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  1. Gee, agreeing with Earl again on this. While VP of National Activities I approached the Fredericksburg Region about them hosting a tour in the surrounding area of Fredericksburg. At the time they thought that our antique cars would not be able to avoid the traffic. When we had our 3rd Sentimental Tour in Manassas, Virginia, they was much more traffic in that town that we easily worked around. I don't consider that an issue. As I mentioned earlier, I am sure the Buzzard's Breath Region would consider hosting a tour in that area, as they can host one anywhere, and have. Wayne
  2. I agree with Earl. Lots and lots of things to see in that area. If a local region could not handle it, go to the Buzzard's Breath Region. Lots of hotels in the Fredericksburg area. Easy access to all back roads. Wish I had a little more energy I would push this harder! Wayne
  3. Spoke to Franklin yesterday. He is having issues with the registration and tour brochures, but expects to have the issues worked out today....just so you guys know. See you in West Virginia!
  4. Stopping by my Toyota Dealer today with this engine picture. Will tell them I want a Toyota powered with this one!!!
  5. You can blame the US Government for a lot of this.
  6. Thanks Ed, love those photos, pretty part of the state.
  7. Yes, it's pretty bad out there. I heard yesterday that the Reagan Museum was saved. They had a unique plan using goats to eat and keep the undergrowth down, what a novel idea? 😁 Hopefully the State will get a handle on this to prevent this in the future. Take Care, Wayne
  8. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for my friends from Northern California, having attended many meets and tours there. The Redwood Empire Region always shows us a good time. Worrying about my friends the last few weeks I decided to call out there. I woke up my “Hippie Girlfriend” (It’s a long story) this morning to check on my friends in Santa Rosa Ca. It was 10 am at my house, so no problem…wait, there is? Oh, 6 am her time. Whoops. I was really concerned after reading all of this bad news out there. She told me that they have evacuated the towns of Healdsburg, Windsor, all the way to Bodega Bay, my favorite ocean front town. Sad. Santa Rosa had 747’s dropping suppressants yesterday. Winds weren’t too bad then though. She sleeps in her clothes just in case. Gas is sparse, stores are empty, no power or gas for homes. They are getting lots of help from other fire stations around the counties, but also other states. She also told me that AACA’s favorite hotel, The Flamingo Hotel, has changed hands and is being renovated. I always have a lot of fun in that hotel. I cannot wait to see my many friends out there the next time that they are able to have an event. Please keep them in your prayers. Wayne
  9. I have been in at least 2 tours similar to this. Police escorts were used each time. The one Vintage Tour that Judy and Barker Edwards put on some years ago had us traveling back to the host hotel with escorts. Very well planned and safe. Prior commitments with the local police force makes these things work. Lots of fun, but everyone might not like it. Wayne
  10. Steve means go back to the original forum here... https://forums.aaca.org/forum/120-aaca-eastern-division-national-meet-hershey/ You will probably see other posts come up concerning the biggest event on the East Coast. PS, forgot to add. keep your money close to you, it has a habit of leaving quickly in Hershey, as there are so many things that you "JUST HAVE TO HAVE!" Wayne
  11. I have the same problem with my 65 Corvette, been stuck for 2 years. Tried jacking it up and running in second gear, could never get it in 4th. Close ratio tranny. Could not get it loose. No access plate at the bottom of the flywheel housing, so that doesn't work. Might try the 3 big guy, roll in 4 gear deal. I have already set a shop up to pull the transmission out. Bummer!!! Wayne
  12. Can someone put the Tour flyer on here? Especially need hotel info for a friend????
  13. * * Paul, put up a picture of your first cross country "tour car", that wagon. These guys need to see this one!!!
  14. * * Tom, I got the right state, for a country boy that's pretty good. "Hopefully in a couple years we can think about a National Tour again. My motto is car shows are for wimps, Real men and women tour in their antique cars. I do enjoy being a wimp sometimes though having taken a few cars and a vintage Motorhome to Auburn and Hershey. Tom Muth Southern Ohio Chapter President Cincinnati, Ohio"" Go for it Tom. There are a lot of people in the East that would like to see something different, and Bernie's Tour is the one I was speaking of. I read it in their monthly newsletter and went wild over it.I will say this now. National can give a lot of help with events like these. You need a strong leader under complete control. I have been down that road. Never say NO! I will be talking to Megan too. Thanks, Wayne