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  1. Please post a picture of the face without all the glare. I’m looking for the one that has the word “stereo” in script.
  2. I just bought a 1970 Ford and with limited space and funds, I’m putting my Black Diamond Town Coupe up for sale. Extremely original in paint top, chrome etc. 400 engine, 60,000 Florida miles. $12,000 asking price but I’ll accept the first realistic offer - this car has to go. Call me at 847-997-9944 or email me at and thanks!
  3. No not really. We have put any move on the back burner for now as my wife has accepted a teaching position for this school year. Looks like we a stuck in Illinois for a while
  4. Now days I pretty much demand a wire transfer or cash. I would not trust a cashier’s check as far as I could throw it.
  5. I’m selling my extremely rare 1977 Lincoln Town Coupe. Ultra rare Black Diamond color with Dove Gray leather interior. This is an extremely original car with its history recorded since new. Paint, chrome, interior, trunk and glass are all original except for the hood which was re-painted due to the hot Florida sun. 400 engine, 60,000 original Florida miles. Gorgeous cast aluminum wheels, brand new tires. Everything works on this car including the power antenna, clock, am-fm 8-track and trunk release. Call me for more details. I’m asking a very fair $12,000 for a car of this quality, but will accept the first reasonable offer. Car is near Chicago but I will ship anywhere in the world. Call me (CST) at 847-997-9944 or email me at Of course you can just PM me as well, thanks!
  6. I purchased a 1977 Lincoln Town Coupe parts car, and now I have some parts I’d like to sell. I live near Chicago and I can’t ship many of them, but if your interested, call or message me. 847-997-9944. Backlite, skirts, grill, peak moldings, other items too. Please note the antenna has been sold.
  7. Car is in Centralia and I'd ship it anywhere in the Midwest. 847-997-9944
  8. I've read all the input on this, and to say the least it has given me a lot to think about. Now, not sure where to look, but one thing for sure - we are leaving this state. Those of you who don't live here do not know how miserable it is here. HORRIBLE winters, Afghanistan-like roads, highest taxes in the country, highest gas prices in the country, world-class crooked politicians, endless toll roads everywhere, gridlock highways due to backward infrastructure. And to top it all off, the genius voters (Cook County) just elected a billionaire governor who just added $.20 to our already high gas tax and added 50% to all auto yearly registrations. And he's just getting started. People are leaving this Land of Lincoln's dump EVERYDAY in record numbers! Outside of these points, its a great place to live.
  9. HA, yes isn't living in the Land of Lincoln wonderful???? We can't wait to get the hell out of here. Cook County has destroyed this state.
  10. What a nightmare! Thanks, good thoughts and we will do our homework.
  11. That is a GREAT idea and I will do just that, thanks!
  12. Thanks and that's exactly what I'm concerned about!
  13. Guys, my wife are looking to move within about 100 miles of Orlando. Besides typical agents and Hemming's, anyone have a way to find what we are looking for?? A 3 bedroom ranch with either a greatly enlarged garage or availability for an outbuilding? Also, we don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. Seems there a thousands of homes in sub-divisions that all have the same footprint. I'll need room/shop for about 4-5 toy cars. Any help would be appreciated.