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  1. UPDATE: I inquired with all of your recommended insurance carriers. I found Heacock Insurance (Josie Chopel, 800-678-5173 ext 6024) to be the best overall, in terms of full coverage, service and premium amount. Thank you to all for your replies and comments that enabled me to make a choice.
  2. Thank you so much to all for your valuable replies. I will certainly follow up and request quotations from the recommended companies.
  3. Am asking for recommendations for insurance companies that would cover multiple antique/vintage vehicles. Cheapest premiums, best reliable service, etc. Thank you.
  4. Many thanks to mercer and Oregon Desert. I checked on this T. It has a '26 non running engine, unknown transmission condition, unknown radiator condition, cracked tires, very tattered interior and a few other maladies. The concern is the non running '26 engine, unknown trans and radiator conditions and the high selling price for this T's condition.
  5. Hi mercer09. Am interested in the Coupe but what is HAMB?
  6. They are dead set on a '19/'20 T Coupe. It was their friend's car that they first dated in back in the day about 70 years ago when they were young.
  7. My buddy and his wife are interested. They don't have internet. So I am posting for them. He is challenged so he wants a running and driveable T with a starter. They prefer an original or very very old restoration. Prefers a Model T that shows age, usage and patina. Examples: dulled chipped paint, surface rust, tattered interior. Reasonably correct. Suicide door style. However, he said he will consider a recently older restored or a newly restored T. Thank you.
  8. SOLD The Centerdoor has a new owner and home. It will be missed but am glad it will be roadworthy once again.
  9. For Sale 1922 Ford Model T Centerdoor. VIN 5744421 Engine, transmission, driveline, brakes, etc. restored 2013. Driven less than 150 miles since 2013 restoration and then it was stored. Exterior presentable, previously restored 1999. Interior presentable, previously restored 1999. Has always been stored in a climate controlled garage or pole building. Running and driveable when stored in 2013. Needs battery. Needs TLC on detail cleaning, dusting and waxing. Engine fogged every couple of years. I averaged sale prices from the internet and private sales on other Model T's and will be selling this Centerdoor for $10450.00 Located near Fort Wayne IN
  10. Glass lens diameter = 5" Front of lens to rear (excluding spring clip) = 5" Height, bottom to chimney top (excluding bail handle) = 11-1/4"
  11. WTB: Dietz Driving Light. Prefer unrestored so that It matches the one that I already have. Pictures attached.
  12. Wanted: 1920 Indiana passenger car license plates, pair preferred.
  13. John. Thank you for the advice. I live near Fort Wayne Indiana USA. Land line number is 260-244-3780.
  14. Would like to buy a real and running highwheeler. An example is as shown in attached picture. No reproduction vehicles please.
  15. Would like to buy a horseless carriage high wheeler. Similar to the Black High Wheeler pictured. Any recommendations and referrals appreciated. Thank you.