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  1. A lot of great comments and insights. Thanks to all who replied and who are thinking about trying to solve these problems. Great thread.
  2. Thank you so much. I hope our clubs can survive. I love National Meets. Like old car heaven.
  3. Yes, I was involved with two non profits and it was the same. 80 members but the same 20 people showing up all the time. I think some of the clubs will survive undiluted. The locals may fade, but the national will probably survive.
  4. Not every antique automobile enthusiast is a club joiner. I belong to several clubs and I enjoy club membership and events. That being said, there has been a lot of discussion lately of club membership numbers. For most clubs, the numbers are going down. And that is causing anxiety in some quarters. It begs the question --at least in my mind-- is a club more enjoyable if it has 9,000 members instead of 4,000? Or--Is the club less viable if it has three-quarters of the numbers it had 25 years ago? I think the answer is "no" to both. It is my contention
  5. Thanks Carbking. Still going to give you a call Monday. Anthony
  6. Tool # 11 and Tool # 11a being used in combination by Vern.
  7. Thanks CarbKing. I will give you a call next Monday.
  8. Here is my email: tony_caroline@att.net Send me a message so I can message you back. The way you have the address there does not work for me.
  9. provide the full email address. ? carbqueensbcglobal.net is not working for me.
  10. Thanks Friend. Please see the attached photo. I am interested in Tool # 11 and Tool # 11a. Tool # 11 -- What is tool #11 ? Where can I get one? What is it called? Tool # 11a -- Is this an ordinary socket extension? If so, what size? Or is it a special extension? Tool # 12 -- What size screwdriver? What are the dimensions of the modification? Vern says that tool number 11 is "essential". I wish he could have provided a little more detail. Any help with tool number 11 and 11a and 12 greatly appreciat
  11. I have purchased the Vern Tardel Stromberg 97 help book. I need information about the special tools listed on page eleven (item 11 and 11A) (also item 12). What is the tool (tool # 11) called and where can I get one? What size is the socket extension (tool # 11a)? Is it a special tool or an ordinary socket extension? What size screwdriver for tool # 12? What are dimensions of the cuts in the screwdriver? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. I got some one on the phone. They said there have been a lot US Mail delays this year. No problem with Classic Car. Jeff, For me, it is 1980. The last thing I want to do is look at a screen for my pleasure reading. Plus, I can take my magazine anywhere and it does not need batteries. I subscribe to several Old School type paper magazines. Thanks to all. Take care.
  13. I haven't received an issue of Hemmings Motor News in a couple months. I paid my sub in August. I can't get anybody on the phone over there. Is anybody else having delivery issues with Hemmings Motor News?
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