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  1. I am a leading edge baby boomer who grew up just a few minutes outside of British Columbia, Canada's capital city of Victoria. Being very close to the province's centre of government didn't guarantee we had such things as a dial telephone. We had a wall mounted hand crank phone and we shared a party line with seven other households. Our "ring" was one long and two short and the operator only did it once. That was it for "technology" of any kind in our house. My mother cooked all of our meals on a massive cast iron lump of a stove which probably predated the house (built in 1922) by
  2. Shelvoke and Drewry "Freighter", about 1934, tiller steering, unique transmission, no.clutch pedal.
  3. The famous Vaseux Lake overhang on Highway 97 near Penticton, British Columbia. For obvious reasons it was removed in 1937, but not before countless photos similar to this one had been taken. Something needs to be done about the blind corner in the background, though. It is still claiming victims.
  4. Quewe? That should be Kew which was where British Dodge trucks were assembled in London.
  5. I agree. I don't find the SDC forum particularly inspiring at all. Too "fancy".
  6. This is the most well known of Vancouver's chain of Aristocratic restaurants,which was located at the intersection of Granville and Smithe.
  7. The inward slope of the upper body suggests a "skiff" body style which was primarily a French innovation.
  8. With a rear spring set up like that, no splash apron and right hand drive? Not Studebaker.
  9. Devons have hydraulic front and mechanical rear brakes. Somerset are hydraulic at all four corners.
  10. Austin Devon and Dorset 1947-52
  11. Both the inlet pushrods and exhaust valve stems are on the outside of the V so one camshaft on each side.
  12. Push rods for the inlet valves can be seen.
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