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  1. We have travelled the entire French Mediterranean coast from Spain to Monaco. Very beautiful country! 👍
  2. The only time I have visited Paris I was too young to drive (about the middle of the last century 😁). More recently my wife and I have visited Europe several times and I have driven in Rome, Athens and Dublin with the largest French city being Marseille. We prefer to stay out of large cities and stay in b&b's or boutique hotels. We like to meet the local people. We usually put about 5000 kilometres on our rented cars in about three weeks.
  3. Properly adjusted drum brakes will stop as straight as disc brakes. Have you checked the drums with a drum micrometer? If one has had more machined out of it than the other this can cause the brakes to pull under hard application.
  4. Early Somersets had pull down exterior door handles, later ones were push button.
  5. Now you know why the rack behind the cab is called a headache rack!🤔
  6. Begging to differ oldford,. but I believe this ia a 1934 Ford.
  7. That's it! I had been thinking Clyno. Considering that Jowetts of the day had a horizontally opposed 2 cylinder engine, there is a lot of empty space under that high engine hood.
  8. Those are Sankey pressed steel wheels. Very common on British cars at that time.
  9. If you are filling the radiator up right to the bottom of the filler neck, that is your problem. Cars of this vintage need at least an inch of space in the radiator top tank to allow for coolant expansion.
  10. The Citroen Mehari and Austin Mini Moke were similar vehicles.
  11. To me it is no surprise that something like this was produced in Vancouver. The provinces economy is resource based. Only 5% of the land area is arable, the rest is mountainous and heavily forested. Gaining access to forestry and mining operations often means pushing roads into some pretty rugged country, so having a vehicle like this would have been an asset.
  12. What I was driving in the late '60's. I think Packard did themselves a huge diservice when they brought out the bloated whale.
  13. That's where the gas tank was on earlier Model T Fords - under the seat.
  14. Stunningly beautiful setting, Sebastien!👍 The people of Lavaur obviously take pride in their town. There must be a club for American vehicles there?
  15. Excellent photos, Sebastien, not just of the cars but off the buildings as well. When you live in an area where the oldest surviving building was constructed in 1863, seeing ones that can be many hundreds of years old is a different experience. My wife and I have visited Europe a number of times and we prefer to stay in bed and breakfast accomodation because doing so often gives us the opportunity to stay in a place which may have a lot of history in its past. The most beautiful one we have ever stayed in was not far from Bagnols sur Ceze in the Gard department. It is called the Bake House (cheznous.comsaintcastor). It is a "four au pain" which originally was the kitchen for a monastery that dates back I believe to the 15th century. It has such a beautiful setting we stayed for a week! Places such as Avignon, the Point du Gard, Chateauneuf Du Pape and other sights are within an easy drive. Thank you.
  16. The dark coloured car next to the truck on the right side of the road appears to be an eatly low light Morris Minor.
  17. Not sure what you are referring to Herman. Photo might help.
  18. Was the Chevette a good car? Obviously that is a matter of personal opinion. However, there was one car which made the Chevette look like a high quality automobile. People in the US never had the pleasure (?) of experiencing the Vauxhall Firenza. We did in Canada. They had to be the worst car ever unleashed on Canadian car buyers. The Chevettes build quality may have been suspect, but by comparison it was head and shoulders above that of the Firenza. They were awful.
  19. They were sold in Canada as Vedettes. Had a 2.4 litre 60 horse flathead V8. Basically the ame engine used in the English Ford Pilot up to 1951.
  20. There is a 1908 Northern not far from me with headlights set up like that.
  21. Plugged radiator? Crud in the water jacket? Anything that overheats that quickly has serious circulation issues. How do you know the water pump is working properly?
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