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  1. I prefer the wheels and clutter free appearance in the old picture much better.
  2. Judging from cowl, bumper, fender and so on several clues to support that theory-yes it certainly would appear to be. What a beautiful car- somebody has to know where this one ended up? The rear wheel tucked into those over-hanging rear fenders looks so sexy. That's one of the most charming characteristics of that blue sedan from Pebble Beach that you posted pictures of previously. I hate to admit it but the white walls almost serve to accentuate this?
  3. Hopefully the two-toned paint and red under-fenders on that Packard were done back in the good old days- present day prices would crowd that sale price pretty quickly.
  4. Price on the Packard is "$30,000 negotiable" -got cut off sorry.
  5. Also currently listed on Hemmings in drivers condition w/ an older restoration. Both great prices-which would you rather?
  6. When I was a kid they wheeled an 8 cylinder Detroiter out of the second story of a Barn on planks. A gentleman had purchased it new for his wife and when she passed away unexpectedly he immediately stashed it up in the hay mound. I guess there is a lot to be said of good old post and beam construction. The next owner then followed suit and basically tucked it away again. He just passed away a few years and last I knew it was semi-available but for an unrealistic sum (reminds me of another thread on here )
  7. I agree - I saw this listed and went crazy over it. I'm a big fan
  8. -any idea what that lighter color was that they used for the frame and wheels? Maybe a yellow or a cream?
  9. Yes I would like to see a picture of that carb too. Google search shows a 1917 model 56 that sold at hilton head auction in 2007. Auction listing says it had a Ball & Ball 4 barrel " that included an accelerator pump for additional performance".
  10. Jeff this is a great photo! What a modern looking car for 1917- I wonder what the colors were? Love the diamond treads on the rear
  11. I wonder what ever happened to this one?
  12. Is it true that Cunningham usually did their own bodywork?
  13. Can someone explain why I've never seen a teens era Cadillac that looks this sleek and sexy w/ a low stance like this?
  14. You are correct! -that was fast!
  15. How 'bout an American car bodied in Paris by a coachbuilder that was founded by a famous American designer?