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  1. Interesting that the car has quite new issue Ontario plates on it. Likely the picture was taken last summer. Keith
  2. Neat! Nice to have a talented offspring like that. Keith
  3. Sorry to hear of your mishap, but like John said, its' good that you didn't hurt yourself any worse! Us seniors don't bounce like we used to. Welcome to the Senior Club, Doug. Keith
  4. Mine does that as well, and I'll be interested to see what the outcome is. I changed some bearings in it while I had it out during the restoration. Keith
  5. Got lots here too, Doug. Chains came off a rear wheel, a pin popped out of the plow, not a lot of fun. I had hoped to get a bit of work done on mine too, but no dice for me. Dry but plenty cold now. Keith
  6. Are you considering these sold? If not, I'll buy them. Shipping would to Canada. Let me know either way please. Thanks Keith
  7. I can't enlarge it enough to read the script well, but it looks like it might be "Super" No doubt, she is (was) super. Those legs are beautiful! Keith
  8. Thanks for joining us, Rusty! Share some pictures of your project with us. Doesn't matter how it looks right now, we love them all! Keith
  9. Thanks, for your info, Gents. I have an inquiry out to an industrial fastener supply place, so hopefully I will get a reply tomorrow, after they open. Keith
  10. Folks; I have a minor dilemma here. I rebuilt the engine in my '41 Roadmaster about 10 years ago, and when I removed the connecting rods, they were sheet steel keepers/retainers like little bolts on the ends of the rods, underneath the fully torqued bolts. Many of them broke taking them off, as they are very flimsy sheet stock. Kind of like the "speed nuts" we've seen on other things. I could not get replacements at the time, so I put it back together, and re used the ones I could. In the meantime I bought a set, I think from Bob's in California, but now I can't find them. Moved in the meantime, and I guess they're lost in action in a box somewhere. So, I removed the engine oil pan from it the other day to replace the leaky gasket, and had planned on putting these things on, whilst it was off. Now I'm rather stymied, Bob's has them and call's them "Pal Nuts" Does anyone have much experience with these, like how necessary are they? I've put over 10,000 miles on it, and all is well, so far, of course I'd like it to stay that way. They are so flimsy, I'm not sure how much good they would do if a rod bolt came loose anyway, but the factory put them on for a reason. The engine is holding up well, runs good, excellent oil pressure, and no oil burning. Thank you! Keith
  11. Very nice! Keep us posted with more pictures as you progress! Keith
  12. Beautiful looking Reatta! I don't blame you for being sad selling it. The Jag is nice too. Keith
  13. I'm just catching up on this thread, and I'm glad to here of another early McLaughlin surfacing here in Ontario. I have a '16 D45 Touring which I bought a few months ago. Keith
  14. Doug, it was a bit weird actually, not quite like the crazies in the city. It was on Hwy 3 which you likely know as it runs a long way West, and it goes through the small town of Delhi, where there is one of those multi phase signals, mainly because quite few large trucks go trough the area for various reasons, but mostly for all the farm produce. So, I'm waiting for it turn to the green Left Turn arrow, then it does, and out of habit I very briefly pause, as I'm used to so many people running reds in the city, then started my turn, and a guy in a pickup truck just pulled away from the line in front of me, even though he still had the red. So, if I had hit gas right away, I would of been right in front of him, and maybe would of been hit. My take on it was that he was tuned out, and thought the light changed in his favour, and that I'd would be the one waiting. The ironic thing was that I avoided the malls and places like that in it earlier, which I'm supposed to anyway due to insurance, but nearly got smucked eleswhere. Keith