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  1. Could she be Lucille Ball? My wife's guess, not mine! Keith
  2. Thank you very much! I am very anxious to get back to it, but it will be a little while yet. Hopefully in the Fall. Keith
  3. Interesting, it looks good in the colours it wears now. My wife's was originally a triple white car, but was painted dark blue, then bright red, which is what it is wearing now. Though none of the work done on it was of particularly high quality, seems to be a low end professional job. It will be blue with a white top and interior when it's done. Keith
  4. Wow, I didn't realize that! Is that her '54, does anyone know? Very cool.
  5. Yesterday, Sunday we drove the Reatta to a Club meeting, social distancing too, and all that. But it was so nice to get out for a real drive! Nearly 250 miles round trip. Then tonight I took the '41 for a nice cruise, mainly to give it some exercise, as I haven't driven it for a couple of weeks. Not so much mileage, about 25 miles on it. Keith
  6. I suppose I should add a bit more info about this project. We have been collecting many of the parts we need for it, and have quite a few things now. As you will know, on the previous page, I had mentioned my Mother in Law passed away in the winter of 2016. So then there was all of that to get sorted out, then when we got that done, we decided it was time to say goodbye to the city, and after a long search we found a nice, much larger place out in the country. Read, more garage space! Then I had a new one built last year, with a lift and gas heat. We are fortunate here that all the tobacco farmers use natural gas to cure the tobacco leaves, so we have that as fuel here. I did a thread on the new garage on the forum as well, if you care to look. Right now, the poor Wildcat gets used as a bit of a shelf. Keith
  7. Lovely Wildcat! Hope ours will look as good some day. Is that an original colour combo on it? I have never seen one in those colours before. Keith
  8. I remember those glasses well! I had an aunt who always wore them, these were prescription eye glasses, not sunglasses. I never remember her having any other glasses. We ere invited to a 50's garden party last year, and I picked up a pair for my wife to wear. Keith
  9. Lets hope it went to a good home.
  10. I've put 100 miles or so on the Reatta, this week, just to keep everything limber, and was running a flushing compound through the cooling system as well. We have a car club exec meeting on Sunday, and I'm planning to drive the Reatta, and it will be something like 200+ mile round trip. The restrictions have been loosened a bit, so we can meet with up to ten people, so now we can have a face to face meeting for the first time in months. I'll try to remember to take some pictures to post here! Keith
  11. Nice to hear that, Matt! Nice looking acquisitions too. Keith
  12. Rather like in the song by the late Kenny Rogers, you got to when hold em and when to fold em. I just bought a non Buick, I knew what I wanted, it was there, and I bought it. When I went back to pick it up the guy told me the guy that looked at the car the day before called later and wanted to buy it, but it was sold. Snooze, you loose, sad but true. Got a few extra issues, but I've bought so many cars by now, I'm used to it. Keith
  13. You are of course correct, except there has not been much to report on it. I was intending to start on it sometime this winter, as I have heat in the shop now, but then last year my son got the '55. My feeling was that the '68 had been put off several times for one good reason or another, that my son's car would have to wait its' turn. However, my wife being the Good Mom she is said to me, go ahead and work on Graham's, and after some discussion, I did. Naturally that car required a lot more then was previously thought. Don't they always? I start the Wildcat from time to time, and it always runs great. So, that's the update! There is a thread here about my son's car, the 1955 Buick Special. Keith
  14. Thanks for the update, Doug! I too was wondering what had become of you. This pandemic takes it's toll on people, in all sorts of ways. Neat cars, those Nashes. I good friend of mine has a few of them, in various states, like we have a few Buicks! Keith
  15. Welcome, Alex. Lovely car! Keith
  16. One needs to love these cars. The hard core stuff is reliable, but GM put everything they had in them, as befits a top of the line car. The Teves system mainly needs regular fluid changes, which are often not done as the car ages. Anyway, check your oil pressure, it might be good, and its' only the sender, then take it from there. Keith
  17. That's what the guy who did it before needed to do, lol!!! We have a shop manual, and we do reference it. Thanks. Keith
  18. Rick, neat looking car. I love these early 50's long wheelbase Roadmasters. Let us see a few more pictures of it. Keith
  19. Well, I got it sorted out. I had a nice long reply written for it a few days ago, but our internet system went down and I lost it all! The drum was correct for the car, that's what I get for working when I'm getting tired! Its' machined about .040 over, and the book says the max is .060, so it is good to live again! I took some very careful measurements of the spindle and determined that enough of a burr had been created at the point where the threaded part ends to stop the inner race from going on properly. Then some extremely careful filing with a small fine diamond file, to remove the burr, and the couple of slight raised bits where it looks like someone used vise grips on the shaft, and then the inner race fits smoothly and cleanly on again. Then cleaning, a new grease seal, and reassembly, this time with leading and trailing shoes on in the right place and the bearings adjusted properly. This was a good first lesson in drum brakes for my son! He did take a year of auto shop in school, but they only covered discs, and he couldn't believe how more complicated drums are! So, I am going to let him do the other side, with some supervision from me, of course! Keith
  20. Neat cars, and I'm glad you're enjoying it. Too bad they were never sold here in Canada. Some have been imported, but I think I've only ever seen one, and that was at a dealer's lot. Keith
  21. Neat car, but there are so many unknowns. I have yet to buy a car that hasn't needed a lot more than first thought, with the exception of all things, the '16 McLaughlin I bought a year ago. Still for the brave soul, some potential could be there. I like this body style as well, but already have too many cars! Keith