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  1. Very very Beautiful Buick , I've never seen one in France Superb video with very beautiful landscapes woww !!, superb Dodge Challenger and Dodge Viper !
  2. Very nice story, thank you for sharing it with us
  3. It would be in France I would have liked to buy it to restore it entirely There is a little work but nothing is impossible, it would be a great restoration project
  4. Very beautiful Buick and the interior is magnificent! I was on vacation in Los Angeles in 2018 and I saw this Buick Electra in bad condition , have you ever seen it in Los Angeles?
  5. You are doing a superb job, well done! This color is very beautiful, it will be beautiful when finished Good luck for the future !
  6. No on the document you can see the chrome wheels only on the Wildcat and the GS350 / 400. But on another document we can see that they were also there on the Riviera GS and Skylark Custom. This is what I saw on my documents .
  7. Hello, okay no problem You were very lucky to be able to visit a factory ! I would very much like to be in your place
  8. Yes I see that you have known the GM group well , I translated the serial number of my Buick and I saw that it was made in Michigan (like many Buick, Cadillac, ...) , is that the flint factory you were talking about ? Do you have pictures of the 1969 Buick being manufactured in the factories ? Mine was equipped with a front disc brake (Bendix), it was a rare option. Do you have any information on this ? Thank you
  9. Thank you and thank you very much for all of this information. It was not easy to find information on the colors, that's why I painted the inside of the trunk black. There is written "fisher body" on the aluminum rods on the door sills of the car. Were you in the Buick factories in 1969 !? how was it? did you have pictures? Did you have any information or stories about this model (Electra) in 1969? Thank you
  10. It's really sad to see all these abandoned cars , if I could I would like to buy them all and restore them completely. Well done for the great job you do
  11. So here is the news of the work, it is ready to go to paint and I will soon send the saddlery to the saddler. During this time, I will take care of the few odds and ends that I will have to do
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