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  1. We've had multiple frames powdercoated. Mostly hotrods, but a few restorations snuck in. Never had a problem. There are dozens of color and gloss choices to choose from. Powder coat is typically more durable than a paint job too. Last frame we had done was for a tri 5 chevy and was around 1400.00, blasted clean and completely coated. Most shops charge per foot on frames.
  2. Is there such a thing? Of the last 5 or 6 '32s I've seen, the hood is opened and folded over on itself. Is there a correct hood rest for '32s?
  3. Thanks mark. I spoke with randy today.
  4. We are restoring a model 58 and are putting together the glass. Does the door vent open and close only when the main glass is rolled down or does it swing into place regardless of the position of the main glass? This car was in pieces when I received it and had nothing to reference originally.
  5. Still looking for exhaust manifold, trunk hinge and latch. Had a lead on a manifold but it has fizzled out. Please check your parts stash. 33-35 series 50 will work.
  6. Thank you both. These pictures are exactly what I needed to know to properly route my harness.
  7. Looking for a clean touring. Prefer brass but will consider later models. Not looking for a 100 point car, but one that can hold its own on the field. Looking in the Gulf Coast and midwest . Phaetongriffin@gmail.com
  8. Still looking for a picture for reference. I've got several holes in the firewall and want to make sure my routing is correct.
  9. I am looking for a picture of the firewall for a 50 series. Specifically wire routing as it comes from the dash. This car was in pieces when I got it and have nothing for reference.
  10. Who knew the parts for this car would be so difficult to acquire?
  11. Pete, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the 1932 manifold will not work. 1933 was a change over year and was the same 33 - 35 50 series only.
  12. I am in the middle of a restoration of a 1933 model 58. I am looking for an exhaust manifold as mine is no longer usable. Also looking for a trunk hinge, one trunk latch and hubcaps for artillery wheels.
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