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  1. Hi Tex 49, I'm a little late in this game. Rear fenders for a Model 72 roadster? If so please send some photos....Thank you. Leo
  2. OK Don Quixote.........and for Walt G, thank you I will follow up with some measurements.
  3. Beautiful automobiles. Was there any pre-war back to 1920's representation?
  4. On the Zenith question, I have a 1928 Model 72 which came with a Zenith 10184 when I bought it. Haven't got it started yet but carbking posted it would do well.......
  5. Regarding windshields, I have a 1928 Model 72 Sport Roadster and my windshield does fold, however I believe the 1928 Model 72 Standard Roadster did not have a folding windshield. Speculation on my part, maybe someone else can concur..........
  6. Hi, you can also look for a 1928 Model 72 roadster bumper because they are the same.
  7. Look under my posts regarding wheel pullers, however the information may not be accurate. Use a digital caliper gauge to determine the exact diameter of your hubs before you buy anything.
  8. I haven't a clue but you might, please help.
  9. My 1928 Chrysler Model 72 Roadster came with these in a box but to my chagrin they don't belong. Can someone shed some light?
  10. Hey Viv, thanks for the great photos of your top irons, they will assist when looking for mine. I've taken some more photos, first my stanchions which are the same at the top but my windshield swivels from the bottom unlike yours. The top attaching brackets are reproductions made for Jay Astheimer, however I believe the thumbscrews are originals. Then there are the mounting brackets on the body for the top. The top iron hunt is on!
  11. Viv w, this is GREAT! Exactly what I needed to see (but didn't want to know). Here I was so tranquil in thinking Wow, I'm so lucky to have irons and bows for my restoration only to find they are not correct. I will post some more photos later today. Thank you so much. Leo Here is another photo of the ends of my bows. Regarding Prop Nuts, it appears the thread on my car is the same as a Model A Ford 7/16 - 14. I notice in your photos you have a type of large thick bolt threaded to the body behind the prop nut, have not seen any of those for sale.....
  12. Yeah, the set of irons I have and the bows look nothing like that. I'm suspecting that my top parts were salvaged from some other car unless someone can tell me different. Hear are some photos.
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