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  1. Definitely a very neat car. The spot lamp strikes me as a little odd for that vintage but if you're going to have one I suppose that's as legit as it gets.
  2. I was surprised to read that this car had been invited to Pebble Beach w/ a non original (to that chassis) body. Is this something that's still copacetic today at that level? It's a very lovely car that looks like it was restored to a very high caliber but I know some would be quick to cast aspersions.
  3. A truly spectacular piece that a fellow collector was courteous enough to share recently on social media. I have a few of the plugs but has anyone else ever seen this display?
  4. I'm always fascinated by the old photos of the early club meets in the 1940's and 50's. Young men wearing a tie and jacket on a weekend for a vintage car club outing seems other worldly but it was only a generation ago.
  5. So it would seem from the listing. It looks kinda like a craigslist lawnmower ad.
  6. The listing says its on consignment to 'Classic Car Deals' but still physically located at the consignors home in NH. I wonder what parts it's actually missing/lacking to finish?
  7. It looks this car is being listed for sale again. I know its just a production body but man what a special car!
  8. That highly polished belt molding was a Fernandez & Darrin trademark wasn't it?
  9. I love the Briggs Cunningham story-article above says that he paid Bugatti's daughter $600 and a new GE Fridge! Very shrewd of him to have had it restored in France before bringing it back to the states. I'll bet that there were some very capable hands over there eager to get the work just after the war.
  10. They definitely nailed the stance on that one. Very nicely done.
  11. Think of a 136 sport phaeton as the belle of the ball and a 143 touring as the tall, awkward sister standing in the corner drinking punch.😉
  12. The grommet location on that sign is all wrong. The font on the original is more delicate and at more of a slant. The cobalt is also deeper with more depth to the luster. One variation is stamped with the maker's mark on front but another is blank so it confusing. The serious sign guys seem to examine the "shelving" how the different color layers stack? -but that's a little beyond me.
  13. Henry Francis DuPont wrote over 150 letters (archived at Winterthur museum)over the span of 9 years to Brooks Brother's of New York obsessing over trifle details concerning his staff of over 200 employee's garb and uniforms. When Colonel Dupont got elected to the senate in 1906 the Dupont's set up a second household in Washington and purchased a new automobile. Letters around this period reveal that the family who had for a very long time been formally dressing their staff to drive their coaches were now a little bit puzzled about how to properly dress them to operate automobiles! In o
  14. From what I've read a trusted Chauffer was in many cases in charge of all decisions automotive for the family they served. I've always been intrigued by this -just imagine the folding money (though nominal I'm sure) that was being palmed off to these guys from dealers/coach builders/repair facilities. -When I was young I worked for a very wealthy man who explained to me one day with a grin that your best employees (in his line of work) are like the best bartenders at your club- they all steal a little from the till but they know when to stop. He was 2nd generation wealth and 80yrs old at the t
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