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  1. It looks like the wrong pump. The fuel ports should be on top. I dont think it can be installed upsoide down, the actuating arm wouldnt ride on the cam. Apparently, the 40 series could have a double acting pump. Seen on some.
  2. Victor W is absolutely right. The radiator is only 1/2 of the cooling system. On my '38 Roadmaster I cleaned 1/2 bucket of crud from the water jacket. It never overheated again in over 30 years of use. I didnt do a thing to the original radiator..it was fine with a backflush
  3. "Restored" means very different things to different folks. When I dropped the pan on a shimmed bearing engine, I always checked clearances
  4. Yes, I meant the engine oil pan. And good for you. I have seen several old engines ruined by guys who just changed the oil and called it good - subsequently burning bearings out from oil starvation due to sludge plugging the oil pickup screen. My own '38 Buick being one by the previous owner. Larry covered the issue well.
  5. There are about a dozen things that could cause those symptoms. After sitting for so long oil gets sticky. But first and foremost...drop the pan and check things out. Chances are there is a lot of sludge in spite of the engine not being run. Very cheap insurance
  6. The operators manual does a very good job of explaining the proceedure. You do not need a timing light.
  7. On my E-45 there was carpet on part of the back of the front seat. Hidden sections were brown as were the remains of the otiginal carpet.. It the time I redid my car, LeBarron Bonney had a virtually identical carpet available. What was funny was that my car doesnt have a footrest. The original carpet had no provisions for one and the original floorboards had no screw holes. I have always wondered why no footrest?
  8. Pay attention to the "size issue". The distance betweein the steering wheel and seat could be a big issue if you are a "big" person. This can be true even with big cars.
  9. I have had my E-45 since 1967 and it has been a great car. Very reliable. As far as the exposed valve gear goes, it really is no issue. You just have to oil it every 100 miles and the "lube system" is stored right on the firewall. I havnt worn it out yet. With everything in the open like that and the valves in easily removed cages, re-lapping the valves is a piece of cake. The E-45 has a 5 plate multidisc clutch that is as smooth as glass and a soft touch. Also, folks seeing the engine run are fascinated by it. No mystery about what is going on. One killer is the wrist pin retaining bolts can come out, that resulting in scored cylinders (mine had 3 whan I got it). Don
  10. Originally my '38 Roadmaster didnt have either a radio nor heater - it does now.
  11. Thanks Grimy. Neil has been by here to help me a couple of times Don
  12. A question. Should the condenser go bad, what value external condenser would be correct. I dont think a "modern" condenser is correct, but I really do not know.
  13. Maybe already answered, but with the "mailbox" coil, the condenser is inside the coil and cannot be changed.
  14. Think about it. The problem started when you changed oils. Go back to the 90 wt. Cheap and easy test.
  15. There are several suppliers of modern switches like Bobs Automobilia. They are chrome and I dont like that. I have used vintage AutoLamp 9000 switches bought on E Bay. They are painted and can have a self cancel feaature, which is nice. I paint them to match the color of the steering column.
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