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  1. Thank you very much zipdang , I continued to work on it this weekend, I will put other pictures soon . A thin, you are running out of gas with the 2cv? Or is it another problem?
  2. Then reassemble the small hose that connects the water pipe to the water pump Then to finish, reassembly of the hose of the top of the radiator. here, I will continue the work tomorrow
  3. reassembly of the calorstat (probe) Then reassembling the water pipe We can see the calorstat inside the pipe
  4. Hello everyone, here is some news from the buick I received the radiator hoses with the probe (calorstat). So reassembling the bottom hose
  5. Hello, excuse me for the delay. I made him see the announcement but on the site we do not see well. we do not see the back of the emblem: /, we do not know how are the bindings. thanks anyway
  6. Thank you very much Our Buicks , I'll watch this !
  7. Hello, would anyone have Cadillac emblems for Sale? thank you
  8. Hello, yes indeed that's what I'm looking for. The hoses (pipes) go to the head of igniter, carburettor, pipe of admission, ...)
  9. Woww !! Beautiful new !! I'm really happy to see her back up and Rolling ! Can you send me a picture of the depression circuit? (the diagram of the hoses of the carburettor / distributor / ...) thank you so much !
  10. Thank you very much zipdang , I still have some hoses to go up again and I'm looking for the original depression pattern, but impossible found I'm happy to see that the 2cv rolls , summer is coming and it will soon be time to roll our old cars . Have you been able to repair the dynamo?
  11. Then after preparing the ventilation nozzle, painting Then reassemble the ventilation nozzle with the radiator, and connect the hoses to the gearbox / radiator here is
  12. then I continue the circuit almost finished depression, I just miss a small hoses to install
  13. Then turn the radiator. I had the radiator redone in 2014, but since the paint of the radiator has aged. So sanding Then paint (by the honeycomb I prefer to leave it like this)
  14. Follow the plate cleaning and change to Rustol
  15. Then after measuring, ... drilling holes for the passage of silentbloc screws in my new mount silentbloc. Then set up it begins to look like a car!