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  1. That's a stunning looking car! Keith
  2. Nice to hear! Enjoy! Keith
  3. Nice to see a Reatta represented! Keith
  4. Nice cars, have you tried posting this in the Buick section? Keith
  5. I never saw her out of the car, but she seemed to sit at a normal height. I've thought of that before. Keith
  6. The pictures of this car bring back some memories of a similar one I saw about 40 years ago. . For many years I worked in the East end of downtown Toronto, and one summer I often saw an Electra, this colour, and a similar year parked on the street near where I worked, on nice days with the top down, and a couple sitting in it eating their lunch. The driver was always the woman, quite pretty, and seemed much younger than her 50ish companion. Whose car it was, and what their relationship was, I never found out. I could of gone over and talked to them, but was too shy, Though now I wish I had! The car at that point in time would of been something like 12-15 years old, and still looked good, paint was faded a bit, but no rust noticeable, which was remarkable itself here in Ontario, Canada. I just loved those long sweeping lines of that big Electra. Often what happened to that car, and the people in it. Thanks for posting! Keith
  7. Nice looking car, welcome to the forum! The Dynaflow may tend to leak more, after such a long rest, so watch for leaks, and keep the fluid topped up, though these transmissions hold a lot of oil, you won't run it really low easily, but they can lose a lot quickly. The seals often swell back up after some regular use, but some leaks are pretty typical from those units. Enjoy the car! Keith
  8. An interesting Buick day we had today. First we took the '16 McLaughlin for a nice after dinner drive, about a 15 mile loop. Then we took the '41 Roadmaster out for a similar drive, only this time with my son in law driving. I had wanted someone else to get used to driving the '41, my wife is slowly learning, but the manual steering in corners is hard for her, so my son in law had said a few weeks ago that he would give it a try. He drives a stick shift late model Ford, so is used to a clutch, and shifting at least. So his drive was a success, didn't stall it, didn't clash gears. He had a bit of trouble getting used to the slow, lock to lock steering, and swung wide on the first few corners, plus the sheer size of it, compared to his little Ford, but then got the hang of it! No pictures, you folks will have to believe me! Keith
  9. Drove the Reatta quite a bit this week. The biggie was a couple of days ago when we drove back to our old area for one of the last cruise nights of the season, a total of about 220 miles round trip. Then today was such a nice day, that I took it out with a top down for a cruise, only about 20 miles, so that pales to the trip to Toronto. Keith
  10. Nice looking work, Neil! Keith
  11. I agree with the rest of you folks, plus the license plate says 455 on it. So it looks like someone was proud that it wasn't a 430, but a 455. Things don't add up for it to be an original 13,000 mile car. Could be wrong, someone should call the dealer and ask. Keith
  12. Interesting info, thanks for posting, Matt. The numbers tend to jibe with my seat of the pants, and fuel economy is similar to what I've got with mine. That acceleration seems to me that it would be in third gear, as it says 10-60, and I think my Roadmaster would be quicker running up through all the gears. I cannot quite read what the fourth from the left side column is. I agree, I don't think I'd keep my foot in it long enough to get to 110 MPH. Keith
  13. This is the one on my car, also a '56 Roadmaster 2 door, factory air. This has never been apart as long I have owned the car, and that's over 40 years now. Also, there is supposed to be a small metal cover that goes over it, light springy steel, but it broke many years ago. Keith
  14. Welcome, yes they are great cars. Keith