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  1. Stumpy's Fab Works makes an engine stand adapter for V-12. FFESA -SHV12. https://www.stumpysfabworks.com/ Dan
  2. dl 456 - Sent you a pm. Dan O'Donnell
  3. Mitch - I would like a copy of the wiring diagram too if it is not to much trouble. I have a 48 Continental coupe that is in the shop for rust repair. Will be replacing all the wiring when the rust repair is finished. My email is dx@prismnet.com Thks Dan
  4. Larry Thanks for the response. In looking more closely at the parts I have, the upper sections are restorable but the lower sections are really rough. Your reply to Glenn told me what I need to know. Looks as if I need only the lower sections and fog light bezels. Dan
  5. Thanks, all. Drill out and silver solder it is. I'm ready - I hope - for the sticker shock. Dan
  6. WTB - Restorable 1948 Continental grille sections. Both lower sections, fog light housings, upper passenger side section. Dan
  7. My 1948 Continental coupe has pitted pot metal grille pieces, tail lights, tail light spears, everything. Has anyone had experience with chrome on pitted pot metal? Some shops say put on copper, sand and buff, re-copper, sand and buff some more until the pits are filled. I wonder about corrosion products left in the pits before the first layer of copper goes on and future bubbling. Some shops drill out pits to clean metal, fill with silver or lead solder, then copper, nickel, chrome. How about repair of broken pot metal? Any experience with Finishing Touch, Paul's Chrome, Ogden Chrome, R&
  8. Does anyone know if Merv is still active? I had bought some fenders - and a trunk lid - from him a while ago but haven't been able to contact him in recent months. Dan
  9. Cool. Glad to know they can provide the adapter. I'll be in the market for one soon. Dan
  10. Try Stumpy's Fab Works - http://stumpysfabworks.weebly.com/for an adapter that bolts to the exhaust manifold bolt holes. He also sells on ebay. Dan
  11. Here are couple of picture of what I am dealing with on the trunk latch striker plate. We can fabricate a replacement for the missing part of the trunk gasket channel but don't know the configuration of the striker plate. I have the trunk latch itself so know where the striker plate needs to go. Dan
  12. Does anyone have a picture of the striker plate for the trunk latch on a 48 Continental coupe? Mine is completely gone. There is enough of the gasket channel left to replicate the part that is completely rusted away but I don't know the configuration of the plate where the trunk latch latches. Dan
  13. Beltfed and 19tom40, do you have the full first page and the next page for those of us with post 1941 cars? (Like my 48) Thanks Dan
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