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  1. Is the vacuum port on the intake manifold for the vacuum tank plugged or a leak somewhere ?
  2. Carfax only reports what is reported to them. I had a oil change and the attendant miss read the odometer, instead of 25,400 miles he typed in 254,000. I took it back and had he re read it. I learned then they report the readings to the state and Carfax.
  3. It is not the correct angles for a marine running light. It cold be some type of warning light.that would not look red until it was illuminated.
  4. These old tires will not have a usable date code, if any. The cotton cords are the week point . The modern tires have new compounds and recycled materials that limit the usable life of the tire.
  5. Kind of looks like the doors of the late tees or early 1920s electric car. Tall windows for extra headroom for hats and bonnets. The screws instead of nails indicate a higher end car.
  6. I found some special welding supplies that should work on any needed repairs. These are for the old fashion stick welders only not for MIG or TIG.
  7. I bought a 37 Chevy PU that ran when it was parked in a field. It was parked by a rock pile, no oil in the pan and a rock on the gas petal.
  8. The cars are just moving to different sections. Under "barter" the shadier car lots are advertising For Sale or Partial Trade. The little guys selling 10 year old cars on the side are listing all over C.L,. under antiques, car parts, rant and raves etc.
  9. Vacuum attachment for the pesky wheel ants.
  10. Just my guess, the tire may have been some type of tread designed for winter steering. The owner passed away in March of 1922 about the time the snow was melting.
  11. Further research, the first photo was taken at the end of WWI and the second was taken just be for the auction in May of 1922. Thanks for the help
  12. It looks like the same folks that made this 1932 Chrysler "Morbid Roadster"
  13. The car on the left is missing the beading on the fenders to be a Chrysler.