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  1. Are these the ones that your are after? They are not mine, nor do I know anything about the vendor - I was just looking to find an image to see if I had any kicking around https://www.ebay.com/itm/1934-1935-1936-PLYMOUTH-CONVERTIBLE-DASH-KNOB-PKG-MOPAR-SPECIAL-DELUXE-5-KNOBS-/183041826458
  2. This is only a W.A.G. but possibly to do with early traffic lights?
  3. I'll take the Rib Eyes with a little salt sprinkled on them before they hit the grille! I do no recommend adding salt to the Honda... More in keeping with this thread, my wife teaches grade 2 and to introduce her students to ratios she sends them to the staff parking lot to count the number of black vehicles vs the number of white with the only other color being grey. Maybe we've boring as a society in our none color choice and I'm just as guilty as the rest, I just ordered by third black truck in a row. At least it will have chrome still. I actually did look at other colors but decided that since I intend to keep the truck for a long time, black is the most timeless color.
  4. Here's a short YouTube of a 56 GMC with the same style front end And here's a brief history on Van Pelt - some interesting facts there https://fire.fandom.com/wiki/P.E._Van_Pelt_Inc.
  5. One thing that I might add is for anyone that had telephone or written communication with Carl please make notes about the details of the conversation and make sure that any written communication is held onto and made available to the family. As well the forum itself may be invaluable to the family in documenting the events surrounding the car with Carl's own words. Don
  6. Ken, For what it is worth I tried a Google images search for both 1927 Cadillac and 1927 LaSalle for sale as often the images from various for sale ads remain long after a car has been sold. Nothing came up that resembled your brother's car. It may be worth posting on the HAMB as well, someone somewhere in the car world will know where this car is. It may be worth contacting the local media in the LV area, hopefully there is no questionable behavior involved but if there is, a little news coverage may convince someone to do the right thing. My condolences and best of luck on your search. Don
  7. Not to open a can of worms here but I think that is precisely what the family is trying to do and there was no reason prior to now for them to have interfered in his business. Now if the forum members can assist the family in this difficult time with these many difficult tasks all the better. I salute those offering suggestions and information to assist the family because really there are just extended family of our family here. Don
  8. I went digging around in a box of wheel hardware that I forgot about. I know these are a bit longer than you require but if you can make them work they are yours for the shipping - so far I've dug out three, there may be more. Just let me know if these will work and I will look to see if I can find more. I have some slightly different ones where the head is bent up on one side for some reason and the head is larger than these ones. I am only guessing that they are all off of cars as they came in a pile of pre-war stuff that I picked up before it went for scrap but I can't say for sure what a lot of it is. Don
  9. I will contact them - I didn't see them in their online catalog but it certainly looks like something that they may be able to make. Thanks, Don
  10. Talking about a picture being worth a thousand words! For the OP maybe contacting a company like https://www.hpaulin.com/ with the pictures from mike6024 and a description might just get the result that he is after. I can't help but wonder if it's a case of figuring out what the manufacture calls the design to get the right hardware.
  11. I picked up this NOS Dust Cover and of course the vendor only had 1 and I need 2. I have a shoe repair/leather worker that can make me another one, or several if anyone else needs them if I can source the eyelets. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know that there are lace style covers out there but I am trying to stay as original as possible. Of course if anyone has a source for another original one would be the simple route. Don
  12. I grabbed this image from Nichols Tillage Tools Not sure if that is the style that the OP is referring to or not
  13. Billy you sent me down the rabbit hole looking for more info and I stumbled across this web page: https://artsandculture.google.com/exhibit/ge-and-the-electric-car-100-years-of-invention-and-innovation-museum-of-innovation-and-science/AwLCW0hRZDluIQ?hl=en
  14. From the link Billy included looks like around 1979
  15. A little bit off topic but being from north of the border where GM tended to be Chev/Olds with Chev Trucks and Pontiac/Buick/GMC Truck how common was it for stand alone Oldsmobile dealerships? Don
  16. I don't blame old age, I just claim that there is so much information up there it takes a little longer to sort through it all. And hey after the last year that we've had if that is the only thing that goes sideways on you this year I'd say that you are doing extremely well. Thanks for all you do for us! Don
  17. Far far from that but I did spend a good portion of the last 30 yrs dealing with people who should follow the two rules for life that I came up with- Just because you can doesn't mean that you should, and Would your mother approve?
  18. It's the new chemistry lesson - Hummer H2 + 4 Gas Cans = Hummer H2O
  19. Now that spring has finally returned for it's second appearance here in Ontario the cars are starting to come out for touring season. The down side here is that we were just hit with an extended stay at home order until June 2 so it looks like another year of no shows on this side of the border. Trust me when I say that we are more than jealous when we hear all of you talking about the shows that are up coming or you have already been to. We will have to live the next little while at least vicariously, and virtually through you guys and girls. So that all being said, since the cars were built to be driven, what's in your lane today? I'll start this off with my lane - the truck is used as it was intended to be, I took nearly a ton of scrap to the yard yesterday with it that covered the cost of the 3 yards of mulch that is currently in the back for the gardens. Don
  20. Spot on John - now if we could just get those Reddit traders to turn the tables on the criminals and completely devalue the cryptos. On a more serious note often the IT people want to have boosted the security but the powers that be won't fund it and they also usually don't have insurance to cover the attacks because the underwriters would demand the improved security. My city (pop 45 000) was attacked almost 2 years ago, they didn't pay but it took months to fully recover and still cost the city somewhere around a million dollars. Don
  21. This all reminds me of an April 1st radio broadcast about 20 yrs ago from a local station urging people to fill up their bathtubs and sinks with hot water because the city was going to turn the hot water supply off for 24 hrs. Now lets hope none of these hoarders are trying to store gas the same way!
  22. The day finally came - the body is off to the body shop. Needless to say that this set up got a few looks on the way but the 10 mile drive only had two turns and good roads the whole way. A friend had built the cart that the body is on - somewhere there is a hospital bed missing its wheels I'm sure
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