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  1. nzcarnerd, Thanks for the comment & photo from the Schlumpf Collecton! I don't know which car it was -- just remember a sketchy ad with a poor B&W photo of the grill. It may have been white. I ran it past my Father...investment potential, etc....I think he just gave me a look. Campaigned the acquisition on practicality, but one of my teachers made a BHD of driving a Porsche 356 to school every day, and I had visions of hooning into the spot next to him some morning and asking him if jalopies like this were any good, being a defunct French brand and all. I thought the marque name a
  2. In Hemmings about 1969 there was a Bugatti Type 101 F/S for $5,000. Probably a good price, but high school kids 50 years ago didn't have that kind of money, even in McLean, Virginia.
  3. An Instrument Panel for a 1929 Peerless 6-61 for sale by ebay seller kittycoins:
  4. Five years ago there was a Peerless Master 8 or Standard 8 Coupe for sale or trade that had been converted into a lakebed runner in California in the 50s. They removed the top and switched engines to a Chrysler Spitfire straight 8 instead of a Continental straight 8, and used a LaSalle transmission. This hood style appeared on both the Standard 8 and Master 8 in 1930, designed by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky.
  5. Lords of industry if they could afford that one.
  6. Not A Photo But What The Heck -- ........1909 Peerless in San Francisco $6,000 base price as a four.......$7,000 base price if a six, America's most expensive motor car. Production for the year: 1,618. Out of those, 3 known to exist. By comparison, Pierce-Arrow production figures were 1,566 and Packard 1,303.
  7. Walt -- here is one of those big Renault dinosaurs that found it's way to the Key Museum, opened in 2015. That's in Izmir, Turkey and has 130 automobiles in it's collection. I believe it's a 1925 40CV.
  8. jeff_a

    Peerless Trucks

    Thanks. I changed the pic's caption to the bigger gun - having gone by the inscription before. I do notice it has a different muzzle and lacks recoil tubes. Those wheels you found look almost new. I came across an illustration of a Peerless Lorry in camouflage in an Indian defence website years ago. It could have been with that lot just because it was materiél the British and Americans had in the Great War, or it could mean some of the vehicles found their way to India in the interbellum years. Once I was doing an antique vehicle search on a Russian military website, b
  9. lump, Haynes and Apperson are two of the most important pioneer automakers in the USA, so you saw an interesting car. If you go to your copy of The Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1805-1942, Vol. I, by H. Austin Clark, Jr. and Beverly Rae Kimes, you'll read that Haynes sold V-12 cars from 1916 to 1922 for $1,595 to $4,950.........and cars in general going back to 1897 and up to 1925. They sold more than 4,000 cars per year on 5 occasions. jeff_a
  10. Nice photo, Bob. Are you saying that if this one was parked on the street with a For Sale sign, you'd walk across to check it out? There's another picture on this thread of a white one. Do you think this one is?
  11. On the other hand, all the Jiffy Lubes in the world have one.
  12. A not-too-common color photo of two Peerless Trucks:
  13. jeff_a

    Peerless Trucks

    World War One photo of Peerless TC-5 Truck * 3-inch AAA * France * 1918
  14. jeff_a

    Peerless Trucks

    Color photo of Peerless Truck:
  15. Those latter day Chandlers are great cars. Some had staight-eights and cost over two grand. Austie Clark's book says the Royal 8 Deluxe 5-P Sedan was at the top of the list for '28 at $2,195.
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