsided on the interstate, ... reviving a dead cellphone in the middle of nowhere, ... having the ability to help the other guy, I don't need these things, but appreciate the ability when they come in handy.
  11. I do use a Dash Cam. Some of my 6-Volt cars have an inline power inverter, changing 6V negative, or 6V positive voltage to the current standard of 12V negative.With this setup, I can drive cross country using a DashCam, GPS, cellphone charger, tire/raft, basketball inflation device, radar detector, coffee warmer, and just about any other appliances. An easy alternative is to use your 12V “Jumper Box”. It will likely last all week long powering a cellular phone or GoPro type device, but can easily be recharged, even in your motel room. Life is easy with the right support.
  12. We expect to be there, but haven't yet decided which of our Glidden-Era cars to register. We've been driving Glidden Tours since 1990, missed just a few because of work or hurricanes, and are looking forward to this one. Originally from New Jersey, one of my high school classmates is a former mayor of Princeton. Here’s the Badge Bar Medallion for this year’s 2021 Glidden Tour in Saratoga Springs, New York - a fantastic event planned by Bill Preston and his committees
  13. I still have not been able to put my hands on the Step Plates - will keep looking when I get back home from Hershey, and will hopefully post pictures and dimensions, but I'll have all my other parts at my spaces: CHOCOLATE FIELD CG 32-33-34
  14. I'll have all my parts at my spaces: CHOCOLATE FIELD CG 32-33-34
  15. I'll have all my parts at my spaces: CHOCOLATE FIELD CG 32-33-34
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