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  1. 28 Chrysler

    Need help on Banjo steering Wheel ID

    It is similar to this English Fords in overall design and construction. Your wheel maybe MG from the early 1960s
  2. 28 Chrysler

    1926 series 70 vin number query

    I can make out an "L" on the lower part of the Chrysler ribbon. That makes it a Model 62 made in early April 1928.
  3. 28 Chrysler

    1925 Chrysler 58 history

    Chrysler made about 81,000 Model 58s from mid 1925 - 1926 starting with WW100P. To convert letters to numbers WPCHRYSLED 0123456789 Your FEDCO # WC1- - - would covert to 021 - - - Chrysler's starting number would be 001001 Monthly they made some where around 6,750 . Maybe someone may be able to narrow it down to a week.
  4. 28 Chrysler

    Rust Valley Restorers , a new low ?

    A young version of David Crosby (Crosby Stills Nash and Young) on the left, on the same type creative self medication,
  5. 28 Chrysler

    1926 Chrysler F58 identification

    The last "R" for # 9 should be the letter "D"
  6. 28 Chrysler

    crank handle identification requested

    It looks like the pin is missing and the hole is kind of far back for an engine crack. My guess is that is for a piece of farm equipment.
  7. You can pick up another set of wheels for the new tires. Keep the old ones with factory air.
  8. 28 Chrysler

    Anti-freeze Question

    In the northern mid-west salt was added as well as alcohol. This caused a lot of pitting on water jacket covers and a bit on the cast-iron blocks. In the in the 1930's in poor farming areas one of the worst practices was to use kerosene, it destroyed the rubber hoses and a few caused fires.
  9. 28 Chrysler

    Coolant to water ratio?????

    It is often stated "will work on older vehicles". What they mean is around 10 years old.
  10. 28 Chrysler


    They may work in a pinch or for a trailer. What size are they ?
  11. 28 Chrysler

    Shifter Knob

    Poor memory but in a marina I worked in there was a 1959 3/4 ton International PU with the same style lettering on the knob.
  12. 28 Chrysler

    Grill "K" Hood Car Emblem

    I was expecting a 1980s Chrysler product emblem.
  13. 28 Chrysler

    What car used this Brake drum?

    I would say it is a 5 on 4 1/2" bolt pattern if it is for a 79 Ford.
  14. 28 Chrysler

    Head light sizes

    Not all cars used the same bulbs. 1934 -39 Chevy, Caddy, Huppmobile and some others used the same bulb (#2330) as your car. 1937 and earlier Buick bulbs were a different number.