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  1. "Time to research this radio give-away!" ---- DEMoore1983, June 6th, 2019 D.E., I found the radio promotion. In Senate testimony re: broadcasting rules. To Amend the Copyright Act....Regarding Exploitation of Inventions By Government Employees Hearing, S 5065 On radio station WJAZ Clarence Darrow gave a broadcast from the Edgewater Beach Hotel about allowing sale of wine & beer in the U.S. Then a drawing was announced right after wherein "the best car on Chicago's Auto Row" would be given away, a 1924 Peerless 7-Passenger Touring Car...if you sent in a telegram with the codeword "Peerless" & your name was selected. First, ad copy from the Peerless Motor Car Co. was read...then listeners were asked to vote yes or no in favor of modification of the Volstead Act. 47,000 telegrams came in with one lucky winner receiving a $3,200 car free. The Greencastle, IN newspaper reported on the March 10th contest and said cables came in from every state of the union, all Canadian provinces - even Nova Scotia, and ships in both the Atlantic and Pacific. This was the first nationwide radio poll on the prohibition question & responses were almost 3-to-1 for modification. Also, the contest was covered here on the Peerless Forum back on 10/18/09. Peerless Research Findings pg. 3, #136.
  2. _ _ _ _ _ The famous "dazzle camouflage" of World War I. I definitely can't see that at all. I wonder how long it was before someone said: "I totally see your battleship!" Maybe it worked better in the fog
  3. Never had the money to go back. If I tripped over a bag of 50s on my way to the old truck tomorrow morning, I might go. Cold & rainy here today.
  4. Yes, U.S. Army. He, Mom and I lived in Yokohama in the 1950-1953 period. I was born in "Tokyo General", like they say on M.A.S.H., and only hung around in Japan for three months. Then "excellent" trip to S.F. on Liberty Ship. Our base, and the bungalow we lived in, was the site of Kawasaki Industries, pre-1945. I don't remember a thing of course, just heard some stories & remember some B & W photos that were around 50 years ago.
  5. DEMoore1983: Welcome to the AACA Peerless Forum! Quite a feat of yours lining up 4 Peerless photos in a row with the Cadillac-Lookalike radiator shell. Probably my mistake in thinking yours is a 7-P with the jump seats in back. Probably the nicest restoration of a Twenties Peerless I've ever seen is a green '23 Mod. 66 4-P Phaeton. Owned at the time by Bill Knight of Wisconsin, restored by his father Stanley, it was impeccable. And it was shown at the joint Pierce-Arrow/Peerless Gilmore Gathering in 2013. If you go on Bing/Google/Yahoo image search under 1923 or 1924 you will find a shot of it............................... ..............................................the other car visible is a 1920 Mod. 56 4-Passenger Roadster that belonged to the late Lloyd & Shirley Young of Ohio.
  6. Glad you liked the illustration of the aught-nine Locomobile. Apparently you had seen it before. Thanks for the shot of the old hometown, too. My whole family lived in Yokohama in the Fifties.
  7. I have no idea what model, but found this illustration of a 4-cylinder Locomobile on the web:
  8. Congratulations on the 1948 Oldsmobile, Par. I've never even seen one before. I can imagine driving it around in Sweden would attract some attention. Handleman, what's the report from your brother...was it just a local auction with a few bidders, or were lots of folks going after the cars & parts? I lived just 10 miles from the the auction for 15 years and never heard of the cars or owner.
  9. 462. I recently found a site with a couple of pictures of Louis Chevrolet and his new 1926 Peerless 6-80 Sedan. One of him in the driver's seat, one posing outside with his foot on the running board. 463. Nice picture of a 35 foot launch powered by a Peerless T-head engine. Same boatyard that built the PT Boats during World War II. These were advertised in early 1909 and Peerless fours(38 HP [RAC rating]) and sixes(50 HP) were available in 30 & 35 foot lengths. "Not a racing machine, but a luxurious and comfortable pleasure boat...engine is made by the Peerless Motor Car Co. of Cleveland." O.K. -- any of you motor cruiser guys have one? I scanned briefly could not find one. 464. A motometer like this was on the Peerless 6-70 for sale in Saskatchewan last September. They claimed it was only available to Peerless dealers of a certain standing and a collector tried to by it for 1 or 2 thousand dollars before the sale: credit, described as a 1923 Peerless Motometer ornament, est. value $200-300
  10. I drove a 2020 Jeep Gladiator pickup yesterday. Pentastar 3.6L V-6, available 7,650-lb. towing with the 8-speed automatic. Drove pretty nice! For $53,000 (sticker price, Overland edition, $7K in options), it ought to. 4-wheel discs, 4-wheel drive, A/C standard. 4 trim levels from around $35K-$44K before options. You may not need the 4WD in the deep south, but where I've been living, you can't get out of the driveway without it.
  11. Thank you for more info. I've never been there and didn't know about the temporary auto exhibit at an outlying site.
  12. Roberta, There is an exhibit shown in the link representing the skeletal structure of two dinosaurs, possibly animatronic. There is mention of the museum being founded in 1966 and large numbers of artifacts being put into storage. And the Sloan Museum being named after Alfred P. Sloan, an early GM director. No mention of automobiles to be exhibited when the museum re-opens next month. Are they converting the place into a general science museum, or having early GM cars & corporate history plus dinosaurs, etc.? Maybe the article had limited space to tell the full story.
  13. Excellent restoration of this 1920s masterpiece!
  14. Dang. Thought I found one you never heard of. You & Mike caught my 1930/1990 typo, too; both will take you from point A to point B, but the former a little more stylishly, IMO! If Earl had a 16-year-old granddaughter....wouldn't she rather be dropped off at the Prom or Jewel Ball in a 1930s Buick than a 1990?
  15. Hi Greg, I know you've said how living in certain parts of the country is a Catch-22 where you have some advantages, but pre-war cars & shows are 1000s of miles away. Have you heard of the Buick for sale not far from the HBC Post Fort Langley? It's a 1930. I'll copy the text from the May AutaBuy Magazine, pg 163. "1930 Buick Landau Coupe. Rumble seat. For restoration. Big 6-cyl, w.b.134". Body in excellent cond., no rust or dents. Engine is out of car & 98% complete. Call or e-mail for details. 8,000 USD. 604-534-Four Eight 99." Someplace called Langley, BC, Canada.