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  1. I'm interested in knowing the make, model and year of this truck, please.
  2. I've done a bit more research in the newspapers in the local area of where the picture was posted and found out that the car was purchased secondhand in 1914 and was a model 16 Buick. Maybe that will help someone to firm up the model year for me. Thanks, Willie
  3. This is a very cool car. Can anyone help me out and identify it for me, please? Thanks, Willie Engelson Pinehurst, NC
  4. This is a picture of my father in front of his car, which I'd like identified if someone knows it, please. Sorry not more of it is showing. Thanks for the help, Bill, Pinehurst, NC
  5. Here is another car from my family photo collection that I'd like identified if anyone out there can do so, please. Thanks, Bill, Pinehurst, NC
  6. Can anyone identify this car for me, please? Thanks for your help. Bill, Pinehurst, NC
  7. Here is another picture taken in 1942, I think. Can anyone please identify the coupe in the background? Thanks, Bill, Pinehurst, NC
  8. Thanks so much for the quick response...and all the way from New Zealand. Cheers.
  9. Here are two pictures taken in about 1948/9 and I'd like the panel truck in the background identified if anyone is able to do so. Thanks, Bill, Pinehurst, NC
  10. This is my great uncle and I'd like to know the make, year and model of this car please. Thank you, Bill Engelson, Pinehurst, NC
  11. This is my grandfather in what we think is a 1917 Buick. Can someone verify this? ...or tell me what make, model and year the car is, please? Thanks, Bill Engelson, Pinehurst NC
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