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  1. Often avery high quote ia ab "I dont want to do it" price. They will quote high so they dont want to say no, but for a high price they will. Happened with my "38 Buick. I got a $600 quote just to put the glass in a freah restoration. Just Front and back. ( I didnt want to do it). My son and I put the glass in in about 2-1/2 hours
  2. There was resistance to 4 wheel brakes where the "common knowledge" felt it was dangerous to put brakes on the wheels that steer
  3. On a 4 wheel brake car, about 70% of the braking is from the front wheels. There is usually more weight up there and the braking force causes a pitch to the front increasing axle load and braking too.
  4. The car comes with a heater holder - a robe rail for the heavy lap robes
  5. A very likely source of oil in the spark plug chamber is oil getting past the cap screws holding the rocker shaft on the pushrod side. The oil will seep past the threads. The solution to this is to remove the cap screws one at a time, clean the threads of both the hole and screws thoroughly and put silisone sealant on the threads when you re-install them. Ihis is a very common problem with all straight 8's O
  6. On a Buick it would depend on the series. in my opinion. The small series, like a special or 50 blacks because it was at the low end of the line, while a Roadmaster or 90 would be whitewalls because it was at the high end. However, I have seen a lot of old photos where even high end cars, like Packards, have blackwalls. In my case the Special has blacks and my Roadmaster has whites. Just personal preference
  7. The shimming of the body mounts has a lot to do with how the doors close. Changing things that are OK may open up a real can of worms.
  8. I think they all are that way, with the bumps on your era car. Earlier fans hove no bumps and the blades are each separate parts. However, that doesnt mean reversing it cant be done. Folks can be creative.
  9. I think it looked more authentic with the mud. (Really nice work Neil)
  10. Matt, that isnt exactly a stock fan either. No matter how you slice it, the only thing that changes the air flow is change of direction. Not gonna happen on a car engine
  11. No such thing as the fan being backwards. The only thing changing the 'blow" would be to reverse direction of rotation
  12. Unfortunately, I have had issues with some rebuilt water pumps which leads me to question the quality of the work. I do agree that the rebuilding is actually done by just a few rebuilders. I have had rear covers leak and bearings start to make noise in less than 3,000 miles. After many years working on cars and using rebuilt pumps, this seems to be a new problem. Given the option, I'd go with an entirely new pump.
  13. There are seals on the diaphragm operating shafts (rods), Maybe one has reached the end of the road, Can you see the vent hole using a mirror?