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  1. -Preferably upstate NY but would happy to meet with my own trailer any place u may be headed to new england/ mid-atlantic. Open trailer is fine. thanks!
  2. This is exactly what I would love to know-but if they've got 16 of them listed one would assume the demand is there. Icon 4x4 in LA has a waiting list for their Toyota builds which from what I understand start at roughly $150k and quickly climb from there. Between Land Rover, Toyotas and Broncos there are a lot of shops around doing these type of high end restorations which if you notice are rarely if ever called a resto mod- when you get into these types of dollars.
  3. On the contrary I applaud the industrious folks behind these builds -I am bemused not troubled by this trend. If they can put some folks to work and get paid well for it then God Bless them!
  4. The whole bronco and land cruiser thing just continues to blow my mind. You would think one listed for $339,000 would be an extreme example of the craze were it not for the other 16 vintage bronco's over $200,000 currently listed on Hemmings by just one seller alone! What happens to these vehicles when Brad Pitt or whomever actually buys these things gets tired of it after a couple yrs?
  5. Why would Bonham's take pictures of every nook and cranny of the car but not show the engine? It would be cool, particularly in this case, to be able to see.
  6. Surpassed it's high estimate by roughly 37% ending up @ $110k. -I can't help but wonder what the new owner's plans will be for this?
  7. This head of RA mascot brought $10,000? I appreciate the rarity but jeez that's all the wood and then some isn't it? https://rmsothebys.com/en/home/lots/mt20#?SortBy=Default&SearchTerm=392&Category=All Categories&IncludeWithdrawnLots&Auction=MT20&OfferStatus=All availability&AuctionYear=&Model=Model&Make=Make&FeaturedOnly=false&StillForSaleOnly=false&Collection=All Lots&WithoutReserveOnly=false&Day=All Days&CategoryTag=All Categories&TimedOnly=false&OneHubLinkOnly=false&page=1&pageSize=40
  8. RM is pretty much grasping at straws pointing out that by the 1950s the parts would have been too valuable to use in a project like this. It's a shame that there's no history on the build -I'll bet it's a cool story.
  9. Really curious to see what folk's feelings are about this vehicle. Obviously whomever pieced it all together committed total sacrilege in doing so but you have to admire their ingenuity and ambition. If someone could make that line from the hood to cowl work a little better I think it would really be something. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/mt20/the-mitosinka-collection/lots/r0008-1929-stutz-sport-custom/919137
  10. I used to love onsite-auctions but they've completely vanished in my corner of the world save for occasional industrial/equipment sales. About 10 yrs ago a women fell on uneven ground going down an incline at an estate auction locally and sued the pants off the auction company hosting the sale. Such a shame
  11. The Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office Volume 222 displays image 48,396: "The ornamental design for an automobile headlight". It pictures a dead ringer to the lamps on the car being discussed here. Over the image it reads "Automobile-Headlight. Leon Rubay Cleveland, Ohio assignor to the White Company, Cleveland Ohio and corporation of Ohio. Filed Sept 4. 1915. Serial N0. 49,124." They crammed it right in between images for an ornamental design for a rug and a "talking machine case"!
  12. " His 1917 White touring car bodies featured cowls that flowed into the doors and rear seatbacks that were integrated into the lines of the body, a featured that years later became known as a dual cowl. The Whites featured built-in ventilators and included unusual hemispherical headlights that were also designed by Rubay." -Yes, I agree that sounds pretty silly but please take note of what coachbuillt.com piece is stating.
  13. The lamps were specially designed by Rubay for that car according to the article posted unless I am interpreting it incorrectly?
  14. I guess just the body alone cost around $2000 and you could get a hand crank for the top for an extra $100!
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