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  1. I apologize if this has been asked before, but what is the battery group size for my stock ‘37 Zephyr? I’ve the years I’ve had great luck with Farm & Fleet batteries. Thanks.
  2. That is an interesting idea that I'd not thought of and I'll look into doing just that.
  3. Guys, I’ll be picking up a car in the Seattle area and am looking to offset the cost by bringing a car or parts out that way from Chicago- provided your not in a hurry. .847-997-9944
  4. Had dinner with a good friend of mine who suggested we go together and trailer the car home. And perhaps we can find someone who needs a car/parts delivered out to Seattle/Portland from Chicago to help offset travel cost. I’ll have to advertise it
  5. Thanks Jim, I'm starting to think this is a bad idea.
  6. Not looking for a project here but rather this car has some extremely rare options that I would utilize on another car
  7. Yes, it’s a roller. All the replies have been great. I might have to pass on this one as I’d have to get the cost down to around $.50 per mile and that’s probably not realistic.
  8. I know of the usual methods of transporting a car over a long distance, but I hate to contact one of these companies because I will be bombarded with quotes for weeks! I did put up listing here under transport there some other way to do this that I might be missing? The car is about 2,000 miles away and is basically a parts car so transport costs and very important. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm buying a non-running (no motor or trans) 1977 Lincoln from Centralia WA to Chicago or Milwaukee. No hurry here, but PLEASE call me if you are an option. Thanks in advance, 847-997-9944.
  10. No, never, no way, not possible, negative!
  11. Tom, never thought of that, but what type of oil? Light machine??
  12. My wife claims she has to yell at me all the time. She says its my hearing..........but i think she just enjoys shouting! 🙂
  13. Thanks again Tom for the input. I found my problem. It is a sticking relay. I was frustrated because it would work sporadically. Then after checking all the connections I tapped the relay with a hammer............the horn has worked perfectly ever since!