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  1. 1920s touring car or roadster windshield.They are from a smaller car like a smaller car like a Chevy. The center and left one would make up the wind shield and would have a rubber strip on the top and bottom of the curved one. I don;t think they are Ford or Dodge.
  2. On a ice fishing outing at 14 years old my Dad handing me the keys to his 6 cyl 3 speed muddy pink 1960 Dodge wagon. Two of my younger brothers jumped in, we did donuts and some power slides that turned into multiple spins. That was much better than sitting in the wind on a 5 gallon bucket when it was 5° - 10°F.
  3. Also try having a Pump Jockey check the oil.
  4. Reliving the days traveling the county in Mom & Dads Chevy camper.
  5. Not an Impala California plates tell the story, "The Land of Fruits & Nuts" Try this to un-see this.
  6. The first photo is a 1934 the second is a 1933. The emblem is the big difference.
  7. Welcome to the form. I think there were about 370 made. Post some photos and give us some history if you have any.
  8. I remember the safety features were the 4" mirrors mounted to the door hinge, one wiper. horn and emergency brake. For comfort it had roll down windows and the tires would sing, not much more.
  9. My father had a 1945 Chevy stake bed truck, red and black fenders with 20" duels. Farmers were up there on the top of the list for trucks & fuel.
  10. Looks like the size that would fit a Crosley.
  11. TAKerry I got a deal on 5 boxes of 10 at about $8 each.
  12. I put 40 4 ft LED lights up there is no flickering unless I run one of the ceiling fans that the blades go under a light. My shop area is 42' X 30' X 12' with no windows, one more 4 footer above a work bench.
  13. Snubbed by the old farts. When I was in my early 20s I was asked to leave a car show when a judge caught me for the second time opening car doors. They were 2 of the 3 that were mine at the show. He was a bit embarrassed when I asked for the entry fees back .
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