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  1. For those of you with access to Instagram-checkout: allamericanclassicsinc (All American Classics Inc). This would appear to be a salvage yard in Vancouver focusing on vehicles from the 1930s-1980s. They have started running a weekly video where they will crush an old car every Friday - on June 5 it was a turquois 4 door Edsel. This week it was an old square body Suburban, the week before a big 1960s gm wagon. In their defense it looks like they do run a "last call" post a week or two before they crush the car but it's just sad to see. I can't believe they would crush all those little late 60's early 70's Datsun/Toyota pickups, they are quickly becoming a hot ticket in my neck of the woods. Anyhow, maybe somebody will see something on their page they could use and spare it from the crusher.
  2. Wow look at that positive camber on the rear wheel; it's the same on the other Austro Daimler picture you posted. This must have made for some nice, tight handling?
  3. md murray

    Pierce Arrow

    Are you a member of the Pierce Arrow Society? If not you should be-it's great! They always have a few cars listed.
  4. I wonder how many times I've looked at a black and white photo of a classic era car and not even know that I was even looking at a silver painted insert or fender? As Mr. Weiss shows us It certainly can make for a very dramatic visual effect when properly implemented.
  5. Anybody know what may have became of this big brute? I'm still hoping to catch a glimpse of it a show one of these days! Wonder what coast it ended up on?
  6. Lydia, - I can't help but wonder what other fabulous cars your grandfather may have had in the years after this Packard? Any pictures of his other vehicles? -The man obviously had some great taste.
  7. This 1910 Pope-Hartford from the Don C Boulton auction supposedly sat for 60 years in a grain store room with its Summer body up in the rafters. They threw the open body on another chassis.
  8. I can't help but think- "...leave the gun, take the cannoli" but this long body style is by far more attractive than that car. This is a fantastic Packard, thank you for sharing it with us.
  9. Boy I'll bet that was a regular thunder dome back in the day! -Black eyes and stolen lunch money surely must have been unavoidable in the winter months.
  10. You're a very lucky man! Your experience with that car is nothing short of remarkable but again you're talking about a car that's 10 yrs old. Increase in tech/parts content just in the last 5 yrs alone have made exactly what you're describing a near statistical impossibility. It would be great to own a new car for 10 yrs problem free but reliability metrics don't lie.
  11. Aren't you the same guy that had an issue with his tailgate and was forced to go ballistic on the Cadillac customer service girl? -I just found out that the wife's ford explorer has airbags built into the rear seat belts? This triggered a check engine light and a what should have been a $900 repair had I been outside of the warranty period. I have had an endless smathering of pricey little nuisance problems from our current Ford and Toyota products. New cars are just too complicated-too many gizmos. John Elkann of Fiat Chrysler spoke at Pebble Beach and admitted that modern automobiles now have more lines of code than any Airbus plane. Scary stuff for some poor old stiff like me!
  12. This is spectacular! -One of the earliest examples of external pipes?
  13. I think the issue with the tree nursery and landscape people in the example I was complaining about stems from them being seasonal workers. I believe they collect unemployment all winter and typically resume work in the spring but in this case their weekly checks suddenly more than doubled. The nursery owner related that there was no way he could ask them to come back to work for less money in good conscience.