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  1. Thank you Richelieumotor, I really enjoyed the post about your uncle's fondness of Chrysler's. I believe the yellow Chrysler above may have been brought back into this country from England.
  2. thehandleman, you almost sound annoyed. Has your participation really been that difficult? Someone posts a lead on a car and if I choose not to buy it they get perturbed? Forgive me but I don't get it. I've been in this hobby since the mid-century and I've never experienced this kind of reaction.
  3. Hey Richelieumotor, I'm told by someone knowledgeable that they know of 109 owners domestically, where did your 10 or 15 number come from? From the inception I've said that I was not looking for a restored car but that seems to be the only thing that anyone wants to sell so far. Hen's teeth, maybe......
  4. Hi the handleman, you are absolutely correct, nice car. However, not what I'm looking for because it's not a car that I can finish the way I want to or within my budget. We all have our desires and limitations. However, I do appreciate you bringing it to my attention.
  5. They are out there and will continue to come out of hiding.
  6. This is a hoot! I had a "procurer" of collector cars send me an email about this same car about a month ago with a price of $45,000! I guess the extra $17,000 was going to be his profit on the deal. Regardless, I'm not interested in right hand drive cars at any price......
  7. Well maybe not if I was in that market, but you will note I'm looking for a grade 3-4 automobile not a fully restored piece........(Translation: If I was that wealthy I would certainly bid on one!)
  8. Just got a new reprint of the 1929 Chrysler Model 75 owners manual from down under. Couldn't find a used one from any of the HMN dealers or on Ebay for a long time.
  9. On a more basic note, would the serial number of the vehicle or motor tell if it was of domestic origin?
  10. So I have to admit my ignorance on the topic. I need to familiarize myself with this automobile and having been a Ford man for a long time my experience is there. Are there differences between Canadian and domestically produced cars? What about export models besides the obvious right hand steering in countries where that is the norm? Is this information somewhere easily to be found?
  11. Thank you RICHELIEUMOTOR, but no I'm not really interested in tackling a full restoration at this point. I will continue my quest.....
  12. I was approached by someone who claimed there were several of these available in Australia, I would think that the gentleman from there should have his pick. Besides he is not really interested in a Model 75 exclusively. Unfortunate for me, I know nothing about the differences between export and domestic models, even Canadian to US differences puzzle me. Any place where those details could be made clearer because I must become more familiar with my prey!
  13. Partially correct, the third photo of a yellow roadster with black fenders and wire wheels is a Model 75.
  14. As Alexander Pope once wrote "Hope springs eternal"...........