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  1. Just read through the thread, very neat it ended back with a previous owner! Love these Happy Endings. Keith
  2. I have Diamondbacks on two of my old Buicks, a '41 and a '56. The '41 I have had them on for nearly 10 years, and have put about 12-13,000 miles on them, and they have been fine. I too prefer the ride of the radials for a driver car. Even a really nice one like yours, and they are just tires which can be changed out again if one wants the genuine article for show purposes. Lovely looking car, I'm a big fan of those woodies. Keith
  3. Congratulations, Doug! Now you can spoil him rotten when he gets older. Particularly with old Buicks! Keith
  4. Matt; I read your post and the excitement you had when you got it. I felt it too, as I had thought I would like one very much if I had a chance. But they were never sold in Canada, and thus are very rare. I'm sorry it's not working out too well for you. The very late model cars have so much stuff in the interest in convience and safety that it is a bit scary to me as well. My wife has a 2016 Envision, bought new, which she loves. It has the lane assist, but it is easy to turn off, and stays off. I suppose they really don't want you to be able to do that any more, so that's why the
  5. Those linings look like there are not worn much, and might be good for some time as long as they are not cracked or contaminated. As for pins holding it on, do you mean the bolts which hold the backing plate to the spindle, or do you mean the spring loaded gizmos which are holding the shoes on? Unless there are some issues, the backing plate doesn't have to come off for a usual type of brake repair. If you are needing to kingpins, etc., then that's a different matter. Keith
  6. Looking very nice, nice car, and it will be great when done. Keith
  7. I've driven mine a certain amount, not as much as usual, but into the late summer and fall there have been a few "pop up" kind of tours, and we've driven it. Likely I've put over 1,000 miles of it this year. Some weeks ago we did a tour which was a very long one, and we ended up even further from home, so we did somewhere around 400 miles that one, I think, anyway. We like it, as it's easy for my wife to drive, as well as it's comfortable, gets good gas mileage, an upgraded radio with bluetooth, plus A/C. What's not to like?? Keith
  8. Interesting, as it is a McLaughlin Buick Super Coupe, and I have a '41 McLaughlin Buick Roadmaster Coupe. Love to chat about the car sometime if you wouldn't mind. Keith
  9. About the brakes. I have a '41 Roadmaster which I restored as a driver some years ago, and I do drive it quite a bit. The brakes are stock, and work very well, I keep the emergency brake in good condition, just in case. As a previous poster said, mine will also lock all the wheels up at speed. However, lining type is very important. I also have a '56 Roadmaster, which actually has slightly wider drums, and power assist, but after replacing the entire system a few years ago, and it needed it, the stopping power was terrible. The lining material was a newer, and harder type, which di
  10. Thanks Doug, and congratulations on all those views! Keith
  11. I could potentially be interested if any of them cover the '68 and '69 full size Buicks? Those illustrations and part numbers might be useful. Keith
  12. Great car, I hope you get it sorted. I also have a '90, and like it very much. They do have their little bugaboos from time to time due to the complex nature of the little beastie. Keith
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