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  1. Hello, not far from my home there was a car find, a barn find. They will all be for sale, there is a magnificent 1961 Cadillac , then French and English cars. Here is the link
  2. Hello, I was advised this forum. They will help you I think
  3. There is no problem , I ask and I will keep you informed if I can help you with your renault
  4. Yes I also find that this video is very well done and he knows the Citroen well. He even knows the nickname "the tube" that the French gave to the Citroen HY truck (type H). I know the Citroen Visa, it was my mother's first car, but I didn't know it existed in the Romanian version with only one chevron
  5. Hello , I just saw this great video that a person made, we can see a lot of Citroen models .
  6. Agree indeed, if you can't get answers, don't hesitate to ask me so that I ask in France . I don't realize it because I'm French, but (apparently) the French language is one of the most difficult languages to learn and speak. There is a lot of conjugation, .... Even we who are French sometimes make mistakes in writing. French people can be difficult because they cannot understand what is written there, some will be understanding, but the French language is difficult to speak
  7. Indeed each piece is remarkable, it is well designed. You may have answers if you put it in the "general discussion" category on the forum. If you want I can try to get information in France
  8. It is indeed surprising that the former owners did not open the boxes to see what was there. And it's a great story that you bought your car, I wish you luck for the rest
  9. Nice project, it looks in good condition . I wish you good luck on the works
  10. this weekend I will continue with the panel between the rear window and the trunk