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  1. WAY BACK IN 1904 As the sun broke through the mists low on the Hudson river, in the early hours of October 31, 1904, Albany emerged from within doors. Not the Albany that had retired the night before, but a new populace that had cast care to the four winds, put on the motley black and orange of the “little folk,” doffed dignity for a space and returned to the naivete of their forefathers. Ceremony went hand in hand with hilarity, and townspeople ran the streets with country folk who had come from far and near, ail converging on the capital for the coronation of Queen Titania, “undoubted Queen of All Hallow E’en.” -Fun times...just a bunch of stuff you probably couldn't pull off these days. Pictures of automobiles decorated for parade , winter carnival etc. this would make a cool thread.
  2. Not to get too far off topic but Hastens, a Swedish mattress company sent me a catalog. They use horsehair and their process is pretty fascinating to read about . I was really interested in one until I found out they start around $40000! Gulp. https://www.townandcountrymag.com/style/home-decor/a34194620/hastens-mattress-swedish-royals/ Here's a $390k model they made! It must be good stuff
  3. I was talking w/ a well-know corvette expert and he happened to tell me all about Governor Rockefeller's Maharani maroon '58 Eldorado Brougham w/ faux straw-colored rattan roof. This guy is not impressed easily but it left a lasting impression on him for life. He vividly the remembers the car as a kid and was trying to explain to me what a big deal the car was at that time - just over the top. Nelson had special parking for the car in the infield of the Saratoga Race Course and Everybody knew when he was there.
  4. I have a pic of a 1942 sales receipt from a New Jersey car lot for a Murphy Model J conv/coupe for $105 and an photo of the car at the time of sale showing it to be pretty decent. Apples and Oranges comparison but I would wager $45 for the White based on this.
  5. I believe it was Pollard's son that the AACA interviewed and did something like a 6 part series spread out over the 2012 or 2013 issues. Anybody familiar with these? I for one would love to go back and read through them.
  6. Was just reading a wiki article on Aloha Baker and it mentioned that the "Little Lizzie" Model T she drove around the world and donated to the Henry Ford Museum was scrapped along 50 other cars in 1942 for the war effort. A link to another article shows a letter written to Ms. Baker by the curator of the transportation collections of the museum in 1979 explaining that Mr Ford had ordered vehicles that he deemed of "marginal historical importance" to be transferred to the highland park plant and scrapped. Anybody ever heard of this? Hopefully Henry didn't scrap anything earlier than this car.
  7. I didn't quite understand what you were referring to but now I get it. I agree. Here's a 1910 w Ty Cobb and family
  8. That's exactly what the old guy used it for- it was perfect for pulling marine engines out of mahogany boats. It's funny, that guy in the picture is remembered for some of the neat cars he owned but very few people realize how truly spectacular the wooden boats were that he owned over the years.
  9. Some nice older shots of these used cars in action.
  10. My apologies for the limited photos- I'm posting this for someone. Interested parties DM and I can put you in contact. Upstate New York, interesting history and would look cool in anybody's yard (except mine as the wife has informed me). Boom looks to be manufactured and rest seems to be largely handmade? Mounted on big long, long Buick chassis. Several people have attempted to purchase over the yrs but unfortunately contact info never taken. $1000 buys it right now, it has to go!
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