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  1. In a way, I think that we should be giving people, young people esp some first hand experience with these very old cars. I have done that with my '41, and intend to do the same with me recently acquired '16. Otherwise it is so easy to ignore and forget, and be misinformed about them. Congrats to you! Keith
  2. Marty; Thanks. I was just getting the car around the time of the tour, and am getting familair with it now, with about 100 miles or so since I got it home. So far, it seems to be a well sorted out car. I think I will drive it Sunday, on the pre war tour I'm running this upcoming weekend. Sunday is less driving than Sat., and am still getting used to it, and being the tour leader, I'm thinking it is wise. Though I certainly hope to do some touring with the '16, and it would be great to meet up with you on one of them! Keith
  3. Thanks guys, and yes, Matt, if you are here, you will see the new lift in the new garage. Being in the country, the height restrictions aren't as tight, even though we aren't classed as agricultural, I could still have it built with enough height for a lift to go in. Keith
  4. Well, we have been doing some small things to the '55. The signal lights were one thing it needed sorting out, and it turned out that a previous person had mixed up the wire connections. Once we got the wiring all going to where it was supposed to be, low and behold, everything worked! Another item we have been looking into, are the back up lights. This feature was, I believe optional, though when we took the lenses off, the wires where just hanging, with bare connectors near the housings. No sockets, or other apparatus are evident. So, is this the way it would of left the factory, if it had not had back up lights factory, or perhaps dealer installed? This is a low optioned car, so I'm not sure that it would of had this or not. It is equipped with windshield washers, which do not work. However we did determine that the issue is with the pump, as I put a known good on it, and it worked, though this is the wrong pump. I've posted some pictures of the pump, and is this typical of a '55 washer pump? This is a Canadian built car, so I'm just wondering if there is any difference. I believe that this pump is original to the car, though of course I cannot be sure. A few places sell rebuild kits for early 50's washer pumps, has anyone rebuilt these things with success? Thanks, folks. Keith
  5. Sorry to hear you are selling her. Sadly, I cannot really help you as to value, but I hope that you are able to find a good home for her. Enjoy your last road trip with it! Keith
  6. Your work is looking good, Neil. I put a new harness in mine at the end of the restoration. The original was patched, spliced, and disconnected in various places, and I would of been afraid to actually drive it! I got mine from Harnesses Unlimited, and it too, seemed to be a quality repro. Keith
  7. Thanks, me too. I'm sure that they are all safe, but others I looked at had welding which looked like it had been done by amateurs. Keith
  8. We had a good weekend driving Buicks, (and McLaughlins). On Sat., we used the '41 to run some of the tour routes for the tour we are organizing next weekend, and put about 70 miles or so on it. Then the Reatta for some more general car stuff, maybe another 50 miles, then finally later today I got the 1916 McLaughlin out for a short run, only about 10 miles or so, but it ran great. Don't want to jinx myself, but the '16 seems to be a very well sorted out car. It starts without any problems warm or cold, and drives well. Of course the two wheel mechancial brakes are nothing like the ones the '41 has, but one doesn't drive as fast either. Current mileages on all three. I mus check to see what the mileage on the Reatta was when I got it, just over a year and a half ago, but I think it was about 262,000 km, now I'm over 268,000 km. We have been using it for some longer driving, and back to the old area for events, which is about 100 miles, or 160 kms each way. Keith
  9. For some reason the pictures wouldn't upload, so hopefully, here they are! Keith
  10. Well, here is the next stage in the new garage, a two post lift. A commercial grade Challenger 10,000 lb lift. This has a great deal of flexibility, the arms have three extensions to reach out to where ever you need to lift the car from, and several extensions for the lift pads, again depending on the vehicle I'm working on. This is likely more lift than I will ever need, and perhaps over-bought, but I wanted one that was as safe as possible, and that could accommodate the wide variety of vehicles we have here. Also, this is the new home of the '56 Roadmaster, and the Electra, due to the depth of the garage, these cars fit with lots of room to spare. Keith
  11. Sebastian, I am running with original points and condenser system. I had a Pertronix in it for a while, but then it failed, and that is second one that has done that on me. I like electronic ignition, but the unreliability I don't. There are the later model fully electronic distributors which will fit, but have a much different look, than the stock one. Which, for my car, is important, also these units are a bit expensive too, but mainly its' the look I don't like. Whenever I get back into my wife's '68 Wildcat, that is what I think I will use, as we aren't as concerned about dead stock, as I am on the Electra. Keith
  12. EmTee, he says that there is wear in the compressor, determined by too much side play on the main shaft, though it pumps well, and is quiet. However, it is throwing a little bit of oil out the front seal, and he changed that seal as well. That part I was a bit unhappy about, as I wish he'd told me before he resealed the compressor, and recharged the system. I had told him I was making a long trip with the car, and he wanted to get it working for me, but it looks like I'm going to have to get a rebuild, re and re the compressor, and recharge, again. Keith
  13. I also was at the meet in '77, which was my first as well. Drove my '56 Roadmaster 76R, which I still have a drive regularly. We plan to be at next year's meet as well. Keith
  14. Thanks for asking. She is doing well, and the rebuild is running strong. We drove it over 2,500 miles to and from the BCA National in June. Had some adventures on the show field though. I was unloading the rest of our stuff out of the trunk to get it ready for the its' spot to be judged, smelled gas, and the fuel pump was leaking, badly. So zipped to a spot, and just left it. Fortunately a local parts store was able to get one in a few hours, and I got a ride over to the store and back. Then gave passers by the entertainment of a guy fixing his car on the show field. The kicker was, the failed pump was a new one only about 2 years old. However, it did win another Archival award, despite everything. It is still running a bit hotter than I think it should, and AC is nice and cold, though the compressor has wear on it, according to my AC guy, and we are not sure how long it will stay working well. Keith
  15. I had almost exactly the same situation on my '41 Roadmaster. Not quite as bad though. Keith
  16. Thanks, Terry, but I feel for you too, having to wait till next year for your engine. That '20 sounds like a sweetie. It was in part due to your encouragement that I bought it. Keith
  17. We had a good weekend driving Buicks, and McLaughlins too. Started off with a corn roast at a car buddy's place near Niagara, so we drove the Reatta, and that was about 130 miles round trip. Drove out with the top down, as it was a lovely summer day, however my lady insisted of top up on the way, after dark, as the air was much cooler! Also on Friday afternoon, I got all of the paperwork necessary to transfer the registration, and get plates for my new (old) one, a 1916 McLaughlin, so I stopped enroute Fri afternoon and got my plates. So of course Sat morning we just had to go for a drive in it! Around 10 miles, then another 5 or 6 later on. Today, my son and I took it out for a 26 mile drive around our county roads. Ran perfect, temp held steady, and no issues were apparent. Fastest I went was not quite 40 mph, kept it to 30-35 most of the time. It feels like it will go much faster, but don't want to over do the old machine, besides, it only has 2 wheel mechanical brakes! We are hosting the pre war tour that was mentioned in a recent post, and if all seems well with it, I might drive it on part of the weekend. We also did about 30 miles in the '41 Roadmaster, which is also officially a McLaughlin Buick, so I have a picture of the two McLaughlins on the front part of our place. No pictures of the Reatta this time though. Keith
  18. I might be a player, if the series can be determined, looking for a 264, at one for parts. Talking about odd things done, we have a '55 Special with a dead #3, looks like a bad piston, but someone put a 4bbl on it. Keith
  19. We did some driving in the Reatta, were hoping to take in a cruise night in another town, but there was some rain, but near our home, on the way back, I saw this faint rainbow, and got this shot of the Reatta and the rainbow. About 50 miles, or so in it. Keith
  20. Congrats, Roger! Is that the max speed limit there? Keith
  21. We took in the Pt Dover cruise night, tonight, about 30 miles round trip in the '41. A nice, warm night, so a huge group of cars were there. Keith
  22. Sorry if I wasn't as clear as I should of been, as I'm well aware of the size differences between the older series Supers, and the Specials. My point was that the Supers in '56 were almost identical to a Roadmaster, but earlier ones were a lengthened, and slightly dressed up Special, as they shared engines, etc. in the straight eight era. Keith
  23. You bet, me too, I'd race you for the keys! Keith Seriously, it yours?