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  1. almost the same steps when restoring, with the exception of the gasoline wash, of course. so steps 35 - 40, 12 coats of color? Seems excessive, I guess it was hand rubbed and not sprayed so that it didn't build material? Also, what is step 46 - tint coat?
  2. 2 early examples I know...... A '18 center door Buick was painted a brown/maroon A '21 Touring Buick as light blue
  3. Several of the most recent cars I had a hand in of the restoration, Pierce, Buick, Lincoln L had traditional stuffing, hog hair, horse hair or similar, used for the interior. Most upholsterers these days don't want to go through the trouble of stuffing seats, they prefer to use foam and push the project out the door. The use of correct internal materials can make or break a correct restoration.
  4. If you can't find who you're looking for, I've had good luck with my local auto paint supply house doing the same.
  5. Thanks for the offer. Upon your mention of him, I looked him up online and left a message to see if he can help me.
  6. Admittedly there are few choices these days regarding ignition coils - especially 6v coils. The original coils were in the 33 Lincoln I'm restoring, broken tops and all. These had the mounts welded directly onto the coil as most old(er) coils did, and fit under the cowl inside the car. So what are you using? Standard replacements from local auto parts store (with modification) or something different?
  7. convertible coupe. I would love NOS but expect used, as long as it's better than what I have. Do you have one, perhaps?
  8. Part may fit other makes/models I found the unit on the bay, the owner will eventually get a photo to verify it is the proper piece, Bernbaums does not have one, another supplier in Ga. was very helpful, but they too don't have the regulator. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. It was a good gathering. Too few cars due to varying chances of rain, mostly heavy thunderstorms that weekend.
  10. Lets figure out context here... Lincoln guys are doers and buick guys are talkers -----or------ Lincolns always need repairs and buicks are relatively trouble free? hahahaha
  11. Thats the only right way to do it though, right?
  12. There are people everyday, right now, restoring early to mid 90s Chevy trucks. 10 years ago, you wouldn't have guessed they would receive much attention. Now, lightly used examples are fetching what they cost new. It's all cyclical. You might not see the value in a late model car, but the 15 year old right now will have memories of his dad's 2000-something Bullitt mustang or his brother's '03 Corvette, or remember his first date with his future wife in his used SRT neon.
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