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  1. Steve, very important that you stay on Judy F’s good side as she is the gatekeeper.
  2. Marty, I told Barry to install a governor on the Hudson to slow you down.
  3. The 2020 Reliability Tour will become the 2021 Vintage Tour. Thats assuming we have a 2021. It will be Reliability Car friendly and still have a challenge for the Vintage cars. Still being held in Lock Haven, Pa. with an overnight in Wellsboro, Pa. July 11 to July 16, 2021. Bob Giles 814-266-2780
  4. Looking forward to fist time at Luray. Bob Giles
  5. Glidden and Eastern Divisional still on the calendar.
  6. I think we should give it a little more time to settle down. Then have a Spring Hershey around May and the regular Fall Hershey. I’m just trying to be positive.
  7. Same as this years cancelled Reliability Tour, Lock Haven and Wellsboro, Pa. I’m going to add another challenge for the Vintage cars that the Reliability cars can bypass if they so desire.
  8. Jeff Lesher found me this 1915 porcelain Pa. plate
  9. Brass radiator with gas tube. Has made in USA under Ford script. Currently being used. Has been tanked and repaired. $800.
  10. Round tube, has gas tube and made in the USA on the front. Still in the car, no leaks. Has been tanked and repaired. $800. Bob Giles. Johnstown, Pa.
  11. I had to wait until 1999. Life got in the way. Discharged in 1970.
  12. I didn’t mean to imply that this was recent. This was the 2017 Vintage Tour.
  13. Early morning departure.
  14. Your time is limited. A quick cab ride down to the Liberty Bell is time well spent. Friday evening about 6 of us get together and walk 5-6 blocks to a place called sabrina’s. Your are welcome to join us. Nobody has mugged us yet. You can find me in the Trade Show at the Reliability Tour table. Bob Giles
  15. Registration opens today. Call for additional information. Bob Giles 814-266-2780
  16. Marty, I finished reading the book you gave me. I look forward to reading the book you write about yourself.
  17. I am planning next years Reliability Tour in North Central Pa. We have 3 Dinners planned at different restaurants 1 mile from the host hotel. If there is any interest in doing a gaslight Tour, I’m sure the local police would give us an escort.
  18. 22 inch Neon Clock. This has been hanging in my garage for at least 35 years. I bought it from a local garage where I remember it hanging for longer than I can remember. I had the outside tube replaced when I got it. I’ll include a new clock motor if and when it might need it. $850.00 delivered to Hershey. I’ll make a box to protect it. Bob Giles 814-266-2780 C4I 25-28. Down from Brookville Roadster
  19. Zeke, I can only speak for the AACA because they are my sponsor. The AACA Reliability Tour is for vehicles built in 1915 and earlier. The photo in a Grist Mill in Loganton Mills.
  20. Wasn’t aware of any conflicts when we settled on the date. It’s not the first time that choices have to be made. There’s also a overlap with the AACA Grand National in Allentown.