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  1. 1928 the car would have ribbed bumpers. This one has smooth bumpers and tires.
  2. I would scan the thrifty section of the St. Paul newspaper where cars listed for sale for $35 or less. My first car was $5 and came with almost a full tank of gas. I think it was an incentive for me not to bring it back.
  3. These were designed for mobile aircraft field repair during WWII. They make the raised bead in tubing and the Bakelite case weighs almost as much as the tool set. This set is from the late 1940s or early 50s
  4. I agree with Sasha39. These holes may have been added for a heater or something.
  5. Can you post a photo or two of your firewall, maybe I can copy and mark them up.
  6. For 1928, black with a silver or red head.
  7. I had one like that years ago. If I remember right there are 3 wires power in and left and right out. It should have a built in flasher and the power in wire connects to one side of it. The signal lights come off the indicator lights.
  8. I would say your turn signals would not flash do to low current draw. Modern cars "Hyper Flash" when a bulb is out.
  9. I thought I had it bad when I had an almost 2 year old car lost for for 5 weeks after a driver quit. In 1988 moving from Wis. to Cal. the driver left the tractor and trailer in Las Vegas in the Sliverton Casino parking lot.
  10. Looks like Chevy, pick up or van
  11. Universal fit, aftermarket 1940 - 50s pickup ?
  12. Let me know if you need to get rid of a convertible or need a place to store it were thunder storms are rare. I'll even take it out weekly to keep the battery up
  13. Could you lay them on the floor with a yardstick to get a good view ?
  14. Modern wheels, hub caps and glamor rings.