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  1. Wow !! This one is almost too nice, and the perfect color combination. at least for me.
  2. Yes, Terry, You two certainly have the spirit. Hopefully, with the tour in north-central Pennsylvania, you could attend through at least Wednesday- Trailer the 152 miles from Lock Haven to Allentown on Thursday morning, and serve at the AGN.
  3. Doing it yourself and not getting it right the first time is also a great lesson- ask me how I know- been there, done that, got the (torn, greasy, odoriferous) T-shirt, and guess whom tells me to do my own laundry.
  4. Our 1930 Packard 7-Passenger Touring has a 5.08:1 differential since it was intended to be used between Paris and Monaco, crossing the Alps. That is fine for city driving, but the 0.70 Overdrive gives the equivalent of a 3.556:1 for country roads. We don't need higher speeds - just fewer engine revs, and it is a pleasure to have both ratios. The intermediate-sized Pontiacwith the "honkin' V-8 has more than enough torque to get moving without slipping the clutch. Enjoy it every day that you can, and smile all the way to the ice cream stand with your bride and grandsons.
  5. This is a delightful segment of road, and I've pre-driven other segments for the 2020 Reliability, as have others in preparation for next year's tour. It should be spectacular, and even more rewarding, knowing that all of the tourts proceeds will be supporting the club. Most of us "Reliabiity" regulars have come to expect a segment off pavement, and hopefully even the option of fording a small stream. Typically there will be the option of remaining on pavement, but most prefer the adventute, simulationg the experience of the "Early Auto-ist", especially with our Brass-Era vehicles.
  6. I get an email every morning from USPS. It shows an actual photo of each separate article which is scheduled for delivery in that day's mail, and notes packages (magazines too) , I'm still awiting for two items, apparently mis-delivered, each containing checks from an insurance company which were shown in early August and have never arrived, even though the pictures clearly have my address. The checks have not been cashed, and were reissued by the company. Are they stuck behind a machine at the post office, or in the mailman's Jeep? Maybe a neighbor got them and sent to recycle?
  7. Rhode Island to New York in Less than 5 full days, by way of Houston, Texas?
  8. Not as I recall, I think it was a simple flat bar, but am not sure
  9. The computers in our 2000 7.3 Diesel Excursion, and the 2006 Avalanche 8.1L always lie. WE have the correct size tires, and the speedometers and odometers on both are dead-accurate with our Garmin GPS, yet both claim 14 - 18% better mileage than my carefully calculated numbers show. This has been verified, not over a sigle tank, but over many tens of thousands of miles. Numbers of actual miles driven, divided by actual gallons used = true MPG
  10. Nice looking, but not similar to the one I was told had been the original for my (former) 1934 Model 57. Sorry I don't have a picture of it to share with you
  11. Left side is Pontiac, Right side is '55 Chevy, likely the only replacement easily sourced at the time- and it works... Or is it a WEestern Canadian, and Eastern USA? While driving northbound
  12. CHuDWah, Yup ! That seems to be a really slick solution
  13. No disrespect intended, I don't recall hearing that before. I've had several Pontiacs - and an Oakland, and my brother had an almost brand new 1964 GTO convertible- 389, Tri-Power, Fenton Mags, Wide Ovals, it was silver with a black convertible top- I was really disappointed when he sold it just before signing up with the Navy Band, and didn't offer it to me first.
  14. Bob, Considering the torque and horsepower of your car, in my opinion neither the 2.56, nor the 3.06 would require excessive clutch slippage, and highway driving pleasure would be much improved. I cannot comment on the Gearvendor unit, but seriously considered it for the 1914 Buick before having Rempco make a 3.31 ring and pinion to replace the factory 4.08. The Buick never required sl;ipping the clutch, and is far, far less powerful than your "Goat". 😉 PS: with new differential gears there are far fewer parts to fail, and you can cruise those West Texas interstates with the big boys. See you "down the road".
  15. Take what you got from the sale of your Model-A, Invest it in something very safe, such as your credit union, then while the rest of us are touring with our old cars and our family and many fine friends we've made through this great hobby, you can tell us how much enjoyment your CDs bring you . Most of us are not of extreme wealth, but many of us view the hobby as a way to share with family, and visit far-flung areas of the country, and to share ourpassion for the hobby with the public while doing so on a generally modest but controlled budget. We, my wife and I, didn't wait for retirement. We saw what happened to others, and sometimes "tomorrow" never comes. We started off with basic, but desireable cars we really liked. We toured locally, and then nationally when our children were very young, and continued as they were able to become the tour driver , as was also the case for our now-college-senior grandson. Now we're dealing with my soon to wear out 4th pacemaker, and my bride of 50 years' liver cancer. No regrets - No "wish we would'a, could'a, should'a" Life is what you make it. Half-empty - or - half full? I know which I prefer. PS: Our collection has become the best part of our retirement plan, bring much more pleasure, are more fun to drive than an IRA, and didn't lose significant value in 2001 and 2008
  16. Just renewed my membership- I'm still year-by-year, with three eligible cars: 1930 Packard Touring 1937 Buick Roadmaster Phaeton 1941 Cadillac convertible cabriolet- First Place Touring at the Ohio Grand Classic a few years back, following the mini-CARavan and only a year left on my fourth pacemaker ... ... and yes, I'm open to new designs, but still respect the history of the current one
  17. I wish I had two small oil spots on my garage floor. instead of the one large - very large, - very very spread out large one.
  18. I've also installed manual shut-offs on cars which did not come with them. Our black 1937 Buick absorbs heat from the outside, and the firewall-mounted factory heater was providing more than we desired, even when the fan was not turned on. A non-functioning factory valve was supplemented by a manual cutoff in the Corvette, as well. I'm perfectly capable of opening/closing the valve when necessary to keep BOTH of os happier and touring.
  19. We've had excellent results with GAS TANK RE-NU STOP RUST PERMANENTLY GUARANTEED! CALL SUPPORT800-932-2766 EMAIL LOCATION12727 Greenfield, Detroit, MI In May 1988 Gas Tank Renu - USA, a Michigan Co-Partnership, was officially formed for the express purpose of selling Dealerships to be licensed in the technology for the process of repairing fuel and other holding tanks. The business has grown to the point that there are now 35 Dealers in the United States and 65 when combined with the affiliated companies in Canada. The result is the largest unified system of repairing fuel tanks in North America. USA California Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky Maryland Michigan Minnesota Missouri New Jersey New York Ohio Pennsylvania Texas Utah Washington West Virginia Canada Newfoundland Ontario Quebec World England Northern Ireland Find a Dealer Near You Find a Dealer Near You CONTACT US Address MAIN OFFICE Gas Tank Renu - USA 12727 Greenfield Detroit, Michigan 48227 Phone 800-932-2766 Email Info@Gastankrenu.Com Fax 313-273-4759
  20. You "SHOULD" not need tubes. My 1941 Caddy was not made for tubeless, but they are doing well, and modern tubes seem not to be the quality of older tubes - especially the "Off-Shore" ones. IF you decide tu use tubes, be sure that there are no paper tags vulcanized inside of the tires. Theye will cause abraision on the tubes and you'll likely have four flat tires within a hundred or so miles - Ask me how I know ! Also, I've had very good luck, and service from Coker ove the years, and right up until now. Grreat company, and strong supporter of the hobby, and of AACA, VMCCA, HCCA, CCCA, etc. Just my 2 cents
  21. John, If you hold your mouse pointer over your heading, you can add "SOLD" to the heading. This would be helpful to those of us who follow and appreciate your posts
  22. Lamar, Another possibility could be the difference between the originally supplied tire size VS the modern radial 75, or 70 aspect ratio. Older Michelin guides used to give revolutions per mile for varied sizes, but in lieu of that, tire height multiplied by Pi (3.1416 is close enoough) = Circumference; take that number in inches and divide into 63,360, the nimber of inches in a mile to get tire revs per mile. Compare original size to modern replacement, which are not a true replacement - usually just equivalent in weight carrying capacity
  23. I done what Barney suggests years ago with one of our Suburbans when I replaced one of the rear ends and had a different ratio. Used both approaches - changed gear one time, then next time with other ssssssSuburba, used the box