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  1. Lynn, How much material did you take off of the head, how much do you think it raised the compression ratio and do you notice any difference in performance? Chuck
  2. Hoping to get my 1937 Lincoln K Judkins two window berline back on the road within the next month or two. New Ernie Foster heads installed, new muffler arrived and ready to install, engine is running with a few sticky valves. Sourced a very rare original 1937 Lincoln radio, radio head for the dash and original speaker in excellent condition which I hope to have tested and installed soon. Trying to decide on new tires - will probably go with Firestones, but considering ditching the wide whites and going with blackwalls. The current Denmans are probably fifty years old and are starting to look it. Need to rebuild the carburetor too at some point. I'm more than ready to get back into the old car hobby this summer. I want to see more of this view going down the road.
  3. I had to install these heads twice as John's machine shop forgot to weld closed the casting plugs. The heads came right off even with the copper coat although they hadn't been on very long. I suppose the heads might bond after running for awhile.
  4. I purchased Ernie Foster heads from John Kocsis in 2019 along with acorn nuts and washers. I think he was down to his next to last set of nuts and washers though. They were beautifully made and plated. I used the same new studs with slightly longer studs for the spark plug conduit brackets. The heads slide down around the studs with plenty of clearance. I permatex coated the studs and used a new head gasket that John supplied with copper coat sprayed onto the gaskets. No problems so far. My Lincoln runs nice and cool unlike the 35 I used to have with cast irons heads that always ran way too hot.
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