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  1. So I went to look at another car yesterday, and decided to drive the Reatta, as it was a hour plus each way, and it hasn't had a highway trip in some time, just over 100 miles in total. To rephrase an expression from good friend, who is afflicted with a lot of Fords, and doesn't seem to mind, I'll refer to the car I test drove yesterday, as a "Non Buick", but not a Ford! My friend sometimes uses the term Non-Ford, often to describe GM parts he has. Great guy though! Not that have anything in particular against Fords, so please don't send me hate mail! No pictures, unless you want to see the prospective new (old) car. Keith
  2. I had the Reatta out for a short drive yesterday, I originally took it out and planned to put the top down, but rain was threatening by then. So no topless motoring for me. Keith
  3. Welcome to the forum! Very neat looking car. I have a 1916 D45, Canadian made. It looks like the oil pan is off of your car, what are you doing to it? Keith
  4. I'm with you, Matt, on the frustrations of old cars! Read my thread on my son's '55 Special I'm doing now. Also, I'm a bit behind on this thread, as I reading through this was thinking that the same thing might be happening to yours as it did on my '41. One of the tiny tiny wires to the coil of the dash unit was broken, appeared to have corroded or something, but with a very small soldering iron and a steady hand I got it fixed, and it has worked great since then. Parts!!! OMG!!! I had quite a few teething troubles with mine, and they were all related to substandard parts of one kind or another. Nothing I could return, as either I didn't have the receipt, or mostly because it had been too long. You know how long it takes to do a car, esp on one's own. This one night, I was right ready to send the car for certification in a day or so, but the horn would not work, my son was about 10 or so at the time, and was helping me. After going through things two or three times, I'm standing looking under the hood and start thinking about that bright shiny new horn relay, which I bought from a well known supplier here. You know the drill, I am trying to go through everything to make sure it all works well for me. My car was something close to a worn out wreck of a car, that another guy started on before I bought it, so it was an all or nothing car. So, I knew right where the old, very ugly relay was, put it back on, and you guessed it, horn worked fine! Not for the first time that has happened! About the other thing you mentioned, ride quality, we never had the chance when you were at my place, but it would of been interesting to have done a ride and drive comparison between the two '41s. One that's just big, the other that's really big! I think mine rides nice, though not as cushy as the '56 Roadmaster, but is fairly comfy on most roads. I'm running Diamondback radials, which I think you do too. I have them on the '41 and '56, for a few years, and have been very happy with them. Keith
  5. Welcome Barry. I have a 1916 McLaughlin D45s Touring car, plus a few others. Keith
  6. Welcome to the forum! Post a few pictures, the folks here are very knowledgeable. Keith
  7. Thank you for the extra info. It was my wife's birthday this weekend, so I haven't done any car stuff. I'll leave it in for a while yet then. Keith
  8. As mentioned, I've been driving the '41 Roadmaster a bit of late to circulate the cleaner, and did 25 miles or so the other day. Lovely day for cruising the lightly travelled roads. The weather being warmer now, like a bit over 70 F, the winter gas we still have in the system was causing some vapour lock problems. Not real bad, but some. Hate what it might be like when it gets hot! Due to the much lower demand of late the more volatile winter mixture will be in the pumps till mid or late June, so I've been told. Otherwise the car is running very well. The cleaner is one Matt Harwood recommended to me, Evaporust. A rust remover product, most are likely familiar with it. He told me he has used it full strength in his cars as it cleans the scale inside the block and heads by absorbing the rust into the solution. I think I will drain it now, then run some water to flush it out well, then put anitfreeze back in. Keith
  9. No pictures, but the '41 Roadmaster needed some exercise, as I have cleaner in the cooling system and it needed some use to circulate it. So, took it into our small town, then another run later on. Nice quite roads, even in town is quite subdued. Not that it is ever really busy here! About 30 miles all told yesterday(Tues). Keith
  10. Tyler, so nice to hear from you again after so long! Glad some progress has been made on the car. There are places that sell repro wiring harnesses, Rhode Island....., and Harnesses Unlimited are two I know of. Not cheap though! I bought mine from the latter place, and was very satisfied with it. I believe Rhode Island, sorry I can't remember the full name, sells the harnesses in sections, which might help you out. A bit of a pain to install, unless the car is all apart, even then its' tricky. Most of the original insulation will be going bad, if not now, as you use it you will likely run into issues. The issue with the oil plug might be the washer, I've seen them get chewed up over the years. There are a few places that sell repros, but perhaps you might be find a replacement at a good parts store??? Steering wheels are tough, there are a few places that will recast them, but they are a bit costly, plus it'll look a bit odd if your car is otherwise original. At times you might be able to find a used one in better shape, to use as a driver quality, but the biggest issue is that old plastic which doesn't stand up well over the years. I've heard some folks use body filler to repair it, but that is not easy, and the wheel needs to be cleaned so that the crumbly bits are gone, which might mean everything! Sorry I don't have a better answer for you right now. Anyway, hope this helps you a bit. Keith
  11. Nice looking car! Nice you found us. Keith
  12. Thanks Brian, I certainly would like to be there as well. My car is a driver, no show car, but I would drive it there, if I was attending. Keith
  13. John, I'm interested, I'll PM you. Shipping would be to Canada. Keith