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  1. The Annual Meeting report was included in this issue too. I see Master Steve M got an award too. Congrats Steve, and everyone else!!!
  2. Well, I just got this issue in my mailbox today. I was surprised to see that nice 50's Buick on the inside cover from the Eastern Divisional Tour in Maryland the other month. Tickled that the fellow in the back ground is pointing out the fact that that 50's Chevy taillight is nowhere near as nice as that very nice Buick! 😲 😄
  3. * * Thanks, I had not seen that large unit before. Need to check it out. Thanks Again, Wayne
  4. ** * Jack, teach that dog to growl and show his teeth, you'll never need an alarm system.
  5. * The only sway bars I have seen are very small, similar to ones you see on some steering tie rods. I doubt they would do much good on a 30 foot car trailer when a 45 foot semi box trailer blows by you.
  6. * Good question T A, Yes I have a equalizer hitch. I own a 2015 Chevy Suburban. It has a automatic air shock system which raises the height of the vehicle. I used the "bars" at first, then tried it about 3 trips without them, as the shocks raised the vehicle. Of course the shocks will not transfer weights. On this trip from Virginia to Nashville and back I decided to use the "bars' again. I did not see much difference, but then again, it was just furnature, not a 3500 pound automobile inside. So, to wrap things up, I could get a new trailer, buy a new dually, or pay someone else to move my junk, uh, my very nice top quality automobiles. I guess I'll stick with what I have, too tight to do anything else, plus I don't travel as much as I used to. "Show scene from Blazing Saddles"...."I'm tired, so tired....Madeline Kahn" :-) Thanks!
  7. * And there you go Dandy, exactly what happens with my trailer. The solution? Either a dually tow vehicle or it should have had 3 axles. At any rate, I just got back from Nashville moving my son's furnature (YA, I have an empty bedroom and more food in my frig) and you get used to the wagging after a while. When it gets real bad from big trucks, I hit the gas hard which straightens her out. Like someone else said, I guess i'll repair the problem areas and keep what I have. Thanks so much for all of the info guys. Enjoy your summer, maybe see you in Oklahoma in the Fall? Wayne
  8. I bought this used 30 footer from a race guy, had lots of cabinets, winch, tie down equipment, 16 inch wheels, (no more blow outs, and the price? $10,000. I have had it for about 6 years, but it needs work and you know how car people are. NEED A NEW ONE! :-)
  9. * Thanks John, but not buying another tow vehicle. My suburban is needed for my wife's medical needs. Thanks though. "I think you have to consider what you are towing in terms of what will go in the trailer. One car? Two. Big wide 60s car? Brass car needing extra height? Do you own a bit of everything and need flexibility?" A bit of everything EricMac. A standard 24 footer will work, although it does need a winch and 16 inch wheels for safety.
  10. ...so where are you guys dealing for new ones now. Any suggestions for lengths, if you are pulling with just a regular 2 wheel driver vehicle (PU)? I started with a 24 footer, then bought a used 30 footer, 2 axle. It loves to wag its tail. (needs a dually) Open for suggestions. "Moderators, you can move this to another thread if you like"!
  11. Good reading here Matt. Sorry to hear about your ankle problem. You must keep remembering, you're not 16 anymore! :-)
  12. Sorry, my fault... try this...... <charlescemeryms@gmail.com> 8
  13. * It's still there Earl. Actually, it is on here twice. (:-)
  14. * * Annie, shoot an e-mail to Tour Chairman Charles Emery at <charlesemeryms@gmail.com> to get on the waiting list. People cancel all the time, so you might get lucky! Wayne
  15. * Thanks Petro, have not talked to you in a while. Happy New Year!
  16. If you have seen this on the forums before I will delete! https://1funny.com/american-cars-party-tricks-1963-1972/
  17. Thanks Matt for the story. Sorry for your problem, but that was one crazy story.
  18. You have to click on my profile picture to see my other information.
  19. Well I redid my location and put my Facebook address up. (You might not want to visit that-my playhouse)
  20. * And there you go Padgett, the older generation. We could care less about this new-fangled over priced vehicles. Of course, the thinkers that know everything say we are close to death anyway, so why worry about us. They still have plenty of time to screw up the education of the youngerns to have them believe anything they say. :-)
  21. Just received the 2020 Nov-Dec Antique Automobile and was shocked to see that Jack Armstrong had passed away on September 16. Sad to say I have not been keeping up with AACA very well this year. I also noticed that Bob Bahre passed away on July 24. Strange in searching for forum info on Jack I come across this Sentimental Tour string which featured some of Bob's car collection pictures too. Just goes to show folks that sometimes passing up on an AACA Tour may be your only chance to see special places or also, even sadder, meet old friends while they are still with us! Wayne, the wife and I survived the covid!
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