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  1. dictator27

    Unsung inventors

    Probably Helen Dryden. She also did interior design wotk for Studebaker.
  2. dictator27

    1920’s Mannesmann Auto

    Know nothing about the car, but right hand drive was not uncommon in Europe even though they drove on the right side of the road.
  3. dictator27

    1929 erskine igniter gear

    Distributor drive gear.
  4. dictator27


    Luber-Finer still in business. Likely a cannister type engine oil filter. Time to get out and get under to see where those oil lines go. .
  5. dictator27

    1932 Chevy clutch squeeling question. Please help!

    It is not unusual for carbon block release bearings to squeal, but it should go away.
  6. dictator27

    Millers Garage Auckland New Zealand tow trucks

    Agreed. Truck in the middle is a late 20's cornbinder. Truck on the right appears to be almost new, possibly a Morris Commercial. Truck on left also British, possibly with a locally produced body. Thornycroft, maybe? Harder to identify.
  7. dictator27


    The vehicle frame is under the axles instead of over them. This lowers the height of the vehicle and improves the handling.
  8. dictator27

    REO Chain starter

    Studebaker used a chain dtive starter which drove through a one way clutch at the front of the crankshaft. It was used until 1928.
  9. dictator27

    Log truck

    Truck is a Garford (the name is partially visible below the radiator). Mid/late teens vintage. That could easily be a scene in British Columbia. The area I live in was logged off about the time that truck would have been new.
  10. A Davis would have been a very unusual sight in BC.
  11. dictator27

    Say it ain't snow !

    Fort Nelson and Fort St James in northeastern British Columbia got 5 to 10 centimetres of snow yesterday.
  12. I can pretty much guarantee that that is not the only misdated/misidentified entry in the BC archives. I have found a few over the years I have cruised the site. I used to live in Saanich.
  13. dictator27

    Winter storage - gasoline

    Check with your local fire department. Does yoiur house have fire retardant drywall in the garage?
  14. dictator27

    Car identification

    Cedrics were sold in Canada at least through the '60's.
  15. Special rivets? Ford recommended the use of 1/2 inch long 1/4 inch bolts once the rivets were drilled out. I replaced quite a few back in the day.