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  1. On the far side of the road there is a 1950-52 Chevy ?
  2. "Mud Free" tire tread so there is no need for rear fenders.
  3. Have some Buick or maybe Olds guys take a look. Mid to late 1920s
  4. 28 Chrysler

    Air kit

    Late 1930s to mid 40s
  5. Your car may have had most of the miles put on before WWII and not many during the war. Car storage warehouses popped up in many large cities when rationing hit. The cars were put on blocks, the fuel and cooling systems were drained. My father told me that old cars were unfashionable when the new cars became available.
  6. On a engine with a 6 to 1 compression ratio the octane rating should be around 60, 10 to 1 around 100 octane, this is all in general. As for turning your fan over all you are doing is changing the leading edge not the flow.
  7. This is a "sanity time" project. I had a similar condition CJ5 with all the rust and battle scars from plowing snow and rolling over out in the woods. You can not mess up on a project like these. $ wise it is a lot less than a $hrink.
  8. On April 1st I set this sign up on the dirt road that runs next to our place. There are no houses and there is maybe three cars a month on it. There is about a half a dozen people that walk their dogs along it daily. On April 1st there were no dog walkers, so I put the sign out again Monday the 12th and again no dog walkers.
  9. I was looking at info on flat head 6 cyl Chrysler engines and airport tug engines were listed. I didn't look to deep but it looks like Chrysler's industrial dept. designed these for airports use in particular. They had been already been supplying industrial engines for tugs all though WWII.
  10. 230 cubic inch 123 HP first came out in 1958 Your tug was built some time after April 1963. Look on line, there seems to be a market for these.
  11. Plan "B" Head part number & Length (161305-1 ?) Intake & Exhaust manifold numbers (1120002 1 ?) date code 3 -12-? Water Pump number I worked on a small Chrysler marine engine , it was a running engine that had less than 60 PSI compression and leaked close to a gallon of oil an hour. The boat was back in service in two days.
  12. The number is stamped into a area that was ground flat, just under the head. The number on the right side of your photo may be a casting date code it may tell the day and month of the casting The engine you have is an industrial engine that was used in all kinds of machinery.
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