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  1. "G" was used as the prefix on the late 1925 - 26 Model 70 engine serial numbers.
  2. There should be a number cast in the front axle.
  3. The running board, splash apron and wheel base do not look right on this car.
  4. If there is a number stamped on the frame it would be on the left rear.
  5. You would be better off putting 32 Plymouth question as the title of the tread. I think you are looking for the running board apron or sometimes splash aprons,. The run from fender to fender and below the body to the running boards.
  6. Guard shack camera control and telephone ?
  7. Photos and location would help. Most likely some parts would be useful to someone, sell it cheap "as is and where is".
  8. There should be a date code etched in the glass if it is Ford factory glass.
  9. Here is another family car that was tractor-ised back in the war.
  10. There is several different blacks. The 9300 has a slight gray hue to it, blue black, jet black are again slightly different. DuPont and Ditzler when mixed ends up looking like semi gloss paint. (SNAFU)
  11. 2 Chryslers there, the big one is a Model B
  12. I may be wrong but I think all 58 GM cars share the same glass.