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  1. On the '38 there is a small screw that holds the lock cylinder in (small screw in the photo). I think some models used a pin. If you remove the screw (or pin by drilling) you can get the cylinder out and then the column will onlock
  2. When I found that sketch, I wondered what the "artist" had in mind? Trying to shock someone? They had to know it may never be found? I just laughed
  3. OK, I dont know if I should post this, but in restoring my '38 Special opera coupe (46s) I removed the upholstery from the rear panel between the inside and trunk. I found on the board, In chalk, a sketch of male genitals. I didnt photograph it.
  4. In shifting I find that if I shift without really winding it up (like a more modern car) and shifting very quickly, I can do it repeatedly without gear clash.
  5. Remember, before that a driver probably had been been driving a horse They hadnt been spoiled by synchromesh.
  6. Working on the valves of a Ford V8 flathead is a giant PITA if it is as original
  7. I'd think that steel against that pot metal of the quadrant was a poor combination. The expensive part wears out. Of the 3 that I have taken apart, none were steel.
  8. Fundamentally it is a brake. So I'd think a phenolic or bakelite would be most likely material
  9. I experienced the "shooting shoes" too. I ended up just copying the shoe and spring from the other lever. No photos though. The shoes are "T" shaped and the width is the same as the diameter of the spring hole as a slip fit. The top of the "T" is about 3/8" long if I remember right. I made it out of phenolic.
  10. My '18 Buick has one like that on the tail light
  11. For what it is worth, on the '38 the vacuum advance is connected to the carb via a closely calibrated port in the carb. The port is above the throttle plates, so the advance does not see full vacuum at idle. Be sure you know what yopu are doing - Buick wasnt stupid. (not suggesting that you are)
  12. I dont feel that just changing the oil would be OK if the car has just sat for a long time. If it were mine I'd drop the pan and clean as much as possible, including the oil pump. Droping the pan is easy and cheap insurance - but dirty. I believe Bobs Automobilia will have the gasket necessary