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  1. I think I am going to start checking the grounding and wiring into the trunk lid as that's most likely thing that's been disturbed. We'll see what the volt meter shows me! Found the diagram in the '42 manual, so it will be a matter of locating everything. I haven't looked under the dash yet, but I assume the flasher and horn relay are both under there?
  2. Edit - OK I noticed that's a '38 wiring diagram linked to below and I'm checking the the shop manual now... Another question... when we were exploring earlier the rear Buick logo was clearly acting as a blinker, (https://photos.app.goo.gl/ew9sRpFKJvs3zuju) but I can't recreate that behavior. Looking at the wiring diagram linked below, I don't see either the directional switch or the bulbs. Am I just blind or is this something customized later? Thanks again!
  3. Thank for the TeamBuick link, I'm going to have to study that article. I think I found the home for almost all of the parts, so a bit more studying and maybe I can track down the last few... I'll review the shop manual again, but it seemed pretty cursoury wrt the pump rebuild. Matt, thanks for explaining the hand throttle, that was my assumption, but wanted to make sure!
  4. One more question... is there an operators manual or similar to explain all the switch positions and such? Just want to make sure I find all the features. For example, there seems to be something like a manual choke knob/pull on the carb/dash, but it's not clear to my why/what it does since it has an automatic choke.
  5. OK, next question.. continues to run and start well from the suspended fuel bottle, so that's exciting. Even @35F it fires up on the 6V battery pretty reliably, even with not great wires. Got a fuel pump rebuild kit for Christmas (from CARS) and have disassembled and cleaned the old one, which I think is "AB" maybe AKA 518?, but can't find a good exploded diagram to make sure I get all the right parts in the right places. I saw several threads here, including diagrams for an "AJ" on a confused '48, but nothing for mine. I don't find a model number on my cam arm or the unit, but
  6. Understood. We have 6 tractors from the 50's (Ford 8N, 2 Cubs, 300 Utility, Allis Chalmers CA, Ford 8xx), all gravity fed. But the '39 tank is probably 18" below the carb, it has to have a pump and therefore it pretty much must be setup with stronger float springs if nothing else to tolerate the positive pressure. There was a regulator (removed) before the carb, nominally 2PSI. This would seem to indicate that some positive pressure is expected at the carb. So, I have to believe that the carb expects at least a bit of pressure at the input to function. In the '39, I think it'
  7. OK, one of the next questions... in filling the cooling system we learned a bit about it and took a few bits off to make sure we knew what was going on. There doesn't seem to be a thermostat, I'll have to install one eventually. Any opinions? I need to double check that the bypass valve is there, but I don't think it is, that seems more important to repair/replace to make sure there's good radiator flow. Recommendations?
  8. Interesting. The difference was dramatic, with the elevation, it started immediately and ran indefinitely (once we added a vent...). Without the elevation, it would do more than burn the primer I dribbled in. I assumed... that since there was a 2 lbs regulator originally in line that about 2PSI was required. With the elevation, it seems to be about perfect so I will keep an eye to improving the carb setup, but leave it as is until I find a clear problem.
  9. Fuel pressure regulators seem pretty common. I think there's a sediment bowl before the pump, so I'll try to filter there. In my reading yesterday it seems the Holley regulators are pretty popular - so, is something like this recommended? https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Holley-12-804-Adjustable-Fuel-Pressure-Regulator-1-4-PSI,383.html If so, what problem is it solving and how would I observe it?
  10. Not only was I pleasantly surprised that it ran, with minimal (barely audible) rod bearing noise (Walmart 15-40 diesel oil for initial runs), but the temp gauge worked well and the oil pressure indicated ~45lbs cold / fast idle and ~15lbs hot/slow idle. Didn't expect either gauge to work or to have that much pressure.
  11. Matt, Sounds like I might be getting closer to needing a tank. Let's see how the pandemic goes and maybe in mid_January I'll drive down!
  12. Kept fiddling a bit off and on today. Dad pointed out that, unlike the tractors, gravity feed w/ 1ft of elevation is not enough. So, we hung our improvised tank from the ceiling and bingo, she runs. Topped up the water and it seems to cooling and everything. Looks like there is no thermostat installed, but I don't think anyone is surprised by that! Here's a video - (or two) https://photos.app.goo.gl/nMCGCXizHpDvEUun8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/pKteWBZXk9PAqGur9 Looks like I'll continue in maintenance mode for awhile longer, replacing ignition components, r
  13. Thanks Matt, interesting to see I've found something unusual! Mine does look very much like the one shown, just the unusual glass. I didn't really study the text as I should have to realize it was also a regulator! My old tractors are gravity fed and therefore just have sediment bowls, so that was all I paid attention to, doh! At least now I have the right term for Google, thanks!
  14. Well front wheel cylinders replaced and wheel bearings cleaned and repacked...at least good enough for now. So I started playing with trying to run it a bit more with a temporary fuel supply, did run for a few seconds, but I found my sediment bowl leaked - from the top of the assembly, not from the bowl seal. So, a did a bit of googling... doesn't seem to be one like this anywhere. Most listings seem to have plain clear ones, similar to my tractors... Anyone know anything about these and how to rebuild? Thanks in advanc!
  15. Thanks. As soon as I get some front brakes, it will be it will be time to see if she will run for more than a few seconds... gradually integrating more and more of the fuel system.
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