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  1. Guys, the original wipers on my ‘48 Continental park by moving to the left, yet my wiper arms’ angle tell me they should park moving right. Anyone have this happen? Not sure what the solution is.
  2. I just listen to podcasts! That way I’m entertained, and learn something.
  3. My belief is that these forums are so fragmented that it isolates them and does a disservice. Is it really necessary to separate Zephyrs from Model K’s? How many people in the whole world are we talking about?
  4. Agreed, an excellent informative, yet entertaining show.
  5. Thanks guys, my electric guy has it working, although he was not sure what it was. He took it apart, put it back together and now it’s fine..........weird but I’m happy it’s working!
  6. Hi, yes it’s faulty. I’ve checked the voltage from the relay. Over 30 mph, the OD light on the dash even illuminates. Bench testing with over 6 volts and there is still no movement. I dropped it off at a high quality auto electric shop today so I’ll know something soon. Thank you for responding.
  7. Looks like I might have to have my OD solenoid repaired. I see there is a place in CA. Any others out there?
  8. Thanks Ray, I ordered a good used one from Chris on Friday along with Tywin good used arms.
  9. Well, I took it off and now I need to know how to rebuild it. Also, seems like the bracket is too loose on the shaft. Outside of taking it to a machine shop, are parr’s available for these? Thanks to anyone who responds.
  10. Hi all, I need to remove and rebuild the gear shifter collar on my ‘48 Continental. Any tips or shortcuts? I know this is a big job, but I’ve go to do it. Do I have to remove the entire steering column? Sure hope not
  11. Dave, not sure of the ‘41 but once the seat and carpet are removed, two panels can be removed exposing the entire transmission. No it’s not a fun job but remember the spring and axle must be removed and pushed back about 8” to allow clearance to pull back and remove the trans, good luck.
  12. Thanks Tom, don’t know either but if I can find an original instructions, it should tell me. Yea, crazy to spend so much time on this, but if it’s on my car, I’d like it to work.
  13. Tom and all, I found what I think is the switch that hangs under the dash. If it is, I’d like to get this option to work. Tom, I’d like to get those parts from you, if still available. Also, anyone have instructions showing where to mount what?
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