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  1. Very attractive 1937 Ford De Luxe Fordor Sedan.
  2. The car on the left is a Model A; I know that. What year and make is the car on the right? I am guessing a 1936 or 1937 model. What is the year and make of the car on the right? Thanks all. P
  3. Yep, looks like 1932 on this big monitor too.
  4. Thanks a million Steve. I'll be happy to buy you lunch if you are ever out this way.
  5. I still have not received my latest issue. How can I determine if my membership is paid up?
  6. Yep. Americans want "cheap." Can you say "Walmart", "Harbor Freight" ?
  7. Don't listen to guys like this-- Four door cars are beautiful and the most luxurious.
  8. Nothing wrong with Four Door cars. Believe it or not, there are enthusiasts who prefer four door cars. I am one of them. Never cared much for Red Convertibles. It doesn't help that the TV car shows denigrate them (The assmonkey garage comes to mind). They are, in fact, the REAL cars. And a good way to get people into the hobby.
  9. I like them both. My wife asked for the whitewalls. They do look good on this car. And they were a Ford option in 1937.
  10. Edin, is this a V-16? I am thinking it is.
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