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  1. Price guides are not entirely "useless." As for auctions--they are more useless than any price guide. All they show is one guy was willing to pay more for a car than a room full of strangers.
  2. Interesting Cadillac article in a recent Wall Street Journal. https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-vintage-cadillac-and-the-remarkable-saga-of-the-lowe-family-11553002273
  3. Love that color. My father had 1973 Electra 225 that color.
  4. He has not been back. That 53 Buick is a real bargain. I wish I could snap that up. And that 57 Lincoln. Wow. You don't see those at the local cruise nights. 10,000 or best offer? Wow. . . . .
  5. Sorry, you have it backwards. It'll cost you $30,000-$50,000 to restore the car to "Show" quality and the car will be worth a lot less. If you are in the hobby to enjoy the car, then you should save your money and buy the best car you can afford. And then enjoy your car as you maintain it over the years (they always need something). If you are in the hobby to buy a car, "restore" it (here is how we use the words restore on this page ---as in restore the car to original showroom condition with correct parts, materials and finish) and then sell it, then you should stop now. You will never get the money back, especially on the 49 Chevy. My uncle restored a 1938 Chevy in the 1980s. He bought all the correct parts, the best he could find. Made everything just right. Did a lot of work on his own and farmed out work he couldn't do. He spent about $30,000 in 1980s money to restore a car he eventually sold for about $13,000 (this was the 80s remember). . . . . . . . .
  6. Thanks all. gossp, I am going to try for mid April. Hopefully I can get the full experience. PP
  7. I plan on visiting the Gilmore Museum in Michigan next month. I am really looking forward to going and spending the day. I am of the understanding that they have the Cadillac LaSalle Club Collection there. Do CLC members get a discount on admission?
  8. Have not received my Buick Bugle for March 2019. Has it been sent out yet?
  9. Here is the last Taurus. This silver car matches the build sheet that I have. I definitely worked on this car. Assistant Plant Manager Ryan Wheeler at right.
  10. I think we built the last one today. After it passed down the line, a crew of people began collecting the Taurus pieces from the work stations.