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  1. Does anyone know if here is a Baker registry? I have an original brass Baker Motor Vehicle Company serial number plate that I would like to get to the current car owner if the car still exists.
  2. Last time I went to Hershey I bought the guide, and virtually all the guys that listed Nash parts were absent that year. Anyone going this year?
  3. Just planning for those rainy Hershey days. With so many antique stores turning into junk stores as quality dealers pull out or retire, I hate driving a long way to find nothing/ What quality antique or automotive antique dealers still exist within driving distance of Hershey.?
  4. I am looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. I need fender skirts and original hubcaps for my Muntz jet. Does anybody have any they can add to their sell at Hershey pile.? Leads appreciated.
  5. I would love to buy it and would pick it up. Price?
  6. My R has 36 x 4 1/2. 27" rims. I have never had clinchers for it. Most of the 10 Model R's I have seen had the same wheels I have. I will keep an eye out for some for you.
  7. Thanks for the history lesson. I didn't realize Goodyear's role in getting away from the clincher rim. What size are your Model G rims? I have a 10 Model R with the straight side Goodyear rims (27").
  8. Thanks John for the thought on the Saddle bolts being also used on carriages I will try and search out that avenue. Trimacar, thanks also for the thoughts on the reproducing challenges of the faux basketwork. I hadn't thought yet how it could be accomplished. On the potential of real weaving covered by epoxy, I did use West System on the new wheels I had made and it worked well although the post application sanding needed would probably not be possible for the fine work needed for the basketwork.
  9. In 1910 Reo 4 cyl cars had wood faux basketwork on the top section of the rear doors. I am looking for a couple that are usable, or can be used for patterns. I also need some of the the U shaped "Saddle" bolts that hold the brake drums to the 27" wood Goodrich wheels. I am sure they were used by some other wheel manufacturers as well.
  10. Thanks for the info. I knew it was going to be expensive. I agree the repro wires are the way to go but unfortunately no one that I know reproduces the Dodge Plymouth size (15 x 5.5). They do the Chrysler size (15 x 6) but not the smaller ones.
  11. The chrome wire wheels on my 54 Kaiser are starting to look a little worn. They are basically the same as the Motor wheel/Kelsey Hayes type available as a accessory on 53-54? Dodges and Plymouths. Various articles suggest that rechroming wheels makes them brittle and unsafe. Does anybody have experience good/bad on rechroming wire wheels. Does anybody know who does it, as it is undoubtedly a time intensive (read expensive) procedure. D
  12. I can't confirm it but the story I heard is that Nash offered them in 1950 as an option, but discontinued them as the public thought that in offering them the cars must be unsafe.
  13. Welcome to the world of hard to find parts. I have a 52 and am still serching for a number of parts.Some pieces aren't too bad if you can figure out who Earl Muntz bought them from. The best thing to do is contact the Muntz owners registry and get on the list. The roster published yearly has a list of many of the parts that were used, and some sources. What year did you buy and what parts are you looking for?
  14. The cost of quality chrome plating is getting so high, that I am going to try doing as much prep work on the bare metal before I take it to be plated. (I will get the plating shop to strip the old chrome/copper off first). My question is what type of grinding/polishing/buffing/filing equipment do you use to get the best surface.