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  1. I would say it is aftermarket from the early 1950s with a Studebaker / Henry J look.
  2. Dumb question, why would you change over to 12V then reduce your voltage back down to 6V ? The switches in a six volt system were designed to handle a greater current load than a similar twelve volt circuit.
  3. Look at the center hub in Keiser's enlarged photo. Under the 3 bottom bolts 3 spokes can be seen.
  4. It may be a 1911 Areo two passenger
  5. Another car built while under the influence of creative self medication.
  6. The last one is a modern Ford dash, a bit of a rare one.
  7. Can you get a photo of the number ? I have run into rebuilt marine engines that were re-stamped by the re-builder with their own numbers.
  8. Wrecker chain on the front bumper, what was the make ?
  9. A short demonstration of the new 1928 Thompson.
  10. Moons were not an inexpensive car either. By1916 the Moon cars had 6 cylinders, wood wheels were standard until 1924 when they went to the disc wheels. Wire wheels were extra. The radiator shells were made of German silver and polished up better than nickel.
  11. A bit more on Candy colors , I used the gold & silver base along with black and a pure white . Some times a combination of base colors were used.
  12. 1926 Chryslers and Dodge 4 cylinders were different engines At that point in time they were competitors.
  13. The paint on the Moon may have been one of the Murphy colors that may of the manufacturers used. The name that Moon used could be a renamed Murphy color. Go to autocolorlibrary.com click on Vintage vehicles then the Murphy colors. You will find maroon chips, these colors are scanned in and can be a bit off. If you find a similar color(s) they can send samples ( or did a one time). I have had the same problem with some of the early cars I have worked on with no paint recoreds.