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  1. I too winch on and off. I use a Super Winch “ winch to go” which is a 4,500 lb winch in a tool box mounted to a plate that you can mount to your floor or use the straps and u bolts included to “ tie off” to something. The wireless remote and winch does cost more than Harbor Freight but is much more precise. If you are still are still looking for “ risers” search for “ ramp overs”. Race guys use them so look in that world.
  2. For your question on how to tie down that is an question that can’t be easily answered. There are many different setups out there and a lot depends on what you are moving and what “issues” you have. Basically you need 4 points of securement ( and a winch line is not a point of securement ). Easiest do all is ratchet straps ( or chains and binders) and axel straps. Can work with and without wheels and the like. Basket straps work well except when you have no wheels or very wide tires. I have no luck with basket strap setups that only have 1 point of attachment..... need to have the
  3. Adamstown has a bunch of shops and not too far away. I can only really fit in Adams Antiques lot with the trailer and I make sure I stop when I am in the neighborhood. The others are also good just a smaller lot.
  4. Saying there is no old stuff in one field over another is wrong.... unless you have been set up forever you get the space you get. I know the people around us in the Orange field have lots of old car stuff. The directory will give you a great guide but honestly just walk around and enjoy. It is a great time for sure. oh and grab an apple cider. It is a perfect treat during the day.
  5. And he is a great guy and a great place.
  6. And my opinion of both.... Carlisle costs more money to camp/park/ enter. Vendor spaces cost more for less space. Also Carlisle has limited bathroom facilities so when you see one use it as it will be awhile till you see another. Hershey is way better in my opinion. If you can do both why not, you won’t be the only one.
  7. Well I will pipe in here.... Bought a set of the new USA Endurance tires for my main trailer. With less that 3K (more like 2K) one formed a bubble poking out of the sidewall while on the road (heading to FL). In less than 2K after another bubble formed in another tire. The shops confirmed defect in the tire but ofcourse Goodyear tried to blame me.... The best was with the tire off rim the bubble was not as big so that proved it was from the outside, Really???? Yea they then realized that the "girl" (my wife) they were talking to had a clue. Goodyear did pay/ replaced the tires bu
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