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  1. Bring this back to the top with this Parts Book that I just picked up, this one is a keeper just for the embossing - 1941 Dodge Parts List
  2. I for one and I'm sure there are others who wouldn't mind a lesson in how to polish - suggested techniques and products etc. I'm always a little shy at starting to clean and polish various parts for fear of scratching or damaging the surface. Don
  3. In full swing in southern Ontario and 70 degrees today! Nice start to our Thanksgiving Weekend
  4. Blues Brothers Chase Scene I'm not sure that it's the best but it is my favorite - even my now yikes 25 yr old son loves it - introduced him to it during a trip to Chicagoland Speedway for a race weekend around 2003 which seems entirely appropriate
  5. I'd be shopping around - similar thing happened a year ago to us in my wife's 2018 Grand Cherokee driving through Jacksonville. It has every sensor known to man and several that I'm sure aren't and it was under $1000 to replace including the calibration. Good luck!
  6. Time! Most things can be solved with a little pause to think about it before you tackle it - it's the cheapest tool we have and the most expensive if we don't use it.
  7. 1941 Buick super eight HELP!! Check out this thread above and it may give you some help
  8. Let me start off by saying that this a bit self serving in that I have an owner's manual that I'm trying to list for sale on Ebay but in the larger sense I'm also looking to learn how you actually decode the plate and I can not find a simple guide on how you do that and what information is actually contained on the plate. The book has both original plates attached and if it makes a difference it is from GM Canada. Interestingly for 1966, GM published a single Pontiac Owner's Manual in Canada for the full line while in the US it would appear that one was published for each model. Now if som
  9. Be careful about some of what you used to think were quality brands - like so much else some have become lowest cost producers - when I was looking after a small fleet I was given a heads up by the national fleet rep from one of the big three to only use OEM filters - at least one well known brand was coming apart and taking out engines which to that point were being replaced under warranty but you are still down a vehicle - this was confirmed by other fleet managers in the same world that I worked. Lucky for me I was only doing dealer service and specified OEM parts. As an added bonus ofte
  10. It took me 90 years but I think I'm ready for 2020!
  11. First saw that steam shovel and truck on a show up here in Canada on CBC called Still Standing - from Teeswater Concrete
  12. Fantastic news! Great to have more good news stories to read and follow. Looks like the prefect ride to be picking up Thanksgiving dinner groceries....but no pressure
  13. Just because of your proximity to the border - Canadian built cars used a longer block than the US built cars so you'll want to make sure if you find a manifold locally that it came from the same country as your car.
  14. It runs! We finally got the engine to fire and it runs like a top! The wheels are out being pinstriped and I hope to have them back soon. Bad news on the rad is that it needs to be re-cored and just awaiting the price for that one. We are currently getting the exhaust fitted and trying to source engine paint in the appropriate colour. Hopefully one of the local shops is able to either find or make a match. I'll post some more pictures as more comes back together. The body is slated to go to be painted in the next couple of weeks - actually making some real progress now.
  15. Just grabbed this off the web https://www.american-automobiles.com/Pittsburgh.html https://www.pinterest.com.mx/pin/553098397981941889/
  16. Looking some more at the one I posted above, the 1918 had rear hinged back doors and the subject car would appear to have front hinged with the fellow on the left leaning on the door handle. The 1917 does not have exterior door handles which the subject car does - maybe right ballpark for year, different manufacture?
  17. I'm not certain but this certainly looks close 1918 Chandler https://libwww.freelibrary.org/digital/item/31184
  18. A bit of tongue in cheek mentioning holding a candle to a carb reminded of this old saying that is posted in our shop that was a dealership /gas station from about 1956 until 2010. While not exactly politically correct the message certainly still has merit
  19. Yes it was - they used the same colors (or colours) but used Chryco and later AutoPar and finally reality set in and it's just all Mopar now
  20. Might try here - https://www.toolandcutter.com/ - they are located in London and Windsor, Ontario, Canada but from my experience very friendly and knowledgeable. At least the email to ask is free. Good luck, Don
  21. From north of the border here's a few Chryco tire signs and display rack
  22. After checking the serial number I'm even more confused. The number is 109 XXX which from the information I have puts it in the range of a late built 1923 C model, however, the hood sides are certainly a F model. I'm hoping that there is a Star or Durant person here that can possibly help out. I've attached a couple more pictures that may be of some help.
  23. From the sedan in the background I'm guessing that it's the early 50's
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