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  1. Buicknutty

    Buick Electra Landeau 1975 Quarter windows

    Neat car, and hope your project goes well for you. Nice to see your new ride. Keith
  2. Buicknutty

    For Sale '54 and '55 Differentials

    I changed my '41 Roaadmaster's rear ratio to one from a '55 Century. Its' an upgrade that I would recommend to anyone who drives their car very much. Keith
  3. Buicknutty

    52 Roadmaster Super Estate Wagon model 59

    Nice car, and man, I don't think I've ever said this, but I sure am jealous! One of the cars I've wanted for a long time is a 47-52 Buick woody. That looks like a good car you have. Do you know what the history is of it, and has it had much work done to it? As for work to do, it depends on what it has had done to it in the recent past, and whether or not you have trust in any previous work that was done. If the length of time since all the fluids have been changed is unknown, that would be a good place to start, brake, trans, coolant clean and flush, and of course engine oil and filter. Rear axle oil doesn't need attention very often, but at least a check to make sure the level and condition of it is good. If the engine is still original, taking the oil pan off and cleaning it out is a good plan. They can get so much sludge in the bottom that it can restrict the pick up, and starve it of oil. Likewise a through check of the braking system is a good plan, if it hasn't been done recently. Don't neglect the emergency brake either. Otherwise, go out and enjoy your new ride. You certainly won't be seeing many others at local cruise nights! Thanks for sharing. Keith
  4. Buicknutty

    1946 76-C

    Glad you got it, Pete! Keith
  5. Buicknutty

    Please introduce yourself...

    Nice looking car. Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing. Keith
  6. Buicknutty


    Love that vintage camera!
  7. I have had my room booked for '19 a while now, and am planning to send my registration, but the info about the Rt 66 tour is conflicting. Some places it says Wed, other it says Fri. The BCA website has this conflicting info, as well as the form on the forum here, and the one on the back of the Bugle. I don't have a new issue of the Bugle, as we are in the midst of a Postal service dispute, and mail, though flowing, is way, waaay, behind. Could someone PLEASE clarify this? Keith Corby BCA 6722
  8. Buicknutty

    1930 Marquette Model 30 2 door sedan

    Very nice looking car. That it is quite rare, hardly needs to be said, but it is neat that there are two of them pictured here. Thanks for sharing. Keith
  9. Neat looking car, congrats on your purchase. It will be nice to see the progress in bringing the old girl back to life! Keith
  10. Buicknutty

    1941 Limited Limousine

    They look very nice, Matt. I agree that the lights look better with the taller brackets on. Good luck with your exhaust install. I'm sure you'll let us know how it goes. Keith
  11. Just amazing, it looks so much like a real car! Keith
  12. Looks very nice, great looking work! Keith
  13. Buicknutty

    how do you work under your cars ?

    I use heavy duty jack stands, with a couple of extra at certain points, for extra safety. I don't think it matters how heavy the car is, if it falls on you, you're likely a goner. I also usually leave the jack in place, if at all possible. Keith