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  1. Well, folks, today my plans for the new garage starting to get real. Most of the materials were delivered late today. It doesn't seem to look like much, but it will be a 24X38 ft. and about 14 ft high, building, with heat, wall and floor insulation, 100 amp power, then gas heat when the rest is done. It gets cold here, and I want to keep me and my Buicks warm! The old garage, is still very good, and is staying. It holds 4 cars, and the new one will hold 3 more. I hoping that this will be the workshop garage, and to keep it to 3 cars, so that I have lots of space around them. As we all know, extra space seems to get filed up with one thing or another! I'll try to post updates as the work progresses. Keith
  2. Nice, thanks for sharing. I also have a '90, and love driving around in it. Keith
  3. Thanks for the tip. I didn't think that the bracket was available. Keith
  4. Love the shot of the '41 Super! It looks backwards to me though. Likely an original Kodachrome slide in the scanner backwards. Used to be my profession. Kodachrome is most likely because the colour is so nice. Keith
  5. Folks, we need a battery hold down bracket and hardware for the '55 Special we just got. Does anyone have one for sale? Shipping would be to Canada, This is our Postal Code, N4B 2W5, if you want it estimate shipping. Thanks. Keith
  6. Here are a few more pictures of the '55. I took a shot of the floor beside the front seat and you can see the rubber mat and the rear carpet coming together. This sure looks it is original. The chrome is fair, and the pot metal has pitting in it, but it is still bright. Left front bumper arm is the worst chromed part of car. The front driver's seat has a tear in it, but haven't had a chance to look at the back seat. Otherwise the interior is quite presentable, and still serviceable. The covers are a bit ugly, but they do work. we'll see what the origianl stuff is like later in the week. Sometime in its' past it had a quick paint job, and hasn't much gloss to it. It looks like one of those cheapies where not even the chips were fixed. Including where it looks like something heavy fell on the hood, and only quickly straightened, but really fixed, and then painted. Of course 70's{?} wheels, but decent radials. You can see the patch on the gas pedal, but the other pedals work, and the emerg brake too. Pedal feel is very good, but I'll pull the drums to check everything out. Steering had a little play in it, and I did a steering box adjustment today, now its' down to about 1/2in., which is pretty good. Haven't checked kingpins, etc., yet. Keith
  7. The oil pump I replaced, and added the hardened lower plate that the gears run against. So the coolant slowly dripped out of the crack in the head, and destroyed the bearing babbit. I believe that its' the glycol component which has some kind of affinity for the babbit used in bearings. So its' the way the coolant interacts with the bearing material, and not simply the poorer lubrication qualities. At least that is my understanding, there are many here which have a greater depth of knowledge than I. I have since learned that cracks are an issue with 430 heads. My replacements are early 455 heads, and are better, and these checked out good. They will get Stage 1 valves, as part of the refurbishment. Keith
  8. Hi, nice looking Cat. Great cars, as well. I see you are in Southwestern Ontario, I am as well. We (my wife actually) have a 1968 Wildcat convert, also an Ontario car, though unfortunately it also has the rust to prove it. I'm slowly restoring it for her, though life does get in the way. Keith
  9. Yesterday I picked up a 1955 Special 4 door sedan, that is actually for my son. I had bought a car for his sister, who is about 9 years older, at about his age (she still has it, an '05 Sebring convert), so I had promised to buy him one, when he was old enough. Instead of a modern car, he wanted a vintage car. His desires, lke so many of us here are varied, for the "Doc" Hudson Hornets, '65 Rivs, 46-48 Sendanettes and the second gen Skylarks, from 61-63, plus Corvettes, and other performance cars. We considered many, lots that were way too expensive, as I had a specific price range to stick to. Importing a car to Canada from the US these days is so expensive, by the time the exchange, taxes, duties, and transport are paid for, it nearly doubles the purchase price of the car. Then whatever needs to be done to it is more. This car was quite local to us, about an hour's drive, and is a running driving car, and was licensed and driven last year. Canadian built, and I think that the only option it has is a Dynaflow, no radio, no PS or Brakes either. The Dynaflow leaks like any good Buick should. We'll see if it can get to an acceptable level or if it has come out sooner rather than later. This is resonably solid car, and shows 57,000+ miles and might be correct, by the obvious wear and tear signs, pedals, floor mats, etc. The floor mats are interesting, rubber up front, and a very short loop pile in the back seat, and it appears original. The has damage, like something fell on it, but it was painted over, not straightened very well at all. So this is for sure a 20 to 30 footer. Plan is to chack things out, fix it and get it certified, hopefully this Spring. We shall see. The picture shows the seller on the left, and my son Graham on the right with the on the car trailer, just after we loaded it up. More to come later. Keith
  10. Well Folks, I haven't posted here on this thread for some time, lots of things have transpired, but the thing that relates to my '69 is Electra the engine is out for a rebuild. I haven't had the heart, in a way to share this with you guys (girls, too, if you're here), but this is how it went down. The oil pressure had been borderline since I got it, and I put an auxilary guage on to be to monitor it better, and it was just OK. Then late last season the pressure seemed to be a bit worse, and a mild tick developed when cold about August, and it was worse by the end of Oct when I put away for the oncoming winter. The tick was coming from the left side, and after Christmas my son and I started investigating. First thing we noticed was a little bit of coolant on the top of the head. Bad news. So I took the intake and oil pan off and there were a few shards of metal, soft and non magentic, so I presumed it was babbit. Then on the advice of a friend I put the intake back on, sealed up the cooling system and he pressurized the cooling system, and it took quite some time, but a tiny drop of coolant stared ozzing out of seemingly invisible spot near the base of the no. 4 valve spring. After a couple of weeks looking at options, and my preferred rebuilder said that he had enough time to get my engine done by May, as this was/is our preffered ride to the National in June. So, my new camshaft suffered some damage, as well as the bearings, of course. The rockers and bores were worn, but not bad, but since its' out and apart, its' getting a rebore and new valve train parts as well. So a thorough and complete rebuild. I was able to source good heads from a local Buick guy, and the rest of the parts are coming from TA performance. Our theory is that it had water in it when it was brought up from California, and it was allowed to freeze up. Then the cleaning and use of the car opened up this small crack in the casting. I know what coolant contamination looks like, and what it can do, but the oil always looked good, none of the usual foaming that I've seen in water and antifreeze contaminated engines before. So, that's my sad story, about my beautiful Electra. Keith
  11. This morning I with clear and cold, though not as cold as earlier in the winter, about 20F or so. I had to move the '41 Roadmaster as my son in law needed some garage space to fix the brakes on his daily driver, so I decided to use it to take us out for breakfast. Started and ran great, only about 20 miles round trip, or so. Its' pictured in front of the eatery, with a shot of the current mileage, and I've put 100 or so on this winter. So looking forward to winter being over! Keith