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  1. Thank you so much EmTee ! , I am currently continuing on the wiring of the speakers and the radio antenna
  2. Thank you very much GARY F ! thank you very much, yes indeed it takes time. we took 3 days to do the insulation in the passenger compartment And now I can continue on the electrical harness
  3. Then installation, and installation of the insulation on the rear shelf Then I continued with the antenna, the original one had been removed and I had bought this telescopic antenna model a few years ago Then set up So here is where I am for the moment, it seems can but it takes a long time anyway
  4. Then with the help of my brother, we spent many hours cleaning the cables and connectors of the electrical harnesses in the passenger compartment. We checked the beams and re-sheathed. Then then fixing the beam Then I took care of the audio wiring (the stack of cables that have been seen under the dashboard) But first I took care of the rear deck speakers. The original one is not in superb condition and I had bought two "Focal" speakers which have the same dimensions as the original one. I put in place foam on the speaker to avoid vibrations between the sheet metal of the rear shelf and the speaker
  5. Then I took care of the foot switch for the full headlights Cleaning Screw cleaning and painting Then reassembly (I straighten the connectors of the switch before reassembly)
  6. Good evening everyone, here is some news from the Buick After doing the insulation in the passenger compartment, I continued to reassemble the rear window defrost / demisting system. This one has never worked since I had the car and I remade it a while ago Screw cleaning And setting up I then tested it and it works great ! Then cleaning the attachment points for the seat belts And reassembly
  7. Okay, it's that even in America it's rare to see one I see . Your brother's GTX 440 was superb ! , you must have very good memories with ! . Do you know if it is still rolling since ?
  8. Thank you for the photos, they are very beautiful . The Plymouth Superbird and the Dodge Charger Daytona are legendary cars, I would love to buy one someday. They have an incredible history and they are very rare. I think that in France there is no Charger Daytona or Superbird, I am also on a forum in France and people have seen one in France, they are very very rare. In the 70s / 80s, were there a lot of Superbirds or Chargers Daytona in America ? Did you see them often on the road or was it rare too ? I would love to be in America in these years
  9. WOWW great video and great finds ! The Dodge Charger Daytona is VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL ! I would love to buy it so much, as well as the Corvette C2, Mercury Cyclone, Impala SS, 1957 Chevy Nomad, Charger 73 6 pack! , Imperial 1960, Chrysler 300, Plymouth 50's, Pontiac Grand Prix, Cadillac 1970's, Lincoln 70's ... They are all very beautiful ! I wish I could buy one and also save the ones that are out in the forest !
  10. Very nice model too , and I see at the back of the garage a magnificent yellow Plymouth Superbird ?
  11. Yes me too, they are beautiful and this one was in superb condition
  12. Yes they are beautiful cars ! Yes they were superb too, and this Wagon Chevy station was very beautiful .
  13. It is true that this Alfa romeo is very beautiful, but I prefer American cars
  14. Yes it is true that we can see a little of these styles in this model The owner told me that this model had been designed in relation to the "wind tunnel" (machine for testing the aerodynamics of vehicles) and that is why it has this body shape
  15. Yes that's it, and this one has been fully restored and is in superb condition
  16. Yes my neighbor's Challenger is magnificent, there aren't many here I would like one day to buy me one ! It is a very beautiful 1962 Alfa Romeo Sprint Spéciale , and it is a model that we do not see much
  17. Yes it would have been great if the Cadillac this station next to General Lee and my Dodge ! On the road I passed the same Ford pickup from Uncle Jesse but it didn't come to the show, it's a shame it would have been great too ! If Jesse's Ford pickup and Cooter's tow truck would have been there it would have made a great photo too ! Yes I also saw that Enos turned 86 not long ago !
  18. Yes there was even Boss hogg's very beautiful Cadillac !
  19. Some are used on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and other people drive almost all week with it, it depends on the person but in any case they are all very well maintained Many people buy car parts from the Rockauto site, the parts are cheap but the shipping costs are often expensive. And otherwise in France there are garages specializing in American cars and they repair them and maintain them
  20. Thank you 8E45E , it was a beautiful day and it was a beautiful place Yes, the Renault Estafette was very popular at the time, a lot of people had it and keeping it less. Even now for fun we call an Estafette a Renault Master 2021 or a Fiat Ducato 2018, or ... For example we say : "Mathieu is going to start the Estafette" while talking about a Renault Trafic 2015 for example
  21. So much for the photos, it was a great day, look forward to the next one !
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