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  1. What Model Chrysler do you have? Here is one from a Model 60 ( the small 6 cylinder)
  2. These were warning lights that were put on slow cars and trucks to warn that there is oncoming traffic. This one is a strange one,
  3. $100 a week was a high paying job, $1,000 a month was for executives.
  4. This is for your entertainment only, do not try this around town. Stolen from the HAMB
  5. The body doesn't have enough wood to be based on a Chevy, more likely based on the all steel Dodge.
  6. The hub cap looks to be Packard also.
  7. 28 Chrysler

    tail lite

    A side shot wood help ID your lite. In some of the old books I have, it is a combination light, consisting of a tail light and a signal light. It signaled the driver behind that you were slowing or stopping. Turn signals came later.
  8. You may want to put were you or engine is, shipping from the Far East or South Africa to the U.S. or Canada is a bit pricey.
  9. If you have a "Windows" computer Down by the paper clip, click on "choose files", click on the photo in your folder or desktop, click on open. No clue if you have a "Mac"
  10. Stylish wheel spats, some how they never got popular.
  11. My 1928 Chrysler has one in the same place as this 1926
  12. Miles of open range, the nearest car or cattle may be 40 miles away, just the sound of the wind and a few birds.
  13. Hwy 6 through Nevada gets to be a lonely place between towns. Open country, great views for miles and little if any traffic out side of town.