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  1. I would love to come to this gathering , too bad I live so far away ( France ) I would like to one day go to an American car show in America, it must be superb !
  2. Thank you very much GARY F ! Thank you very much JohnD1956 , yes I am very happy, and I am happy to see that the front is back up He will take care of the bodywork this week
  3. It had been 5 years since I had seen my Buick with the front face going up, and it's been a pleasure! This week he is in charge of finishing the adjustments and taking care of the rest of the bodywork Then here is the Ford Thunderbird from the garage which is in bodywork
  4. Hello everyone, the bodybuilder sent me pictures last week And paint on the inside of the trunk ! and painting the inside of the trunk lid, engine cover and fender before it remained to be done Then I went there Friday afternoon (of last week) to bring him some parts, and the surprise! everything was reassembled And the bodybuilder made a joke
  5. Is this Imperial going to be imported to France that you are working on ?
  6. Yes that would be great , a person is looking for a 1958 model on the forum in France (but normally he found) I would love to have one someday
  7. Very beautiful Imperial , I would very much like to have the same. I can talk about it on the forum in France where I am, what is the selling price ? Thank you
  8. Hello , my parents gave me this beautiful 1969 Buick brochure for my birthday
  9. After giving that to the bodybuilder, he told me he was going to get the paint this week, and he painted the inside of the hood as well as the hinges. And the bodybuilder took pictures that he sent me afterwards So there you have it for the Buick news
  10. It's good it's ready and I can take it to the bodybuilder, and I'm going there Tuesday afternoon (of last week). And the Buick was on display with some girlfriends
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