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  1. I bought these a while ago and have decided to sell them rather than wait for a project or car comes along. I also have a 1932 Auburn service bulletin on another auction. No.1 dated Jan 1 1932.
  2. Still interested if any one out there knows more about these cars. Please let me know. Thank you.
  3. After doing a Google search I came across these two cars; a black one and a green one. The black one sold in 2010 at Mecum for $375,000. Beautiful car, but a few things are not correct. Seems to be too much chrome under the hood and the dash has too much chrome. Regardless, it is a beautiful car. Here is the Mecum page: This Green one is in the Classic Car Club of America Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. I am not sure if either of these cars were at the FDR inauguration in 1933. I don't believe these are them. Does anyone out there know more information? Thank you.
  4. I noticed this Lincoln in the 1933 FDR Presidential inauguration. Video: At 1 minute 10 seconds of the video it appears to be Herbert Hoover getting in a 1933 Lincoln KB 7 passenger sport touring. and this video: at 1 minute 18 seconds from a different angle. Then again a 1 minute 31 seconds the car is driving. Lincoln built 6 of these 1933 KB V12 7 passenger sport touring cars. Research from years ago at the Henry Ford museum says the presidential fleet had a blue car. It could be a good possibility that this video footage is of the blue car. Does anyone have any more information about this car? Thank you.
  5. BTT. Craigslist ad:
  6. A few items that I have listed currently: I have a 1928 Cadillac cowl light on ebay. You can see it here: 1915-1927 (1967 reprint) Dodge Master Body and Chassis Illustrated Parts book : 1920's 1930's Car Burgular Alarm Victory Autolarm - Electric 6 volt : 3 piece Rear Floor Heater Outlets Howard Foundry Chicago Aluminum with brass : 1920's 1930's Roof ventalator 10"x8" car, bus, camp trailer??? : Many other parts listed too and many more coming soon.
  7. Price reduced. Listed on Craigslist.
  8. For Sale on Ebay: NOS 1928 1929 1930 1931 Model A Ford head light lenses. They are in the original box. There are 4 in the box. All 4 lenses and box is included in this auction. Great condition. All four have the Ford Script. These have been on a shelf for years. Original box does have Ford writing on it, but it is very faded and difficult to read. Ebay Link: Ebay item # 112278341542 Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Brian
  9. 1931- 1933 Cadillac Parts:1932-1933 Cadillac Frame, 134" wheelbase, originally for V8 or V12?. Left hand drive. Two front axles are included. Cross members are correct for all V8, V12 or V16. Nice solid frame. Straight, no cracks, no torched holes. Been sitting outside and will need to be restored. $850.001931 Cadillac V8 front and rear axles with hub and cast drums $250.00Parts are located in Dry Central Oregon. I am located in Salem, ORCall after 6:00pm (no emails or text messages) 5O3-3O2-3471 See pictures at the Craigslist link: consider trades for other classic car parts pre 1973. Thank you.
  10. I have listed a Cord intake with an alternator setup for sale on Ebay. The intake is very nice and the alternator looks brand new. Although the alternator is not stock to the car it is a nice upgrade. eBay item number: 112278360783 Link to the auction: Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you, Brian
  11. I just joined the forum and saw your post. Thank you for posting this back in November. These fenders were mine. I sold them and they went to Pennsylvania.