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  1. Buicknutty

    '49 Buick RoadMaster Dynaflow Transmission.

    A couple of things I'll add. The rear seals often leak on these, and it can be very difficult to get them so they don't leak at all. If the car has been sitting for some time, the seals dry out, and will leak badly, but with regular use, the seals might recover somewhat. Make sure that the fluid level is correct, if its' leaking bad, you can loose a lot, and these trannys take quite a bit of fluid. Lastly, about slippage, are you familiar with Dynaflows? As they are kind of a "lazy feeling" transmission. Because of the action of the torque converter, when you step on the gas, it feels like the engine accerates, and then the car kind of catches up. This is normal, but if it really is slipping, it should be checked. Either way, it would be wise to take the oil pan off for a check and cleaning.
  2. They certainly were available in tri colour, as the body tag indicates a lower, middle and an upper colour. Most I've seen are either one or two tone, often Dover White roof and lower, with a "colour" in the middle section. Keith
  3. Buicknutty

    1912 and 1913 Buicks for sale. Touring and a runabout.

    Any idea what model the touring car is? Buick made more than one model in that body style in '12. Thanks. Keith
  4. Looking very nice, Roger. Keith
  5. Buicknutty

    Buick 1941 mod:56S

    Looks like a good car. So similar to my '41 76S. I second what the above poster said too. It took me some time to find a few of the parts I needed. The plus side, if you will, is that some things interchange between many models, but some are quite model specific. Use care when shopping for parts. Let us know when you have at your place. Then the adventure will begin. Keith
  6. Buicknutty

    Last Saturday Night

    I have found a surprising amount of interest and recognition in mine as well. One of the most remarkable times was last spring, driving with the top down, a rather "grandmotherly" looking lady called out to me from her late model Subaru, and said she loved the car, and always wanted one! I must add, that I certainly am a bit envious of you folks in the South right now, as we are heading to nearly zero F in my area of Ontario tonight! Keith
  7. Buicknutty


    I have the same worries. I had a very near miss the other day in my daily driver. A Fed Ex truck stopped nicely at the stop sign at the cross road, and I was on the thru road, then he pulled out right in front of me! Haven't had as close a call for a while. I suppose he thought it was a four way stop or something. I think the quick ratio steering on modern cars is one of the biggest safety benefits, as it has allowed me to avoid many similar accidents over the years. The one time I did get hit in a vintage Buick was when the '56 Roadmaster was hit in the right side door in 1981, and I saw the guy coming out of the side street, but the poor '56 couldn't move out of the way fast enough. Keith
  8. Buicknutty


    Love those '56s! Would seem to be a well optioned car, wide whites and wheel covers. We all have those that "got away", and I passed on one like that (a Special convert) in the early 70's, before I bought the one I still have in '76. Needed trans work, but the body was quite good for an Ontario car of the time. Brings back memories! Keith
  9. Buicknutty

    Abandoned but not forgotten

    Neat collection of sad looking Buicks! Keith
  10. Lovely looking car. I'm one of the many following the story of the restoration, and the quality of the work is superb. Thanks for sharing the story of this car with all of us. Happy New Year to Everyone! Keith
  11. My first winter drive in an old Buick, in this case my '41 McLaughlin Buick. The weather had warmed to about 50 F, and it had rained a lot last night and this morning, so my son and I decided to go out for a drive before it gets cold and salty again. We did 20 miles in it, drove and ran great. Temp was down to about 45 F, and the heater and defroster weren't challenged to keep us cosy. The picture was taken just before I put it back into the garage, for another winter's nap. Keith
  12. Buicknutty

    1968 Buick Riviera "The Aqua Zephyr"

    Lovely car and deserving of its' accolades. Merry Christmas to you too! Keith
  13. Buicknutty

    Buick Electra Landeau 1975 Quarter windows

    Neat car, and hope your project goes well for you. Nice to see your new ride. Keith
  14. Buicknutty

    For Sale '54 and '55 Differentials

    I changed my '41 Roaadmaster's rear ratio to one from a '55 Century. Its' an upgrade that I would recommend to anyone who drives their car very much. Keith
  15. Buicknutty

    52 Super Estate Wagon model 59

    Nice car, and man, I don't think I've ever said this, but I sure am jealous! One of the cars I've wanted for a long time is a 47-52 Buick woody. That looks like a good car you have. Do you know what the history is of it, and has it had much work done to it? As for work to do, it depends on what it has had done to it in the recent past, and whether or not you have trust in any previous work that was done. If the length of time since all the fluids have been changed is unknown, that would be a good place to start, brake, trans, coolant clean and flush, and of course engine oil and filter. Rear axle oil doesn't need attention very often, but at least a check to make sure the level and condition of it is good. If the engine is still original, taking the oil pan off and cleaning it out is a good plan. They can get so much sludge in the bottom that it can restrict the pick up, and starve it of oil. Likewise a through check of the braking system is a good plan, if it hasn't been done recently. Don't neglect the emergency brake either. Otherwise, go out and enjoy your new ride. You certainly won't be seeing many others at local cruise nights! Thanks for sharing. Keith