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  1. Radiator is out for re-coring. There is still not plenty of room between engine block , K-Member and Engine Mounts. It seems impossible to get the tubes through this bottle neck with the pre-bendings. I'm thinking about cutting out a section of the steel piping and replacing a portion with flexible Hydraulik rubber hose. That makes it easier to assemble. Does somebody know what the pressure of the ATF oil could be at a maximum flowing through the cooling lines ? Would a low pressure hose be suffcient ? ATF Fluid is a challenge for must rubber hoses. Need to find a compatible material wiht 3/8" / 9.5mm ID. Frank
  2. Hello Rob, found this thread through the search. I'm just going to assemble new lines, but it seems they will not fit at all. I know it's Long time ago when you did this. but did you take some Pictures ? I guess you have installed the lines during frame off resto ? Want to install new lines on my running car but ith seems there is no way to get new lines in with the Engine and transmission installed in the vehicle. What do you think ? Frank
  3. Just to complete this thread, column installation is finished. It just needed to add a single ball to the upper bearing. With plenty of luck I found that ball in the column in accident. With that missing ball installed, the bearing is free of lash. lower bearing was cleaned and new lubrication applied. The steering coupling was replaced by a repair kit from Cars Inc. I did set back the steering wheel to the original center position as marked. I need an wheel alignment, because I did replace the A-arm bushings and upper ball Joints. Now the steering feels thight again.
  4. Hi Ed, can you please explain where you drill that hole without creating a leackage. Could you show a picture please. I want to Unterstand this idea, because I‘m just in the process to installing a new radiator and fan shroud and want to avoid overheating in warming up phase due to air trapped in the system and thermostate does not open due to the air. I made that experience on other cars. Thank you regards Frank
  5. Does anybody know what the exact production numbers were in 64 & 65 ? Close to 40.000 or far away ?
  6. Made the rebuild today with the fix kit supplied by CARS. Made my own ground wire.
  7. Thank you Bob, no hurry ! This is not an important item. Up to now I was able to operate the car without the owners manual. Frank
  8. Hello Zimmer63, you are correct, the cable attaches to the door actuating lever. From there a small stiff rod connects to the heater valve actuating lever. I found a picture, but it is not that good to see the details. Maybe somebody else has made a closer picture. My heater valve is currently out for repair and I temporarely swept in a plastic VW valve (Golf, Polo, Jetta). I did not connect it to the rod. I need to open the hood to adjust. Frank
  9. Hello Bill, Tom, I will check out ebay USA and will simply provide an adress in USA as mentioned above, if international shipping is not listed. I guess books , brochures and literature has a different shipping rates rather than hardware in a box . should be much less expensive. Frank
  10. Bill, Thank you . That is interesting. This links did not Show up on my search. I Need to change setting in my ipad I guess. I will follow up. Frank
  11. Hi Bill, Thank you, i do have the Shop Service manual about chassis and Body. That is a big help.! yes I tried eBay. All online Shops are loacated in USA. cost is about 25 to 40 $, plus shipping. I could provide an address from a friend in Michigan and pick it up myself on my next visit in September. Frank
  12. Does anybody has an owners manual left over or can provide a good scan (.tif, .pdf.) or copy ? A link to a shop dealing with this kind of stuff would be welcome as well. It is not easy to find this stuff in Europe. Thank you, Frank Happy Easter
  13. Thats why my horn stopped honk as well. ground wire broken
  14. Oh yeah, thats a complete Restauration Project. Have fun ! Frank