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  1. Billbos, go with the the Optima and make sure you have heavy duty cables-good source are 00 or O welding ground cables. Good source is a local welding supply company in your area. Clean engine ground connections. A doubled Otima battery set up works well also. John
  2. Is there a number stamped at the top of the transmission by the viewport. Should start with the letter H and have 6 numbers. If it's there what is it? That will normally denote the year of manufacture.
  3. John, Buy the Hershey directory when you get there. Look under LINCOLN and you will find the LZOC spaces listed there and the Lincoln parts dealers in attendance. their space numbers and fields they are in. Wear the most comfortable shoes you have. Over 9000 vendors. Bring rain gear possibly for Friday. Enjoy the "circus".
  4. The Lincoln distributor rubber boots are NOT the same as Ford. Check the parts catalogs from the dealers listed under "sources" on the LZOC web page will find what you need. They are good Lincoln parts dealers to deal with the Lincoln products you may need for your car. Good luck.
  5. John...UPDATE. Google comes up with Raymond P Keuhn Door Sills. New address is 302 Legion Place in N. Haledon, New Jersey 07508 1420. Phone is now 973 904 0270. Good luck. John
  6. John, you need to contact "Doorsills" at 81 Graham Avenue, North Haledon, New Jersey 07508, Phone was 973 423 1196. Owner is Raymond Keuhn. Delivery is very slow 6 months or more. One man operation. I don't have a email address handy. I called them direct. This shop produces about every door sill hade for almost any prewar car made. That is why delivery is not quick. Look at his catalog and you will see what I mean. Good luck,
  7. Dan, you need to contact Merv Adkins in California. He is a well know Lincoln parts dealer who might have your missing piece from on of his numerous parts cars. Much easier with the actual lip available than trying to fabricate the whole missing piece.there is just a small metal that juts from the missing lip that the trunk lock catches on to and locks the lid in place. The missing lip looks almost like a square "J" shape and flat on the bottom...the weatherstripping lays in this lip. What's the status of the lid itself? The missing lip has the weatherstripping glued to the rim. Completely surrounds the trunk rim. This is available from Narraganset Reproductions you will find their printable catalog listed in their ad on this LZOC webpage. Go back to the webpage and clic on the "sources" icon and print it out . Look under the "rubber" section for the weather stripping. What is the status of the trunk lid and lock mechanism? Hope not as bad as the body lip. Looks like you are gonna have lot of welding practice in the future. If I can help with some pictures, email me at John
  8. Of course it helps to add my email Sorry, senility...
  9. Hi. Not able to post pictures. Send me your email address and I will send you photos of the complete lock mechanism. john
  10. Michael, go back to the LZOC web page and click on the catalog of Narragansett Restorations. Print out their catalog and look on page 18 and you will find a number of convertible top items they list for sale including the front top bow and some hardware. God luck
  11. John, contact Keith at
  12. You couldn't find a better source than Knobby...
  13. Billy, what is the latest update on your father's car? How about some pictures? A numbert of LZOC members had a hand in reuniting the two of you.
  14. John, if he did, I never met them. Just Roger and his wife.
  15. John, Roger Bullman passed away in the 1990's. Fine old longtime Lincoln gentleman.