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  1. Thank you very much TAKerry , I am very happy to have this Dodge Monaco The previous owner who had it imported from Texas told me that he only had 2 Dodge Monaco 1978 in France and 5 in Europe. There is few of it
  2. A yes I see that you have made a lot of trips If you have been in Marseille, I also advise you to visit the Côte d'Azur by going up by St Tropez, Cannes, nice, monaco But it's also very pretty when you go into the countryside and have descended towards Montpellier, ... last week I did a little road trip with the Dodge Monaco from Montauban to Narbonne plage
  3. Thank you rocketraider , yes in France I have permission to have the dodge equipped with the police because it is an old car, because the car is not a French police car, because the flashing light has red color.... On the other hand, it is forbidden to turn on the flashing lights or the siren on the public highway. I can turn on the flashing lights only on private land (house, old car exhibition, ...) otherwise I have a very large fine. And in case a police officer does not agree, I bought the "tarpaulin" that we put on the flashing light with "Out of Service" written on it, but so far I have not had need to put it When I see the police they all laugh and say hello , and a lot of people like it . I feel like I'm in the movie "dukes of hazzard"!
  4. Thank you Andrew46Coupe , this one was a Simca Chambord, and indeed it is equipped with the small Ford V8
  5. Thank you very much Ed Luddy , Paris is beautiful too, there are a lot of very pretty old buildings as well as a lot of things visited (eiffel tower (the most famous ), ...) On the other hand in Paris there are a lot of people, and it's difficult to get around by car (there are a lot of traffic jams and everyone honks ) Your Pontiac in photos is magnificent, I really love it , it makes you want to have a good road trip with it
  6. Yes it is a really acceptable speed (in top speed) It's 38 / 40 mph thank you very much, i will put pictures of the next ride i do. Thank you
  7. Hello, for those they want to see, I did this little subject of a walk that I did
  8. A I did not know , but it is true that the car on the edge of beaches / sea, ages badly because of the sea air (salt) . But it's true that it's interesting to see the cars down there
  9. Here is the rest of the day Then we left with this person who showed us his very beautiful collection and we drove to a park of an old farm to eat Then after having eaten well, we all went home It was a beautiful day, with very nice people, good weather, beautiful landscapes and we saw a lot of beautiful things . Normally soon I will do a walk like this again, if you want I will share photos
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