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  1. Pomeroy41144

    Old Cadillac seen at CLC event.

    Thanks Matt.
  2. Can some one tell me what model this 1929 Cadillac 8 is?
  3. Pomeroy41144

    AACA Renewal

    Mission Accomplished. Thanks guys.
  4. Pomeroy41144

    Vintage dealership buildings that are still around

    This Oldsmobile dealership building is still standing on Hohman Avenue in Hammond, Indiana.
  5. Pomeroy41144

    Old generator

    Tag is unreadable. Great. Thanks for the ID. That is the Gen I wanted. Thanks to all that helped and thanks Dad.
  6. Pomeroy41144

    Old generator

    Can anyone ID this old generator that my father gave me?
  7. Pomeroy41144

    AACA Renewal

    Yikes!!! I let my AACA renewal lapse. I just discovered that I had forgotten to pay. Can I renew by phone? I don't seem to have an account to renew here on line. PP
  8. Pomeroy41144

    New member

    Welcome. Good luck with the truck.
  9. Pomeroy41144

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas. I went for a Christmas eve spin in the 1937 Ford.
  10. Pomeroy41144

    Merry Christmas from the Pacific Northwest to All

    Out for a Christmas Eve spin in the 1937 Ford.
  11. Pomeroy41144

    White walls??Why vs why not

    Agreed. Agreed. Some cars look better with sidemounts than others. And I really agree about the 1940 Buicks with sidemounts looking "odd"--the sidemounts detract from the beautiful lines of these cars, they looked tacked on. Not a good look. (1941 Buicks did not come equipped with sidemounts--thank goodness) As the cars got rounder and curvier in their design, the sidemounts look less and less attractive. As seen in a pre-war Nancy Drew film, this 1937 Ford was fitted with a sidemount; I guess someone just could not help themselves. Ford did not sell them this way and one look tells you why.
  12. Pomeroy41144

    "Millennials Invade Classic Car Market"

    If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are a baby boomer.
  13. Pomeroy41144

    In the 1930's could you Parallel Park ? ?

    From these photos, it looks like they could. I have no problem parallel parking my 1930s era car.
  14. Pomeroy41144

    What do you display with your car at a show?

    Yep, the big photos overwhelm the real thing. Would rather see the car with nothing in front of it.
  15. Pomeroy41144

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    My family has owned two 1941 Series 90 Limited Buicks. They are great driving cars.