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  1. The work continues on the left rear door jam and quarter panel. I cut out a nearly top to bottom strip from the quarter panel. This was rusty from way back and had been filled in and nicely painted over. The section on the bottom I left in place to provide some support to keep every thing in alignment, as the rest of skin was very flimsy since it was not longer attached to the door jam. So I fabricated a section for the middle part. It looks pretty flat, only it isn't. So I made up forms out of a piece Ash, and bent and dollied it into shape. Then a similar procedure for the top piece as
  2. Good progress so far Doug. But she is a bit of rusty beastie for sure!
  3. The other day I had the Electra out for a drive and then a trip to the reservation for cheaper gas. Premium is less costly than regular is in town, and it gives the car a good run. Between one thing and another about 70 miles on it. It was running a bit rough at the start, but much nicer after it got some fresh gas in it. I always put stabilizer in everything, but the gas still goes a bit stale. Then the next day a few errands in the Reatta, no pics, sorry folks! Not as much driving on that, about 20 miles or so.
  4. Amazing work Roger. I have seen so much of your work, yet I'm always astounded by the detail and quality of it. Keith
  5. That's an amazing bit of nostalgia Doug. Love the original owners card. Keith
  6. So we spent a day or so doing a few little things, then it was time for choices. What next? The transmission re and re, or some more body work. We voted for bodywork, not that it's going to be easy. I had finished up the work we started on the left side last year, but there were a couple of toughies to sort out. The area around the left rear door striker plate was rather rusty and we could see where it had been filled previously, and also at the bottom of the rear window. The bigger area is the quarter panel, but in a way it is a lot more straightforward body work. The doors fit p
  7. No, not at all. He will be driving one of the modern cars most of the time. I don't know if I set a good example for my kids or not, because my daughter has a convertible for summer driving and a little 4X4 for winter! Now Graham is getting into doing the same thing.
  8. I realized I hadn't updated this since I did some paint work on the lower parts of the front fenders and the rocker panel. Other parts are left in primer/sealer for now. The lower parts of both front fenders needed some metal work, but otherwise they were in decent shape. In this case I bought fresh primer and black due to the issues I had with fish eyes on the left side, and it went on without any issues. The gloss is reasonable, but not fab, though it is so much better than what you can see on the doors. This is a driver not a show car, though this is a modern paint with hardener, so i
  9. I don't think I need any, but I'm not sure how the ones on the engine are yet. If you get the chance take a look at the ones on the other engine and pull them for me. Somewhere along the line we connect up. I believe the 264's and 322's take the same rockers. They might be spares for the '56 engine as well.
  10. Well folks, we got the engine out of the back my Jeep and onto a makeshift dolly. I have some long pieces of 2X10 Ash which gave a not too steep slope so we were able to gently slide it down and onto the dolly. Then the real fun starts right? The bolts on the end of the crank came off easily enough, but it was rusted to the crank, plus it is seized solid. I let it soak for the 5 days or so with lots of penetrating fluid and have refreshed it on a more less daily basis, along with a few well placed hits. Tonight I went at it again, and after the first tap it just dropped off at my f
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