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  1. When first popping the hub from the taper I leave the nut on, but loose so you don't swell up the threads and not be able to get the nut back on. Once the taper fit is popped apart, piece of cake.
  2. You either pull the motor or rear end and torque tube which is the normal way. You have to get the rear of the car way up so you can pull rear end and spring backwards from underneath the car. You will have to pull the interior carpet so you can pull the pan from on top of the tranny so you can remove the tranny. Its not a two hour job!
  3. Stock they have weak points but there are a couple of people that rebuild them and take the weak spots out
  4. Sounds like an intake valve not closed, engine sat for awhile?
  5. Like any old car, many upgrades have occurred and learned that makes them driveable. Where most people get nervous is that they will never drive like a modern car that has all modern conveniences which the older cars don't have. I love driving my older cars and the feeling I get.
  6. It seems it is epidemic that people say they do xyz and when pressed they admit they don't. How about telling us who this is so someone else doesn't deal with an incompetent and liar engine builder.
  7. If the wire broke all nuts have a CHANCE of coming undone. If you use cotter pins on each one, one does not depend on the other.
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