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  1. Motoringicons -- Thanks for the connect to both of those. The two cars are so close, but I'm not all the way there that they are the same car yet. Alsfarms -- It was in the Price Museum of Speed in 2012. I assume that's still open, but I don't know. The owner ran it in London-to-Brighton once.
  2. Has anybody ever seen this car? 1909 Peerless Model 25 _ _ _ _ _ _ Photo from Christie's Pebble Beach Auction Catalog in August, 2000 I had forgotten about this beautiful brass car & thought it might be Don & Sue Eller's 1909 Model 25 that's been in Michigan for years. Perhaps it is and it has been restored...the Rushmore headlamps and Gray & Davis searchlight are the same. By some miracle -- the Christie's listing is still on the infobahn. That said it had been fitted with an Oldsmobile T-head six, was in the Richard Paine Collection until 1985, then was in the Browning C
  3. jeff_a

    Peerless Photos

    Has anybody ever seen this car? 1909 Peerless Model 25 _ _ _ _ _ _ Photo from Christie's Pebble Beach Auction Catalog in August, 2000 I had forgotten about this beautiful brass car & thought it might be Don & Sue Eller's 1909 Model 25. They are very similar Peerlesses, but I don't know if they are the same car or not. By some miracle -- the Christie's listing is still on the infobahn. Annotated herein: "Formerly of the Richard Paine Collection1909 PEERLESS FOUR PASSENGER RACEABOUTChassis No. 2537Engine No. 60679Light green body, fenders and running gear with black
  4. I am sorry your Dad died. Remember -- you are alive as long as someone remembers you.
  5. There was someone who went to the 2013 Gathering At Gilmore who did a good photo-essay on it as an outsider. I'll see if I can find it. https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2013/11/the-three-ps-of-motordom-pierce-arrow-peerless-and-panteras/ by Ronnie Schreiber on The Truth About Cars Blog Here is a sample photo from that article -- with Richard Lichtfeld's 1916 Peerless Model 56, and a 1920 Model 56 behind it that belonged to Lloyd and Shirley Young.
  6. Here's the scoop on what sales they used to get the market report. It sounds like some people with MBAs trying to reduce the antique car business to a formula or spreadsheet. I recognize all the cars, but there have probably been a few more sales in four years than eight. https://www.classic.com/m/peerless-usa/
  7. Would you consider this a low-profile windshield? I think this Stutz was at a Monterey auction this year. 1930 MB Monte Carlo, Weymann body.
  8. Thank you Curtis! That cheers me up. I appreciate the camaraderie shown by your group recognizing our group as having similar origins. I posted earlier this week on the AACA Pierce-Arrow Forum an advertisement from Banker Brothers showing they represented both firms in their earliest years. Peerless has a patent going back to 1869 which appears on many of their patent plates....and Peerless started out in 1865 making laundry equipment. The great David Baird, former Pierce-Arrow Society member who passed away in 2014, personally funded a large Peerless booth at the 2013 Hershey Meet
  9. Don't rush out an buy one because you think it's the next sales boom. Saw an analysis of sold-for prices of Peerless cars that's interesting. No doubt includes some major auctions and pre-WW1 models. The only ones I recognize are for a 1927 and a 1904. Finding descriptions of the cars farther down on the page, I saw which ones they were using to find their Average Peerless Value of $111,000. This would be like going to someone's place and seeing there was a Pierce-Arrow, a Ferrari, a Tucker, a Duesenberg, and a Bentley...then assuming all Americans have a garage like that, averaging a mil
  10. Ed, Walt, and Bob, Do you know the story on the split windscreen on the General Pershing Locomobile? I read that his driver was transporting him around France at high speeds many times, and the original flat, vertical windshield would break when it got up close to 100 mph from the wind resistance. So they had to alter it. Others can comment on that country's roads in 1917 and the ability of that model to go that fast, but I do recall the story. His driver must have been Private Barney Oldfield!
  11. Quite illuminating. I added to my comment 3 posts back. The four cars are a look back in the past to a specific time of great interest to me. The 1st Peerless I saw, 14 years ago, was a condition #6 1924 Model Six-70 5-Pass. Touring Phaeton which was for sale at a roadside old car lot in Bozeman, MT. I had heard of Peerlesses before, but never seen one, though I did have a page out of a January 10th, 1925 Saturday Evening Post showing the full range of body styles[14] and models[2] available at about the time the "Orizaba" was going to Cuba. The old car was pretty rough, having
  12. ..............Reo Royale Town Car 1931..............
  13. jeff_a

    Peerless Photos

    J.B. Judkins-bodied 1910 Peerless:
  14. If that car really had all that silver in it, for fairness I should mention the 1920 Mod. 48 Piece-Arrow ordered by a fellow Hutchinson, Kansas hometown boy Emerson Carey(I worked in one of his mines for awhile). The 2nd owner of this 3-Passenger Coupe spent 27 years plating much of it with gold and nickel after WWII to make it "the Hope Diamond of antique cars". It's a little over the top -- but so are sterling silver fenders!
  15. I saw a story online, written by Pat Foster in April, on the history of Pierce-Arrow. It appears on the rkmotors.com site from Charlotte, NC. Has anyone seen this photo before?
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