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  1. My wedding day picture, in Sharps Virginia. My first wife and I got married in this small waterfront church. We drove from the church to Virginia Beach, Virginia for a honeymoon. Had a flat tire after coming through the Hampton Roads Tunnel in Ocean View, Va.
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    Every time I see this picture come up, it reminds me of what little memories I still have of him. That famous cardigan sweater will always bring back the memories of the friendly squirrel that would get in his pocket after Pop Pop would feed him. Pop Pop was managing a large plantation at that time(Mantua-near Heathsville, Va.). The plantation had a 3 mile long dirt road as an entrance (still does with gravel now) and naturally he did not need white walled tires, as you can see, his were always white walled! I miss his quiet demeanor, and the happy times back then. I hope and pray to have this plantation on the 2014 AACA Divisional Tour. The manor house will take your breath away! Wayne
  3. Saw this one today. The photo chip had me thinking, "What kind of engine is that with the Sonoco oil filters???":confused: Not realizing they were "oil barrels", not "oil filters", Wayne:rolleyes:
  4. From the album: Member Galleries

    Bought new in November, 1968.
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    Old Timer

    From the album: Member Galleries

    My Great Grandfather and his '26 Chevy woodie