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  1. Fabulous story, you, the car, especially the bride and even the groom looked great. Thank you for sharing the story with us!
  2. My mistake Chuck, I'm thinking of '41s, the '40s had the data plate of the frame. Keith
  3. Just my few cents worth here. As Old Tank has it said it is your car, so your choice. So, my thoughts are what do you want to do with the car? Are you wanting more power, handling and general performance than the original is capable of? That would seem to be the key question to me. A good original car will be a good driving and riding car, but all of this is somewhat subjective of course. The other thing is how well everything has survived the long storage, some cars and engines are toast due to poor and if it was in particularly damp storage conditions. As o
  4. The body tag on the passenger side of the firewall has an engine number on it, and it should match the one on the block, if it does the block at least is the one it left the factory with. You don't say where you got the number from too. It is stamped on a flat surface on the block near the distributor, and it can be difficult to read as it gets covered with up with oil, rust etc. Welcome the forum. Nice looking car, post a few more pictures of it when you can. Keith
  5. This is no where near as fabulous as the previous posts, but last night I had the Electra out for about a 20 mile drive, no pics, latish and after dark. I had been doing some maint. on my daughter's 2005 Chrysler Sebring convert for the last couple of days and first test drove it to make all was well to take it back to her tomorrow, then just wanted to do a cruise, so I hopped into the big girl for my cruise.
  6. Truly amazing work and the picture of the transmission in your hand gives it scale and it makes the work all the more incredible!
  7. Great looking Riv! Sad about your friend but it sounds like it has found a good new home. Keith
  8. I like this sentence, as it seems to be what happened with our '55 Special, PO's owners did poor to unsafe work on it. Keith
  9. So we did a bit of work on the '55 last night trying to figure out why there is no power to the back up lights. All the other lighting on it works properly. As you can see in the pictures we removed the taillight housing on the left side to facilitate priming. However I noticed a curious thing, there seemed to be a ground line coming out of the harness, which had a very aged look to it. and then was attached to the body inside the housing with a small sheet metal screw. My first reaction was I didn't think these had a ground in the harness, and double checking with the manual, they
  10. I'm glad for you that the place is cleaned out, what a huge load of of your mind, not to mention the back, arms, and legs! Keith
  11. Thanks Matt! I get doing so many other things, then I don't do much here.
  12. Sorry I haven't posted anything on this for a while, but work has been progressing. The rest of the body work on the door jam and front section of the quarter panel got done, Then I decided that we should strip the paint off of the rest of the quarter panel to see how it was. In other words, what other wee surprises were hiding for us to find. For a change on this project there wasn't much, one piece, about 2"X6" long near the moulding had to be cut out and a new one welded in, but there was no other rust on it. Very tricky welding it in, as this part of the panel didn't have
  13. You certainly are making great progress, Doug. Lots of work though! Dividing large properties in Toronto is big business too. They will buy 2 adjacent older houses, tear them down and build 3. I'm not against anyone making a buck, but it really makes the neighbourhood look much tighter, and yes much less outside space for those of us that like it. Our old place in Scarborough wasn't quite wife enough to do that to, but it was otherwise a prime lot. So they new owners tear our old 1,200 sq ft house down and put up a 4,000 sq ft one and then sell at nearly 2 million or so. Bac
  14. Sounds like the likely culprit to me. Hope it's fixed!
  15. Wayne, I certainly do! I bought it in June of 1976 and have driven it at least a bit every summer since then. Here's a shot of the car in my garage. Not a great shot of the car though. It would be neat to meet you hopefully we can make it there. Keith
  16. I have a similar Kenwood in my '90 Reatta, and I really like it. It doesn't look so terribly out of place and works great. Though I had it professionally installed, so I was no help to you for your installation! The unit as custom display colours and there is one which is nearly identical to the rest of the dash. Keith
  17. I think they are the same through '46, not sure about '47. Keith
  18. That was a concern I had too, but I do have extras if needed. There was two layers of rusty steel in between the striker and the heat, also we were cooling it with a water spray from time to time. The heat was intense, but only for a very short time.
  19. With the quarter panel now stabilized, very solid now, even with the small gap still remaining at the bottom I turned my attention to the striker plate area. This is perhaps the most worrying, and scary part because if this gets distorted then it messes the fit of the door up. So careful and cautious work is the name of the game, even more than I usually am! Firstly we had to get the plate off, as the screws were completely rusted in. To this end I got oxy/acetylene tanks again. I gave them up when we moved, and had not had any use for them till recently. The top one was easy
  20. The work continues on the left rear door jam and quarter panel. I cut out a nearly top to bottom strip from the quarter panel. This was rusty from way back and had been filled in and nicely painted over. The section on the bottom I left in place to provide some support to keep every thing in alignment, as the rest of skin was very flimsy since it was not longer attached to the door jam. So I fabricated a section for the middle part. It looks pretty flat, only it isn't. So I made up forms out of a piece Ash, and bent and dollied it into shape. Then a similar procedure for the top piece as
  21. I think the one I got is a bit better than that one is.
  22. Good progress so far Doug. But she is a bit of rusty beastie for sure!
  23. The other day I had the Electra out for a drive and then a trip to the reservation for cheaper gas. Premium is less costly than regular is in town, and it gives the car a good run. Between one thing and another about 70 miles on it. It was running a bit rough at the start, but much nicer after it got some fresh gas in it. I always put stabilizer in everything, but the gas still goes a bit stale. Then the next day a few errands in the Reatta, no pics, sorry folks! Not as much driving on that, about 20 miles or so.
  24. Amazing work Roger. I have seen so much of your work, yet I'm always astounded by the detail and quality of it. Keith
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