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  1. I remember reading a road test of a Citroen ID19 written by legendary auto journalist Tom McCahill in which he said that it cornered "like a worm on sandpsaper". He was very impressed with how it handled.
  2. Sniffed around a couple of vintage travel trailer websites but couldn't find anything that matched the subject trailer.
  3. 1936 Chrysler? Have no idea about trailer.
  4. I believe it was Winston Churchill who called many of the above examples "terminological inexactitudes". Incidentally, colour is spelt coloUr regardless of what spell check tries to tell you.
  5. Question already answered under General Discussion.
  6. Tinindian has it pretty much nailed down. I would add one thing. Position the spark lever at approximately the half way point of its travel, then proceed as above.
  7. You beat me to it, Bob. It is an Austro Daimler.
  8. That is a 34, not 35. 😀 I have had both pre and postwar Studes over the last 50 years. They are well engineered cars.
  9. Steering wheel on the right side would indicate Pierce Arrow.
  10. dictator27


    Car? What car? I don't see a car........ .. Oh THAT car! Hey buddy, you need a new tire.😄
  11. British auto journalists of the day said the seating arrangement put the passenger between the driver and the accident. The French were a little more direct. They called it the mother-in-law killer.
  12. Austin 10. In production 1939-46.