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  1. DonMicheletti

    1937 Buick Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    My heater valve was leaky. The replacements I found didnt look right because they were plated. I ended up repairing what was on my car, it looked original. The repair was a PITA. Lots of machined parts. The photo is after repair and replacement
  2. DonMicheletti

    Finished with Dupont Duco

    When I started restoring my 46S about 45 years ago, you could still get original, color formula nitro celulose paint. DUCO.
  3. DonMicheletti

    1940 differential tool J 1365 needed

    Carefully check the condition of the outer axle bearings and their races. My experiences with that era are with '38's and mine, the bearing runs directly on the axle. If they are Ok then no problem. As you say, replace the seals. Seting the carrier bearings, getting the right preload and tooth pattern correct can be a touch frustrating. Glad you find the tool OK. Mine was my dads.
  4. DonMicheletti

    Broken Rocker

    Since it is steel, it should weld OK.
  5. DonMicheletti


    Just pull the plugs and roll it over with the starter. They get the oil circulating pretty quickly and there is no load. With the dippers for lubrication, there isnt much else you can do. I have had my car for a long time and it often just sits for months. I have never had any lubrication problems.
  6. DonMicheletti

    1940 differential tool J 1365 needed

    Finding that exact tool is a crapshoot. What you need is an adjustable face spanner. McMaster Carr has adjustable ones. Not cheap: That is what I use
  7. DonMicheletti

    1918 E-49 clutch job

    The important thing is where it is when it is working and that is what creates the wear pattern. It would be intersting to be able to test just how much it can move with the transmission in place
  8. DonMicheletti

    1918 E-49 clutch job

    Morgan, If you are calling that big center spider the hub, it doesnt go anywhere forward or back. it is constrained someway. The hub wear pattern from the disc ears on my car is very localized. That tells me there is very little movement. Looking at your video, yours appears the same
  9. DonMicheletti

    Torque ball leather

    Bobs has them listed for from '19 to '23. I think '18 and '19 are the same - but not positive
  10. DonMicheletti

    39 Buick linkage problem

    I find that elixer amazing. Sometimes adding heat helps too.
  11. DonMicheletti

    Oil pressure low to 0 at idle when engine is hot

    I am with Hinson. The kind of wear you see is pretty rare, but, obviously, not unheard of. Both my '38's are 80 years old and the Roadmaster has over 100,000 miles on it and its pump showed almost no wear. It was an original car when I bought it. Tacheny is your best bet.
  12. DonMicheletti

    Oil pump shaft wear

    I'll go along with Hubert. It looks pretty good. Huberts pin wear is horrible. I replaced my drive pin with a roll pin. Since the roll pin is spring steel it is tougher. Plastigage the gear end clearance. It should be from .0005" to .oo4". In my opinion, the gasket is unnecessary - never seen in more modern engines. If the cover plate is good and flat, leakage would be minimal, and even if it does, the oil ends up in the pan.
  13. DonMicheletti

    Oil pressure low to 0 at idle when engine is hot

    WOW, yhat is a lot of wear. Manual says end clearnce of gears should be .0005" to .004". You are a mile past that. There are both steel and pot metal pot metal covers. You should see if you can a metal one. The pot metal one was a bad idea. You can use plastigage to check that cover for clearance if you get new parts.
  14. DonMicheletti

    1941 Buick interior lights & button switches

    Fantastic ! Did you have to run new wires for them, or did you find ones that had not been connected?
  15. DonMicheletti

    Spark Plug Wires

    My parts engine plug wire is as hard as dry pasta. No way would they work ! They crack when flexed. Well, I dont think they would work.