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  1. Get a Mechanic's Lein for the value of what he owed you, plus the storage fees
  2. I have also used ESPO Springs 'n Things, They have made up complete spring sets, coil, as well as leaf, for several of our cars, as well as most other steering and suspension components- best of all, everything I got was MADE IN THE USA
  3. Wanted: EXHAUST MANIFOLD I need the center section, but will consider buying the entire exhaust manifold if not cracked or damaged. The correct manifold fits 1937 & 1938 Buick Roadmaster, Limited, and Century
  4. Steve, While wanting to show off how nice the porcelain finish looks may, or may not long-term hasten the disintegration, you may wish to try light-to-moderate tapping with a sharp edge (or maybe a pointy) chisel and hammer to crack the finish. I've not tried to remove the remaining porcelain on the '30 Packard's exhaust yet, so please let me know if you come up with a good solution. ... and thanks for your continuing support of the hobby.
  5. Similar in some ways to our former 1970 Cadillac convertible - nice but just maybe not quite as elegant? Still, this 98 should be a dynamite cruiser, and $15K isn't a bad price IF the car is completely sound
  6. Worse still, while riding his little handicap 3-wheeler- "Grace, tie my shoe"
  7. Had I known about the Clutch/Brake pedal, and that it was not a stuck Clutch, I likely would have bought it from him. Bob moved from Metairie, and then to Picayune, MS. Grace passed while living there. Bob remarried and later moved to his sister's house which he inherited in Springfield, OH, and then he passed on while there.
  8. Our 1937 Buick Roadmaster Phaeton 80C was bought by New York City as the Parade Car for 1934-1947 Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, and later spent years in the private collection of the late VMCCA National President Dr. Mike Werckle and his late friend Cedric Blazer. Our 1941 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Cabriolet was delivered to the Biltmore in Asheville,NC to Commodore Vanderbilt's granddaughter Miss Cornelia, as a divorce gift to her husband John. Prior to purchase, it was personally inspected for me by my dear and respected friend, the late AACA National President Howard Scotland a
  9. David, Was that similar to, or maybe even the same one which used to live at Bob Taylor's place/ The one I considered buying from him (or maybe an '18)? As I recall, the multi-disk clutch on that one didn't release, and I wasn't sure what I was getting into at that time, but Kim Martin and I drove it a bit without using the clutch.
  10. We have crossed that bridge many, many times while on Glidden and Chrome Glidden Tours, as well as several others - always an experience, and especially in the 1912 Oakland Touring with top and full side curtains in place with heavy winds coming sideways Should have said Crosswinds?) !!
  11. While I learned the same formula C = Pi x D (Circumference equals 3.1416... times Diameter (twice the radius normally equals diameter) I have to wonder how loaded radius can affect the actual measured circumference - the specific distance around the tread of the tire, sometimes quoted as the basis for revolutions per mile In other words, would the scientific community here please explain how loaded radius being a smaller number than unloaded radius can decrease the circumference? or are you claiming the there is a distinct percentage of slippage
  12. The more expensive Bel-air had that part plated (Chrome or stainless), as I recall- probably also on the mid-level 210, but as I recall, the low-end series 150 used rubber for that part. None were painted body color, at least as delivered
  13. Ours was the 1962 Rambler CLASSIC "400" 4-door, light beige, Copper cloth interior, Three-on-the-Tree, and Overhead valve 6-cylinder Working A/C, Bought from original owner in 1984 with 1,100 miles for $400.00 Had the seat/beds, and even the original brackets in the original bags- Drove and ran perfectly, and had absolutely no damage, other than a repainted lower portion of front fender (scraped by original owner in 1963) and color match was oh so close, but no cigar. Drove on many AACA tours, but sold around 1999/2000 as we had too many cars for our storage space
  14. Between my various car, I still take a bit of time to acclimate - especially to the 1915 Hudson SIX-40 pedal positions. the gas pedal is between the clutch and brake pedals, so in a "surprise" situation, the normal inclination to go for the brake, results in hitting the gas ! It was also that way on the 1912 Oakland, but not on the 1914 Buick - except the Buick has the "OUTLAW" shift pattern - a mirror image of the typical conventional 3-speed floor shift, and different still from the Oakland. At least the Hudson has a conventional shift pattern.
  15. David, Bloo is correct, but here's my thoughts. You should not have to limit yourself to 30 mph, at least in my opinion. I drove my 4-cylinder 1927 Chevy cross country and on a great many tours over a 26 year period, consistantly holding 50 - 55 mph when appropriate, and with absolutely no damage. Your car most likely has a 4.33:1 differential and would probably be comfortable at a steady 50-55 mph. Here is a link to what Classic Car Data Base ( classiccardatabase.com )lists as the specifications for your 1932 Plymouth Sedan http://classiccardatabase.com/spec
  16. They do have proceeds by offering / selling rides, and we were offered a spot, but had to decline per scheduling concerns. I believe the price for each seat on the B-17 flight are based upon where in the plane you were seated, and as I recall, in the $400 - $800 range. A considerable sum, perhaps, but surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and certainly nowhere near the cost of flying, much less maintaining these "Birds".
  17. Saturday at New Orleans Lakefront Airport with Gulf Coast Wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), and their Texas Raiders B-17G Flying Fortress.
  18. Thank you, Bill, My Dad was also in his early 20s when he served, not quite 23, and working in a "protected" job at the TODD SHIPYARDS in Bayonne, New Jersey when he joined up the new group - The Naval Construction Force, better known as the Seabees (Construction Battalion), and yet, he was among those considered an old man. Many were barely 18, and many who were much younger had lied about their age as an act of patriotism. Far too many paid the ultimate price. Your father, mine, and so many hundreds of thousands of others, through their service
  19. Thanks Frank, this is our 5th Corvair. Dad bought a used 1060 with Power-glide- It was great for delivering my morning paper route when we had deep snow on a Sunday morning, right after playing until 2 AM with my band. I also had a '65 Corsa Convertible, and a '66 Corsa coupe - both 4-carb, 4-speed 140 hp, and a '66 Monza convertible with the 110 hp, Power-glide and Positraction. The one we have now is a super low mile '65 Monza convertible 110 hp and 4-speed
  20. Yes, or restoring the PT-305 (SUDDEN JERK) Patrol Torpedo Boat, Built at the Higgins Plant here in New Orleans, not far from where we did the WarBird show today.
  21. Yes ! Did Oshkosh once and thoroughly enjoyed it- Thanks for the reminder- Also visited Harlingen, TX with the Louisiana Region Thanksgiving Week Tour in 1988 when the CAF was still based there, and got to see dozens of WarBirds returning from an air show in Mexico. The biggest thrill was watching, and listening to them circle, and then land FiFi, then the last remaining, still flying B-29 - A stupefying sight I'll never forget. Having been privileged to have flown years ago in both a B-17, and a B-24 LIBERATOR, I never cease to be in awe of the
  22. Hi Bob, No, Nope, Absolutely Not, I loved Parachute, and Skydiving, and my Dad insisted there was never any reason to exit a perfectly good airplane My Dad, after age 50, earned his Pilot License , (and also learned to play saxaphone from a former member of the Louis Prima Band, although he had played trumpet from the time he was a kid, and taught me trumpet)- He loved flying, and after getting his solo ticket, joined a local club, the Rari-Ten- Ten Raritan Valley members out of the Linden, NJ airport , across US-1 from the (then) GM B-O-P Assembly Plant
  23. An interesting pre-production look at the Corvair, as well as the concept
  24. Showing a bit of wear and tear, but trying to hold onto a bit of class ...
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