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  1. * Bought this '56 on the cheap, a 6 cylinder with a 3 speed. We have driven it all over the place, fun car, still gets thumbs up.😄
  2. * True! Call them what you may, but they were happy times with happy looking cars. Compared to what is seen on the show room floor today, I'd say the auto industry has taken a left turn into the ditch. They are now the most unappealing cars that I have ever seen.
  3. We received our "voided check" back from Tulsa Region yesterday. We are looking forward to next year when we can try again. Wayne
  4. I hope this video has not already been recently put up. The added name that Leno used for this car made me laugh as he explained the problems that some "know it all" drivers had at the time.😄
  5. * * The young back seat riders were really cute!!! * *
  6. The Tulsa Region was supposed to have a meeting last night discussing their tour. I have not heard or seen anything from them, but I did get an email from the host hotel today canceling my hotel room??? From that e-mail I assume the tour has been canceled until 2021. I've never seen a room canceled that way before. Anyway, I will have to get another room in that area because we were visiting family that week too. Hopefully this will help some folks that were considering this tour. Wayne
  7. * * Mark, the pertinent answer to this issue is quoted above. 'I just spoke to David today and a decision will be made on Tuesday. My original post happened because the decision was up in the air. Communication would have prevented my post. My family has not toured much this year although we are doing so locally as much as we can. We are ready to go to Oklahoma regardless of the covid issues. I don't have an answer for why regions don't step up to the plate for hosting AACA tours. I have hosted one myself with minimum help, but you do need a leader and hotel/banquet facil
  8. * Thanks Howard. My wife is really down because of these cancelations. Had registered for the Maryland tour too. We have had very few issues in our neighborhood. I have never wore a mask. I guess there are liability issues involved. Be in touch! Wayne
  9. We were able to visit Mr. Barr's car collection on an AACA New Hampshire Tour a few years ago, really impressive. We even had a special lobster bun type lunch on his property near the museum. What a day that was! RIP Wayne "Photos below, these girls were set up to hand out our eating utensils for our meal. The 3rd photo is the Barr home spoken of in the link the other gentleman posted above."
  10. 😢 I just heard from Joanna Cooper today, the Tour around Broken Arrow and other wonderful Oklahoma Sites has been canceled. Please DO NOT make host hotel reservations, as the hotel is not aware of this yet! Thank you guys, maybe in 2021! Wayne
  11. Tourers! I sent my Tour Application out yesterday to Joanna Cooper for the Oklahoma Tour. I should have waited a day, since I already got hotel reservations too???? The Tour has been canceled!! YES CANCELED!! Please pass this around. By the way, I don't understand how you can have a Meet anywhere this year and not have at least one Tour. Terrible!!! Wayne
  12. * I would hope our leadership would pose questions to our AACA members before making any major changes for the future of our Organization. Wayne Life Member
  13. Gee, agreeing with Earl again on this. While VP of National Activities I approached the Fredericksburg Region about them hosting a tour in the surrounding area of Fredericksburg. At the time they thought that our antique cars would not be able to avoid the traffic. When we had our 3rd Sentimental Tour in Manassas, Virginia, they was much more traffic in that town that we easily worked around. I don't consider that an issue. As I mentioned earlier, I am sure the Buzzard's Breath Region would consider hosting a tour in that area, as they can host one anywhere, and have. Wayne
  14. I agree with Earl. Lots and lots of things to see in that area. If a local region could not handle it, go to the Buzzard's Breath Region. Lots of hotels in the Fredericksburg area. Easy access to all back roads. Wish I had a little more energy I would push this harder! Wayne
  15. Spoke to Franklin yesterday. He is having issues with the registration and tour brochures, but expects to have the issues worked out today....just so you guys know. See you in West Virginia!
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