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  1. Thanks for everyone’s input. It all helps. Ron
  2. These did end up being 9/16-18 size. Had some bad threads when initially tried. They are also all right hand treads. Ron
  3. These are early Lincoln wheels. 23 inch. Could also use another (for a spare) if it were around. Thanks for the all the comments. Will keep everyone posted. Talking with someone now about possible correct bolts.
  4. Have a set of disc wheels and hubs. I do not have the original bolts but appear to be 9/16 with a 20 thread per inch pattern. I have the 18 per inch and these not work. Does anyone know of a source for the 9/16 20s Amazon has a tap this size but not the bolts. thanks in advance Ron
  5. Was in the forum earlier this month. Also was written up in Feb 1983 Special Interest Auto (SIA), check out the history of the car it was quite interesting.
  6. The Stutz I believe was in a 9 page article Feb 1983 Special Interest Autos. Had a very interesting history. Bought in San Fran from The Stutz dealer. Used to usher ladies in central Calif to the then owners Hotel in Fresno. You get the idea. 1937 engine rebuild with a fix of cracked head and valve job 1970s. Driving test in 1983 article says it was a loose engine but ran fair. Didn’t push it past 40 on the drive.
  7. Franklin club member interested in you your project photos please califmanx@aol.com Ron
  8. There’s one on eBay now generic but should work
  9. Not my listing it was micheal west listing RKS
  10. Hi Mike sent you a message but will also reply here like to buy the locks for the 32 coupe project can you send me a price Ron
  11. What parts do you need? Try Lincoln Owners Club site; join and advertise for parts. Jack LeVan has parts manual he put together 1931-1933 1115 E Redondo Blvd Inglewood Ca 90302 Currently a 1931 Owner manual on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1931-Lincoln-ORIGINAL-Owners-Manual-wz8060/292789173372?hash=item442b983c7c:g:4koAAOSwJ6Vb0zGF:rk:1:pf:0 Good Luck Ron
  12. Jack LeVan has a good repo 31-33 he is in the LOC roster there is also a 1938 parts book with good diagrams that was reproduced that covers a lot of the parts they come up on eBay every once and awhile Jack may have that also Good luck Ron
  13. Walter Murphy created a couple of boat tails without doors in 1921. The top mechanism looks to have a sort of telescoping rods. Can anyone tell me how these work? Anyone see a similar type top? I originally put the question in the discussion section but not getting any response. Thanks
  14. Believe these are the L numbers you are looking for. They should be raised lettering on the tool Good Luck Ron
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