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  1. There should be a part number on the front axle that will help ID it.
  2. Can you post the video down in the "photo and video" section so it stays toward the top longer ?
  3. May have ARK &1933 on it and an older kid on the front porch, not a mother in-law.
  4. At about the same time period, or just a bit before, the Franklin car company did a tour of Death Valley. This was to show how well the air cooling worked in their cars well above the 100° mark.
  5. If it is to fast stand aside, most any speed below that will work.
  6. They quickly scab over when broken or cut. That one was probably around 1/2 a ton when it was standing and you cant scoop water out like in the movies.
  7. I think they are from the burners on an electric stove.
  8. Your lights may be aftermarket to replace the gas lamps. The sockets were like the ones in the photos, held in with the screw.
  9. The frame is from a large chain driven truck. A chain sprocket can be seen near where 304 is written in the photo. The wheel with the tire missing chunks may have been on the truck.
  10. My 60 Edsel has MJ1 the body is white (M) and the roof is red (J) so the "1" is the location of the color.
  11. Your title should have started with the word "WARNING".
  12. Could be from a water or fire truck.
  13. Sleek and classy with the speed lines on the hood