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  1. LOL, SORRY. Just pulled it up- the figure Stanford had used was 4 million US jobs and $953 billion in economic activity. big numbers
  2. NHTSA says 94% of all traffic fatalities caused by human error. NY Times says currently there are 3 non-residential parking spots for every car. There is a huge push for autonomous transportation and companies like GM are right at the helm! To listen to Mary Barra talk these days is down right disheartening. -All those truck and SUV profits are being used to drive the final nails into the coffin of the combustion engine/human piloted vehicle. Ford has recently promised production of a driverless vehicle with no steering wheel or pedals for 2021. The only encouraging bit of news I read was from some folks at Stanford that pointed out our nation is deeply committed to the auto industry- to the tune of something like 4 billion jobs. Hopefully this will serve to thwart progress a little!
  3. -how bout the engine? is that a plus or a minus? is the theory behind it that they're proposing a plausible one?
  4. The white walls were indeed scrubbed and looked very clean and crisp when paired with the freshly painted black disc wheels- I actually thought it was a pretty clever trick on the part of the consignor.
  5. The 1933 they're selling at Amelia island next week is touted as being only 1 of 3 left. -cant be more than a handful of these-what a gorgeous car
  6. -If you use instagram you can send a message to Pat @ greyghostgmc. Aside from being an expert on the subject he is a gentleman and always happy to discuss all things pertaining to gauges w folks in the hobby.
  7. That is wonderful analogy with the Rambler thank you well put. You are correct- I shouldn't confuse scarcity and rarity as they are two totally different things. -And yes there is probably nothing equivocal on the planet to a Gullwing. But boy if you had told me yesterday that there were 10 times as many Gullwings on the planet than say Stutz Bearcats I would have laughed at you.
  8. I saw a Mercedes-Benz restoration facility had an interesting Instagram post this morning lamenting that fact that "there are only 1,400 300 SL Gullwings in the entire world". This instantly struck me as a pretty stout figure for such a highly revered automobile. The gentleman went on to explain that nearly all of the original 1400 unit 3 yr production run have been accounted for with over 75% of them registered in clubs across the world. I had to laugh, very often on this forum folks talk about very nice early cars with only a few in the world known left to exist. -I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the concept of there being 1400 of these little buggers out there-all being maintained, insured and cared for?
  9. RM Sotheby's will be selling one in their May 4-5 sale
  10. Dave- There is a super nice guy down south who is making bespoke sign brackets to spec.- widely regarded as the best in all the old gas circles and at reasonable prices. His name escapes me but his email is He did a bracket for me back in 2016, was a pleasure to deal with and did very nice work.
  11. Getting back to this lovely car though I should like very much to know if this is a "stationary coupe"? Anytime I see a knockout classic era long wheel base coupe the oldtimers very often will refer to it as being a "stationary coupe"
  12. anybody notice the black 1934 12 cylinder 5 passenger sedan that RM recently sold and only brought like $24k?? Judging from the lovely photo spread and extensive write up surrounding the car's provenance I am guessing that they had anticipated it realizing something quite a bit higher. Would love to know what was ultimately wrong with it- they certainly had my interest peaked.
  13. There were some very nice folks from Canada in the red field at Hershey this past year who had what certainly looked to be an open version of one of these? It was lighter in color scheme and largely all original. I only glanced at it briefly but it was so impressive looking that itstands out in my memory -
  14. resisting the temptation to purchase new appliances? Yeah, I think it goes a little beyond that -this isn't a question of frugality or simple living-there is a legitimate middle class squeeze that most folks simply cannot escape or out-maneuver. I respectfully have to side with Greg here. I talk with collectors from other parts of the country and they think I'm wacky when I tell them about $600 a quarter water bills, annual property taxes that cost more than a nice bass boat and parking garage spaces that cost more monthly than any car payment I've certainly ever had. However, putting my own regional cost of living woes aside there's much more at play here (healthcare/education costs etc.-you could fill a page) no matter where you happen live. I'm a world class cheap skate who makes a pretty respectful income and I'm here to tell you it ain't easy no matter how thrifty you are. Bottom line: more and more goofy stuff everyday to gobble up disposable income and it doesn't get any cheaper to own, maintain, restore these darn things.