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  1. Sorry, my fault... try this...... <charlescemeryms@gmail.com> 8
  2. * It's still there Earl. Actually, it is on here twice. (:-)
  3. * * Annie, shoot an e-mail to Tour Chairman Charles Emery at <charlesemeryms@gmail.com> to get on the waiting list. People cancel all the time, so you might get lucky! Wayne
  4. * Thanks Petro, have not talked to you in a while. Happy New Year!
  5. If you have seen this on the forums before I will delete! https://1funny.com/american-cars-party-tricks-1963-1972/
  6. Thanks Matt for the story. Sorry for your problem, but that was one crazy story.
  7. You have to click on my profile picture to see my other information.
  8. Well I redid my location and put my Facebook address up. (You might not want to visit that-my playhouse)
  9. * And there you go Padgett, the older generation. We could care less about this new-fangled over priced vehicles. Of course, the thinkers that know everything say we are close to death anyway, so why worry about us. They still have plenty of time to screw up the education of the youngerns to have them believe anything they say. :-)
  10. Just received the 2020 Nov-Dec Antique Automobile and was shocked to see that Jack Armstrong had passed away on September 16. Sad to say I have not been keeping up with AACA very well this year. I also noticed that Bob Bahre passed away on July 24. Strange in searching for forum info on Jack I come across this Sentimental Tour string which featured some of Bob's car collection pictures too. Just goes to show folks that sometimes passing up on an AACA Tour may be your only chance to see special places or also, even sadder, meet old friends while they are still with us! Wayne, the
  11. Not quite dark...Mike hired this young lady to do photo shots for his first upcoming record production. Just had to make Dad pull it out of the garage and clean on it for 2 hours. :-)
  12. I cannot help but think of Past AACA President, Ron Barnett, when I view this video. Great job, Matt!
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