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  1. R W Burgess

    Movie The Birds

    The sequence of the kids running down the hill from the church was filmed in Bodega Bay, California. Thanks Redwood Empire Region AACA Tour sponsors. 😉
  2. R W Burgess

    Ebay Sellers on This Site

    Interesting, you change the spelling and it will disappear???? (car to kar) I now see that it must be using key words??? Wayne
  3. R W Burgess

    Former First Lady, Carol Barlup

  4. R W Burgess

    Former First Lady, Carol Barlup

    Shared from Historic Fredericksburg Region AACA. "Passing of Former AACA First Lady Carol Barlup. We regret to inform you that former AACA First Lady Carol Barlup passed away this morning (Tuesday, 20 November) in Hershey, PA. Carol was recently diagnosed with cancer. The disease spread rapidly and she entered hospice care at the Hershey Medical Center in the past few days. Carol was a dedicated member of the AACA, serving as Registration Chair for a number of national meets, working Judging Administration, and helping out the club in a variety of ways anywhere and anytime she could. Carol & Don served as First Lady and President of the AACA in 2015. Anyone who ever met Carol knows we lost a kind, considerate, friendly and intelligent woman. She'll be missed greatly. Please remember Carol and Don in your thoughts and prayer. Services for Carol will be this coming Monday at Grace Lutheran Church, 1610 Carlisle Rd. Camp Hill, Pa 17011. (Visitation will be at 10:00 AM with the service at 11:00 AM.)"
  5. It is with much sadness that I have to report that AACA Board Member, Don Barlup's wife, Carol, has passed away. Our sympathy goes out to Don and the family. Don and Carol were just on the Sentimental Tour in Mississippi with us supporting our hobby as always. Please keep the Barlup family in your prayers. Wayne
  6. R W Burgess

    Vehicle Tow needed..Erie, Pa to Washington DC area???

    Jim, As I said, the deal is done. If someone is interested in moving this truck, please advise.
  7. R W Burgess

    Vehicle Tow needed..Erie, Pa to Washington DC area???

    Jim. I am not sure what was proposed before the sale but we are now here, and transportation is needed. I am in heavy trucks and Big Truck Wreckers will go anywhere. (That is the next option) I just thought there may be a cheaper alternative, that's all. Wayne
  8. This is from a friend of mine. They have a F650 flatbed tow truck with a 22 foot bed that needs to be transported. The truck has no engine. Is there anyone available that can move this vehicle. See picture attachments. Hey Wayne, I have a random question for you. My husband and I have a tow truck with no motor we are selling to a guy near Beltsville md. We’re having a hard time finding a towing company that wants to drive the 6 hours from Erie to Beltsville. Do you know anyone I can call who’d be interested? Thanks for your help! Caleb
  9. R W Burgess

    ODMA 2018 Fall Tour

    Looked good Mark. We were also unable to attend as we were on the Sentimental Tour in Natchez this past week. Maybe ODMA can avoid conflicts in the future? Thanks for the pictures. Wayne
  10. R W Burgess

    Hershey Hangover Tour

    Great article Pedro. The Leshers are always on the leading edge of thought. I wonder who trained her??
  11. R W Burgess

    WHAT IS IT ???????

    Why you ask Burgess? Oh well, looks like 3 gasoline containers to me???.
  12. R W Burgess


    * * Contact Tour Chairman Charlie Froehlich at (601) 749-9935. Charlie can answer your question for you!!!
  13. R W Burgess

    Knock-off wheel removal

    This comment has nothing to do with Cobras, but my 1965 Corvette has knockoffs and I had never changed my tires after purchase when I had "an occurance"! On the show field many years ago, "an educated" car show participant suggested that I should probably retighten the knockoffs on my car. Of course thinking about it all the way back home, I decided to do just that. The next week I went all around the car and retightened all of them. The next week was a local car show, and on the way down, the right rear wheel tried to come off my car. After fixing this, the next week I checked all of the wheels again, and upon taking the "hubcap" off I noticed little slots all around the inner part of the knockoff and the hub. Unnoticed by me were the "lock-slots" put in each wheel with "pins" that you would put in the nearest location to "lock the knockoff". DUH! I had broken one off as I retightened without first pulling the "pin". Live and learn! So called car show experts are not what they are cracked up to be! :-)
  14. R W Burgess

    Do You Like Bugatti's? Interesting read!

    * * Thanks John. I found it very interesting to read about a family that gives back and also shares with the public. I think it is great that these cars get driven. The article could also maybe get a new person interested in our hobby, which is what we are all about. That's also what is cool about our DPC classes on the show field. Proves that they do not have to be perfect to be enjoyed. Take care, Wayne
  15. R W Burgess

    Do You Like Bugatti's? Interesting read!

    Please notice the wheel chocks in the first picture. Those would have prevented a catastrophe at another big southern event a couple years ago. Antique vehicles do not handle water well.