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  1. I think it is a Nash about 1927-28. The paint between the reveal mouldings on the rear door is two toned which was a Nash feature at thar time. Also the cowl lamps are close to the front of the cowl, a Nash feature as well.
  2. Minneapolis Moline? Is it a hub cap or a fuel or oil tank cap? What does the other side look like? A shot in the dark but........
  3. PM coming your way
  4. There is a Lada Niva 4x4 hardtop for sale around the corner from me right now. I also know of a soft top version.
  5. The long drawn out western winter? It snowed here today (Vancouver BC.)
  6. Not an expert on Lycoming engines, but I think the radiator needs to come out.
  7. My 27 Dictator uses a 636P which looks very similar.
  8. Hard to tell, but wheels possibly 25 Chev.
  9. It may have been a new registration in Queensland in 1935, but the car dates from 1929-30. (Flat front radiator and exposed dog bone radiator cap. Single centre mounted tail light also from that period.)