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  1. 1wonton

    Continental engine

    Thank you. Must still be a bunch of these engines somewhere, but how to find?
  2. 1wonton

    Continental engine

    Looking for Continental engine, model C2. These were used in many car and trucks in the 1910's. ron 707 333 8863
  3. 1wonton


    I'm looking for a Continental C2, 4 1/8" bore,engine for my old GMC truck. Not sure where to post this ad. ron
  4. 1wonton

    Continental engine

    10/4. How difficult is it to compress the rings equally? Maybe use hose clamps?
  5. 1wonton

    Continental engine

    Thank you gentlemen, for the advise.
  6. 1wonton

    Continental engine

    Thank you for the insight. I didn't even think of looking through Dykes, great idea. I spent twenty minutes trying every position of the crankshaft before I figured out you couldn't remove the pistons from the bottom. Seemed nutty to me at the time but after reading through the literature it seems this was not uncommon a hundred years ago. I'm probably going to have to sleeve the rusted cylinder so might as well remove the piston/rod from the block.
  7. 1wonton

    Continental engine

    Anyone have experience pulling piston from a headless Continental engine (C4)? #1 piston and rod wont clear the crankshaft. Do you have to pull the pistons and block above the crankcase just to remove the pistons, doesn't make sense. This is in a 1917 GMC.
  8. 1wonton

    1932 Buick

    Thank you, I'll give them a shout.
  9. 1wonton

    1932 Buick

    yes, Thanks Pete. Your car is not quite what I'm looking for. Prefer a larger model. ron
  10. 1wonton

    1932 Buick

    I would to prefer to find an unrestored car that could be made to run. Not looking for any primer or re-paint. No "hot-rod", just an old Buick in salvageable shape. Not interested in restored car. Thanks. ron
  11. 1wonton

    1932 Buick coupe

    I worked all summer one year when I was a kid to save $100 for a 1932 Buick coupe down at the wrecking yard. It was a little beat up but running. I gave my Dad the cash to get the car but never saw the car again, or the money. Ever since then I've wanted THAT car. Don't know what model it was but it had the biggest motor I ever saw. I'm still looking for a coupe (or open roadster), but don't want a restored car, just something I can fix a little and maybe drive. I'll check the Buick site, and thanks guys for the imput. ron
  12. 1wonton

    1932 Buick coupe

    WTB: 1932 Buick in unrestored condition.
  13. 1wonton

    1932 Buick

    WTB: 1932 Buick coupe unrestored. Ron <greencorn@prodigy.net>
  14. 1wonton

    Wanted to buy "32 Buick

    Wanted unrestored 1932 Buick coupe.
  15. 1wonton

    FS Buick 1931 model 8.64 Roadster

    You're far over-priced. With the location and color scheme even $50k would be difficult to realize, don't spend that money yet.