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  1. The only times I let someone drive any of mine is when I am sitting next to them. Some family members maybe for short distances. I was always the one to go to when some odd, strange non standard car would come in the shop for work.
  2. They are shutting Nevada Highway 160 down by me today for a attempt to brake a speed record. I will post a photo of the roadway later to show why this location was chosen. https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0XFPXkKP?s=a3&pd=06yRR0Zf〈=en_US
  3. At this point in time all of the electrolytic capacitors will have to be changed. The points in the vibrator probably need to be cleaned. Any radio repair person could install a input jack to hock up a modern battery powered device.
  4. This car also has a dealer instaled overdrive that has the knob made for a 1960 Ford. ( installed before delivery ) It is about 1,500 miles from me and I still have not moved it or done anything to it. (My Bad) I know all the history from day 1, but I don't have much for documentation. I thank you all for the info. Maybe some day I should do compleat history on this plain Jane, every day, kind of old car.
  5. Try using electrolysis, you will be amazed at how fast it will take off the rust that is binding the unit. I have just used this method on a 21 Dodge and a 26 Chrysler . As long the rust hasn't made to many large pits you should be able to free it up. Electrolysis will also take any paint off so if you have a good face plate or needle do not submerge it that far.
  6. You are correct, they are different not only the pointed top but were the reflector mounts.
  7. The head lights are "31 Chrysler. FOODCHEMIST sent me the serial number and it is a mid year 1925 Model B.
  8. Can't help you but Welcome to the site, please post some photos of your car.
  9. Interesting moving assembly line and manufacturing process.
  10. Close tapping for an extra $20 means +/- 1/4 inch. If you do everything through block sanding the primer, bring in your own paint you can have a paint job that should last. Most of these guys spry fairly well ( lots of practice )
  11. Here hold my beer, I saw this in a cartoon once, I think I can do it, HOLLY SHI
  12. Chryslers used a the Depressed Beam lens but was 9 15/16 X 9 7/8. I would say these are most likely Dodge or Plymouth.
  13. It looks like some farmer made it into a hay wagon, and you have the left overs.
  14. A guest last night asked how do you turn up the "HOT WATER HEATER", My reply was "It might be the same as our cold water heater,turn the dial on the front".
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