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Found 3,934 results

  1. I am looking for 2 hood hinge springs for my 1958 Buick. GM/Buick part number 1179401 Spring data: 23 coils 90 degree offset end loops ~ 0.248" wire diameter ID: 1.125" OD: 1.625" Free length: estimated to be slightly less than 8", but I have not been able to confirm this dimension yet. Send me a PM if you have anything, please. Joe Tonietto
  2. looking car in 30's or 40's whay have you ? thanks... 760-938-2250
  3. Hello Everyone, I purchased this rust-free original paint '66 Ambasador from a place in Arizona a few weeks ago the rest of the car is very straight & was very pleased about the stainless trim being as close to perfect as imaginable! The problem is : it was hit it the drivers rear quarter twice & also the deck lid has a large dent from another hit! I am looking for a very clean, straight quarter that ideally I could seam under the stainless trim at the top of the panel. There is a guy in Canada who is basically a middleman selling new lower quarters that do look nice, but are way too low for what I need! I would also be interested in a deck lid, but it must be pretty close to perfect as I can fix this one if necessary. I would really rather not fix this quarter. This car is just too clean & if one is available somewhere, would prefer to replace it. Any leads would be appreciated! God bless Bill Squires (owner) Bill's Auto Works
  4. Looking to buy a Model 20 Hupmobile 1909 or 1910. Anything from a project car to a older restoration. Please message me or post it. Thank you Mark
  5. Not having much luck finding a couple pieces of trim, already checked Bob's, looking for the stainless 41.5" (hs-3740) hood piece and the grill piece (gs-37) plus the cloisonné badge. Any other suggestions?
  6. Hi wondering if anyone here knows of any pierce arrow parts trucks or parts off i have a 1926 XA 2 ton truck that im needing some parts for the 2 3 or 5 ton models from 1923 to 28 that had solid rubber wheels im told were the same diametre 20” wheels, im looking for a set of front solid steel spoked wheels and any sheetmetal plus a few other smaller parts if anyone can help, please let me know thanks mike cameron
  7. Looking for parts for a 70 Buick Estate Wagon , Quarter panel lower mldg ( rear of rear wheel opening to rear bumper ) right side. Front fender lower mldg ( front bumper to front wheel opening ) pot metal , both sides . Other parts ???? Thanks Bill
  8. I recently acquired a 1916 Saxon No engine, Transmission or axles though I have the transmission housing. I am am starting the wood work as I look for parts. As I found an engine in MN I wanted to ask how likely is it to find the transmission drive shaft etc or does anyone have such spares laying around. Also as I build the wood parts does anyone have an interest in a set of wood replacement parts for the interior framework? I could make two sets while I’m building mine. Alternately I may sell the whole car if someone else has what’s needed to save this car. Thanks T
  9. I am getting a quick education on mid-1950s Buick outer door handles. Not only are the Special/Century ones completely different from the Super/Roadmaster ones, but the 4-dr. Supers and Roadmasters have different handles and different body contours from the 2-door handles. Am in need of left and right outer door handles for a '56 Super convertible. I"m going to assume they are the same as the 2-dr. hardtop Super & Roadmaster ones. Have plenty of wrong ones to trade! Have NOS 4-dr. front and rear door handles; have NOS 2-dr. Special/Century door handles, but no 2-dr. Super door handles. Can anyone help or want to trade? Will buy outright if need be. These have the keyhole in the plunger, not down separately below. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  10. Hi, Still looking for a set of 7 1/2" headlight reflectors for Mopar. The headlights I have were converted to sealed beam and I want to go back to original.
  11. Looking for a horn button for my 1930 733 packard
  12. Long list needed for 1919 Studebaker Wheels Brake drums Fuel tank Rear fenders Ignition switch Hood hold downs Any help well appreciated Thank you Henry Holt
  13. Looking for a set of lower front shock mounting plates. These would be the two plates (one passenger side, one drivers side) that bolt to the U bolts upfront to receive the “eyebolt” at the bottom of the dog bone hanging from the shock arm.... or at least I think they bolt onto the U bolts, I don’t have anything to go from, I just know that I have no way to mount the threaded portion of the eyebolt at the lower end of the dog bone. (Eye bolt and dog bone pictured) Thanks, JimmyS
  14. All of the discussion about AC control wires has reminded me that I need to find a replacement cable/wire for my Riv. I need the red tabbed control wire for the temperature control wheel on my HVAC controls. GM part number is 1385086. I believe the cable is 33" long but I can't swear to that without removing mine from the car. The red plastic hold down tab on my cable/wire is broken resulting in the wire not having enough tension to rotate the heat control switch on top of the heater core box. I have to turn the heat control wheel where I want it then get out of the car and manually rotate the box switch to the desired position. The control wheel switch will close the box switch though. Taking the HVAC controls out of the dash is such a PITA on a 68 that I only want to perform this operation once more then I want to be DONE with it! If any one has a source for replacement cables/wires or has a serviceable one on hand that I can purchase, please let me know. I know this has been discussed before but I could not find the thread with the recommended vendor(s).
  15. looking for the rear door molding (stainless) for my 4 door convertible. Ralph Fredericks email:
  16. Need electric wiring diagram for 39 40 Mopar mine to work on the bench but won't park or slow car wiring has been all ripped out so I have to start from scratch ..thanks much
  17. Looking for a set of lower front shock mounting plates. These would be the two plates (one passenger side, one drivers side) that bolt to the U bolts upfront to receive the “eyebolt” at the bottom of the dog bone hanging from the shock arm.... or at least that’s what I think they do, I don’t have anything to go off from. Thanks, JimmyS
  18. Need latch handle for 1949 Chrysler convertible top. Other Chrysler makes, models or years may also work. Contact at
  19. I need rear glass all door glass and moldings around glass need grill and hood emblem
  20. Looking for a speedometer for my friend's 22R Hupmobile. Please note the gaping hole in the attached image. Thanks
  21. I am looking for a Bosch 12 wire magneto. running condition or complete and rebuildable
  22. Need latch handle for convertible roof for 1949 Chrysler Windsor. DeSoto, Plymouth or other makes, models or years will probably work.
  23. Looking for Chrysler product Car.. Dodge ,Plymouth ,Desoto, Chrysler car 1932 to 1940 or what have car OK..... 760-938-2250......
  24. Hello, I am looking to purchase or trade Hershey Wooden nickels. I am looking for 1983, 1985, 1988 and 1992. I have several years for trade. It is my understanding they started in 1980 and there was no 1982. Can you help? Thanks, Don 740-816-4284
  25. calcoupe


    I'm looking for authentic Ford tools that came with 1937 Ford passenger cars, including correct jack and handle. I need most so I am interested in any correct tools. Calcoupe