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  1. That is a great looking car and trailer. Very impressive that you built it yourself, and the weight sounds quite light for that size of trailer. I hope all goes well for you. Keith
  2. Two recent rides in my Buicks. First was the Reatta. As I posted a few days ago we took it on an long all day tour on Sunday, but since then I had just parked it in the garage and it needed filling. So on Thurs I needed to go to a friend's place which happens to be not too far from where the natives have a large gas station. Now here in Canada the natives get a break on a lot of things, and the fuel is one of them, they don't pay the same level of tax as those buying fuel off of the reservation. So I thought it should have enough to get there, which it did. This was a record distance on a single tank for the car, 676 km, or about 420 miles, which worked out to just about dead on 30 MPG, Imperial, which is about 27 per US gallon. Quite good! Certainly better than any of the others do! That trip was about another 50 miles all together. It was such a nice evening yesterday my son and I took the '41 Roadmaster out for a 25 mile drive through the countryside. Sorry, no pictures!
  3. Grant, the nomenclature was a bit different in Canada, and these were sometimes called sedanettes, but Valk is right it's Sport Coupe, these have a full back seat. Keith
  4. You may very well need a recore, which my '41 Roadmaster did too. My original rad was too far gone to repair, so since mine was going to be primarily a driver, I had a modern high density core made for it. Cheaper than an original, and a bit more efficient. If the original type is important to you, then go for it. I don't know the current price for one, so I can't help you there. However my main point is to reinforce cleaning out the block. I had flushed mine several times, run cleaner through with the old rad still in place etc etc. I really spent a lot of time on doing that, then I did what I should have done at first, knocked the frost plugs out. It was at the back where the crud was. Another poster said about 4-5 lbs of crud. I bet mine had all of that and more! The rear most plug is at #7 so it also takes a bunch of work to get it cleaned out around #8. The head was off mine at the time so the job was a bit easier. Though worth doing if you want your car to run it's best. Then it ran cool in just about any weather, as long as I was moving. I've since added an electric fan to help in traffic, or slow driving. Keith
  5. Thank you very much Grant. I do love this quickie shot of my car too. It is the same as a 76S, Roadmaster Sedanette, in Canada it was known by it's Fisher body number 4727. The body from the firewall back is the same as a Super. A great driving car too. Keith
  6. Yes, I didn't really want to get into this issue with the Electra here in this thread. I have thought of a heat gun checking too, though I don't have one yet. There is obviously something going, either incorrect, or I've missed. Thanks to all!
  7. What an amazing place that is, Doug! Glad that the city has taken it over, so hopefully it will be preserved.
  8. The rad is a brand new 4 core, high density core, the rad hose is new, and it has the supporting spring inside so that it does collapse under suction. The block is clean, it was completely boiled out when the engine was rebuilt a couple of years ago. Timing is right, perhaps just a touch on the advanced side, but not retarded for sure. Fan and clutch are good and believed to be the correct ones. The carb is correct, and in good order, however during the engine rebuild stage one valves and cam were installed. So this leads me to wonder about the mixture. The belief at the time was the engine will draw what it needs, but I am wondering about that. Everything I can think of has been checked, double checked, and more.
  9. Tonight we had an after dinner tour with a local car club. It was mainly a long drive through some lovely country, some of which I'd never been through before and then an ice cream stop at the end of the run. About 75 miles or so, which is quite an afternoon and evening run, includes getting to the start and getting home filled with ice cream! We are still a bit new to the area having been here a little over three years now, so there is still much to learn and see! I took the Electra, and it was a fairly hot afternoon, mid 80's F and we used the AC on the way there, but then "hard topped it" after that(No AC). The tour was at modest speeds, about 40 mph and the Electra ran very very cool, like right down at 160 for some of the time. Then at higher speeds it will run quite a bit hotter. This was interesting to see how ran at these speeds. We did nearly 2 hours of driving on the tour. Getting to the starting point, driving 55 MPH with the AC running it was about 190. Then driving home, cooler temps, no AC and at 55 again it was about 175-180. This is pushing me to think it is running too lean at higher speeds. Otherwise it was smooth as silk and lovely. The AC is super cold too. The photo was taken right before we left the ice cream stop. Keith
  10. Yes, that Linc is a nice car. The clutch seems to be good, and it was replaced about three years ago.
  11. Terry, I'm looking forward to hearing about it running! Hopefully you'll get it going soon. However, I have a question about the top. I looks like the top has a cover which fits over the top frame. Is that just a cover, and does it have a top under that? Thanks. Keith
  12. All looks good, but it is something I'm wondering about. I'm thinking of asking a friend of mine to put an O2 sensor on it and see what it shows. All of the obvious stuff has been checked and looks good.
  13. I'll double check, but I'm pretty sure we disabled them in the open position during the rebuild.
  14. Today I had the Electra out for a shortish drive, it was a hot day today, so I was interested to see how it's AC was working. It recently had a new compressor, and of course a full recharge with a compliant refrigerant. It worked great! Nice and cool inside, despite the black roof and interior. However if only the engine would stay as cool. I'm not sure what is going on with this, as I have a heavy four core rad in it. Everything seems to be right, timing, fan, etc., but there is something going on in this thing. Either it is builds too much heat, or something is stopping it for from getting rid of it. Here's a shot of it in front of the same church where I took one of the '56 Roadmaster some weeks ago. Keith
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