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  1. It's really sad , I wish you good luck for the future. The problem came from the oil pump or coolant that was replaced by water ?
  2. Thank you , I did not know that originally the timing cover was painted. When I bought the car, there was still the original timing cover, it was not painted and was in very bad condition. So I buy a new timing case. Here are the pictures of the engine when I buy the car, everything was original and we can see that the timing cover was not painted. I have a friend who has remade his V8 455 from his Riviera GS 71 and he has not painted it either. I do not know why mine was not painted, there is no old trace of painting disappointed : / Then a year later I had repainted the engine and I had installed a new crankcase and water pump
  3. hello, original the casing did not paint, it is a new but the casing I had original was not painted in the factory. That's why I did not paint it, because of origin he did not paint . thank you RivNut , I painted the balancer , I just have to go back
  4. Congratulations for this great job, I am this restoration in France since the beginning and I am amazed by this restoration. I even showed your restoration to friends and they were amazed by this magnificent restoration. Congratulations, you did a great job ! this buick is beautiful
  5. then set up the crankcase Here I am now, next step, reassembly of the fuel pump, oil filter, ...,
  6. Then after refitting the water pump, presentation of the timing case gasket .
  7. After having all clean / prepare, reassembling new parts
  8. Then, before setting up the timing cover, I redid the oil pump So disassembly of the pump
  9. Yes, I then turned the engine several times to check that all are well
  10. Then after having re-degrease, protection of various elements to pass in paint (yes yes it is a screwdriver in the cover tumble , it was stack the right diameter ^^ ) Then painting
  11. Then reassemble the strainer, the small strainer cover, the low engine cover and the distribution.
  12. Then having to remove the crankcase and have the engine on the rotisserie, I take the opportunity to clean the old oil in the block so that everything is clean As well as the strainer In the meantime, I received my distribution kit and other parts, including the oil pump kit