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  1. Just saw a segment on our news about Talent. Not much left of it. Sad.
  2. I think the car on the left is a 1931 Studebaker, baed on the dip in the rear bumper. I Alsop think the fender mounted light used by Stuidebaker at the time can be made out.
  3. Air quality index from US fires in Vancouver BC is 10+ today, complicated by serious fire on New Westminster wharf two days ago resulting in strong smell of burning creosote. Dismantling the wharf to get at fire.
  4. Interesting that the tow car is an early 1928 Studebaker, probably a President. Dave Proctor had one in later years. I wonder if that is it.
  5. Reading back through this post, I saw Earl Tucker's name mentioned. My wife went to our wedding in 1980 in his 1930 Pierce Arrow.
  6. My 1927 Dictator (sorry, no photo - it is spread all over my garage at the moment), was sold new by Jameson Motors in Victoria. The dealer tag is still on the dashboard. There is a 1917 Studebaker SF4 touring in the Surrey Museum. It spent about 10 years as a jitney between New Westminster and the Fraser Valley community of Haney before being sold to a saw mill which used the engine to run a saw for about 40 years. It was restored in the late 60's. It is now a static display on the second floor of the museum. The Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association owns a 1912 Detroit Electric which
  7. He responded to a post in the technical section (1929 Oldsmobile) about 9 am Monday.
  8. This is very much a WAG, but based entirely on the shape of the radiator I think it is possibly an 11.9 hp Humber of about 1916 or so.
  9. A minimum third party liability insurance is required for all vehicles, even those which are not in use.
  10. Citroen is actually a latecomer to this market although they may be the first with an all electric car. Italian vehicle maker Piaggio, (Vespa scooters) produces the NT3 microcar and French automaker Ligier produces four variations of the JS50 microcar from the basic Club to the Sport Ultimate. All of them driveable from the age of 14 with a top speed of about 30 mph.
  11. In Vancouver BC people who want to take their driving test to get their DL are booking appointments in January!! One 17 year old booked his test next week in Cranbrook BC which is a 12 hour round trip from Vancouver. He and his mom are planning to do it in one day.
  12. The same thing happened with the Triumph Mayflower. Triumph's managing director, Sir John Black, disliked the Mayflower's front end styling . Rather than telling the original designer to redo it, he gave the job to another one. Apparently, neither of the designers liked each other or Sir John!
  13. Short commercial b-trains (2 20 foot trailers) can be seen in the Lower Mainland Fraser Valley area east of Vancouver, but past the town of Hope at the east end of the Fraser Valley they are no longer legal because of our mountain highways. The Coquihalla (highway 5) is notorious for vehicle fires caused by overworked engines/transmissions. One caused a small forest fire earlier this week. Arrangements like the one shown above are illegal province wide. Any towed vehicle/trailer/tow dolly must be licensed and insured. Ask me how I know. In British Columbia a vehicle with a manufac
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