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  1. It is apparent from the discussion that many do not like the red on the 34 Ambassador above. You should be aware that it was not a questionable choice when someone restored it but was consistent with 34 Nash advertising for the Ambassador 8. At least in the artists rendering it appears very classy.
  2. I will look at my parts books, but on my 40, the second trumpet horn was an option.
  3. Thanks for starting this thread Peter. It is an interesting read. I will add another original BC car to the discussion. Our 24 Nash Sport touring is a long term B.C. car. I have copies of B.C. registrations back to 1924. We appear to be the fifth owners of the car. The first registration is from Arthur John Wixey who was a confectioner is Victoria. Long term Victoria car club members described Wixey as a gentleman who drove the car and worn spats long after they fell out of fashion. At one time Mr. Wixey cut out the rear of the touring body to carry his pies. The Nash was acquired from Mr. Wix
  4. Thanks Paul. It was actually the discussion on this site and another that stated most patterns were destroyed and only the equipment and extrusion patterns were saved. I will contact them. Trust me to follow what I read on social media without checking further!
  5. Advice needed on a source for / or production of rubber bumper grommets for my 1940 Nash/Lafayette. The only source I knew of for 40 Nash bumper grommets (Karr Rubber) is out of business and their molds were apparently destroyed. Steele rubber only has the grommets for 38. There are three different, the front style and the left and right rear. I am looking for advice from someone that has made some in the past. I remember an old Skinned Knuckles article years ago that talked about making a plaster cast ? and then pouring Devcon rubber into a female casting. Is that still the way to go? I hope
  6. Does anyone know if here is a Baker registry? I have an original brass Baker Motor Vehicle Company serial number plate that I would like to get to the current car owner if the car still exists.
  7. Last time I went to Hershey I bought the guide, and virtually all the guys that listed Nash parts were absent that year. Anyone going this year?
  8. Just planning for those rainy Hershey days. With so many antique stores turning into junk stores as quality dealers pull out or retire, I hate driving a long way to find nothing/ What quality antique or automotive antique dealers still exist within driving distance of Hershey.?
  9. I am looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. I need fender skirts and original hubcaps for my Muntz jet. Does anybody have any they can add to their sell at Hershey pile.? Leads appreciated.
  10. I would love to buy it and would pick it up. Price?
  11. My R has 36 x 4 1/2. 27" rims. I have never had clinchers for it. Most of the 10 Model R's I have seen had the same wheels I have. I will keep an eye out for some for you.
  12. Thanks for the history lesson. I didn't realize Goodyear's role in getting away from the clincher rim. What size are your Model G rims? I have a 10 Model R with the straight side Goodyear rims (27").
  13. Thanks John for the thought on the Saddle bolts being also used on carriages I will try and search out that avenue. Trimacar, thanks also for the thoughts on the reproducing challenges of the faux basketwork. I hadn't thought yet how it could be accomplished. On the potential of real weaving covered by epoxy, I did use West System on the new wheels I had made and it worked well although the post application sanding needed would probably not be possible for the fine work needed for the basketwork.
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