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  1. Tom, thanks for the fantastic reply! Last night I removed the all the connections starting at the starter relay and after reassembly the engine turns over much faster. I’ve yet to try it when hot, but I suspect that was my trouble. I’m going to print up your answer for future reference.
  2. My heavy duty braided ground strap runs from the starter bolt to the frame and then on to the battery. Thanks for all the replies.
  3. Yes, they are heavy duty 6-volt pristine cables
  4. My dear ‘48 V12 had a hard starting problem when the engine was hot. The issue was that the engine turns over far too slowly. Because I have a new battery and good clean tight cables, I figured the starter must need to be rebuilt. So I did that and now the engine turns over even slower than before the rebuild! Any ideas on where to go from here? Thanks!
  5. West, I changed mine 1948 hoses a few months ago and I removed the radiator bolts that secured it to the body and frame of the car.
  6. I know your posting was from 4 years ago, but its exactly what I was looking for today! Thanks!
  7. Yes, it’s a woven vinyl, what I should have said is it was not the typical solid vinyl.
  8. The trim variation is because it has a rarely ordered cloth seat instead of the vinyl
  9. Sorry for the long delay. Here is the Marti Report. I’m happy to write this car has virtually no options............and that’s why everything works!
  10. I searched every inch of this car and there is zero paperwork anywhere. I even went thru some of the name on a child’s homework and still came up empty. Thanks for the thought
  11. ICE cars burn up every day, just never makes the news.
  12. Thanks for the response. Yes, I have that report. The dealer is gone and the trail went “cold”.
  13. I’m looking to find out the history of my Blue ‘69 Country Squire. Is there anyone out there from the Portland OR area who might be just have any familiarity with this wagon? It must have been owned by a family since under the back seat were a number of kids toys and homework questions. The car went through an auction about 3 years ago in Portland. Any and all leads would be very much appreciated.
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