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  1. Then reassemble the compressor Once I tried to clean it up, the compressor's original shade did not come back well and I had to repaint it. Once sanded, I painted it in a color that I found that comes close to the origin
  2. Application of phosphating primer Then black paint
  3. Then clean the screws Then I took care of the two supports, and we can see that they are black at the origin
  4. Then a point of rust at the bottom of the tank Once the rust is brushed and clean, I apply Rustol inside the tank to protect it
  5. The membrane and the piston which are in very good condition Once the compressor disassembled, all the parts were in very good condition, the pump was clogged with dirt and there was deposit as can be seen in this photo in the tank
  6. We can see this big O-ring which was in very good condition Disassembling both parts of the pump
  7. Then disassembly of the "pump" and the tank
  8. Disassembly of the first party with its O-ring, we can see a little deposit on the small grid Then disassembly of this fairing (it was not necessary to disassemble it for this step) With its mechanism
  9. Then after finding the diagram of the compressor, dismantling
  10. Then ride on the engine I have for the moment to leave the pipe on the engine to see soon or I can pass it, I do not want to pierce the partition to pass it in the cockpit and connect it to the manometer, I will make it go through a hole already existing . Then I continued with the damper compressor, as can be seen, it was of gold anodized color
  11. Hello everyone, here are some news since time. I'm going to take parts to the person who sells the parts for machining, this person told me that my stirrup will be finished by the end of the month. Then I get this part, the "T" which allows to connect the oil pressure sensor and a manometer of oil pressure Then I bought two years ago these manometer mounting