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  1. Thanks for the advice on how to separate the plates. Mike L.
  2. Are those little c clips hard to get off in order to disassemble this balancer? Mike L.
  3. Go for it Doug. You can never have enough parts! Mike L.
  4. Hi Jeff. No, its a Stearman. It lives here part time. In the winter it relaxes in Palm Springs. Mike L.
  5. Ok Jeff. This is what we do up here in Canada when the snow goes away. Mike L.
  6. Thanks for posting this Shirley. It will be useful to lots of members. I know I'm going to add it to my service binder. Mike L.
  7. I did some business with Gretchen Kepich a couple of years ago and was pleased with the results. I'd like to do more business with them, but I can't find them. Does anyone know where they went? Are they still in business? Mike L.
  8. Hi Dennis: I had a similar question a few years ago and Peacher helped me with it. Here's a good picture of what it should look like on a '41. I think yours will be the same. Good luck with it. Mike L.
  9. Good Afternoon Dave: That's actually my car to the left. We drove about 1600 miles round trip from Saskatoon and back. It was my first GOF and I really enjoyed it. Wasn't Jay's car the beige "41? Mike L.
  10. Thanks Tom and Larry. I want to get it right too, so I will follow up on your leads. Mike L.
  11. Good Afternoon Lincoln Fans: Can anyone provide a paint mixing formula for the convertible top mechanism that I can take to our local body shop supply and get them to mix for me? According to the Authenticity Manual, the Ford code for it is C-CG484. The body shop supply I talked to today couldn't translate that into anything they can work with. I appreciate any help you can provide. Mike L.
  12. Hi Billboos. The mirror on my car is a stick on convex one. When I drive I just open the vent to the right spot and it works for me. Mike L.
  13. Good Afternoon Gentlemen. Here's a picture of what I did on my '41 Continental last summer. It isn't necessarily easily removed, but it didn't cost much. Mike L.
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