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  1. Our club and hobby has lost a great friend. Tom Overfield passed away Saturday, July 13, 2019 in Kent, Ohio. A friend to anyone in need, mentally and physically, Tom was there to help us with our problem Lincoln’s. I lost a great friend, the club lost a fountain of knowledge. Our thoughts are for Patricia and his family. John Murphy
  2. I have a home you might be interested in. It is a 3 bedroom, 2/2 bath with 3 car attached garage, a 4 car garage and a 60 x40 metal workshop in the back sitting on 12 acres in nw Ocala. I am a LZOC long time member with two early continentals and 2 early Zephyrs in residence. The total car capacity is 11 cars...three in attached garage, 4 car detached garage and a four car metal garage/workshop and office . Surrounding homes are primarily 3 and 12 acre homes. This might fit your needs. Available now. Email if you might be interested John Murphy LCOC, LZOC, AACA since 1975
  3. 40 and 41 lincoln Continentals and Zephyrs used the same radiator 06H 8005C which used a wider radiator filler throat opening. The radiator was changed to a smaller filler throat and part number 26H 8005A. Different radiator caps also. Per Lincoln Chassis part catalog. The Lincoln parts “bible”. A MUST have parts catalog for Lincoln owners. Available from the Lincoln parts vendors.
  4. Billy, what is the latest update on your father's car? How about some pictures? A numbert of LZOC members had a hand in reuniting the two of you.
  5. My lubrication chart does not say 6 quarts with filter change. That would overfill the engine. Been using 5 quarts for almost 40 years WITH filter change. How about you Mr. Bwatoe???
  6. 5 quarts is correct. Your Lincoln will be happy.
  7. Based on the number...yes. Not too many left...
  8. Yep. Now put the top down and enjoy the breezes...
  9. You need also to add these books to your reference library for your 1956 Lincoln: BODY PARTS CATALOG 1956-1957 LINCOLN AND 1956 LINCOLN MAINTAINANCE MANUAL. Both manuals appear for sale on eBay from time to time. A MUST buy for your Lincoln. The BODY PARTS catalog has the patent plate breakdown info you are asking about,
  10. I think that the data code numbers you posted are not totally correct. BY76B signifies that it is a 1956 Lincoln Premiere convertible 25 is Desert Buff paint code 630 is the trim code for Starmist White and Desert Buff Leather (windlace Change) No listing for the rest of the numbers. According to the parts book patent plate breakdown info, after the numbers 630 there should be a letter which standds for the month of year (built) code, then two numbers which stand for day of month (built) and finally a rotation number (place in assembly line). Your number 823 and 311 don't
  11. Check with Keith Lee at Knobsoup@gmail.com. He makes plastic parts for Lincoln Zephyrs. Can make you the proper steering wheel for your 40 LZ.
  12. Check with Earle Brown as best source of mechanical parts and knowledge.
  13. Billy. Email me at johnandmarjorae@embarqmail.com. John
  14. My 1970 LZOC directory shows your Dad joining the LZOC in 1970 and dropping his membership after 1972. No record in the directory from that date on. The directory does not show any information about a car-only his name, PO box and Livingston, Texas. Sorry our records no help. John
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