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  1. Poor thing probably got traded in on a wore out Hyundai.
  2. Pure speculation, but perhaps they were to signal which side of the car the rider was expected to enter.
  3. hey thats got the truck stance thats popular these days Seriously, though, you weren't happy with it because it was an auto. If you still had it, you would probably still be unhappy with it. As long as you didn't waste the money.
  4. Sorry for sort of quoting The Byrds but, A car I am currently restoring has/had an engine turned instrument cluster bezel. I am looking for recommendations on those that you have used to engine turn a panel with success. Thanks
  5. Great photos Lynn! Probably a most nerve-wracking drive doing a big shakedown. 175 mile jaunt should have revealed any items to address. Many happy motoring miles to ya.
  6. 33 Lincoln KA As the restoration of this car progresses, I am finding more pieces that have lived a rough life and are, at this point, unusable. Ray and Lynn have been able to provide several of the parts so far, what I'm searching for now are the following: Luggage rack trim - both the strips and inserts along the top and the formed perimeter surround Top of cowl center trim that aligns with the hood hinge Also I'm trying to find a reference for the correct cowl vent weatherstrip - was it rubber or some kind of woven fabric?
  7. Not that my post will help, but I wanted to comment on the measurements. HOLY COW!!!! 77" long manifold! 41/2" ports too! What a monster. Everyone else, don't get your feathers ruffled, I realize measurements aren't in inches.
  8. This week. Good hunting and selling to those who are going.
  9. I got one of these in the mail a few weeks back. Very nice quality and finish. Will look great on car when completed.
  10. You may try 1933buickregistry.com paul rickman 231-357-3009
  11. A contact I made last year for prewar Buick parts was David 763-427-3460
  12. Its been a month since my last post and there doesn't seem to be much action going on in this forum. Hopefully that means everyone is staying busy in their daily lives or too busy working on and driving their Lincolns. Let's see if we can get any participation here....what are you doing with your Lincoln? Driving? Working on it? Staring at it in the garage? As for me, I'm restoring a 33KA and expected to complete it this year.
  13. Steve, Thanks. For now I have opted to remove the spotlight and will continue on with the restoration. If Im able to find the proper documentation for this light at a later time, I can redrill the a-pillar and reinstall the restored light. Thanks to those that commented.
  14. Neat car, but there is a difference between an "all original" car and a car with a repaint and rebuilt engine.
  15. This seems to be a great looking car at a steal of a price. Am I the only one that thinks this may be a scam?
  16. Thanks for chiming in. My intention isn't to kick a hornet's nest, but just gather information. While I'm rather new to AACA, about 5 years or so, I've built a fair share of cars that have been shown and judged, I've been a judge a time or two. I do what I can to promote the hobby. Heck, I'm an officer of the local chapter. I'm truthfully past the part of my life where I felt a trophy was the only way to prove a car was built to someones liking. Cars are a reflection of the person and shouldn't be built for acceptance. If we think about it, some people invest tens or hundreds of t
  17. My thought on "not so old" would be anything 80s and newer
  18. Unlike some, I can appreciate the work to build this car, especially getting to play with a hemi in a car like this. I've had my hand in a few of these builds in the past. I'm looking towards the other end of the spectrum with my original post, though. The upper shows where the judging goes beyond the shock factor.
  19. AAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH...... Your my new friend! HAHAHAHA I was wondering if I could get a basic question answered and you've done it. Thanks. I've got a car in the works that, according to an expert has a wiper motor that is unobtainable, not repairable, etc. I was wondering the pains I was going to have to go through on laying out and machining a wiper motor to keep from loosing a few points due to operation. The spotlight would be difficult to verify as factory vs. dealer, even though it was in place when new.
  20. I know not everyone is too concerned with what awards your car may or may not receive, so this may not be a post that everyone favors. If you have meticulously maintained/restored your car to the highest standards and have put your car onto the show field, let me know your thoughts and answer a few questions for me. First off, have you had your car judged (AACA/CCCA or equivalent)? I'd like to hear from those that have gone through this experience. I've shown at some local shows that had judging (never an AACA event), sometimes I felt judges were on their game, while at other venue
  21. How finite are the judging regulations when looking at prewar cars? I have had several other cars judged and they did very well. I know usually lights are expected to be functioning, what about functioning wiper motors, cigarette lighters? Can I expect a deduction on a car with a driver operated spotlight, mounted in the a-pillar, that appears to have been installed when the car was new? I've seen vintage photos of cars of the same manufacture and body style both with and without the spotlight.
  22. No one is excited to show their dashes? I know someone out there is proud of their dash. Lets show 'em.
  23. As I stated earlier, I may be interested either way. I know the hassle of having an old Service manual scanned and reprinted and can attest to the cost of the final product would probably have several people back out of their commitment. My comment on providing a locked thumbdrive was so that the op would protect his investment in undertaking such a large project AND help keep the price down for those that were interested in the volumes. If given the opportunity would you spend 400 - 500 for a paper copy or would you spend 30 - 40 for a thumbdrive? And lets be honest, most of us are not s
  24. instead of doing a printing, how about doing a digital copy onto a locked thumbdrive? Someone could buy a thumb drive from you but could not print or reproduce any information. Either way, depending on price, I may be interested.
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