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  1. Well folks, we made to the meet a short while ago. About 1230 miles driven to get here. The weather is warm and sunny, but not too hot right now. Though it ran a bit hot at times, the Electra ran beautiful the whole trip. Now she has to get us home again in a few days! Keith
  2. We should be there by early aft on Thurs! A few challenges, but so far the '69 Electra has got us to Springfield Mo. Keith
  3. Well, we've put about 950 on the Electra, and another 250 or so tomorrow, then we will be in Oklahoma City! Keith
  4. No, I didn't. Its' still sitting there waiting to go to the recycling depot, so I could open it up.
  5. Last Thurs, we had a rare mid week tour. Since most of the Club members are retired, it worked out well. Since the start was so far from where we live, and they were driving toward us, we met at the restaurant for lunch, and travelled with the group to our stop, which was an amazing collection of vintage music machines. I use that term, as there were all sorts, more than most of can imagine. Radios from the early days up to the 60's, vintage TV sets, including one that looked nearly identical to the first one we got when I was a kid. Juke boxes, and various other music making machines, based on the same princible as a music box. Recording from wax cylinders to flat records, the first of which were only single sided, till around 1907, when the second side was pressed as well. I've pictured a piano that was documented as built in Paris in 1834, and as I play piano, that interested me. But the bigest, and most impressive was a huge player orchestra, run like a player piano, with a roll of cards that feed through the reader, and make the pipes play. Rather like a pipe organ, quite an amazing machine from very early 20th century, I believe, and built in Belgium. Run off of compressed air. That is what the gentleman collects, and she collects salt dishes, I've pictured part of her collection as well. Great hosts, and all of these items were clean, extremely well presented, looked beautiful, and most worked as well. About 150 miles on the '41 Roadmaster, I've put quite a few already this year. Keith
  6. I was wondering much the same thing, its' certainly an interesting number. Keith
  7. Glad its working out for you, Peter. Amazing cars to drive, particularly considering the era they were engineered and built. Keith
  8. Very interesting read, thanks for the link! Keith
  9. Well it was a successful trip yesterday, if you can say that about going to a funeral. The car ran great, and the round trip was about430 miles, so now I'm just over 1,100 on the rebuild. The gentleman whose service we went to might of been known to some here, as he did repairs and restoration of car radios for 25-30 years, Harold MacQueen. A fine man, always friendly and helpful. Keith
  10. I can't help but wonder how all that stuff got into the ring gear and flywheel. It almost looks like it might of got into a lot of dirty water. Any chance that it might have been through some flood waters? Keith
  11. Just passed the 700 mile this afternoon, and it is running cooler and better all the time. Going to give it an oil change tonight, as I plan to give it about a 400 mile drive tomorrow. An old friend, and a long time member of the same car club as me, passed away the other day, so I'm taking the Electra as a small tribute.
  12. Where is this stuff located? Is it all or nothing, or can one buy a few pieces? Keith
  13. We had a busy weekend with the Buicks, as we hosted a tour for the McLaughlin Buick Club. It started with a BBQ dinner Fri evening for everyone at our place, then the next day (Sat) I led a tour to two museums. The first is called Dowler-Karn, they are a long time supplier of all kinds of fuels to many consumers in this area. The owners had been collecting all kinds of gas and oil realted items for 30 years or so, then decided to build a museum to house and display the collection. There is no charge for admittance, but they ask for a donation which goes to the local Shriner's group. They had about 6 trucks on display, mostly vintage, but there was also a race truck which is currently run in drag racing from time to time. Then a huge propane truck from the 50's, some other tankers and a great looking Supertest tanker. Supertest is long gone, but the graphics used to promote themselves were first rate, and much in demand by collectors of late. Then we drove the scenic route to a tourist town on the North Shore of Lake Erie, Port Dover, which has a long history as a commercial fishing port, as well as boat building. Many artifacts have been brought together and are displayed, and run by the local county government. I took only a few pictures here, but they have the wheelhouse (bridge) from a large lake boat (ship, really, but they often call them boats on the Great Lakes) which was saved when it was scrapped years ago. On Sat, I drove the '41, and it worked out to be about 160 miles, and my daughter drove the Reatta. It was nice that there was another white one, a coupe there. Then Sun., I took everyone for a nice brunch in a restored 19th century building, this time leading with the Electra. Keith
  14. Here's a few pictures from the weekend. We visited this gent's place, who is something of a car guy, but also is quite a sculptor, in wood and metal. He had perhaps 25 scattered about his property, and most of them built within the last 2-3 years. I've posted a shot of a mermaid which was in front of his shop, with a few of the cars, with my Electra there as well. A sharp looking 48(?) Pontiac coupe parked a couple of cars behind mine, and a nice Crysler Newport in front. The samll car behind mine is a later model Jag. Keith